New FormatFactory version (v1.80) is out: be sure to upgrade.

Update: Please continually refer to dotTech’s forum thread on FormatFactory updates to keep in the circle about new FormatFactory features and updates.

For those who don’t know what FormatFactory is please refer back to my original post to read up on it.

A couple of days ago while checking out software updater programs for the 5 free tools that will help you keep your software up-to-date article I discovered that there was a new version of FormatFactory out (v1.80). At the time I did not think of much it (I actually did not even update to the new version my self). Just a few seconds ago Chuck, a dotTech reader, just posted about this version release also. That got me thinking I should update to the new version myself and make a post informing everyone about this since I know may people have gotten FormatFactory since I recommended it.

Here are the changes in v1.80 as per the developer:

  1. Added “All to MKV”.
  2. Added H264,DIVX,XVID codec advanced configuration.
  3. Added supporting of H264,DIVX,XVID 2 pass encoding.
  4. Added Video,Audio file’s split and preview function.
  5. Generate THM files automatically after PSP MP4 converted.
  6. Fixed WMA encoding problem.
  7. Added several language files to support up to 45 kinds of languages.
  8. Fixed some problems of video merging.
  9. Improved DVD Ripper function.
  10. Added aspect ratio of the video file configuration settings.

When you download v1.80 you will first be prompted to uninstall v1.70. After that you can install v1.80 normally. However there is one thing to note at the last screen of the installer, where you must click “Finish” there will be an option that says “Freeware sponsers: Create eBay shortcut on desktop”:


It will be checked by default. Be sure to uncheck it.

Here are the download links for FormatFactory v1.80:

Developer’s Website

Download link 1

Download link 2

Download link 3

Download link 4 (Chinese mirror)

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  1. mukhi

    version 2.00 is now out with new features:

    1 Added “All to RMVB”
    2 Added “Audio Joiner”
    3 Added “AviSynth” to support AVS script and SSA effect.
    4 Fixed bugs of missing MP3,WMA tag info.
    5 Fixed bugs of MOV convertion.
    6 Fixed problem of selecting MKV audio stream.
    7 Added new 2 language files.
    8 Fixed error H264 level of IPod,Zune Mobile Device

    still no solution for the issues i mentioned above, you cannot still select MKV as an option while converting DVD to video.

  2. mukhi

    although the new versions(1.80 and 1.90) say that it is MKV compatible, however, when i tried converting a DVD folder in my HDD to MKV, no such option showed up. MP4 is the option which i found with AVC codec.
    another issue: i find most US DVDs are having 16:9 aspect ratio with black bars on the top and the bottom. can FF eliminate this? i mean, by choosing appropriate options? thanks.

  3. Jean-Luc Picard

    New in 1.85:
    -Link to Ebay inside of Format Factory (what used to say “Intel Product partner”)
    -Link to PCFreeTime inside program (listed as “Home Page”) on main bar

    From official Update Log (Help>Update Log):
    1 Added Volume control in video setting.
    2 Added Audio stream index control in video setting.
    3 Adjust Video aspect ratio calculating.
    4 Fixed Fail to shut off PC after conversion.
    5 Fixed show “FFMpeg.dll missing” when audio conversion.
    6 Fixed Fail to get CD info from
    7 Added 2 language files to support up to 47 kinds of languages.
    8 Added some profiles of HTC Mobile devices.
    9 Added “All to WavPack”

  4. gonwk

    Hi AShraf,

    Thanks for your reply!

    Ashraf FYI & other people who visit your website … I just saw Format Factory being posted as one of the softwares recommended on a trusted website which I trust 100%.

    So, I am cool with Format Factory being a “SAFE” proggy.

    Now, if the Author only works on Quality and Sync problems with some of the Formats … then this will be one kick-ass application … but I don’t think is there yet. FF is having difficulty converting certain WMV files and for sure Quality if on Highest setting lacks.
    Also I tried to convert some .FLV the other day and the Video & Audio were OUT-of-SYNC. So the Author has some more tweaking to do.

    [b]Q:[/b] Ashraf when upgrading from FF 1.80 to FF 1.85 … how do you do it? Just install 1.85 over 1.80 or do you unistall 1.80 nthen install 1.85!?!?

    Ashraf … THANKS again for ALL YOU DO & This website!


  5. jevvv


    Oh well, roll on the day I get a new puter…

    …. and the new problems I get to have to figure out ;)

    (so where are you Ashraf? I’d thought Europe or the US but seems an odd time for you to be posting. I’m in NZ. Congrats on the win against the Aussies too!)

  6. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Sharon, or As I said before, all my scans on FF have come clean and none of the money from my bank accounts has been stolen so I don’t know what people are talking about.

  7. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    What is so wrong with running from both websites? The way I see it the developer wants his company to be PcFreeTime and FormatFactory is his product.

    Also, I ask for donations but I have multiple websites also >.>’; I don’t see your point – in fact more the reason to ask for donations. It costs a lot to run a dedicated server (which is what is on) but shared hosting is dirt cheap (which is what is on).

    All my scans have come up clean for it. Everything thinks its a dangerous program because its hosted on BrotherSoft and its a Chinese product =/.

    Lastly, sucks to see you are having conversion issues; I have had none so far.

  8. gonwk

    Hi Ashraf,

    @ Ashraf & Others here … I am beginning to wonder about the Legidity & Safety of this software “Format Factory”.

    I wanted to download the latest version “1.85” and I found out that Format Factory is now operating from TWO (2) different websites …


    And then I wonder why would the AUTHOR (Mr. Chen ?) be operating from TWO different websites? Since he is asking for Donation $$$ … so I assume he is not loaded with money so why operate 2 IDENTICAL websites.

    Q1: Ashraf, do you know if this guy’s software has no TROJANS or BACKDOORs?

    BTW, the software is NOT really good and dependable … last night

    – I converted couple of .FLV to .WMV and guess what the Audio DID NOT sync up with the Video.

    – Also, the program choked when converting from .WMV to .AVI … the Quality was really bad even with Highest settings.



  9. jevvv

    Hi Ashraf,

    Thanks as always for the fantastic reviews.

    Once again I was wondering why I didn’t have FF on my machine, so I dld it and installed… no probs

    After restarting the puter I tried to run it and then remembered why I didn’t have it:
    Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
    Runtime Error

    This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
    Please contact the application’s support team for more information.

    And once I close that I get:
    FORMATFACTORY caused an exception 40000015H in module MSVCR80.DLL at 016f:7813461a.

    So, anyone else with these problems.
    Any suggestions???

  10. Jyo

    Wow, I’m a big fan of FF after finding out about it thanks to your website Ashraf, but I think this new version 1.8 is a little slow on conversion. Or is it just me? Not a big diff, but just a tad slower…?

  11. Mohammed Sarhan

    Do you know, Ashraf?

    I give this program 5 stars as it solved me a problem in a WAV file with ADPCM charcter that no other audio converter solved – I tried most of audio converters allover the ne-

    Thanks for informing us about the new version