dotTech moving up in the world; time to get a dedicated server – any suggestions?


So with the ever increasing traffic (we receive thousands of hits a day now… yaaah!) to I feel it is time to move away from a shared hosting plan to a dedicated server. I know there are plenty of dotTech readers who have experience in this area (in some form or fashion). My question is anyone have any suggestions for reliable hosts who can provide good dedicated servers and service without making me go bankrupt? I have been doing research for weeks (in fact lately I have been spending hours a day comparing hosts, finding feedback on them, etc.) so I have a fair idea by now but figured I may as well ask before I purchase in case I missed a host. I prefer a dedi server w/ managed services fyi.

Also if you have your own web hosting company and would like to offer me a dedicated plan, please feel free (I know some people already have offered me in the past – please offer again if you feel it proper). Just drop me an email with the necessary information, such as server specs, bandwidth, managed or unmanaged, cost, etc.


Ashraf… over and out.

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  • I just ordered a dedicated server so this thread is pointless now. But thanks to everyone that tried to help!

  • Mags


    I’m posting a link to an article posted at Black Sun.,1

    This short article basically says that if their plans don’t suit your needs, they are willing to talk to you about your needs and possibly come up with a plan.

  • Robby

    How much is your budget for dedicated? I have shared hosting so not sure if the dedicated plans on my host are too high or not.

  • Frank

    …how does one say? “You can’t have the cake and eat it.” :)

  • Their dedicated stuff is really expensive.

  • longfeng

    Try It is reasonable and just burn a tiny hole in your pocket.

  • Frank,
    There are so many English speaking options so I will have to pass again. Thanks though

    I don’t think they offer dedicated.

  • Mags

    Don’t know if this is what your looking for but thought I’d mention it anyway, just in case. Might be worth a look see. They use Apache servers.

    It is Blacksun, and they are the largest (and IMO probably the best web hosting service in Canada)

    I know it isn’t the US, but it is still the same continent :) Besides, with the conversion rate your costs (at this time) would be approx. 15% – 20% less. So a per mth cost $10.00 CDN plan would cost you approx. $8.00 – $8.50 US per mth.

    Anyway, here’s a link to a comparison of their plans.

  • Frank

    You might as well try dub dub dub dot hostsuche dot de/suche_server.php, you’ll again need Google translation service.
    You can choose location, traffic, other features and get ratings and reports of other users. Try the “Find Providers” on top left.


  • Frank,

    I am sure right now I could use a VPS instead of a server but dotTech is growing so fast I am sure a server will be necessary soon and migrating is a hassle. Plus I get to do all kinds of cool things with a server, he he he.

    As for traffic – that is not the issue: 1TB is more than enough. I am mainly looking for a strong CPU, sufficient RAM and a good uplink. Also I would prefer a server in the USA :).

    Thanks though! Much appreciated feedback.

  • Frank

    Hi Ashraf,

    If 1TB traffic is enough for your needs: I have very good experience with HostEurope’s VPS who they charge 12.99 EURO for Linux (dub dub dub dot hosteurope dot de/produkt/Virtual-Server-Linux-L) and 14.99 EURO for Windows 2003 64bit (dub dub dub dot hosteurope dot de/produkt/Virtual-Server-Windows-L).
    The pages are in German but Google serves well for translation.

    I run several VPS there and especially for a Windows environment you get nothing cheaper. Despite the low price the performance is quite enough for a LAMP with MySQL and some other apps (host monitoring, web site checking, SSH proxy, SSL proxy) to all run at the same time at the same server.


  • Their VPS are expensive but yes they do have VPS.

  • Dan

    I just checked the DreamHost site, you are right about no full dedicated, they have virtual private servers as an option, that is probably a little on the light side for your needs though.

    I will say that after reading through the forums over there, I like their attitude – If you aren’t breaking the law, or spamming, they leave decisions about site content up to you.

  • DreamHost dedicated? DreamHost don’t have dedicated.

    As for their shared hosting: they are oversellers so don’t expect a website using advanced scripts or receiving a moderate level of traffic to survive long. However one year of hosting for $10 is an excellent way for a newcomer to get started.

  • Dan

    I posted about that dreamhost special in the $0.99 GoDaddy post since I just signed up for their shared hosting plan today (before I noticed you had a blog about the very same thing) :)

    I assume that you have checked out their offering for dedicated, and although I am miles away from that point (I still need build a site), I would love to know what your opinion of their dedicated offering is.