FBackup: Mediocre file backup program with excellent plugin support

2009-05-18_102005Back in February when I reviewed Backup4all Lite 4 I discovered that the developer of the commercial Backup4all software series (Softland) had a freeware version of the software called FBackup. Actually I think it was more like multiple someones pointing out FBackup to me rather than me spending grueling hours on Google searching for it but hey, who is keeping tabs?

FBackup is a file backup software that has the average run-of-the-mill features:

  • Create multiple backup “jobs”;
  • Create a file filter to each backup “job”;
  • Backup locally, externally, or over a network;
  • Do a 1:1 backup or backup to a compressed .ZIP (works w/ ZIP64);
  • Password protect the .ZIP backup;
  • Run a program before/after the backup;
  • Create a backup of open files/files currently in use;
  • Do backups automatically with the “scheduler”.

As I said, so far the features mentioned are just run-of-the-mill average features you can expect to be in most any backup programs. In fact I would say FBackup is even missing some run-of-the-mill features such as incremental or differential backup and AES encryption of backup. If you just consider the features I mentioned above, FBackup is just the mediocre it-will-get-the-job-done type of backup program. In other words FBackup, uptil this point, is nothing special – Titan Backup is still the superior backup software. However what puts FBackup on the radar, what made me want to write about FBackup, is the extensive plugin support (“Tools” -> “Plugins”):


From the developer’s website you can download any of 89 plugins for FBackup:


I know the website is the Backup4all website but the plugins are meant for FBackup also. What these plugins do is allow you to backup the data/settings/etc. from all different types of programs including, but not limited to, MSN messenger, Skype, Roboform, and Thunderbird. The plugin downloads are free and install very easily: just click on “Add” from FBackup plugin window after you have downloaded a plugin and add the plugin. To use the plugin, just select it when at the “select files or folder” screen when creating/editing a backup job:


Another great thing is the plugin platform for FBackup is open-platform in the sense that anyone can develop an FBackup plugin. So if you want to backup something that does not have a plugin for already, you can create a plugin for it (and hopefully share it with everyone else).

Obviously the advantage of these plugins is that they allow you to easily backup data from programs that you would have to do manually otherwise. In the end at face value, in terms of “backup features”, Titan Backup is still the superior backup software: Titan Backup can do incremental backups, AES encryption, backup registry and has a sync tool. However, as I mentioned in my Backup4all Lite 4 review, the plugins are what really impress me about Softland’s backup software – the plugin support for FBackup is excellent and makes FBackup well worth considering if one or more of the plugins is useful to you. So check out the plugin page before you decide to use FBackup or not. Also, I suggest comparing GFI Backup plugins to FBackup plugins to see if GFI Backup has all the plugins you need because if it does, go with GFI Backup over FBackup because GFI Backup is the best free file backup software in my opinion.

You can download FBackup from the following link:

***FBackup works on Windows Vista, XP, 2000 and 2008/2003/2000 Server

Click here to download FBackup

*I don’t actually get pissy and yell at developers. I was just joking – don’t be afraid to email me =).

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