Google Trends refreshes Hot Searches, improves content grouping and display

Google Trends has been a pretty useful tool for Internet users to keep themselves updated on what people around us having been searching for. Though the interface of Google Trends was not as intuitive as the other Google services, its usefulness has been keeping criticism under control. Many webmasters have also relied greatly on Google Trends to watch the searching habits of the netizen. But, there have also been heated discussions as to whether the use of Google trends by webmasters to change their colours and/or manipulate their search engine reach and ranking, is really ethical.

As the Google blog points out, the best way to keep track of hot news around you is to know what people around you are searching. Google Trends provides the opportunity to do this through Hot Searches. The revamped Hot Searches sports a new look as well as some little new features that result in pretty big changes. The Hot Searches results are now more visual with the hot search packing images along with the textual content.

Another interesting new feature is the grouping content, which helps a user understand why a certain term has been standing out as a hot search term.

For example, in the screenshot attached above, you can see that “Apple” stands out on the top of the list. If you are wondering why, just have a look on the linked content below it; which just let you know that Apple had release MacBook Pro with Retina display and that Apple has planned to provide an update to Mac Pro in 2013. Or, if it was iOS that came to your mind, you might want to read about the unveiling of iOS 6 by Apple, and about the replacing of Google Maps by Apple’s own Maps in iOS 6.

What do you think about this exciting, refreshed Google Hot Searches? And, how useful is it to you? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

[via Google Blog]

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