Please give a warm welcome to…

…as the first official “dotTech Friend”!


Yes it is true – dotTech has officially entered the major leagues. Time to play with the big boys. :D

With the ever increasing popularity and importance of dotTech, I figured it is time to start a “dotTech Friends” list. Start it I did; and what better website to be our first Friend than


I am sure most, if not all, of you don’t need any sort of introduction to For those unfortunate few that don’t know about Raymond’s blog: is one of the most popular and respected technology blogs on the internet right now – plain and simple. Raymond (the author and owner of the blog…duh =P) updates his blog on a daily basis posting various different tips, tricks and sometimes even freebies, related to technology.

Please give a warm “dotTech welcome”.

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  1. Neville

    A warm welcome to I have recently been introduced to his thoughtful and well produced site. Wishing good luck to the both of you, Ashraf & Raymond.



  2. Emrys

    Congrats all around! And a special thank you to you for leading me to his site….I’d read the name several times, and could tell that he must be a Geeker of rare breeding. And another font of fonts is found…

  3. David Roper is a good site. His “how to do it” articles are among the best. Ashraf’s is still number one, however. I’m glad for the union of friends attitude. There is much to be learned from you two guys.