[Review (kind of)] Atrise Lutcurve 1.3.1 Personal

So… hardware has never really been my thing. Sure I know my hardware basics and maybe a little advanced stuff but overall I confess I don’t feel as confident as with software. That being said I understand what Atrise Lutcurve is for but I don’t feel comfortable reviewing it. So anyone want to write a review for Atrise Lutcurve (someone who knows what they are doing =P)? If so please email your review to admin@dottech.org. You are welcome to follow the usual format I use; just type it in that format and I will properly format it before posting. Or you can also just type it however you want. Please and thank you =). As reviews are sent to me, I will add them to this post.

If there are no takers then, well, I guess no review for today.


Quick review by Farrukh

Tested on my Laptop (Dell Latitude D830)

Installed fine on XP and Easy to register.
A user friendly interface: Tabs at bottom from Welcome screen to different kind of tests.
User friendly instructions and controls to see the different aspects of your monitor.

Your monitor shows the immediate effect via color swatches (with options to type color value or use the navigation controls)

Can work with more than one monitor connected to your system. (I only had 1).

It displays online calibration result pixel by pixel. I liked the way it shows the gradient effects.

Overall it is a very informative and excellent piece of tool.

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