Windows 8 boots in 7 seconds, according to reports

The next version of Windows is going to include many new features and performance upgrades; the wide and many upgrades will include a faster boot time.

In a new report on Windows 8 performance, it has been stated that Windows 8 will have the fastest boot time of any operating system. The time is 7 seconds which is wonderful and especially useful for tablets and laptops.

The reason Windows 8 will have (has) such a speedy booting time is because the new way the operating system is built and run. An example of this new method of operation is how Windows will not truly shut down after being shut down, though the hardware will not have power after being shut down. Windows also uses “stored kernel session data” in the Windows hibernation file and saves even more time by not completely enumerating all  of the system’s various drivers every time it loads.

“Stored kernel session data” sounds a bit complicated but in this case it isn’t that bad. Windows 8 uses a different booting process and I believe the best way to explain it is in one word: “Hibernation”. Hibernation is the process where Windows will save the state of the computer before powering off, so all your open programmes will be right where you left them when you power back on.

You have to remember that booting times will be different on different hardware, and even different versions of Windows 8. On the Developer Preview of Windows 8 I clocked the boot time at around 35 seconds, which is a huge improvement from Windows 7 and XP.

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