• Godwin

    @Ashraf: Since the channels under the screen are designed to form only specific patterns, it won’t able to work in Portrait mode as of now. But from what I could infer about the design, it seems like it won’t be difficult to build one that will support both landscape and portrait mode.

    @Mary: I just found that there had been a similar (but functionally different) keyboard planned for iPad by Apple: TouchFire

  • Zapped Sparky

    @Ashraf: I guess since it’ll be flexible it may not have a very good scratch/wear resistance, and all (?) transparent materials that are flexible tend to go opaque after a while, just from bending.

  • Mary

    Wow, it sure does sound like cool technology! I have a hunch this will be the thing of the future. Kind of like “touch screen”! heh! Are they selling stock yet?

    Being in Alpha, I’m sure they’ll work out all the bugs! ;)

    I wonder how many other companies are working on this technology too, or even something similar? I have a suggestion…maybe if they experimented with scented oils, and invent a built in emitter of some sort, we can finally have smell-a-vision! That would be cool too ( unless you’re NOT watching a cooking show, then that could be ewww! lol)

    The things that this kind of technology can bring, some good, some bad, some perverted, but it does sound like the beginnings of a new generation of things to come.

    If I’m still on this planet when it comes to full bloom, I’ll have to actually get a touch screen something, since I don’t even own one now.

    Ok, back to my coffee. I’m a little silly when I just wake up! :D Thanks for the excellent read Godwin!

  • Ashraf

    @Zapped Sparky: I wonder what effect it has on screen life? And what about portrait mode — does it work for that, too?

    Nonetheless, it does sound awesome.

  • Zapped Sparky

    I must admit that’s pretty cool, and is definitely suitable for tiny mobile devices. And with just a 2% battery drain on average use per day, I thought it would be much higher than that.