dotTech moving up in the world; time to get a dedicated server – any suggestions?


So with the ever increasing traffic (we receive thousands of hits a day now… yaaah!) to I feel it is time to move away from a shared hosting plan to a dedicated server. I know there are plenty of dotTech readers who have experience in this area (in some form or fashion). My question is anyone have any suggestions for reliable hosts who can provide good dedicated servers and service without making me go bankrupt? I have been doing research for weeks (in fact lately I have been spending hours a day comparing hosts, finding feedback on them, etc.) so I have a fair idea by now but figured I may as well ask before I purchase in case I missed a host. I prefer a dedi server w/ managed services fyi.

Also if you have your own web hosting company and would like to offer me a dedicated plan, please feel free (I know some people already have offered me in the past – please offer again if you feel it proper). Just drop me an email with the necessary information, such as server specs, bandwidth, managed or unmanaged, cost, etc.


Ashraf… over and out.

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