Apple vs HTC: US court blocks HTC from using Google patents

In a series of lawsuits between Apple and HTC, the battle between the two smartphone makers seems to have strengthened more, with Apple holding the upper hand now following a ruling by a US judge blocking HTC from using patents allotted to it by Google.

Google had given HTC nine patents last year; a move taken by Google to protect HTC from the lawsuit filed by Apple claiming that HTC’s devices infringed a number of patents held by Apple. After that move, HTC renewed a complaint it had filed against Apple with the US International Trade Commission (ITC), to include five of the nine newly acquired patents.

The latest ruling by a US judge blocks HTC from using the patents allotted to the company by Google, apparently noting that the rights bestowed onto HTC were not enough. While Apple declined to comment on the developments, HTC claimed the judge’s decision to be erroneous and said that they would be making an appeal before the commission.

According to the patent consultant Florian Mueller, this decision by the US court will have a definitive impact on the custom of companies allotting patents to third-parties by charging a certain amount of fee.

While HTC stays firm on their stand that the denial of usage of the patents by them cannot be accepted as a right move, Apple wants HTC devices to be blocked from the US.

Can Apple’s desires be properly justified? Or, is it just another move by Apple salted by market rivalry? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

[via BBC News | Image Credit: Talk Android]

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