Free AnVir Task Manager (v6.5)! [Limited time offer]

Software Description

The following is a description of AnVir Task Manager, as per the developer:

AnVir Task Manager gives full information about process, services, TCP/UPD connections, drivers, DLLs. It has descriptions for 70 000+ startup programs and services. It detects new and unknown Trojans using security analysis and alerts on new startups. It can speed up boot time (Delayed Startup), balance CPU usage, optimize memory. Tray icons shows status of disk, network, memory, CPU. Tray menu keeps last launched programs and folders. Also users can hide windows to system tray, set windows ‘always on top’, and change windows transparency.

Monitor your system and replace Windows Task Manager

  • Information about processes, startup programs, services, internet connections, drivers
  • Integrated database with Descriptions for 70 000+ startup programs, Internet Explorer toolbars and services
  • Icons in the tray that indicate CPU, disk, network, memory and battery

Get rid of viruses, Trojans and spyware that your antivirus missed

  • Security risk rating for each active process and startup program
  • Get notification when any program tries to add itself to startup

Enhance and tune up XP or Vista

  • Tweaker that gives access to hundreds of XP / Vista settings
  • Click on the title of any application to minimize window to system tray
  • List of recently used folders in Open / Save dialogs
  • Drive’s free space as a colored horizontal bar in Windows ‘My Computer’

Speed up your PC and Windows startup

  • “Delayed Startup” lets you set up any startup program to run few minutes later after Windows startup
  • Run startup programs minimized to system tray, or as a floating icon
  • Balance CPU usage

dotTech Advice

dotTech has reviewed AnVir Task Manager multiple times in the past and it was a dotTech freebie for over two-years (the dotTech freebie has now expired). While I can’t support the developer’s claim AnVir Task Manager is a very good solution at removing malware (spyware, trojans, viruses, etc.) in the traditional sense, it is a very good tool for managing your computer with a variety of features such as controlling startup programs, balancing CPU, etc. AnVir Task Manager is highly recommended. Read dotTech’s review to learn more about AnVir Task Manager.

Freebie Details

AnVir Task Manager is being given away in a promotion by our friend Raymond over at This promotion is live until 7 days but as long as you save the license key and installer, you should be able to install/reinstall at later dates. Although this is a lifetime license, free updates are not available. Also take note this promotion is of AnVir Task Manager that regularly costs $29.95 — not AnVir Task Manager Free, which is always free.

To get AnVir Task Manager for free, do the following:

Version being given out for free: v6.5.0

Free updates: No

Free technical support: Unknown

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7

Download size: 7.1 MB

  • Visit the promotion page, scroll to the end of the post, and copy the registration name and key (store them in a safe place, like a text file):

  • Download and install AnVir Task Manager. Take note AnVir Task Manager comes bundled with two third-party crapware, Reg Organizer and Spam Free Search Bar. To avoid installing Reg Organizer, at the second screen during installation click Custom Installation and uncheck the box for Reg Organizer:

For Spam Free Search Bar a window will popup during the middle of AnVir Task Manager’s installation. You need to uncheck the boxes and hit the Decline button to avoid installing Spam Free Search Bar:

  • After installation run AnVir Task Manager. You will be prompted by a three-step Configuration Wizard. You can either hit Cancel or go through all the three steps, it is your choice. Whatever you pick, after you get past the three-step Configuration Wizard, go to Help -> Enter Registration Key… and register AnVir Task Manager with the name and key you copied earlier:

  • Enjoy!

If you have trouble getting AnVir Task Manager for free, post below and other dotTechies or I will try to help.

[Thanks Giovanni and Ebony!]

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  • Spacepixie

    I am having a problem with the registration key. I get this message ‘You are running Anvir Task Manager. Your key is for Anvir Task Manager Pro! Your key is not for this product! Please, download correct product from our web site.
    I had been running the last giveaway of Anvir Task Manager the licence of which had expired as it was a 1 year one (I think) so I uninstalled that then uninstalled this giveaway and tried reinstalling it again but got the same problem. Any ideas?

  • internet explorer

    FWIW, neither Babylon (as per Raymond’s article) nor SpamFreeToolbar (as per yours) were “offered” during my installation of AnVir TaskManager just now. I even checked to see if I had any new add-ons that I didn’t know about, and still nothing. A pleasant surprise, for a change, especially after I have run into a printing problem that Microsoft has known about for years and has not fixed, plus a problem with logons to Yahoo that I think is unrelated but is giving me just as much trouble at the moment. It seems like some days are like that, either feast or famine. Thanks for the nice offer, BTW, I needed that.

  • Giovanni

    Yes, this is a great tool!

    However it would be nice if somebody (maybe me?? Who knows…LOL!) could compare it with other similar FREE Windows Task manager & security/system monitoring tools like (Portable) AUSLOGICS TASK MANAGER, SYSTEM EXPLORER, PROCESS REVEALER, PROCESS EYE, STARTUP EYE, STARTER and/or WINPATROL itself :

    What do you make of it, Ashraf??

    For instance, I’ve been using AUSLOGICS TASK MANAGER and SYSTEM EXPLORER (never reviewed here…is that right??) for a while and both looks awesome to me!!

    Another awesome (Italian) FREE APP I recommend you trying is also this:

    In short it helps you identify the program a specified process belongs to, giving you the possibility even to scan any suspicious process via VirusTotal. So it could be a great addition to a program like Anvir Task Manager!!

    Ever heard it before??

    Full review here:

    Can’t wait for your feedback!!

  • Ashraf

    @justachump and @Ashraf: Okay after thinking about it some more after you comment, I realized my argument is stupid and just an excuse. I’m being an hypocrite. As such, I’ve modified the post to direct people to Raymond’s post instead of directly posting the registration details. Sorry Ray!

  • Ashraf

    @njwood60: You are welcome!

    @Patara: Well, at least you are supporting the developer?

    @justachump: I thought of that. Frankly in my opinion it is just stupid making people click around to find registration details (which is actually one of the reasons I stopped the whole don’t repost this blah blah blah stuff on dotTech Promos). However, I would have done exactly that had Raymond requested for bloggers to link to his blog post instead of directly sharing the registration details. I looked at his post and no where did he write that people shouldn’t be reposting the giveaway details. So I thought this is the best way to go about it. He gets credit, readers get program. In my book this isn’t ripping off his registration codes but hey, maybe I’m wrong. I am fallible… sometimes. :-P

  • justachump

    Not sure about protocol here, but I remember Raymond posting how he was offended by how people started posting up his Advanced SystemCare registration key all over the internet.

    However, he is a friend of yours or he is aware of you so I assume he is okay with this. Personally, I would have linked to that particular blog entry – you know how normally you say something like:

    “Go to Website X”
    “Sign up for their account”
    “Apply for the registration code”.

    Instead of suggesting people go to his blog and drop off a thank you, I would have forced people to go to his blog by saying:

    Go here and get the registration code:

    Let other lesser tech forums rip off his registration codes, but Dottech is too good for that imho :)

    Certainly it should not be the case, that when you google that registration code, that Dottech comes up third.

    Having said all that, it may be that Raymond has said its fine for you to reproduce it here. I do not know. Just my two cents…..

  • Patara

    I only purchased this about 2 weeks ago. Should have known it would happen. For some reason when I was using it that week a notifcation appeared to say it required for me to reregister or something like that. I did try witb the code I’d used before from here but it wouldn’t accept it. I did get an excellent price though.

  • thanks Ashraf & raymond!
    I couldn’t find any changelog info on the Anvir site but it is on softpedia

    Although this is for the pro version, the free version changelog seems to be the same, suggesting that the changes are the same for all 3 versions

  • Ashraf

    @Daniel: You are welcome!

    @OldMalden: Yes, I mentioned that in my review of AnVir. See for more details.

    @Steven Libis: When I made that comment I was refering to how traditional security software disinfect your computer. It is true AnVir makes it easy to delete malware from “secret” locations, startup, etc.

    @Greg: You are welcome!

  • Greg

    Thanks for this update.
    I have used the DotTech freebie up until now, so it is great to have the latest version.
    Very appreciative.

  • Steven Libis

    > While I can’t support the developer’s claim AnVir Task Manager
    > is a very good solution at
    > removing malware (spyware, trojans, viruses, etc.)

    I can support the developer’s claim because I have used AnVir Task Manager (freeware) to remove malware. It is very effective displaying a lot of details about everything it sees on your system. When you become used to looking at your system, you start to recognize where normal software installs and where it doesn’t. While I always run an antivirus and antimalware program afterwards, being able to remove some malware by deleting it from its hiding locations is many times a good first step in cleaning up a system.

  • OldMalden

    I notice that the “Tools -> Tweaker for Windows” refers to Windows XP, despite the fact that I am using Windows 7!!

  • Daniel

    Thank you !!!

  • Ashraf

    @PCbasics: Yes, it is.

  • PCbasics

    Do you know if this is the latest version?