Evaluate me please.

So I have been writing reviews for GOTD software for 2+ months now. I am curious as to what everyone thinks of my work? I spend a lot of time writing these reviews so I would really appreciate some feedback. Last time I requested some feedback, I got a pretty good response. I am hoping I can get an even better one now.

Ignoring my recent time problem, please let me know if you like/dislike/hate/enjoy my reviews and my website in general. Feel free to leave a comment and/or rate this article as a way to display what you think. All comments, positive or negative, are welcome. Criticism is not only welcome but encouraged – it can only help me improve my game. All I request is that lets not be childish.

Thank you, and I greatly appreciate it!

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  • dwm


    You do a great job of testing, reporting, and recommending. I value your judgment and admire your ability to put together excellent reports.

    Keep up the excellent work!

  • erina

    Very interesting work and very usefull.
    Thanks a lot !

  • longfeng


    Your reviews are good and I always check your review before downloading. You are my 3rd opinion and for many of us, you did a good job offering alternatives.

    One suggestion, if you can offer a percentage of the software at the header, we can get a summary of your review. :)

  • CBRBill

    Hi Ashraf. just wanted to add my thanks too for the sterling work you do. I know what it can be like to labour for the love of something and remain (in the main) unthanked. :)

  • Uri

    Fantastic service, amazing analysis and comparison. Makes all the difference in the world to know that a review such as this exists, that is thorough and reliable, as well as providing information about alternative. Thank you for providing this labor of love!!!!

  • masyaura

    PMnet is great site for people with little knowledge like me. I used to go to daily give away site first and read the reviews but now I read the RSS feed on PMNet first and then decide whether to get the free give away or not. Its a great work you are doing while being so busy. Thank you very much.

  • Dude, you’re awesome.
    Me, when I go to GoTD, I always scout around for your reviews. They’re the best and least biased, in my opinion.
    Your recent ‘Shout at Ashraf’ and ‘Freebies’ categories are awesome too – I now come to your site around 10 times a week…

  • nek4d

    Keep up your great work !!

    Thankssssssssssss !

  • Jeff

    Looks like everybody pretty much said everything. Though I’m a little late, I do agree with them, and greatly appreciate your work. Thank you.

  • seasoned

    I always read your review. You are so good.
    Thank you so much.

  • Thanks for all the kind words and feedback guys. Greatly appreciated!

    Yes I know about Gizmo’s. And watcher13…I cant help it :D

  • watcher13

    Your reviews are comprehensive and conscientious and we appreciate them. ‘Nuff said! Keep doing it as long as it works for you. Don’t feel you have to get a review out as soon as possible after the software is released. As the old saying goes, “If it’s worth having, it’s worth waiting for.” And it’s definitely worth having. Get some sleep first if you need it. I would suggest you take all the time you need to test, compare, and work the bugs out, before you get around to posting in either place. No need to try and meet some artificial deadline.

  • You write terrific reviews. When I turn on my PC, as soon as I have scrolled to Giveaway of the day, I look for your email so I can read the Giveaway and your review one after the other.

    Please, please, please continue. You are building a lot of goodwill.

  • Emily

    I really appreciate the detailed reviews. The Good/Bad columns and the alternative software are very helpful and sometimes I keep/try the software given away depending on your review. So please keep them coming! =)

  • Melatonin

    Most of the time I read the software description, then come straight here to read your review, even when it doesn’t seem of use to me. A lot of times I don’t even visit the creator’s homepage anymore, because I find your reviews and opinions more helpful…


  • RaV

    Great job! Thanks!

  • Abbasgirl

    I have your newsletter and read it every day plus what you write on GOTD site they are very informative to medium level computer user. Thanks for taking all the time you do.

  • CC

    Your reviews are detailed and it is very useful.
    Keep on and thanks.

  • Fuzee1

    I always look for you reviews on the daily Giveaways. If I hadn’t firmly decided on the download for that day – your review casts the deciding vote. I also save your article with the DL for later tips on using the program. Please keep up the good work. Thanks.

  • Crufix

    I really appreciate the constant news and updates via email that you provide. I constantly get alerts of incoming email from a widget on my desktop, so as soon as your reviews or updates come in i read them immediately. Your reviews are well spoken as seem honest and intuitive. Thank you for your time and website!

  • You are incredible. I have missed your reviews for the last couple days. I no longer go to gotd.com, I simply go to your website first. Please continue. Gary

  • KillNoise

    appreciate your work very much
    (daily lecture even before reading any GAOTD site comments)
    Most usefull: your “Alternatives” section to give me some overview & rating of a class of apps.
    PS: do you know http://www.techsupportalert.com/ “Gizmo’s Best Ever Freeware Site” ?

  • 11bravo

    Reviews are REALLY helpful as to what to install and what to pass on. Saves ME a lot of time :)

    Your attention to detail is greatly admired. Am amazed you can find time in your day to perform these reviews, and admire your energy. I will certainly understand if you ever cut back, but certainly now, your review page is the first I go to, usually even before the GOTD e-mail.


  • Joe

    I ditto all of the above! In fact, because of your reviews, I haven’t installed anything in the 3 to 4 weeks I’ve been receiving GOTD updates. How’s that for a review?

  • Digger

    Really useful and a whole lot better than some of the ill informed, subjective and misguided stuff that appears on the download site. I never download anything without coming here first – thank you.

  • grage

    yes, good comparison!


  • Tim

    Really love your reviews! Everytime I go onto a giveawayoftheday offer I always scroll down straight away for your post, because it is by far the most helpful, and helps me to decide whether something is worth downloading or not! You’re doing a great job

  • Jean Luc Picard

    Thanks for the reviews!
    Great job!
    And remember to remind people yours is still an opinion, and not an exact ruling!