Free eXPert PDF Pro 4!

Update 7/24/2010: Everyone can now get eXPert PDF 6 Pro for free! Visit for more details.

We all work with PDFs nowadays. Good, reliable, and feature filled PDF manipulation programs are hard to come by at an affordable price. Well not anymore. Now you can get an excellent PDF manipulation program…for free.

What exactly can eXPert PDF Pro 4 do? Well…

PDF Creation

eXPert PDF Pro 4 is tightly integrated with Microsoft Word® and Excel® to simplify the process of creating and editing PDF files. You can convert these files into multiple image formats (JPEG, GIF, TIF, PNG, BMP…). And you can also easily manage bookmarks and URL links in each file.

  • One click conversion
    • Just right click on a file to convert it into PDF, without even having to open it.
  • Microsoft Word® and Excel® integration in the menu bar
    • A simple click on the icon launches PDF conversion of one or more documents.
  • Image conversion: JPEG, JPEG 2000, GIF, TIF, PNG, EMF, BMP
    • Transform your documents into images, instead of PDF.
  • Create and manage hypertext and URL links in your PDF files
    • Ideal for sending readers directly to an Internet site from inside your Word® or Excel® document.
  • Automatic email sending
    • In two clicks, convert a document to PDF and send it via email attachment from within the application.
  • Merge conversion
    • Organise and combine multiple documents – even if they have been created in different applications – and create one single PDF file.
  • Create conversion profiles
    • Increase your efficiency and create profiles so you can instantly select all the features you use when you create PDF documents.

Viewing & Editing PDF files

eXPert PDF Pro 4 provides an entire suite of tools to modify, improve and organise your PDF documents. Includes standard editing tools for text, graphics and annotation, plus functionality to add or delete pages and combine PDF files. Security and encryption features give you control over rights to open, copy, edit or print your PDF documents. You can also make the eXPert PDF Pro 4 editor your default PDF viewer so that you can add comments, or modify the original document, all in the same window.

  • Standard editing tools
    • Cut, copy paste, delete and resize text and images in your existing PDF file
  • Text editing tools
    • Ad or edit text; change sizes, fonts and color, all in your PDF document
  • Image editing tools
    • Add images, draw vector images – even Bezier curves – all without leaving the eXPert PDF 4 interface.
  • Add comments and stamps
    • Add notes, comments, stamps (eg. “confidential”, “draft”) and watermarks.
  • Add or delete pages from existing PDF documents
    • Gives you complete control over the final PDF document
  • Document security
    • Protect your PDF document with passwords (128-bit RC4 encryption) You’ll be able to control who has the right to read, copy, edit or print your document.
  • View all your PDF files in the eXPert 4 editor
    • Make eXPert PDF 4 your default PDF editor; that way you can add comments or edit the original document in the same window.

This list of features was attained via Avanquest.

Pretty impressive list of features if I do say so myself. Of course v4 is not the latest version – v6 is. However v6 costs $94.88 for a single license. So for a freebie, v4 is more then welcome in my arsenal. Okay so how to get it? Well getting it is a little tricky because you must attain it from a French website. However, when have I ever left you hanging w/o screenshots? =):

Update: It has been discovered that eXPert PDF Pro 4 will not work with XP x64 or Vista x64. Sorry! However eXPert PDF 4 Pro works just fine on Vista 32-bit.

  • Visit Avanquest’s promotion page. If you are part of Avanquest’s French website, just enter your email in the address box and download the software. However if you are not, like most of us, you must register with them first. So, click on the button that says “Inscription”:


  • At the next page you will have to fill out some information. Fill it out and click on the button that says “Valider et Telecharger le logicel”:


Note: You don’t need a valid email address but it is suggested that you enter a valid email address (just use a spam email) because you may need to use your account for future freebies from that website. Plus your registration code will be emailed to you in addition to being displayed to you right on the screen so you can have it stored in your inbox in case you ever have to uninstall/reinstall eXPert PDF 4 Pro.

  • The next page will give you the download link for eXPert PDF 4 Pro and display your registration code. Download the program by clicking on the button that says “Telecharger” and copy your registration code. As mentioned above you registration code will also be emailed to you:


  • After the program is done downloading, install it. The installation process will be in French but it is pretty straight forward:


Click “Suivant”.


Paste in the registration key that you copied earlier into the box that says “Identification du produit” and click “Suivant”.


Click “Suivant”.


Click “Suivant”. The installation will then start. Wait for the installation to finish. The last window will appear after the installation is done:


Click “Terminer”.

  • After you click “Terminer” you are done installing eXPert PDF Pro 4. However the program will be in French. Therefore to turn in into English, go to the folder where you installed eXPert PDF Pro 4 to and go to the “Resources” folder. For most of us, this will be C:/Program Files/Visagesoft/eXPert PDF/Resources. Delete all the files in the “Resources” folder – they all should end in “.FRA”:


Update: If you are having trouble deleting the files under “Resources” make sure:

  1. eXPert PDF Pro 4 is not on. Double check under Windows Task Manager.
  2. If you still are not able to delete the files, try logging in to an Administrator account (even on XP) and deleting them.
  • Now if you look under the “Start Menu” you may notice that the shortcuts for eXPert PDF are in French. Well we need to rename them (thx to SC below for reminding me of this). Right click on each shortcut one at a time and click on “Rename”. This is what you should rename them to:
  • Accueil eXPert PDF = Purchase eXPert PDF
  • Aide eXPert PDF = eXPert PDF Help
  • Editeur de Filigranes = Watermarks Editor
  • Editeur de paramètres PDF = PDF Settings Editor
  • Serveur d’Impression eXPert PDF = eXPert PDF Creator
  • The last thing you need to do is replace the help files. You see even though you changed eXPert PDF from French to English, the help files are still in French. In order to fix this, I ripped the help files from the English version of eXPert PDF Pro 4. Download them by clicking here (alternative download link here). They are in a .ZIP file. Unzip them and save the “expertpdf.chm” and “pdfeditor.chm” in C:/Program Files/Visagesoft/eXPert PDF. You will be asked if you are sure you want to overwrite “expertpdf.chm” and “pdfeditor.chm”. Click yes.

Update: If you are having problems viewing the help files after you download them:

  1. Right-click on “expertpdf.chm”
  2. Click Properties.
  3. Click Unblock.
  4. Double-click on “expertpdf.chm” to make sure it is now working.
  5. Repeat the same for “pdfeditor.chm”.

Thanks to Tony for posting the above fix for the help files.

There. Now you are done with everything. Go enjoy your eXPert PDF 4 Pro eXPert PDF 6 Pro! If you have any problems or questions, post below – I will try to help.

This freebie was originally found by

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  • joseph

    Please help! I could not download the software from AvanQuest…
    Please help me find another link.

  • chinaguy

    It’s been a long time since I got that freebie but I think you need to create a user account with Avanquest then you can get it. You will use the user account you created to get the download info.

  • Nick

    what is the username and password used to download the expert PDF 4

  • zach

    The links you posted to the help files do not seem to work. Is there another place I can get them? Thanks in advance.

  • ron

    I tried the download, had same problem requesting a userid and password to allow the logon to FTP. No where to define a password.

    Then I tried the V4 download provided by “New Link”, but that download appears to be incomplete, missing “”.

    Has anyone tried applying the V6 upgrade to a V5 installation?

  • New Link

    May not help anymore but right now you can get v4 at

  • @Jean-Luc Picard:
    Then you can upgrade to v6 here according to some.

  • @Art: No- but if your computer supports it you may want to try eXPert PDF 5- I’m so sorry I can’t help the v.4 download!

  • Art

    @Jean-Luc Picard: Have you possibly manages to resolve the download problem

  • Art

    @Jean-Luc Picard: Thanks see forward to the solution.

  • @Art:
    Sorry I can’t help right now. However tommorow I can look into this. I seem to recall others experiencing this problem.

  • Art

    Jean-Luc Picard, Thanks for the feedback however I did go to the “Inscription” page filled in the form “email and confirmed this then Name, surname and country hit the “valider et Telecharger le logiciel” button was then taken to the download page However hitting the yellow Telecharger button it asks for Authentication in the form of User Name and Password for tried my email and name but does not accept any of this else I am very Duh and missing something
    Was wondering if they did not change something. Has anyone downloaded this recently??

  • Jean-Luc Picard

    Visit Avanquest’s promotion page. If you are part of Avanquest’s French website, just enter your email in the address box and download the software. However if you are not, like most of us, you must register with them first. So, click on the button that says “Inscription”.

  • Art

    Hi am having problems in downloading eXPert pro v4 when hitting the Telecharger button it asks for User Name and Password can you please help in what to enter here tried several things but no joy?

  • Ashraf, sorry for the temp headset problem; dropped by again and the daemon was gone…those flashes must be the latest in bad popup highjacking…totally stopped Thanks; Eli. 12:31p

  • Huh? I have no idea what is going on with you. The MediaFire link is no scam… You sure you did not click on an advertisement by accident?

    Use the FileFront link instead if you want:;13462644;/fileinfo.html

  • 422-09W,11:58a
    Ashraf, always enjoy and trust your judgment and advice on GAOTD; yet, last night and today really visited dotTech and followed inst for eXP4 and 6 dnld…French went well and Xp4 in process; but, your link to is loaded with a demand for cookies; I go to window on right: link to dnload: – eXPertPDFhelpfiles(English).zip : it says NO DESCRIPTION ENTERED…WORKING..WAIT PLEASE; then, an intercept in blocked red demands cookies, I give the allow to FFox, and this thing demands to scan my PC! Now I know it’s a scam from PC Booster, I always run into them this way, but, MAYBE this is an internal scan for viruses, so, I click like an asymptote and allow cookies; addresses in my URL window; FF blocks again because it is an attempted re-direct; I allow, and this PCBooster site comes up and sure enough they want to scam me into another dnld to find 1000 reg errors to demand I buy the product to clear them. For 1/2 hour, I sit on your WORKING..PLEASE WAIT; Please advise. Eli.

  • windowsexplorer

    never mind. I just discovered my NoScript was blocking its scripting.

  • windowsexplorer

    unable to download english help files from Media Fire file hosting page for some reason. Is this going to be fixed at this date or is there a workaround? I can’t believe I may have waited too long to get this.

  • Ya I just changed the links because FileFront is going bye bye.

  • Dennis Pateman

    Re: eXPert PDF Pro 4 english help files.
    My error-I found your link to MediaFire and downloaded them from there.

  • Dennis Pateman

    I installed eXPert PDF 4 Pro but I found that the english help files are not available from FileFront.
    Is there another site I can download them from.

  • Steve

    THANKYOU!! THANKYOU For taking the time to write and post this great helpful instructional tutorial.
    Runs perfectly on my xp machines.

  • As far as I am concerned, ya it is okay to let it allow it to start up on boot.

  • Kevin

    Tony i just want to say thank you for your extremely clear and easy tutorial. This is Fantastic

  • Wat


    So it’s alright to allow it to start ar startup?
    Anyway, even Spybot Search and Destroy is not able to remove it.

  • vspdfprsrv.exe is the PDF Printer. Why are you so worried about it?

  • Wat


    I followed WinPatrol’s instruction to remove persistent programs that insist on running at startup, but without success.

    Anyone knows of any way to remove this vspdfprsrv.exe from startup?

    Frankly, do we need to run vspdfprsrv.exe at startup?


  • Beverly

    Thank you Ashraf, this is invaluable for me.

    I anyone still has a problem viewing the help files after following the instructions above, I downloaded them again then unblocked them before overwriting the existing French files and it works fine now.

  • WinPatrol did the same thing for me. So far I have yet to see an option mentioning boot at startup. Have you tried disabling the service under WinPatrol?

  • Wat

    Very irritating, this vspdfprsrv.exe

  • Wat

    After installing successfully, there is this file

    that wants to run on Windows Start up. When I refused to let it run on start up, it keeps coming back to insist to run on start up.

    How can I not allow it? My WinPatrol software is not able to remove it from start up.

  • alfonso


  • alfonso


  • ocean

    Thanks Ashraf.
    I had to give ‘full control’ permissions for users on expertpdf.chm properties security tab for it to work. No other issue except for this minor hurdle on Vista Home Premium / 32 bit.


  • Hi everyone, I’m from Nitro and I can confirm that we produce Nitro PDF Professional and have nothing to do with ‘eXPert PDF Pro’. If you’re interested you can get a trial of Nitro Pro from our site and also buy it there. Best of luck.

  • paul

    Holy Cow I think that you did an incredible job of keeping this process simple, it looks long and intimidating but you make a simple process of following some very easy steps.

    I think I succeeded in completing the process, thanks.

  • Wow. It’s been a day and a half and there’s 50 comments. Wow.
    Popular blog!

  • NNNewman

    Hi Ashraf,

    I was just trying to save the files to a regular folder under My Docs… I’ll try the uninstall/reinstall approach. Hopefully that will fix the error issue. Thanks for the reply!

  • August,

    Looking at the screenshots of Nitro PDF Pro, I don’t think it is the same product as eXPert PDF Pro…unless eXPert PDF Pro 6 was completely revamped in looks (I am comparing the looks of Nitro PDF Pro to eXPert PDF Pro 4).

    Also, Nitro PDF Pro supports 64-bit machines while eXPert PDF Pro does not support 64-bit machines.

    However, I wish they were the same products…Nitro PDF Pro looks amazing!

  • I think UAC makes it so you can’t edit Program Files.

  • August

    Hi Ashraf,

    Nitro is available from while the English version of eXPert is at

    Curiously, the UK version includes the feature note, “support for converting Javascript into PDFs”, obviously some marketing copywriter editing text that they didn’t understand. It probably said “JavaScript Support” originally. In Adobe Acrobat Pro, you can use Acrobat JavaScript to programmatically manipulate PDF files, which is really useful, but converting Javascript to PDF is a meaningless concept.

    That being on the UK Expert page gives another datapoint for the idea they might be the same. If I get a chance in the next few days, I will certainly check that out and let you know.

  • NNNewman,

    Not sure what the problem is. “Access violation” sounds like maybe some permission problem? Just a guess though. Are you trying to save it in your Program Files folder by any chance?

    If all else fails,
    * Uninstall the program with RevoUninstaller.
    * Reboot computer.
    * Try reinstalling.

  • Yonald

    Thank you Ashraf!

  • NNNewman

    Wow… great tutorial!

    But – every time I try to use this program I get an error. Files open and manipulate perfectly, but when I try to save any file that I have made even the slightest change in, I get the following error:

    “Access violation at address 009DDA3A in module ‘vspdfcore100.bpl’. Read of address 00000000.”

    Anyone have any ideas on this?

    *using Windows XP Home

  • August,

    There are English versions of eXPert PDF Pro. It is just that the free offer one is in French. That being said, I am pretty sure Nitro PDF Pro and eXPert PDF Pro are two different products.

  • August

    Thanks, Ashraf,

    I cannot wait to try this and to recommend it to others. I’m swamped today, so testing will have to wait. But I did some checking and have a quick question.

    The company’s main website is in English and has a link for “PDF Conversion” to a page with 3 products. Can you confirm that their “Nitro PDF Professional” is the English version of this product?

    IF the English “Nitro PDF Professional” is the same as the French “eXPert PDF Pro”, then going to Support for the Nitro product gets you to a link for the English version of the manual for version 4! On page, click the link for “Nitro PDF Professional 4”.

    Again a BIG IF, IF this is the same product, then Captain Obvious’s question is ridiculous (sorry, C.O.) — adding comments, adding bookmarks, adding buttons and fill-in forms, adding hotlinks to other pages or OTHER DOCUMENTS, and most of all, being able to use JavaScript, are all the things that have made the Adobe product worth the price. Yes, the Adobe product is worth the price, if you have those needs. If this down-rev freebie does all that, then W-O-W-!!

    That’s just my opinion, I hope I’m not wrong,

  • Paul

    Tony, np.. and thanks for the other thing with the help files, apparently others are having the same issue- weird thing though, I didn’t experience this problem. Worked 100% right from the start. Glad you enjoyed my little hack/workaround. I was just messing around seeing if I could do it… :) Oh, if anyone has this problem (because I did).. I downloaded the prog, got a serial number, but every time I tried to install it, the installer would say I had an invalid serial number. When In re-registered to get another serial number, that one worked.. weird. I think their system is giving out “some” invalid serials… So if this happens to ya, try again.. :0

  • mario

    Well Ashraf, It really didn’t work. I give up.
    thanks anyway
    mario from Brasil

  • Ram,

    The 6th shortcut is already in English :P

  • Mario,

    I suggest doing exactly what you already did:

    • Uninstall whatever you have w/ Revo.
    • Reboot computer.
    • Try reinstalling.

    Other then that I don’t know what is up.

  • Ram

    In my above post, I gave incorrect one in French. I do not have correct one, as replaced the english. I see six items. Some item, I incorrectly replaced. Can you please see again? You gave 5 items. I see 6 items.

  • Praveen

    Thanks Tony. My help files now work!

  • SoccerMom61

    Still can’t get help files to work. Getting navigation cancelled. Have unblocked files and redownloaded to no avail. Is this a firewall issue?

  • Giovanni

    Hi man!!

    Yes this is a great FREEBIE even though I was already aware of this because this tool was given by AVANQUEST ITALIAN WEBSITE last Christmas.

    In fact if you go to the GAOTD forum you can find this post:

    Today Avanquest is giving away a free version of Expert PDF, which lets you create, print to and edit pdf files. Version might be in Italian only,I downloaded it on the 9th from their Spanish Site and it doesn;t appear to be multilingual.

    Anyway, if you cannot afford a full version of Adobe Acrobat, this is a good alternative. It even has watermarks included.
    Pura Vida, AlexSJ

    Anyway it’s nice to know from you that it’s still possible to have EXPERT PDF for free even now!!


    – pdfhammer
    – pdfcreator
    – primopdf
    – PDFTOOLS 1.3

    Hey, by the way: what became of GIOVANNI’s FREEBIES section?? LOL!!!

  • mario

    Hi Ashraf,
    I’ve already had tried to install this before thru 4-free-on-internet, and there’s no way i can work it out. It gives me an error of not being able to load vsprinterx.dll and expertpdfaddin.dll and not being able to find data for AlwaysCheckIfDefaultReader. I’m running on Vista Premium home – 32. Thinking about it now, I had the free version installed, which I uninstalled with Revo before installing this new one. Maybe this is the cause I can’t install it in here. Pity as this seems to be a very nice utility to have.
    mario from Brasil

  • Why fool around with this, and Microsoft Word, when exports files to PDF’s natively?

  • Tony

    I just figured it out. Right click on each of the two files. Select properties. Click unblock. Click apply. The help files open.

    Thanks for all your work and instructions on this.

  • Tony

    I followed your instructions and everything worked fine untilk I tried to open the help files. Then I got this message:”Navigation to the webpage was canceled”.

    Now what?

  • Paul

    Ok, I have a better (more permanent) way, but a little pain in the *ss to get it done. Go here and download the archived last version of this software from the mfg:,1
    Goto your local temp directory (if using windows should be here:) C:\Documents and Settings\**substitute you login account here**\Local Settings\Temp\
    Now clean this dir up and delete all useless stuff. Don’t worry if you try to delete a temp file that is actively being used, the system will not let you delete it. This will all make sense in the end. Now go to install the archived last version, but stop at the first screen. Now go back to the temp directory and find the directory that was just created to unpack the files to. Copy the file inside that directory called to another directory (doesn’t matter) BEFORE you cancel this install. YOU NEED THAT FILE. Now cancel this install. The install prog deletes this file, but leaves some others behind. You can delete these left over files to clean the directory up again. Now run the French version to install it. Do the same as before and wait for it to unpack into the temp directory. Find this newly created temp directory and copy all the files in this directory to another drive. After this is done, you can now cancel the french install. Now goto where you saved these files and delete these two files: expertpdf_v4_fra.mst and
    After this is done, copy the file you got from the archived version ( to this same directory. Now you can install your ENGLISH version of the software. To install the program run this file: expertpdf_v4_enu.msi

    Ok, you are now done…. :) Long process, I know, but you don’t have to mess with this language stuff ever again if you need to reinstall. :)

  • Did you replace the help files? Other then that, nothing really I can think of.

  • dr nitin

    dear Ashraf
    great article !
    After deleting all the files from the “Resources” folder, the icons and all the program shortcuts and even the menu within the program are seem to be in perfect English. Do I need to do anything extra?
    Dr Nitin

  • Vads,

    I zipped them up specifically to avoid that problem. I am not sure what is up. Can you try deleting them, re-downloading from the link above and trying again?

    Update: I just tried it again and the help files are working fine for me.

  • Vads

    I copied your help files but I am unable to browse through. Getting the error message, “The address is not valid” for all pages.

    Please help.


  • Perry

    Usually, that sort of error message
    is generated if you have the program
    running/open. If that’s the case, quit
    the program and try again.

    Another option is “permissions.” What
    that does (and means to you) depends
    to a large degree on what Operating
    System it is that you’re using.

    If it’s a ‘later’ version, there may
    be a need for you to be ‘logged in’
    as administrator/owner, or some other
    group ID that has full read/write/delete
    access. I’m using an older OS (W2kP), so
    I didn’t have the problem you describe.

    Good luck.

    New Zealand

  • Unless you know of a way to convert the help files into PDF docs easily, probably not :P

    How do .CHM files not work on your computer? They are standard help files. Microsoft created them.

  • Praveen

    Lovely walk through! Works perfectly.
    Can we have the help files as pdf docs?
    Looks like .chm does not work on my system.

  • FK

    The updated link worked great. Thanks again, Ashraf.

  • FK

    The help file link takes me to a gaming site.

  • I just updated the link to include both help files:;13462644;/fileinfo.html

  • ashok

    Thank you for such a wonderful tutorial.
    I am done with the installation and i not able to found the English version of help file in the link you provided above.Can you please give me the file name or direct link for that file.

  • Darth Vader

    Dude! Thank you!

  • Jackie

    @Santa Claus:

    OK, you can change those French words in the Start Menu by:
    1. Right click on the list (for example “Editeur de Filigranes”)
    2. Choose and “Rename”
    3. Rename it as you wish (for example “Watermark Editor”)

    Hope it helps.

  • Santa Clause,

    I posted about how to fix the issues you brought up. Please refer back to the post above (at the end).

  • Siva


    Man,Thanks,You have done grate work.
    Keep it up.


  • Santa Claus

    Also, the help file is in French. Is there a way to change this to English? If not, this may not be such a deal…

  • Santa Claus

    Thanks to your excellent instructions, I was able to download and install this program and delete the .fra files with no problems. However, on my Start Menu the program still lists its options in French (for example, “Editeur de Filigranes”). Any suggestions as to what I should rename these to? Thanks.

  • Jackie

    Are you an adminstrator of the computer? If not, you need to login as an administrator to be able to install and or modify the files.

  • Mohammed Sarhan

    Excellent, Ashraf

    It worked very well for me



    yes-that did it-i checked task manager and it was running-so after i ended the task the files deleted just fine-thanks so much for your time.

  • Sam,
    Are you on x64 by chance? Lots of people are saying the PDF Printer is not working on x64. However the developer’s website does not mention anything about this program being 32-bit only. Try their help desk. It has been discovered that eXPert Pro does not work on XP x64 or Vista x64: (look under “System Requirements).

    I just installed it on my XP desktop (Home Premium 32-bit SP3). I was able to delete the files under “Resources” just fine. I am not sure why you cannot do it. As I said above, make 100% sure the program is not on (look under Task Manager to double check). If it is not open, login to an Administrator account (even on XP) and try to delete the files.


    !! THANKS.

  • sam

    I get an error in word saying that “Exception there is a printer error”.

  • Regie,

    As Tosh said, make sure eXPert PDF Pro 4 is closed. If that still does not work, make sure you are logged into an Administrator account.

  • Tosh

    Make sure you exit the program before deleting

  • Jason

    get rid of vista or search google

  • regie

    I cannot delete those files on the resources folder. It says “Destination Folder Access Denied”

    What will I do?