Batch resize, rename, convert and/or add watermarks to images easily with Photo Resizer.

Now we all know that FormatFactory is king when it comes to converting files (audio, video and images). However ever need to resize a bunch of images at once? How about rename them? Or maybe add a watermark? Well then what you need is FastStone Photo Resizer:


FastStone Photo Resizer is a really nice and fairly lightweight program that allows you to:

  • Batch resize.
  • Batch rename.
  • Batch convert.
  • Add watermarks (image or text) to multiple images at once.
  • …and more.

Photo Resizer supports the following image formats as inputs…


…and can output the images as:


If you want to use FS PR (FastStone Photo Resizer) as a batch converter to convert multiple images, just add all the images you want to convert, choose your output format and click on the 2009-03-05_234550 button to start converting the images.

If you want to rename your images, you can do it in two different ways:

  • You can leave the window at the “Batch Convert” tab. Add all the images you want to rename then check the “Rename” box:


This will bring up the “Rename” options:


You can either type in what you want to rename the images or you can use the predefined macros already entered for you. The following are renaming formats you can use when creating your own renaming method:


Once ready, hit the 2009-03-05_234550 button to start converting.

  • You can click on the “Batch Rename” tab:


Add the images you want to convert and set your renaming macro/method:


Once ready, hit the 2009-03-05_235843 and wait for the program to rename all your images.

The difference between the first and second method is that in the second method all you are doing is renaming your file – you are not changing its format nor do you have the ability to do anything else such as resize or add watermarks. With the first method you have the ability to convert the image file to another format and you can do things like resize or add watermarks to the images in addition to the renaming.

If you want to resize, crop, change colors, add text and image watermarks, etc. to your images, you have to check the box next to “Advanced Settings (Resize…)”:


After you check the box, a 2009-03-06_000922 button will popup. Click on it. The following window will open:


This is the window from where you can resize, crop, change color values, add watermark etc. All that you can do is listed across the top. Just scroll through the tabs and turn on/off any of the features as you please by clicking the checkboxes. This will bring up options for that feature that you can mess around with like so:


You can add/enable as many features as you want. Once done, hit the 2009-03-06_001507 button. The window will close and you will be back to the main program window. Once you are done messing with all your settings (output format, names, advanced options, etc.) be sure to set your “Output Folder” location and then hit the 2009-03-05_234550 button to start processing all the images. A window will popup where you can monitor the progress:


Just hit 2009-03-06_001955 once everything is done and the window will close and you will be back to the main program window.

In conclusion, in terms of features this program is excellent (bar the fact that output image formats are limited and watermarks can’t be automatically set to resized to fit images) – but how is the actual performance? Well the program used about ~9MB of RAM (the RAM usage goes up as you add more images/browse for more images/start converting) while sitting idle. And it resized/converted ~750 of my images in 5 minutes. Not bad, not bad at all.

So are you still interested in FastStone Photo Resizer? Ya I was too. You can download it from the following links:

Version reviewed: v2.8

Supported OS: Windows All

[FastStone Photo Resizer homepage]

[Direct download – EXE version]

[Direct download – ZIP version]

[Direct download – portable/standalone version]

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  • Alva

    Thanks Ashraf for introducing this GREAT software to us. I really thankful for your effort.

    I just installed it and using it right now for resizing my pics (total of 14.7 Gbs , takes about an hour) and it works perfectly. It is able to re size the pics together while the output of the pics is still the same name with the original pics folders (I don’t need to rename it).

  • Jenny Lilks

    @DonP: How much is Faststone paying you for this comment? Hmmm?

  • kyh

    I was looking for a program to rename pictures because we have two cameras outputting the same file numbers.  This could be a mess.  This program does exactly what I want it to do and more.  It allows you to take the original name (if you have already renamed it) and append it to the new file name and/or attach the date it was taken creating a new name .  Thank you so much for this review Ashraf; I would not have downloaded it without it. kyh

  • catman

    Hi to all :-)
    In the original link to this fine program you download Version 2.8 if you go to the website you will find the latest Version 2.9.
    Many thanks to Ashraf  and the other folks at DoTech for all the fine and useful programs that they review.

  • runesagemagik

    @ Janet
    You might have been using the wrong search term.  Although presented as backdoor/small.hdn, that is a misleading combination of a virus category (backdoor) and a virus name (small.hdn)  so Google actually does cough up items that can help clarify, incl: 
    1- explanation for the category of downloader pest, i.e., “back door” –
    Apparently (and not surprisingly), it has a signature that is sufficiently similar to some portion of the code in Faststone’s application so that a (false) alarm was triggered. 
    2. False positives are increasingly common as anti-virus applications resort to the fuzzy logic of heuristic analysis to quickly scan increasingly bloated hard drives. Here is a wiki explanation of heuristic method. –
    3- info about the filename itself- “small.hdn” @ CA/Computer Associates – which places it in the “downloader” category:
    Totally unrelated, this not so amusing backdoor execution idea serves as an example of Microsoft’s “we’ll get around to it when h*ll freezes over” approach to security –

  • Rafael Vidurrizaga

    Hello Ashraf:
    Thank you again for your reply.- I understand you are a very busy man, so I received your answer with joy (I don’t know how to say in English what I mean, but I hope you’ll understand my poor english).- I am using now FastStone Photo Resizer.
    I’ll check your article “9 programs that will provide…” as per your sugestion.
    God bless you.


  • Ashraf

    @Janetb: Umm I don’t know.

    @Janetb: No I don’t think there are disadvantages.

    @DonP: I was under the impression FastStone Image Viewer had FastStone Image Resizer built in so it should have all the features.

  • DonP

    I haven’t used this program, but I have used FastStone Image Viewer for a long time, and I swear by it. It is a very powerful viewer, editor, slideshow creator, and more. It also includes batch rename/resize tools, but not batch watermarking. Not as powerful as PhotoShop, of course, or even free photo editors like Gimp and Paint.Net, but it’s a lot more lightweight and is billed as a viewer, after all.

    I am going to download this program for the watermarking feature. I have complete confidence that it will be a great program, based on my experience with FastStone software.

  • Janetb

    Are there any DISadvantages to the portable/standalone version? Why would FastStone recommend the .exe version instead of the portable/standalone version?

  • Janetb


    A false positive is an AV’s mistaken warning that an OK file is dangerous. My question still stands: what kind of file would have a name like that? And what are .hdn files?

  • MNS Prasad

    Thanks to the GOATD.

    As I was not aware there will be a free software I would get for batch re-sizing, as I was used to send photographs to my head office and used to re-size in my own way as the following, which was a little time taking but a good free one we can do with the Power Point. If any of you want to try, can try the following procedure too…

    Go to MS Power Point, open a blank slide and copy a JPEG file and paste on the slide and drag equally to all the corners and then save as JPEG format, u will definitely find a huge difference in SIZE.

    Anyways, when we have a free software offered today by GOATD, why should we make our life little difficult….

    Thanks & Regards,
    MNS Prasad

  • Ashraf

    @Janetb: It is a false positive.

  • Janetb

    Then what on earth is Backdoor/Small.hdn???????? Pretty strange name for a healthy file….Couldn’t find anything helpful through Google links….

  • Ashraf

    @Rafael Vidurrizaga: Sorry for the late reply. It is a false positive. FastStone Photo Resizer is 100% clean. VirusTotal agrees.

    Have you considered using a different antivirus? Check out my post on 9 programs that will provide the best all-around security for you and your computer – for free for suggestions.

  • Rafael Vidurrizaga

    Hello Ashraf: I appreciate very much your reviews and I thank you for it.
    I was trying to download FastStone Photo Resizer EXE version using above link, but my antivirus doesn’t let me download it, because it says that the file fsresizersetup28.exe contains a virus: Backdoor/Small.hdn
    I live in Peru, South America, and I am using a local antivirus named The Hacker Antivirus for at least five years and I am very happy with it.
    Please, can you tell me if this is a false positive or it really contains a virus.
    The only link I was able to use was the portable/standalone version.
    Thank you very much for your kind attention.