Recover application windows after you accidently close them

How many people here have ever accidentally closed an application window? Maybe Firefox? Word? Chat window? [Insert window here]? Don’t worry; it happens to the best of us. Maybe our mouse slips. Maybe our hands slip. Maybe we meant to close that other window. Whatever the case may be, the end result is always the same: a few under-the-breath naughty words and frustration that we just closed something we were using/working on.

Well be frustrated no longer. GoneIn60s is a standalone, portable and lightweight application that allows you to recover closed windows within 60 seconds of when you close them (after 60 seconds the windows are unrestorable; 60 seconds is default – you can change it).

GoneIn60s sits in your system tray; whenever you want to recover a window, all you do is right click on the GoneIn60s icon and select the window you want to recover:


For example, if you accidentally close a Firefox window that you had all your important tabs open in, all you have to do is right click on GoneIn60s and select the entry that corresponds to your Firefox window. Firefox will open up with all the tabs you had loaded before you accidentally closed it.

GoneIn60s works with more than Firefox. It is supposed to work with all application windows. So far I have tested it and it works fine with Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 8, Digsby, MSN Messenger, FastStone Capture, Microsoft Word, and Windows folders.

Since I am particularly bad at accidentally closing my chat windows, I find GoneIn60s to be extremely useful in helping me restore my chat windows.

There are some things to note about this app:

  • The “Settings”:


  • If you right click on the window button in the Windows taskbar and select “Close” GoneIn60s will not be able to restore it. GoneIn60s can only restore windows that are closed via the X button at the top right or via Alt+ F4. Of course that is not that big of a deal because the purpose of GoneIn60s is to allow you to restore windows you close by accident; if you closed a window by right clicking on the taskbar and selecting “Close” I highly doubt it was on accident.
  • If you double click on the GoneIn60s system tray icon, you will restore all closed windows instead of just one specific one.
  • There seems to be no built in feature to run GoneIn60s at Windows boot. Seeing how useful of a program this is, I find it surprising that it cannot run at Windows boot by itself. No problem though; just use Windows Task Scheduler to start GoneIn60s at Windows boot. For people that don’t know how to do that, XP users can learn from here and Vista users can learn from here.
  • Vista users should run as administrator.

Ready to download GoneIn60s? You can download it from the following links:

Click here to download GoneIn60s.


Some dotTech readers are reporting GoneIn60s is a little bit buggy. I have yet to personally experience these bugs but I trust the people who informed me. Just thought I should let you know you may also face some bugs.

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  • @David @Frank @Ashraf

    Yes, the [X]’d programs still run for another minute. Keyboard shortcuts remain active, email handlers and IM apps still check for messages, and just about anything automated seems to be maintained. Also, those services that are monitored or that have notifications may actually reverse the closing process…

    But isn’t this basically as it should be? If I were to inadvertently interrupt a lengthy system service or a secure financial process or some other more intensive task at 90% completion, maintaining and then automatically restoring that mistaken shut-down should eliminate errors and could save me some substantial time and headache with regard to restarting such tasks from scratch…

  • Someguy

    I tried it with word and I noticed it didn’t ask for me to save.

  • I’ve used this in the past, but since it is a little buggy, I just depend on the “undo close tab” and “restore session” in my Internet browsers.

  • Old guy

    Just used it to restore a couple of Firefox windows and tabs, Saved me much time, thanks

  • @David
    Not sure. I think you are right that it “delays” the close of the window.

    Awwww. I really like this app too… oh well – less buggy app next time promise =). If it helps, I have yet to face any of the problems you have but from the sounds of it I may in the near future.

    Frank have you tried to turn on the “Kill window” feature? It may reduce the amount of bugs you face.

  • Frank


    now that I used it a day it is not what (I thought) was promised.

    1st it interferes with Windows in a not-good way. It may have hidden keyboard-shortcuts that I accidentially used but several ALT-F4-ed windows reappeared w/o me having used the context menu of the icon.

    2nd it shows up closed windows/programs in the ALT-TAB task list at least until the windows are really closed.

    3rd I got random “mouse movement effects” I had never before (and never after I stopped using the soft).

    Just that you know what you get when using this soft…


  • David Roper

    Does it “just” delay the action for 60 seconds, like the new feature on some email applications which allows you to retract your action and not send it fr 60 seconds? It looks like it. It isn’t “really” gone.

    So our computers used to be fast but now we delay every action by 60 seconds?

    Kinda funny to me.

    Somebody please write an applet for my defibrillator. That would be nice.

  • Frank

    Thanks, mate!
    This is really useful!