“Ashraf where are you?”

I understand that quite a few people have come to depend on dotTech.org reviews in order to decide if they should download the day’s giveaway or not. The thing is I work on Fridays and sometimes I don’t have time to publish a review early in the day (the only reason I am able to post this right now is because I am waiting for a computer backup to finish). However I promise that a review will be published; it will just be later in the day.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for understanding. :)

As for today’s giveawy of NetStat: I did have a chance to check it out and I can tell you it is a good program. Download it while you can; if you don’t get to download it don’t worry – the program does not really provide much/any unique features that you can’t find other places. I will explain more later when I write my review.

P.S. How many people would be interested if I started using Twitter to inform people of my “review status”?

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  • jevvv

    -nah, don’t bother

    -you are sharing your time with us very generously… THANK YOU

    BUT make sure your real life activities (like work and study) dont’ suffer because of our expectations ;)

    Thanks mate!
    — jevvv in EnZed

  • Ozzie

    Ashraf, you are a legend! I too wait for your reviews to see if it is worth downloading GOTD software (assuming, of course, that it’s software I need). If you haven’t reviewed it, then I generally don’t touch it. IMHO, you are da man!

    PS. I also don’t use social networking. And I think I’d be too embarrassed to say to someone: “Hey, you a Twitter?”

  • Tortuga

    Hello Ashraf

    • Please don’t worry about being late w a review.
    Even though I rarely comment {sorry about that} we’ve come to depend more & more on your advice & tips. Gosh, you help us SO MUCH, the least we can do is wait patiently. I usually dwld early and wait for your verdict – then install or delete depending on your evaluation :-)
    Since Andrew [BladedThoth] left over a year ago, we’ve installed way toooo much unneeded crap – So when there are upgrades, I rely on your advice to uninstall them.

    • BTW, I realize your Reviews & “How To” use the programs are already *VERY* thorough {which is immensely appreciated!!}. Was wondering if you could add a note if the previous version should be un-installed or not, when an upgrade is offered, cause I never know if I should or not, and end up screwing up most times :-(
    Like today’s SW (NetStat Agent) is an upgrade from last September.

    • Not too keen on the Twitter thing either, don’t waste your time & energy, I think you are plenty busy as it is!! How you manage to do it all is just fantastic !!!!! Insha’Allah you are in good health :D


  • longfeng,

    I don’t know how more stringent I can be than recommending one program for each task as I did at http://dottech.org/tipsntricks/3174. However I have not really put my foot down on which cleaning utility program to use, mainly because Advanced SystemCare Pro is still available for free from Raymond’s. If it was not available for free I would say definitely go WinUtilities if you want just one program (but I keep multiple cleaning utility programs on my computer because they all add a little something extra).

  • longfeng

    Ashraf, don’t worry. Keep up the good work. I seldom use twitter too. Using it does not automatically generate the review.

    Try to be more stringent in giving a recommendation else we will have all the 5 anti-virus programs, 10 anti-spyware utilities, 15 anti-key logger programs and 20 cleaning utilities in our harddisk.

    May I suggest that you choose only the best 2 (in your opinion) as the keepers? We can choose based on your recommendation. Ok?

  • Jeff Taylor

    Ashraf, it’s very considerate of you to let us know why your review will be “late.” Thank you.

    As for the idea that you could Twitter about “…how the review is going, when it would be, etc”, I think that the less of your time invested, and the less deadline pressure you put on yourself, the better. If it isn’t too much trouble, a simple sentence sent via e-mail, as you did today, would always be appreciated: “I expect to post my review of X today about ??? EST (or GMT, or whatever zone you’re in). The same thing would work on those days, which I’m sure will come up, when you won’t be able to post at all.

  • Hehe, thanks for the concern but I am alive and kicking. KGB got nuthin’ on me.

    As for Twitter: What I was thinking is that I could remotely just update my status as to how the review is going, when it would be, etc. I would post that Twitter feed right here on the website so you don’t actually have to use Twitter nor know how to use Twitter to see it. However if no one wants it, that is fine with me. I never liked Twitter anyway (and I agree with ARFU above: how the heck did something like Twitter become so popular).

  • Gunter

    Ashraf, forget about Twitter, please! How did that thought even come into your mind!!? Just keep it the usual way, it is the best,IMHO.
    P.S. Glad to see you safe and sound, for some people (including myself) suspected that the guys from JFirewall tracked you down and hurted you severely for that yesterday,s honest thumb down verdict of yours on their crappy product.

  • Anonymous RSS Feed User

    Good to see dotTech users have some sense. Personally I think all Social Networks are pointless, but Twitter, now that’s REALLY pointless. Why is that service so popular, anyway?

    No, really, I’m asking.

  • Kev93

    I can’t use twitter (long story). DON’T use twitter or else if you do, please make the whole review avalible on email.


    P.S. Please, that is.

  • Pat O’Brien

    “P.S. How many people would be interested if I started using Twitter to inform people of my “review status”?”

    Please do not change anything. I like this format best.

    thanks for the great reviews. I hope that you never have to compromise your opinion.

  • Gunter

    Ashraf where are you? Still can not get things clear out of Netstat Monitor or that prog damaged your computers severely? Come on man, stop absconding, i got accustomed to read your verdict before downloading from GOTD site.

    [Comment moved from another post by Ashraf]

  • Bill

    hey Asraf it’s now 4:11 am friday morning,so where is your review of this Netstat Monitor thing? My personal guess is that either the guys from Firewall Pro caught up with you or you’re hiding out.Anyway I hope you’re OK and keep “telling it like it is”.

    [Comment moved from another post by Ashraf]