Sorry for the downtime – anyone find anything missing?

Hello all.

Today PMnet experienced some downtime that lasted 1-2 hours. Nothing too big; it was a server side cause and now we are back up and running. However, I had to replace some content because I found some things missing. If you find anything wrong, or missing, such as screenshots or posts that you know should be there, please post here or email me to let me know.



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  • internetexplorer

    I’ve been busy somewhere else, but I just remembered an old saying among politicians (how appropriate for!) that for every letter or phone call they get on a subject, there are a lot of other people out there who didn’t call or write or whatever for any of millions of reasons but who agree with the one who did, so those who do act represent lots of those who don’t! A little hokey, perhaps, but it may pay to remember that when not many are posting, it does not mean no one is reading reviews, etc. After all, you just got a bigwig publisher or whatever they were concerned over your readers!

  • I do have a decent amount yes.

    But although his explanation was that ‘his server could not handle’ the ‘leaks that were coming through’, he actually found my website from a post on GOTD forums about free ashampoo burning studio, LOL!

    So ya…for all I know it could have been someone posing as him. But I did research and he IS right, it is only for mag readers.

  • internetexplorer

    It occurs to me that their asking you to take down the post must mean that a lot of people must have downloaded it in a short time for them to notice it, which means you have a lot of readers/viewers or users or whatever you want to call them, even if you don’t always get a lot of reply postings.

  • Thanks for looking out for me!

    But it’s alright. The main attraction to PMnet is the reviews anyway, something that other website can never do. Not to mention I am pretty sure he got the offer off my Gizmo’s post on it :)

    Freebies are just an added extra :)

  • internetexplorer

    Thanks for the prompt posting–glad I got RM7 when I did, then. Sometimes you just gotta go for it! I guess you can delete my post it complicates things, but you might want to know that as of an hour and twenty minutes ago, (same as yesterday), the site still has the RM7 free offer up on its pages as originally posted Thursday, January 29, 2009 as 23:48 in his time zone, wherever that is, so you were first!

  • internetexplorer

    P.S.–I forgot to add that the date of that missing post was Wednesday, January 28th, 2009 at 11:45 pm and was filed under Freebies, it says.

  • I actually took down that RM 7 post on purpose before the website went down.

    The reason being is because apparently that offer is only supposed to be for ComputerActive Mag readers…I was contacted by one of their editors/someone important explaining it to me so I promptly took it down! My mistake – I will see if I can find a ‘legit’ way to attain it. Until then Desktop Maestro 2 will have to do.

  • internetexplorer

    Yes!! Your’re back!! I worried about you but could not come up with anything that I could do about whatever the problem was, so I just hoped for the best

    The only thing I see missing is the post about free PC Tools Registry Mechanic 7, which I have a hard copy of if you need me to send it to you somehow. I had taken advantage of the offer and reported to you that the RM engine in Desktop Maestro 2 is apparently version 5.6 and that it is not updated by installing RM7 after DM2. Also Smart Update is not working in DM2, FWIW (to keep it from downloading DM3?)

    Good to see you picking up where you left off with the new offers you are reporting on!


    Hi Ashraf,
    yes I tried to mail you last night but wasn’t able to do so following your server downtime.

    Now everything seems ok!!

    So if you want to read my message just go to the yesterday’s GAOTD webpage.

    Cheers from Italy!!