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Driver Magician

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Software description as per the developer:

Driver Magician offers a professional solution for device drivers backup, restoration, update and removal  in Windows operating system. It identifies all the hardware in the system, extracts their associated drivers from the hard disk and backs them up to a location of your choice. Then when you format and reinstall/upgrade your operating system, you can restore all the “saved” drivers just as if you had the original driver diskettes in your hands. After one system reboot, your PC will be loaded and running with the required hardware drivers.

What’s more, Driver Magician has a built in database of the latest drivers with the ability to go to the Internet to receive the driver updates. It saves lots of time to find the correct drivers and mature drivers will obviously increase the performance of hardware. If there are unknown devices in your PC, Driver Magician helps you detect them easily and quickly with its built in hardware identifier database.

Supported OS:

Windows 98 and higher


$29.95 (USD)



  • Straightforward and easy to use.
  • Users can backup drivers in multiple different ways, including to a standalone executable (“auto-setup package”) which allows for restoration of drivers without having to have Driver Magician installed.
  • Users have the ability to include or exclude Microsoft Windows drivers.
  • Has built-in tools to help users update drivers, detect unknown devices, and uninstall drivers.
  • Has a few extra backing up capabilities, like backing up the registry and My Documents.
  • Allows users to restore drivers “silently”.



  • Restoring backed up drivers from standalone executable (“auto-setup package”) can be a bit annoying since users are required to input Driver Magician’s registration details (name and code) to restore drivers.
  • Users can’t choose the name of backups.
  • If an old backup is of the same name in the same location as the new backup, older backup will be overwritten without prompt.


{for=”Ease of Use” value=”8″}Very easy to use. There is one major annoyance, though: Users are required to enter Driver Magician’s registration details (name and code) before they can restore drivers from the “auto-setup package”. This can be very annoying because not everyone may have Driver Magician registration details on hand when drivers need to be restored, or users may not be connected to the Internet in which case the registration information could not be authenticated.
{for=”Performance” value=”10″}Performs extremely well in regards to backing up and restoring drivers.
{for=”Usefulness” value=”7″}I can see quite a few people finding this program useful, although there will be some who never format their computers, so having a driver backup program is a moot issue.
{for=”Price” value=”5″}Although Driver Magician has some nice features, aside from just backing up drivers, I feel $29.95 is a bit much for this program considering how easy it is to download drivers (nowadays Windows Updates finds most drivers for you, especially if you are running Windows 7 or higher). I believe $19.95 is more fair.
{for=”Final Score” value=”8″}


Driver Magician is a splendid little program that allows you to backup the drivers on your computer. (For those that don’t know what drivers are: drivers are the medium between hardware and software ; drivers allow hardware and software to communicate with each other. Drivers are an absolute must on every computer or else nothing would work.)

This is what the main program window for Driver Magician looks like:

As mentioned above, the main function of this program is to allow you to back up computer drivers. Driver Magician is setup for out-of-the-box usage, so backing up drivers is very easy. By default Driver Magician is set to backup non-Microsoft drivers and is set to store the backups in a folder in an uncompressed format. Thus, once you run the program click on 2009-03-06_012630 then click on 2009-03-06_012730. You will be prompted to choose where to place your backup (you will not, however, have a choice to name your backup). Choose the desired location, click “OK”, and wait. (Take note if you already have en existing backup in the location you just selected it will be automatically overwritten since Driver Magician does not rename backups everything they are conducted.) It should not take too long to backup your drivers; it took only around ~2 mins to backup all my drivers. When the back up is done, the program will tell you so:

After the backup is done, go to the location where you saved the backup to. There will be a “Drivers Backup” folder at that location. Inside that folder will be the backed up drivers in an uncompressed format (i.e. in their normal file state). Keep this “Drivers Backup” folder handy; whenever you need to restore drivers you can tell Driver Magician to restore the drivers from this folder.

Aside from the uncompressed format, Driver Magician allows users to create driver backups to a compressed file, self extracting .EXE, or “auto-setup package” .EXE. (Both .EXE are also compressed formats.):

(This window is accessible via “Tools” -> “Options” -> “Driver Backup Options”.)

The main differences between the four backup formats is as follows:

  • “Back up drivers to folders” allows users to backup drivers as-is to a backup folder. Nothing is compressed. Driver Magician must be used to restore these backups (unless you are tech savvy and know how to restore the backups manually).
  • “Back up drivers to a compressed file” does the same thing as backing up to folders except instead of storing backed up drivers in an uncompressed format, drivers are stored in a single compressed .BCK file. Compression level can be customized (“None”, “Low”, “Medium”, or “High”). If you have an archive extractor, like 7-zip, you can extract the drivers – and store them in a folder like the first backup option – from this .BCK file whenever you want. Driver Magician must be used to restore a backup from a .BCK format (unless you are tech savvy and know how to restore the backups manually after you have extracted them).
  • “Back up drivers to a self-extractor (.EXE)” does the exact same thing as “Backup drivers to a compressed file” with one difference: Instead of creating a compressed .BCK file, a compressed .EXE file is created. This .EXE does not require an archive extractor to extract drivers; extracting files – and placing them in a folder – from this .EXE is as simple as double clicking it. Driver Magician must be used to restore a backup from this format format (unless you are tech savvy and know how to restore the backups manually after you have extracted them). Both “Back up drivers to a self-extractor (.EXE)” and “Back up drivers to a compressed file” seem very similar – so why have both features? The reason is two-pronged, for the most part:
    • .EXE does not require a third party application to extract drivers from, whereas .BCK does. So people that don’t have an archive extractor (most people have it, though) or don’t understand how to use one will prefer .EXE.
    • It is often hard to transfer .EXE files because you can’t send them as attachments, and sometimes user permissions restrict the usage of an .EXE. So people in this situation would prefer .BCK.
  • “Back up drivers to an auto-setup package (.EXE)” is probably the main attraction to Driver Magician. The “auto-setup package” allows users to restore drivers without having Driver Magician installed. In other words, you can backup drivers to an auto-setup package, and when you reformat your computer you don’t have to reinstall Driver Magician to restore drivers – you can just run the auto-setup package and it will restore the drivers for you. Auto-setup package literally restores the drives – it does not extract them like the previous .EXE. There is one annoying caveat to auto-setup package, however: You are required to enter Driver Magician registration information (name and code) when you want to restore drivers from an auto-setup package backup:


If you have Driver Magician registration information and you are connected to the Internet, this is not a problem. However, if you don’t have Driver Magician registration information on hand (maybe you lost it, or you never received it because you got Driver Magician through Giveaway of the Day), or you are not connected to the Internet, you will have difficulty in using the auto-setup package to restore the backed up drivers.

I realize the developer has implemented this method to prevent users from abusing the trial version of Driver Magician (i.e. installed it, using the auto-setup package to backup, and then restoring with it) but I believe this can be done a better way: Simply disable the auto-setup package in the trial version. This way the auto-setup package can’t be abused by non-customers, and the developer can remove the requirement to enter registration information when users are trying to restore from the auto-setup packaging (making it easier for Driver Magician customers).

Restoring drivers is a little bit more involved than creating backups, but is nonetheless very easy to do:

  • Step 1 – Set what type of backup you want to restore from:

(This window is accessible via “Tools” -> “Options” -> “Driver Restoration Options”.)

Take note that restoring drivers from folder, compressed file (.BCK), or self-extractor (.EXE) is done the same way. Only restoring drivers from auto-setup package (.EXE) is done differently that is because you don’t need Driver Magician installed to restore from an auto-setup package while you do need it installed for the rest of the backups.

Also note that Driver Magician allows users to perform “silent” restore. A “silent” restore is basically a restore that performs the restoration from start to finish with prompting you for any action (you must start the restoration yourself, though). Uncheck “Show alert message when restoring drivers” if you want to perform a silent restore; the silent restore will work with all three different backup formats. You may also have Driver Magician automatically reboot your computer after restoration has finished.

Silent restores can be done with auto-setup packages also:

  • Step 2 – Click the “Restore” button (from the main program window), select the backed up files (folder, .BCK, or .EXE depending on what you are are restoring from).
  • Step 3 – Select the drivers you want to restore:

Take note if you click on the black downwards arrow next to the “Restore” button you have the ability to view all backed up drivers (assuming you decided to backup Microsoft and non-Microsoft drivers), or just the non-Microsoft ones.

  • Step 4 – Hit “Start Restore”.
  • Step 5 – Wait.
  • Step 6 – Profit.

Here are a few other aspects of Driver Magician:

  • As already discussed, by default Driver Magician is set to backup all non-Microsoft drivers. Driver Magician does this because reinstalling Windows brings all necessary Microsoft drivers with it. However, users are still allowed to backup Microsoft drivers if they wish; simply click on the downwards facing black arrow next to the “Backup” button and select “Search All Drivers”. Microsoft drivers will be shown in black and non-Microsoft drivers will be shown in red. To go back to just non-Microsoft drivers, select “Search Non-Microsoft Drivers” from the same black arrow.
  • Driver Magician has a feature built-in which allows users to update outdated drivers (“Update” -> “Driver Update”). Driver Magician scans the computer and sees if there are any drivers that are old and outdated. If there are some drivers with new versions, users will have the ability to download and update those drivers.

There is one word of caution on this driver update feature. When it comes to drivers, as the old saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. You see, in my humble opinion, if a driver is working fine for you, you should leave it alone. I don’t care if Driver Magician tells you there is an update to the driver which you can download. Unless you have a specific reason to update the driver (such as sometimes you need an update for your video card driver to support the newest and greatest games), leave the driver as-is. When the times comes for you to update a driver, it is typically more safe to grab the driver from the manufacture’s website and/or Windows Update rather than a third party software like Driver Magician.

So, in my book, this driver update feature of Driver Magician is not very useful; but hey it is there if you want to use it.

  • If you go to “Tools” you can do a few things:
    • “Uninstall Drivers” obviously allows you to uninstall your drivers.
    • “Detect Unknown Devices” will help you find and recognize devices on your computer that you don’t have drivers installed for yet. Very handy when reformatting your computer and a device is not recognized by Windows.
    • “More Backup and Restoration” is a feature that allows users to backup (and restore) things other than drivers, such as the registry:

Everything from “More Backup and Restoration” is backed up to a .BCK file. So users can either use an archive extractor – such as 7-zip – to extract the files when users want to restore them, or users can restore the files using Driver Magician.


Double Driver

Double Driver is an excellent standalone and portable driver backup and restore tool. With Double Driver you can:

  • View all installed drivers;
  • Backup all installed drivers (as uncompressed folders, compressed .ZIP, or compressed self-extractor);
  • Restore drivers from backups;
  • Save details on all installed drivers in a TXT file;
  • Print details on all installed drivers.

Driver Magician Lite

This is a very stripped down version of Driver Magician. Basically the only thing you can do with Lite is backup your drivers and only to folder.


DriverMax is a really nice program for being free. It does not have as many features as Driver Magician (mainly it lacks the ability to backup drivers to standalone executables and compression is not as good) and it is pretty slow but is a worthwhile free alternative if you don’t have Driver Magician.

Windows Update

Windows Update isn’t a driver backup tool. Rather this is a “tip” I would like to give.

You see Microsoft has done as excellent job in using Windows Update to detect and download any necessary drivers for a computer (more so for Windows Vista/Win7 than Windows XP/2000). So you should definitely backup your drivers and keep them in a safe place in case you need them in the future. However if you ever do end up having to reformat/reinstall Windows, you may want to hold off on restoring your drivers from your backup because Windows Update may be able to find them first.


{rw_verdict2}Although not without its fair share of annoyances, being easy to use and multifunctional, Driver Magician is a good program. I give it a thumbs up. However, I feel Driver Magician is a bit overpriced. It is hard to justify shelling out $29.95 when there are other methods to grab drivers when the need arises (i.e. the Windows Update example I gave above). Get Driver Magician if you want it, but at a price tag of $29.95 I am not going to recommend Driver Magician. However, this program is a steal if found lower than or at $20.

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  • Heroix

    Hi all,
    you can create a txt file and put this in it:
    DriverAutoSetup.exe /i “GiveAwayOfTheDay” “A9L64dFfE1-8854F”
    then save it as (for example :) DriverAutoSetup.cmd and put it in the same directory of DriverAutoSetup.exe. If you double click on it (DriverAutoSetup.cmd) it will extract.
    Watch out!! it’s for version 3.48, don’t know it will work with newer versions.
    Sorry for my bad English. :-(

  • Karl

    @Max: Giovanni and cerbotto are the same person

  • MikeR

    Great review, Ashraf, as ever: clear, concise, comprehensive, constructive. And especially where this bit is concerned:
    There is one word of caution on this driver update feature. When it comes to drivers, as the old saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. You see, in my humble opinion, if a driver is working fine for you, you should leave it alone. I don’t care if Driver Magician tells you there is an update to the driver which you can download. Unless you have a specific reason to update the driver (such as sometimes you need an update for your video card driver to support the newest and greatest games), leave the driver as-is. When the times comes for you to update a driver, it is typically more safe to grab the driver from the manufacture’s website and/or Windows Update rather than a third party software like Driver Magician.
    A view echoed in part by Liam K:

    I dislike these types of programs, as making a simple mistake or downloading the wrong thing can render your computer unusable. It is better to update drivers manually, or just leave them.

    I also dislike ’em for the same reason: software usage is one thing, software dependency — where you are, in effect, handing over your computer to a third party and depending on their promises of safety and success rather than your own judgment — quite another.

    Just for the fun of it — and because I missed the GOTD Driver Magician offer and your review when first published — I have today popped over to the website of a publisher regarded pretty much as the daddy of ’em all when it comes to “computer updating”:


    And no, don’t take my word for it. Radarsync itself proudly states:

    NO WORRIES: We’ve been doing this since 2001.
    Our driver database is the one the other guys link to.

    So, er, it must be true. Yes?

    An hour or so later, and Radarsync has provided me with some of the best laughs I’ve had for a long time (biggest of all being the current Time Limited offer of a $10 discount on its $29.99 retail price.)

    If Radarsync’s database, amassed over nine years, is the resource upon which all others draw, then I can’t begin to imagine what disasters lurk for users of “computer update” software from vendors of lesser longevity.

    But all hilarity aside — and Radarsync’s “work” is certainly hilarious — there’s a real and serious downside, referred to earlier: the situation of users misinformed and misled by software which, as here, promises to fulfil a particularly critical role in computing life.

    So. Like Liam K then, count me out. Windows does a pretty darn good job on updates. And if I need to keep my software current, then easier, safer and more dependable it is to, er, just do the job myself. 

  • janet


    I know he commented on Double Driver. Unlesss I missed a second reference, his comment did not relate to my question….:-)….

  • Max

    Ashraf, you’re very popular also in Italy thanks to GIOVI (Giovanni) and CERBOTTO :-)

  • Giovanni (Unquestionable Italian KING of FREEBIES…LOL!!)

    Hey Ashraf!!!
    I think that you just for once made a mistake in your daily GAOTD review  because you can’t consider DOUBLE DRIVER and/or DRIVERMAX as FREEWARE ALTERNATIVES to this GAOTD.

    In fact with DOUBLE DRIVER you can just BACKUP your drivers but NOT UPDATE them, as DRIVER MAGICIAN instead does,  whereas DRIVER MAX is actually NOT FREE because after a short trial period it put some limitations to the UPDATE DRIVERS feature exactly as SHAREWARE programs usually do.
    The only FREEWARE and RELIABLE alternative to DRIVER MAGICIAN I’m aware of is a tool called DEVICE DOCTOR which is able to  find all the UPDATES DRIVERS you actually need automatically, unlike DOUBLE DRIVER.


    As you can see from their official website there is also a special PORTABLE version of DEVICE DOCTOR that can be used on multiple PC from removable drives without installation.

    How COOL is that??

    It’s strange you were not aware of this but of course no one is perfect…LOL!!

    Then, once you have updated your DRIVERS with DEVICE DOCTOR, you can use DOUBLE DRIVER to make a full backup of them and well…you are done….everything for FREE!!

    As simple as that….LOL!!


  • Doug

    Plugged in a Belkin USB wireless adapter that is 3 years old into a PC running XP.  This program did not detect that the driver was missing and did not have the driver in its “extensive” database.

    It failed the first try.  So, I uninstalled the program. 

  • ebony

    @Ashraf: It pays to reread, I saw your comment regarding DD in the review. I apologize and I think that is the one I will try. :)

    @janet  He did comment on Double Driver in his review. I think we missed it.

  • Echoing Joel above, I also wonder about this offering from GOTD, from a different angle:
    Since GOTD offerings have to be installed the day of the offering, if you use Driver Magician from GOTD, does that mean that you may be able to use it only once, because if you reformat your computer, you won’t be able to re-install the program?

    Also, perhaps others here can hep me:  are programs of this type needed?  What I mean is, if you reformat your hard drive and have a backup image to re-install, the drivers are in the image.  And if you’re starting from scratch instead, you still have to re-install all your programs again.  Is the purpose of Driver Magician just to make that process a bit less painful in dragging out the original install CDs?

  • alan

    I use Comodo and for any installation I prefer to switch the configuration to :-
    Firewall – Block all mode;
    A.V. – Disabled;
    Defense – Disabled.
    If anything requires the Internet for installation/update I then decide between the potential benefit of the new application and the risk of depending the modem/router hardware firewall as sole protection (it is good, but not up to Comodo standard).

  • janet


    I have Avira AntiVir and MS’s firewall and have never had any trouble from either with GAOTD downloads or installation. On occasions where the download is corrupted or fails to complete (eg almost always with Paragon….), I find that using the mirror download site always solves the problem! I wouldn’t turn off my anti-virus or firewall for any download! But sometimes yes, for an installation.

  • @Bill Henry:
    and as a more general note:

    I don’t know about Comodo, Bill, but I have experienced that with some antivirus and/or firewalls GAOTD downloads get messed up without notification. Some days ago Avira Antivirus -which normally behaves just fine- refused to download the Readme-file as part of the Zipped download, which, of course resulted in some errormessages and the inability to get the remaining Zip-file to unzip and the program to install. After silencing Avira temporarily, everything went flawlessly.

    So it is sometimes a good idea to temporarily disable protection software during the download and install phases, especially when you have the “big ones” running.

    GAOTD has a good reputation to uphold for offering malware-free programs, so I do trust them on this issue.

    And, as we all know, some antivirus programs will report a ton of false positives while the stuff you’re downloading is perfectly safe.

    So, IMHO, in the case of GAOTD downloads, my advise is to disable some utilities when you have problems during the whole process from download to registration. Once up and running, enable your protection again! Everything should be OK.


  • Joel Dubow

    I am Concerned about Driver Magician because of your comment:
    However, if you don’t have Driver Magician registration information on hand (maybe you lost it, or you never received it because you got Driver Magician through Giveaway of the Day), …, you will have difficulty in using the auto-setup package to restore the backed up drivers.
    This is in the same section that you say: Back up drivers to an auto-setup package (.EXE)” is probably the main attraction to Driver Magician
    Does this mean that Giveway of the  Day users can’t use Driver Magician’s main attraction (I agree with your comment here) because they don’t receive registration information?  This is a serious issue and should be mentioned in on the site and will prevent me from installing the program.
    Do I have this correctly?
    Thanks for all your truly useful and perceptive reviews.

  • @compu2:

    As Ashraf points out in his reply #12: contact the Team… Massively ;-)

    The link: http://blog.giveawayoftheday.com/contact-form/

    Plse don’t “spam” the guys :)
    “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but a ton a day… I guess you get my meaning. “One message a day may bring Ashraf a day earlier their way” -or something like that. 


  • drtank

    very nice review !!!!

  • janet

    For those of you who already have Driver Magician, this is what O found on their site:

    What’s new
    May 25th, 2010 device drivers software – Driver Magician Version 3.5 released
    1. Add more devices in drivers update database
    2. Some minor tweaks
    May 18th, 2009 device drivers software – Driver Magician Version 3.45 released
    1. Support Windows 7
    2. Update drivers update database
    3. Some minor tweaks

    Funny they don’t list my v.3.48…..It updates the database every time I open it, so I don’t know what “Update drivers update database” means….

  • ebony

    I just read some about Double Driver, it sounds like a simpler program for those of us that is not so tech savvy.
    Ashraf, I would like to know your opinion on it as well.
    I think a program of this sort is what I need, since I have run into driver issues in the past.
    Look forward to reading your take on it. :)

  • janet

    Hi Ashraf!

    1. I have driver Magician 3.48 from last giveaway. Does it pay to update?

    2. I also have Double Driver. Which do you prefer?


  • moe-chan

    There was a giveaway where the participants need to mention features that they would like to see in the next version of Driver Magician as the condition. I used that chance to send some suggestions based from those cons you found in the previous version of Driver Magician (3.4) which the same as above but the Developer did not seem to be very interested. Or may be (and I hope) they keep it for 3.6.

  • Razel

    I don’t know, restore after changing pc configuration scares me, don’t you think?

  • phil

    Thanks again, Ashraf!

    I tried DM and actually found that the “update” drivers feature was not very useful for me. In a few cases, it took me to a website that had so many choices of driver versions that I didn’t know which one to choose and was afraid to install them. I prefer products like that do more of the work for you, like RadarSync, which is free and gives you the link to the exact driver and downloads and installs it for you. I’ve tried a few of them (like also Drivermax) but RadarSync seems to have the most built-in security features, such as it doesn’t do a blind install, but tells you the exact file name it plans to install, it links the download to the manufacturer’s server so you know the file is legit, and it offers to set a system restore point for you before you download the drivers. Using this I actually feel more secure that I’m not going to get the wrong driver (or if I do by some small chance, I’ll be able to resore my way back). For advanced users I’m sure that updating manually is a great idea, but I don’t think I have the ability on my own to be sure I’m choosing the right driver.

  • muhammad

    great job ashraf

    keep up the good work

  • Bill Henry

    Hello again,my friend………I was pleased by your kind and timely response to my “menu freeze-up” with DM 3.4.My OS is Vista x64,by the way.So,long story short:Your advice was on target.Two more in/un stalls w/ revo.some pulling of hair,some gnashing of teeth,then I thought to disable COMODO (not just “installation mode”. And….you guessed it, a happy ending. many thanks, Bill

  • Liam,

    Technically you are updating your drives manually with this program. The “Update” drivers feature actually only gives you a list of drivers that DM finds newer versions for on the internet. If you click “Download” you are sent to the website that has that driver and you download and install it manually. So you always have a chance to double check if you have the right driver.

  • I dislike these types of programs, as making a simple mistake or downloading the wrong thing can render your computer inusable. It is better to update drivers manually, or just leave them.

  • Bill,

    I think I actually had the same problem. However I just clicked around, eventually clicking on the update window, and it unfroze for me. What OS are you on? Did you try to give it a little time to ‘unfreeze’? You may have to uninstall/reinstall it. I suggest using RevoUninstaller to do that.

    Also, can you please specify what ‘acted strangely’ is for the submit comment bar and what browser you are in? I hate it when I have bugs on my website :D

  • Bill Henry

    I am impressed with DM but………….. I clicked on the words: “update” & “tools” and the menu froze-up ENTIRELY (nothing clickable,
    Whatsoever). Had to restart the machine. Do you have any ideas? All went perfectly lose that point. I was following along with the review/instructions on dottech.org. Again: I could not drag,close the menu,I mean it was frozen solid. Anyway, I like the program and I hope you can help. Waiting to hear………..Bill H.

  • Thank you a bunch , as a grandma I very appreciate your reviews , you are a nice person to gave yourself that trouble . Take care Lucille

  • secret2008

    No, use it on a different computer without the program

  • Still need the key? I don’t understand. I backed up as a self extractor and then I extracted the files from the self extractor just fine (it extracts each driver into its specific folder like I mentioned above).

  • secret2008

    Did you know that even though you save as self-extractor, you still need the key? Try it!

  • compu2,

    The only way that I can think of is contact GOTD via the contact forum. Maybe if enough people contact them about the issue they may listen. Obviously me alone they won’t listen to.

    As a side note, I love my job. So much free time. I am typing this on my employeer’s time right now because I have nothing to do :D

  • compu2

    Thanks for the alternatives to AntiLogger. Thinking about it, I may not have installed it anyway taking account of it being resource intensive.
    I don’t know how you manage to find the time to analyse the GOTD programs, write the reviews, and study. Hope you enjoyed your well deserved rest.
    I read somewhere that you would find it an advantage if the GOTD programs were released to you a couple of hours early, is there any way of us being able to contact GOTD and support you in this?

  • Furqan

    Hi Ashraf, Thanks again for the detailed and professional review. Lol, even though you didn’t write a review yesterday you don’t have to apologize and we understand :) ..

    The thing about ur review is that it’s very well organized and you have excellent points (with the free alternatives, screen shots… etc)

    Anywayz.. good luck and hope you had a good rest yesterday :)

  • Mikefarad

    To put it succinctly, your reviews make GOTD a truly valuable resource.

  • Paulo Leme

    You don’t have to apologize for the lack of the review yesterday, Ashraf! You do this quite skilled and time consuming job as a volunteer…

  • Madhu Vasudevan

    You write excellent reviews!
    It helps me make informed (feel-good-about) decisions.
    Just writing in to let you know that I am yet another ‘addict’ of your reviews.
    Please keep up the good work!!!
    Thank you.

  • I apologize about AntiLogger guys. I fell asleep at night when trying to write a review about it. Then during the day I just…was lazy.

    To make up for that, may I suggest to everyone that wanted AntiLogger to try WinPatrol and/or Threatfire. Both those programs are excellent programs that are behavior based like AntiLogger (and they will work together if you want to use them both). However, they are both proven to work. AntiLogger, on the other hand, is fairly new and mostly unproven. Also, AntiLogger was too resources intensive anyway (~20 MB usage just idle sitting in my system tray).

    I have run the Driver Update feature but I have yet to actually update my drivers that Driver Magician detected. However it is worth noting at the Driver Update window, if you click “Download” you are individually downloading drivers and you must manually install them. So use the URL that Driver Magician sends you to and double check to make sure you are dowloading the right one.

  • wobblywombat

    Thanks for you review, but I am also curious as to how well it finds the appropriate updates for drivers.
    I used it and after the required restart I had all sorts of trouble as although everything looked normal the system repeatedly hanged during startup… two hours later I am back to normal, minus this giveaway. Tempted to have another go to test if it really is the culprit or coincidence, but I had a heck of a time recovering (Returnil is only useful when it’s turned on and it’s hard to use over a restart!)

    Anyway, keep up the good work mate ;)

  • manposer

    Un grand merci, pour le travail éffectué !
    Même étant du site Francophone ,
    Avant de télécharger, je viens toujours te consulter.
    Le texte est clair, les explications détaillées,
    toujours une comparaison avec d’autres logs !
    Pour le temps compté afin de tester un logiciel;
    Bravo !
    Avec mes salutations, number one : Ashraf !!!!
    Bonne continuation, et encore un grand merci !

  • George

    I’m a frequent visitor to your site and was somehow disappointed when you failed to write a review for the previous Giveaway of the Day namely Zemana Antilogger. I waited the whole day for the review to come out but nothing happened for whatever reason. Anyway, I just want to let you know that I installed the program and it worked fine. Luckily, it was reviewed by Snapfiles that gave it 4 out of 5 stars. Please don’t let your avid readers down again by not doing a review. I know you’re human like the rest of us. But can I help it if I’m addicted to your nice reviews? Thanks for understanding.

  • tomcat

    Many thanks Ashraf for yet another expert, detailed analysis.

    My question is: Have you tested the function of updating drivers? Does it really find fully suitable newer versions and installs them without problems?

    I ask this because updating drivers can be tricky. Similar-looking versions may not be identical to what you have and cause problems.

  • compu2

    Thanks Ashraf for another detailed, informative and unbiased review. I hung on for your review (the only ones I depend on) yesterday for AntiLogger and went past the 24hour install time.
    I have used both Driver Magician (trial) and DriverMax (Free) and other driver backup programs. There’s no doubt that Driver Magician is by far the best.