Looking to hire a tech news writer, will be paid

Hello dotTechies,

I can’t remember if I have mentioned this already or not, but 2012 is make or break for dotTech. Since its inception, I have run dotTech has a hobby — something to do in my spare time and potentially earn some pocket money in the process. Now, however, it is time to make a decision. Because of other “real life” obligations, I can’t forever run dotTech as a hobby. Either dotTech is something that grows large enough to support me and my family or… it dies. (Excuse my French.)

I’ve made a decision to give dotTech a chance. I would absolutely love to make dotTech my “day job”. The issue is I can’t do that on my own. Not only do I need the continual support of dotTechies, but I need extra hands around the house (so to speak) to assist with articles. We already have Locutus and Robert, both of whom do an excellent job; but there is still a need to fill a tech news writer spot. As such, dotTech is looking to hire another writer. Read on if you are interested.


Above all, as a writer for dotTech your duty will be to follow the core fundamentals of honesty and integrity which dotTech has been built upon. Not only do we owe it to our readers but also to the developers, companies, etc. we discuss in our writings. That doesn’t mean you can’t convey your opinion or feelings on a topic; you can. Rather, I ask you be true in your reporting and when you have something editorial-like to say, you clearly mention it to be such instead of marking it as fact.

That said, this position is specifically for technology news. You will be expected to cover important tech current events; and tech news that you find to be interesting or you think is something dotTechies want to read. The general categories of news I am looking for are web, Windows, and mobile (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, etc.); however all types of tech news are welcome — be creative.

For this position you aren’t expected to go out in the field and gather news yourself. Rather, the idea is you read major tech publications on the Internet (ArsTechnica, AllThingsD, Engadget, Phandroid, Android Central, 9to5Mac, etc.) and use those websites as sources for your reporting. In other words, post what you read (but in your own words).

Part-time or Full-time?

Ideally I’d like to hire a writer that can contribute 8-10 news articles a day. However, I know many people have day jobs they want to keep. So you decide how much time you have to put towards writing for dotTech. You will be paid according to how much work you put in.

For reference, tech news (especially the second-hand reporting I am asking for) articles take roughly 20-30 minutes each because there isn’t much analysis or research involved — just reporting facts you read from other websites.

How to Apply

The only requirements for this position are: ability to write in understandable able English; a reliable computer; age 16 or higher; and a reliable Internet connection. It does not matter where you live, whether you prefer iOS or Android, or the color of your underwear.

To apply for this position send an email to admin [at] dottech [dot] org with subject of “I Want To Be a Tech Writer”. In the email include the following:

Best of luck to everyone; and thank you!

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