Apple unveils iOS 6: Removes Google Maps, Siri for iPad, FaceTime over 3G, and more

A banner with iOS 6 icons

Yesterday Apple unveiled iOS 6. The next version of the iOS family is said to include 200 new features, according to Scott Forstall Senior VP of iOS.

Some of the new features includes a completely new Maps app, Facebook integration, Siri for iPad, and FaceTime over mobile networks.

A beta version of iOS 6 released yesterday to developers and a full version for consumers is expected to be released in the fall. Most newer iDevices will support the upgrade such as, iPhone 3GS, Ipad 2, and 4th generation iPods.

New Maps App

iOS 6 is leaving Google Maps behind for a completely new maps solution built by Apple. This new app will include many features such as, turn-by-turn GPS navigation, improved traffic reports and Yelp integration and more is expected to be released as well.

A test of the new Maps app shows that for safety and security Maps will be available from the lock screen and Siri is expected to be integrated to Maps as well. Maps will also have a 3D flyover showing off 3D buildings and geographical features

Siri for iPad

Many improvement to Siri the personal voice assistant are expected to come. Some of the improvements include Siri’s knowledge of sports; you can ask for stats, scores and player information. Siri will also be able to recommend restaurants better and with Yelp interrogation you will able to see how the restaurant ranks and make reservations. Siri will also be able to open applications. One of the new improvements coming not just to Siri but iOS 6 itself includes, Social Media integration. You will be able to tweet or update your status directly from Siri.

We’re taking Siri beyond the iPhone 4S, and we’re bringing it to the new iPad,”

-Forstall said yesterday at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC).

Siri is only currently available on the iPhone 4S but not any more, Siri is going to available on the new iPad and up.

FaceTime Over 3G

Apple has added a great power to FaceTime — the ability to use FaceTime over a 3G (or 4G) connection. In previous versions of iOS and FaceTime, it only worked over a WiFi connection from a home or office. Thanks to iOS 6 that’s all changing; FaceTime will be able to be used over a 3G connection. Forstall said that FaceTime will work with iCloud, which means if you get a call you will be able to answer to it on your iPad or Mac. Also FaceTime will include some privacy features such as “Do not disturb” and “Reply with Message” which allows to answer with a text opposed to a Face-to-Face call.

Child Proof Features

iOS is about to become safer for children but actuality for adults because you will able to lock down your iDevice or allow only one programme to be running. This means that all your important documents and apps will be safe from little hands.

Lost Mode

If you loose your iPhone you will be able to display a phone number which a finder could call to return your precious device. The down side to this feature is that you will have to rely on the finders honesty to return the device.

Passbook App

Passbook is a new app similar to Google Wallet. Passbook is your all-in-one location for boarding passes, Starbucks card and other tickets so you can easily access them. Passbook will use GPS to automatically open that right card. Lets says you just walked in to Starbucks, Passbook will know you entered a Starbucks and will open your Starbucks Payment app so you can make a speedy purchase and keep the people in line behind you happy.

Safari Updates

Safari web browser will include many new features in iOS 6. Forstall said that Safari will include many updates and new features like the ability to read a list of webpages or content offline after automatically caching them when you are online

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