dotTech Exclusive: Free East-Tec Eraser 2008!

2009-04-15_212617So. How are you guys doing today? Great I hope. Guess what? What was that? Sorry I did not hear you, can you repeat it one last time? …No the moon is not made of cheese – but nice try. Don’t worry I have something better to tell you about then a cheesy moon: another exclusive freebie =). Yes you heard (read) me correctly; with the ever gaining popularity of (thank you all for being constant visitors – long live tasty pizza developers are more and more willing to promote their software on dT. Last time it was software from YL-Computing; this time it is software from EAST Technologies.

I am sure many of you have heard of the name “East-Tec” before; I am sure many of you have even used their software before. For the people who fall into either of the previous categories there is no need for explanation: you know first hand the top notch quality of East-Tec software. If you have never heard of East-Tec before nor experienced their software no worries; you can check them out for yourself now: today I am here to tell you about dotTech exclusive freebie of full free unlimited license to East-Tec Eraser 2008!

East-Tec Eraser is a program that allows you to securely delete files, data and user activity from your computer. You see usually when you delete something on your computer, it is not truly “deleted” in the sense that there are ways for the data to be retrieved. East-Tec Eraser allows you to delete files/data/user activity using secure erasing methods that make it near impossible for others to retrieve what you deleted.

The best way I would describe East-Tec Eraser is CCleaner + Heidi’s Eraser into one program. With East-Tec Eraser not only can you securely delete individual files and folders but you can also protect your privacy by securely deleting your Windows (applications/programs, email, P2P, etc.) data and Internet (almost all browsers are supported – including Chrome and Opera) activity. To help you with the former task, East-Tec Eraser has an easy to use interface where you can add multiple files and folders at once to delete; you also have the ability to add entries in your right click context menu. To help you with the later task, East-Tec Eraser has a built in application detector that will detect all the possible applications that it can erase the activity history from automatically; if East-Tec Eraser does not find a particular application that you use, you have the ability to add custom programs (by designating files, folders or registry entries) to delete the history from.

East-Tec Eraser boasts the ability to erase anything using methods from a normal erase to a Gutmann wipe (35 pass) and everything in between, including methods that match and surpass US Department of Defense 5220.22-M standards. Heck if you don’t like any pre-configured secure erasing methods you have the ability to create/define your own also (if you custom created method to securely erase files/data becomes popular and you become rich and famous, I expect royalties).

Additionally, you can use East-Tec to securely erase files/data/user activity that you previously deleted or use the built in disk wiper to securely wipe any hard drives (internal or external – including USB/flash drives) or select partitions.

There are still a few features that I have not even mentioned but I think you get the point: East-Tec Eraser kicks ***. I am sure you just want me to shutup and tell you how to get East-Tec Eraser 2008. To get East-Tec Eraser 2008 (full free unlimited license):

Supported OS: Windows Vista, XP, Server 2003, 2000, NT, ME, and 98.

Windows 7 is not officially supported in East-Tec Eraser 2008 but it seems to work on Win7.

Note: This is a exclusive offer. You may not copy, paste, or reprint this download link or upload the installation file anywhere else including private or public forums, blogs, file hosting services, etc. If you want to spread information about this offer, you may link to it by providing a permalink to your audience.

  • Install East-Tec Eraser 2008 and run it. ***It is recommended for Windows Vista users to install as Administrator (and run as Administrator if you have any permission errors).
  • You should see a “Reminder” window. On the window there is a “Free Registration” button. Click it:


  • The registration page will open in your browser window. Fill out the proper information (registration name + email) and hit “Submit”.

Note: This is a exclusive offer. You may not copy, paste, or reprint the registration page link/URL anywhere else including private or public forums, blogs, etc. If you want to spread information about this offer, you may link to it by providing a permalink to your audience.

  • Go check the inbox of the email you entered. You should have an email from “EAST Technologies Support <>” with the subject “Confirmation required for your registration of East-Tec Eraser 2008”. If you can’t find the email be sure to check your junk/spam box. In the email there is a link. Click on/visit the link. You will be brought to a page that gives you the option to either upgrade to East-Tec Eraser 2009 for $15 or grab the registration key for East-Tec Eraser 2008 for free. To grab the free key, scroll down and click on “Get Free Key!”:


  • The next page will display your registration name and registration key:


Copy the key.

***Note: If you ever lose the key, just go back to the email you were sent and click on the link again to get the key back.

  • If you left East-Tec Eraser open, go back to it. If you did not, run it. There should be “Enter Key…” at the bottom left:


Click on it, enter your registration name and registration key, hit “OK” and you are good to go.

  • Enjoy.

Grats. If you have any problems please post below – I will try to help.

P.S. Similar to WinUtilities 6.2, East-Tec Eraser 2008 is not the latest version; 2009 is the latest version. If you enjoy East-Tec Eraser 2008 and find it to be a useful program, you can purchase East-Tec Eraser 2009 for $15 (normal price is $50 so you are getting a $35 discount). For literally pocket change ($15) you will get the latest version of an excellent software and 2 years of free updates/upgrades (in other words you will be able to download East-Tec Eraser 2010 and 2011 over the course of two years – keep in mind that the full free version of East-Tec Eraser 2008 offered to you here does not include free upgrades). And for people wondering: no dotTech is not receiving any commission what-so-ever from East-Tec.

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  • internetexplorer

    Since DougKnox is very good at what he does, it should still be there somewhere, so try this: right-click on the narrow border at the top of Task Manager and then left-click on Move in the menu that drops down, and then with the cursor over the 4-arrow symbol that appears i n the border hold down the left mouse button and move Task Manager to the other side of the screen. The Command Prompt should now be visible, assuming of course that it was just hidden behind Task Manager, which I am “betting” on. If I am wrong, something may have caused the Command Prompt window to be closed, and I’m sorry to say that I have no clue as to what that might be, so a Help message to DougKnox might be the way to go.

  • Rose

    @internetexplorer: Thank you for your advice concerning malware.

    I found the direction from dougknox, which reads: Open a Command Prompt window and leave it open. Close all open programs. Click Start, Run and enter TASKMGR.EXE Go to the Processes tab and End Process on Explorer.exe. Leave Task Manager open. Go back to the Command Prompt window and change to the directory the AVI (or other undeletable file) is located in. At the command prompt type DEL where is the file you wish to delete. Go back to Task Manager, click File, New Task and enter EXPLORER.EXE to restart the GUI shell. Close Task Manager.

    However, once I end the process on explorer.exe I am unable to get back to the command prompt window to continue with his direction. I am sure there is a simple way, but my lack of knowledge at this point, means I can’t finish the removal operation.

  • Bruce

    Some other options:
    I use the small program “Unlocker” to help me with ‘stuck’ files. It has an option to delete the file. It is free .
    Another free tool is named “MoveOnBoot”, which will mark the file to be moved, or deleted at the next system boot – often a good way to delete files which are somehow locked once Windows is fully active.

    The two other options if neither of the above work are:
    Use one of the Windows file manager alternatives, such as XYplorer or Xplorer2. They can sometimes get rid of files that Windows fails. (they have worked thus several times for me.)

    Last method – the ‘extreme’ – is to boot your computer from one of the many emergency boot CD tools, such as UBCD4Win, Ultimate Boot CD or one of the free AV recovery CD downloads which include a file manager (such as AVG Rescue CD).
    When you boot up from one of these CDs, you would use the included file manager to locate and move or delete the offending file from your Hard drive. This method is a pretty sure thing, since there would be no part of your native Hard drive or OS active at such time.

    All of the above free tools (or tryout version in the case of the listed file managers) are available from any of several reputable and safe online software sites such as Softpedia, Cnet Download, FileHippo, or similar.

    Hope this helps.

  • internetexplorer

    @Rose: I remembered having such a problem once, and I Googled “How to delete an undeletable file” and got several solutions in just the first page of results. After a quick check to update my memory, I think you are most likely to succeed with the one from DougKnox, since it uses an old-fashioned DOS type command line approach to it. Good luck! Oh, I almost forgot, it is unlikely but not unimaginable for such a small file to be malware. Programmers used to write very compact code, but nowadays software seems to be so bloated that it’s anything but small.

  • Rose


    Thank you for your advice.

    My attempts to do anything with the file using FileKiller are not successful. The message that comes up is that I don’t have permission to open the file.

    I installed “Take ownership” as you directed. I attempted to take ownership of the file and then delete it, but I still get messages that tell me that I don’t have ownership.

    Right clicking on the file provides a command that says “Run as Administrator”, but clicking on that command just says: “Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.”

    I persisted for hours, but nothing seems to work. I’m getting the feeling that I’ll have to live with it or reformat the drive. It is only 54kb – would that be big enough to be a trojan or virus? It has not been detected as either.

  • Rose


    Thank you for the reference to Revo Uninstaller. The answer to your question is, no. Revo does not see the FreeSoundRecorderToolbarHelper file.

  • jayesstee

    Just re-read your original post, about not having permission to delete it. I often succeed by using a “take ownership” right-click option in Windows Explorer. It does what it says, you can take ownership of a file or folder. To get it visit:
    It applies to Win 7 as well as Vista. For XP see:

  • jayesstee

    From memory, ‘FileKiller’ doesn’t delete. It over-writes a file, allowing it to be deleted. Hope this helps?

  • clydeman

    Take a look @ Revo Uninstaller and see if it sees this file.

  • Rose

    @internetexplorer @jayesstee

    I successfully downloaded Unlocker from and FileKiller from Unfortunately, neither of them are able to delete the file.

    Nevertheless, thank you both for your clear advice :)

  • jayesstee

    @Rose: You said:
    “While I’m here, I’m finding it impossible to delete a file from my computer. My attempts are all done as Administrator. It is FreeSoundRecorderToolbarHelper and it is the only file in a folder called FreeSoundRecorder.”

    If “Unlocker” doesn’t work, try “FileKiller”. I works by over-writing the errant file (or folder in my case), rendering it deletable. I don’t think I even used ‘Safe Mode’.
    “FileKiller” is free, portable (no installation!) and can be found at all good outlets including:, and

  • clydeman

    Did you have a 2009 version here as well Ashraf?Perhaps my mind is playing tricks on me :-(

  • internetexplorer

    @Rose: I haven’t run into that exact situation before, but in similar cases I have found the freeware Unlocker to be just what the Doctor ordered. Its publisher is at but it should also be available from CNET, Filehippo and/or other reputable download sites. After you install it, you can call it up from the right-click context menu.

  • Rose

    @clydeman I used the search facility on this site and received no links for it. So if it is here, then my approach to searching must be wrong.


  • clydeman

    Wasn’t there a 2009 link for this as well?

  • Rose

    @internetexplorer Brilliant! I’ve never been so pleased with an application. Exactly what I wanted. Many thanks.

    While I’m here, I’m finding it impossible to delete a file from my computer. My attempts are all done as Administrator. It is FreeSoundRecorderToolbarHelper and it is the only file in a folder called FreeSoundRecorder.

    I recall downloading the application months ago, but decided I didn’t like it and deleted as much of it as I could, but this one file just won’t budge. I’ve tried using CCleaner and WinUtilities Uninstall but get messages like: You don’t have permission to delete it, or only the owner has permission to delete it etc.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • internetexplorer


  • Rose

    I downloaded East-Tec Eraser 2008 from your page, but it said ‘The setup files are corrupted’. I deleted the download and repeated the process but it gave me the same message. I have also downloaded East-Tec Eraser 2012 from another site that might be a ‘magazine site’ (but I’ve had some problems with their downloads in the past) so I haven’t run the application yet.

    All I want to do is make sure that my computer (Windows Vista) is clean of search history. I don’t mind doing it manually, but not being technically minded I am hesitent, as I’d prefer not to delete my important applications in the process. I’ve thought about deleting all the files in the Windows User Searches folder (where Everywhere & Indexed Locations folders reside), but hesitate…

    Previously, I’ve reformatted my hard drives and reinstalled everything, but that is very time consuming.

    Your advice would be much appreciated.

  • I had previously installed and registered this on Windows XP with no problem, but now that I have upgraded to Windows 7, it seems they have pulled the plug on this offer, since it no longer registers.

  • Ashraf

    @Bruce: If you are a Heidi Eraser user and you don’t need the extra features of East-Tec then by all means stick to Heidi’s.

    And you are welcome =).

  • Bruce

    Hi, thanks for the site and info (I just discovered it.)
    As I have been long-time user of Heidi Eraser (various versions) has anyone comment on why/whether I should start to use Eastec Eraser2008 instead?
    I mostly use Heidi Eraser to erase files at their location, or erase the Recycle bin after I have filled it. And for me, a single overwrite pass (random data) is sufficient – I do not care to spend long time waiting for multiple (useless,imo) overwrites. Not sure the other features of Eastec will be used by me. Thx.

  • clydeman

    @a simple happy man:
    Shadow Copies is your system restore backups!!!

  • J&T

    What is the differences between 2008 and the newer versions? I just want to know if it’s worth spending the 15 bucks or not. Thanks for all of your hard work Ashraf we all appreciate it and would be lost without it.

  • Greg Berd

    had old version and want let me install without upgrade.It was unistalled but still stops me from this install. Sends me to website when I click on upgrade. but did install the older version just cant use.

    Any suggestions. I think I will try out win6.2

    thanks for your work here.

  • Anemailname

    Thanks Ashraf!
    Another top notch freebie.

  • a simple happy man

    Hi Ashraf and everyone

    My pc says Thank you very much Ashraf and East Tec because you have cured it of a bloated tummy!

    35Gb returned from the death of a thousand shadow copies and the valley of deleted but not erased files and folders.

    Imagine that just one clean Disk wipe by Eraser and I’ve gained back 35 pristine Gb.

    Not a bad toy this one in fact I give it 10/10

  • ed


    Here is the technical reason why you may be “loosing” free space during a wipe.

    When a file is deleted on the disk only a pointer to the file is actually removed. The file still exists on your disk. (hense the need to wipe free space!)

    Without getting to technical, to completely remove the file AND the information about the file (metadata) you create another file that overwrites the entire file. You then overwrite this temp file according to the erasing algorithm. Then you delete the temp file and anyone looking at you drive will only fine the remains of the junk temp files.

    Long story short, most free space wipers work by filling the free space with junk then deleting the junk. So while they are running your free space will decrease as the program fills it with temp files. The last thing the program does is delete the temp files and *presto* your “free space” is resotored.

  • PTLdom

    @Ashraf: :) many txks

  • Ashraf

    @PTLdom: I fixed the link. It works now.

  • PTLdom

    Hi. Is the freebie offer closed? The link isn’t working.

  • @Paul Ian: Really? Whered’d you get the code from?
    Also, this wasn’t modified- click the download link then right click the file in the download manager (firefox) or see where it’s downloading from (Google Chrome) (IE) and you’ll see it’s from their website.
    Furthermore, I truly doubt Ashraf is selling Emails- I wouldn’t write for this site if he did. Sorry for all your troubles, and I hope they haven’t caused any permanent damage!

  • Locutus

    @lee Xiao:
    Unfortunately Ashraf is taking a leave of the duty for a vacation. I have semi-taken over, but wasn’t given permission to do anything but write reviews, unfortunately. You may want to email the maker of the software to post it in a .ZIP file.

  • lee Xiao

    Dear Ashraf,

    Thanks for the post. Could you please help me to post the above in Zip format. I can’t download .exe file.


  • Emrys

    @Larry: Well, I’m sorry, Larry; I have no idea what gorked up. Mine ran fine on both Vista and XP.

  • Larry

    @Emrys: I thought as much myself. But I just couldn’t seem to get it past that full drive point. It just giving the error message and it would go no further. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, same problem. but the full HD prevented me from even unstalling it the second time Eventually, I couldn’t load windows. Kept getting a blue screen – something about, shutting computer down before it was damaged. I’m not upset. The job I was trying to accomplish really needed a complete recover. I just mentioned it because the developers might like to know it happened for future reference. (sorry I didn’t record all the error messages)

  • Emrys

    I’m not sure what error you encountered, but the Eraser needs to fill the entire drive to operate properly. When it finishes, all your free space is restored, with no traces of left over fragments from old files.

  • Larry

    Just wanted to relate my experience. Installed East-Tec, started scan, it aborted with an error message. Attempted it again, finally my hard drive was completely full, couldn’t restore, defrag, open programs. Finally, didn’t even have enough disc space to uninstall East-tec. Am reformatting my laptop. That probably do the job East-tec was trying to do anyway :)

  • Emrys

    I’ve used it since the review and have loved it’s performance, once I got over the shock of seeming to loose all my free space. It all magically returned when it finished. I could wish for it to work faster, but it couldn’t run better. Thanks again.

  • I can promise you East-Tec Eraser contains no trojans, viruses, malware or any other crapware. It is just a false positive.

  • windowsexplorer

    After reading your review on Privacy Guardian, I couldn’t wait to get this one instead. It installed and registered just find on XP sp3, but now I am afraid to run it because ZoneAlarm Security Suite says that it has the Win32.Trojan.Dropper.Delf.65 malware of medium risk and thus it recommends quarantine at a bare minimum or deletion if that fails. So what do I do now, go back to Privacy Guardian? Is this program put out by somebody involving in making trojans or is it just a case of a false positive due to similarity in code that was not caught during testing?

  • Jean-Luc Picard

    I agree this is a great site!

    Wait, what?
    I can’t see the name of the oldest article because it can’t find the last page of the home page.

  • Dane

    Thank you for explaining a stumper of a question.

    This site just keeps getting better. Even the comments are enjoyable and educational because we learn BEFORE the problem what some of you guys are experiencing. Thanks again to Ashraf. Very nice person.

  • Paul

    FYI, All programs that destroy files in “free space” use that free space to destroy the files. They create temp files which show your free space disappearing as the process is working and then delete the temps after the process is done. So …. it’s normal to get a low disk space warning at times from your OS when the process is working. Just ignore it. Paul

  • There is no rule of thumb. It depends on how comfortable you are and if you think other people will look/search your computer.

  • clydeman

    What would be the rule of thumb for wiping free space?Once a month???

  • Nahhhhhhhhhhhhh – I am just getting started :)

  • Overdid the first paragraph much? :P Thanks for the great deal, though.

  • shilpi

    Ozzie u r right ………i also got very good speed after doing this process.initially it was scary.but results r too good.

  • Ozzie

    Phew – gender identity crisis over! :) LOL!

  • ****** lol. I missed the his. Fixed.

  • Ozzie

    :) Ahem …. “Ozzie was just fine after he she restarted his (her) computer.”


  • Emrys

    Hi all; yes the free space scan scared me when I got a message that another app had to close due to a lack thereof (and silly me for not having closed the app prior to scan). After the scan runs it’s course the free space is returned to it’s expected size. The process seems to operate in a similar way to a defrag, but without a GUI that demonstrates what is going on it did look like my C:\ was slowly being eaten. All in all this has to be the Grand Mother of all cleaners; CCleaner has not been replaced however (for me) as it works really fast on the majority of memory dumps. But for a good spring cleaning of the system this is great. I wonder how long it would take to do a 1 TB RAID?

  • Ozzie

    Hi all. Shilpi, it was fine (I placed my trust in Ashraf, and all was well). It actually shows that it’s running down the free space, and it will do that probably three times. When the free space is run through, it will go back up the right level. I am actually really impressed with this product. My laptop is firing on all cylinders and is much faster after I used it. And the free space wipe does take a lot of time, but it seemed to do the job.

    Oh, and for the record, I’m not a “he”! :)

  • I was pretty ecstatic myself when I saw that – thanks! :)

  • Congrats on being linked to from Gizmodo!

  • Mags

    BTW forgot to add installed w/o any problem and registered w/o any problem on Vista. Haven’t run it yet, so don’t know if will have any problems.

    Just wanted to point out the I always install new programs as Administrator in Vista that way I generally don’t run into installation problems.

  • Mags

    Thx for this and congrats on yet another software co. using you and your site to provide free programs and promote their software.

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, a good program that not only erases/destroys deleted files but also erases previously deleted (not destroyed) files on the free disk space.

  • clydeman

    I was so eager to get this program I never even seen this.
    ***East-Tec Eraser works on Windows Vista, XP, Server 2003, 2000, NT, ME, and 98.Thanks Ashraf for this.

  • shilpi

    THANKS a lot Ashraf .

  • clydemon,
    It works fine on Vista. I run it on Vista myself.

    I am afraid I have no idea what is up with that.

    Did I miss a screen by accident?

    No clue what is up. Check Windows Task Manager and close everything. You can also try booting into Safe Mode and try uninstall there (press “F8” while rebooting your computer). If all else fails contact East-Tec support.

    Please refer to above comments; I posted an explanation why it may be happening. Also, Ozzie was just fine after he she restarted his her computer.

  • shilpi

    Hi Ashraf ,

    i have same problem as Ozzie had.still wiping free space going on 2 hours before i started this process.i have hlaf of my system hard disk free space but now only 10 gb left.55% work has done so should i contiinue it. i don’t know what will happen.pls reply me as soon as posssible.

  • Thomas

    I installed ETE 2008. I get error messages when trying to register. I try to uninstall and reinstall but I keep getting ETE 2008 programs might still be running . Please close first. How can I stop it from running to uninstall? Regards

  • mario

    tks Ash
    i think this is not the kind of software that one uses everyday, unless you’re security freak, but it’s good to have it around just in case.
    mario from brasil

  • Muhammad

    i got a solution by clicking on the trial button you will get the same screen you posted ubove.

    biginners luck :)

  • Muhammad

    I GOT a strange window telling me that upgrade subscription is expiered

  • Kite

    Hi Ashraf,

    Thanks for the kind offer, but it just isn’t working out.

    I just finished the East-Tec installation.
    To my horror, other than the initial window prompting the free registration, I have not been able to open any East-Tec program without the CPU load going to 100% and the program hanging. I’ve tried rebooting, uninstalling, reinstalling, and it’s still the same reaction.

    Have now contacted the support guys.

  • clydeman

    Thanks for this.Has anyone ran this on Vista?

  • Mohammed Sarhan

    Worked very well with me
    Thanks, Ashraf

    5 Stars

  • Ozzie

    Phew! Thanks for that! I restarted the laptop and saw that the space was still all there. Nothing like an adrenaline rush to get the blood pumping! Thanks again!

  • Ozzie,

    Um I don’t know why it reduced the size of your C:/ drive but what I understood “Wipe the free (unused) disk space” to mean is it merely cleans out your empty space. Your empty space is still there; you are just making sure none of the files that you have deleted before are still stored in the “empty” space.

    Think of it like scrapping the paint off a wall. Your wall (the empty space) is there still but the paint (the deleted files) are not.

    If you have concerns about this I suggest asking the developer about more info and so to why you see your partition becoming smaller before you go on. Also try looking in the help file. For instance I found this in the help files:

    IMPORTANT: Before running the “Erase Deleted Data” feature it is recommended to close all running applications (programs). Running applications sometimes create temporary files that may store sensitive data. Eraser cannot destroy the contents of these sensitive files if the applications that created them are currently running. Running applications also store data in the Windows swap file (the file used for virtual memory support). That part of the swap file cannot be wiped while those applications are running.

    That could be why you are having issues.

  • Ozzie

    Thanks for this Ashraf. But can you tell me something? I installed and I clicked on the suggested wipe free space and it started reducing the size of my disc space on C drive. I stopped it at 4%, but what does this actually do? Does this mean it will delete all my free space? I had a sudden horror moment as I watched my free space disappearing. Can you advise?

  • Well that’s cheesy.
    Thanks for the offer! I’ll be sure to look at it.