Free Titan Backup 1.5!

Update: Forget Titan Backup. Get GFI Backup now!

Titan Backup is a professional backup utility that does its job really well. With a nice clean interface, it has the ability to not only backup your files but also registry files. You can password protect and compress backups. There is a scheduler to do automatic backups. You can restore backups direct from the program or create self extracting backups. There is also a sync tool.

The marketing arm of Titan Backup has done a nice job; they have ‘offered’ Titan Backup 1.5 for free to many different websites trying to entice users to purchase Titan Backup 2.5. Titan Backup 1.5 has been free for a while, and I read about it on Gizmo’s a few days ago. However it did not occur to me to post about it until today’s giveaway of Document Backup =). Regardless, Titan Backup 1.5 is highly recommended.

You can find download links and serial codes for Titan Backup 1.5 from any of the following:

Gizmo’s Tech Support Alert ***Recommended


Security Park


Backup Blog


It is worth noting that you can get one license TitanBackup 2.5 for pretty cheap via Gizmo’s special discount: ~$15 each. It is even cheaper if you get 3+ license: ~$8 each. The differences between 1.5 and 2.5 is here. To attain this discount, you will find a link via the above link to Gizmo’s. I would post the link/coupon code but this offer is supposed to be for Tech Support Alert readers and I don’t want to intrude upon them.

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