Free Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 3 license edition (+ you may get some free cash).

za102821451033I was surfing SlickDeals and I came across this amazing offer. I decided “why not post it here?” =D.

So enough beating around the bush: Microsoft is discontinuing Microsoft Equipt. In light of that, Microsoft will be offering a prorated refund + a free copy of Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 to anyone with an active subscription of Equipt. Therefore, in order to attain Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 for free, you first have to purchase Microsoft Equipt. You can buy Microsoft Equipt from your local Circuit City. For those who don’t know, many Circuit Citys are closing so you better hurry and grab your copy. The price of Equipt will be anywhere from $69.99 (retail price) and below – how much Equipt will cost you depends on your Circuit City. Microsoft, for their part, will refund $69.99 + tax regardless of what you paid if you submit their refund form immediately after you activate Equipt. This is where you may earn some free cash, i.e. if you paid less then $69.99 + tax at Circuit City.

After you have bought Equipt, register and active your subscription (you do not have to actually install Equipt – just register/setup your account – thx Jean for the info). After you have activated your subscription, go to Microsoft Equipt Subscriber Center and follow on screen instructions:


You will be able to install Office 2007 on up to three computers. You will receive your refund money in 4-6 weeks time. You will also receive a CD in the mail for Office 2007.

Be sure to do all of this ASAP because:

  • The base refund amount is determined based on the number of months remaining on your subscription, multiplied by the average monthly suggested retail price. Base refund amount = (Retail price/12 months) x (number of months remaining on your subscription).

The number of months will be rounded up in order to maximize your refund. For example, if you have 5 months and 11 days remaining on your subscription, it is rounded up to 6 months.

Estimated sales tax is then added to the base refund. The sales tax is based on the address provided on the Microsoft Equipt refund form. Since we are unable to verify the exact sales tax you paid, this amount is an estimate, and may vary from the tax you actually paid.

  • All forms should be submitted as soon as possible to guarantee that they will be processed before Microsoft Equipt is discontinued after April 30, 2009.

You can find more information at Microsoft’s FAQ.

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