Free Titan Backup 1.5!

Update: Forget Titan Backup. Get GFI Backup now!

Titan Backup is a professional backup utility that does its job really well. With a nice clean interface, it has the ability to not only backup your files but also registry files. You can password protect and compress backups. There is a scheduler to do automatic backups. You can restore backups direct from the program or create self extracting backups. There is also a sync tool.

The marketing arm of Titan Backup has done a nice job; they have ‘offered’ Titan Backup 1.5 for free to many different websites trying to entice users to purchase Titan Backup 2.5. Titan Backup 1.5 has been free for a while, and I read about it on Gizmo’s a few days ago. However it did not occur to me to post about it until today’s giveaway of Document Backup =). Regardless, Titan Backup 1.5 is highly recommended.

You can find download links and serial codes for Titan Backup 1.5 from any of the following:

Gizmo’s Tech Support Alert ***Recommended


Security Park


Backup Blog


It is worth noting that you can get one license TitanBackup 2.5 for pretty cheap via Gizmo’s special discount: ~$15 each. It is even cheaper if you get 3+ license: ~$8 each. The differences between 1.5 and 2.5 is here. To attain this discount, you will find a link via the above link to Gizmo’s. I would post the link/coupon code but this offer is supposed to be for Tech Support Alert readers and I don’t want to intrude upon them.

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  • Why would you need 4+ GB RAM and only a 2+ GHz processor (your CPU will probably bottleneck you before you get to use all that RAM)?

    Plus to use all that 4+ you would need 64 bit OS… which is a pain!

  • I think that Windows computers should:
    A. Have 4+ GB RAM
    B. Have 2.0+ GHz processor
    C. Have a fast bus
    D. Etc

  • Perry

    I was inferring that big words = comprehension problems. A close analogy for that is unfathomable dialogue box questions. And you were right on to it. Turning a help-file or user instruction section into a real tutorial is good; making it a consultancy job is another matter, as Ashraf implies.

    Some days back, I was helping a neighbour. A near-crippled cheapie laptop, overburdened with Vista & start-up programs and severely under-burdened with RAM. After mentioning that, I was told some extra RAM was here. “Oh, I’ll put it in, for you, then.”

    I was handed a CD and told: “here, my friend downloaded it for me, the other day.”

    What could I say? What would you have said?

    How the hell is a user like that going to cope with the start-up dialogue efforts of a back-up utility?

    But, back to being thoughtful. If s/ware folks don’t helpfully guide new users through the process, they will suffer from that. For both the s/ware and the author[s], the worst part would be if a really nifty, super-duper program drifted into geeky oblivion, for no reason other than what might be called, “poor documentation.”

  • Perry,
    I would agree with you but if what you suggest happens I may be out of a job! :D

    On a serious note, most major companies do do what you are suggesting. The problem is nowadays every Joe or Jill can write up a program and sell it on the internet; these are the people that don’t beta test.

  • Abbasgirl

    It would be even better if you could make me a “Ashraf” diagram of one so I could make one work. Cause lately that’s the only step-by-step that makes any sense. Did I type that too fast again/

  • Perry

    I’m delighted that you could see and make the point even stronger. ;)

  • Abbasgirl

    I would totally agree with everything you said only some of your words were too big for this average computer Jill. I know how to put one of these things together and even make it work most of the time and I know that you guys keep telling me that I need a back up. But honestly I wouldn’t know what to do with it if I had it cause they are just too complicated for me.

  • Perry

    Backup software writers need to think better through their interfaces with the end user. I suspect many potential end users who are not much more than picture-storing, web-surfing, e-mailing, word-processing, ‘general’ users will just walk away from what are probably very good back-up utilities.

    I suspect that when confronted with certain questions, like “service or program” with Cobian, an average user will just wilt. Or worse, make an inappropriate choice and get frustrated with the concomitant problems. Set Titan to run on boot-up and it wont, because it wants to kills other start-up programs, e.g. firefox.

    Somewhat tongue-in-cheek, I’ve suggested before that s/ware writers need more ignorance. They need beta testers who are average computer Jills and Joes. Not nerds, who have the experience and interpretive skills to see through enigmatic aspects of a program that will confound an average user.

    The final, pre-release beta-tester reviewers need to be average computer Jills and Joes. The reviews and reports made available also need to be written by such people. People who will not use arcane or abstruse terms.

    I also wonder if ‘dialogue boxes’ [DB] are becoming something else? How can there be a dialogue if the user/reader doesn’t understand the question or the choices? The interface, the DB, needs to be quite a different structure.

    It needs to engage with the end user, presuming nothing about the end user’s computer handling skills. Maybe with an option for nerds to tick to bypass the really helpful stuff that the average computer Jills and Joes do need.

  • internetexplorer

    I love how you gave several sites that have the offer with different codes. In case one site or code does not work, we can try another. Plus, I get to know some sites I had not seen before. I can even choose which site’s code to use in order to help that site look better to publishers. etc.

  • People have said that they successfully upgraded it.

  • I got Titan from GAOTD some time back. It now saya I can update it to 2.4 or whatever… but on other software this invalidates the GAOTD license, so it reverts to demo version or limited time. Just wondering if that happens with Titan.

  • Muhammad

    thanks Ashraf

    you are a very helpful person

    i wish to help you one day