• Jean-Luc Picard

    It’s a Paragon!
    review review review pls? kthxbi

  • Giovanni

    Excellent review, Ashraf!!

    Just one question: do you know how many LINUX lovers there are around the world??

    Well according to eFluxMedia, the market share for Windows XP is sitting right around 66% and the deadline for XP downgrades has been extended twice and currently ends on July 31st, 2009.

    Windows VISTA has around 20% with Mac OSX having around a combined 8 percent for Intel and PowerPC versions.

    The remainder is picked up by LINUX, Windows 2000 and other, meaning that the current LINUX market share is not higher than a measly 6 – 7% even though it’s true that we’re probably going to see in the future more LINUX-based laptops, in addition to phones.

    Look at this chart published here:


    As you can see LINUX is currently considered by MICROSOFT as the second competitor of WINDOWS in the client operating system space after “piracy” (= Windows Unlicensed) but for the time being the gap between WINDOWS and LINUX is still too wide to be bridged although it’s likely, with an economy that’s doing very bad at the moment, that people will opt for cheaper products than WINDOWS or MAC, but unfortunately for you it looks like most people around the world still opt for a non genuine copy of Windows rather than a free copy of LINUX (see chart mentioned above), maybe because LINUX is more difficult to understand as OS than WINDOWS for the worldwide average HOME PC USERS, isn’t it??

    So in my humble view the USEFULNESS RATING you gave to EASEUS Partition Manager Professional Edition 3.5 is overall a little bit misleading and underrated because, unlike you, most of PC users around the world don’t use LINUX at all as OS (maybe you mistook yourself for the mass of PC users, didn’t you?? LOL!)and 86% of them use WINDOWS as OS (66% XP and 20% VISTA).

    That’s why every excellent program from LINUX eventually comes to WINDOWS, but hardly anything excellent program from WINDOWS ever comes to LINUX (and more or less the same thing occurred with reference to XP and VISTA products and drivers…LOL!!): as simple as that!!

    It’s all about MARKETING!!

    Elementary Watson!!


  • Anonymous RSS Feed User

    Why does every excellent program from Linux eventually come to Windows, but hardly anything excellent from Windows ever comes to Linux? You’d think somebody would at least try to port or make a knock-off…

  • “This is the freeware version of EASEUS. The only differences, as far as I can tell, between Home Edition and Pro is that Pro supports 64-bit Windows and can create a bootable disk while Home Edition can do neither.”

    I use Easeus freeware and while it doesn’t support 64-bit, you can create a bootable disk with it, as I created one. Just an FYI.

    As for GParted, I’m not knocking it, but prior to downloading and using Easeus, GParted was highly recommended to me. However, I’m not a techie, and found the site greatly lacking in support for windows users. I downloaded it and burned to disk and tried it out, but for me it ended up being the wrong one, and didn’t work. Also when I tried posting a comment for help, the response was nil. So decided to try Easeus.

    For non techie people I think it is the better choice.

    I’m going to upgrade to the Pro version.