If you have WOT (Web of Trust) please submit new rating for dotTech.org

Update: Thank you for everyone that rated dotTech.org. The rating is back to green – just one more step until we get “Excellent” =). The rating is back at “Excellent”. Thanks again to everyone that rated!

Hello friends,

As you all noticed, I changed recently PoliticallyMotivated.net to dotTech.org because I find dotTech.org as a more appropiate name for a technology blog. That being said, I am making this post today to request that everyone that has WOT (Web of Trust) please submit a rating on dotTech.org as you see fit (give it whatever you think it deserves) – the ratings from PoliticallyMotivated.net did not carry over. If you don’t have WOT, you should consider getting it: read up on it in my article of good freeware security apps.

PoliticallyMotivated.net was rated “Excellent” on all counts so I am confident that dotTech.org will be also rated “Excellent” since, well, they are the same websites and both websites are 100% clean. I am also confident that once people know that they have to rerate dotTech.org, the rating for this blog will go back up to excellent. However, I am only asking you guys to do this, as a favor to me, because person/few people have given very low ratings (I assume “0”) to dotTech.org resulting in an “Orange” rating which is just one step about dangerous. My guess is that this person/few people are the ones that have been constantly spamming my website. I honestly don’t think dotTech.org deserves this low rating and this low rating can turn away potential visitors. I have contacted WOT staff about this issue but I don’t know if they will do anything about it or not.

Thank you to everyone and special thanks to whoever posted that anonymous tip about the WOT rating.


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