Downtime: “Error establishing a database connection”

Hi all.

Recently there has been an issue with my webhost. At times my website downs down because of a database error. Whenever I find out this is happening, I promptly contact my host to have they restart the database. However, there are times when I am not not able to catch the error for a while. So if you run into this error, please just send me an email at admin at just letting me know so I can yell at my host.

I am trying to get this issue resolved as soon as possible. They have been great so far until this recently starting happening. If this issue is not fixed, I will be switching webhosts. It is not fair to you, as PMnet readers, nor to me, as a paying customer, to experience such downtime.


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  • cheque,

    If I can think of ideas, ya sure, haha.

  • cheque

    Great website, Ashraf. I just stumbled upon this website a couple of days and have already added it to my RSS feeds. The blog’s albeit new but the articles are an interesting read.

    Wonder if you could add more articles per day? Keep up the good work, btw.