Welcome to the new server!

I feel like a little kid with a new toy. This is pretty awesome; I can feel the geek in me coming out already. To relate how I feel right now, think back when you first got a computer: the excitement; the nervous twitch; the clammy hands. Okay maybe not the clammy hands – clammy hands are only for the true geek. Now take that feeling you felt way back when and amplify it by a 1000. Bingo you got it.

Oh did I forget to mention what I am talking about? dotTech’s new server of course! With this new server, I will be able to do many things I was unable to on a shared account. For example, you may notice comment editing has been enabled (no need to thank me). The image lightbox is back. Soon forums will be up too (soon as I figure out which forums I want to use). Heck, I am even going to change the licensing on dotTech content. This is so cool.

Of course a dedicated server comes with a price tag: I am paying more than 10x more $$$ a month than what I was paying a week ago. Ya I know – sucks doesn’t it. If you feel generous and/or can afford to help mitigate the costs of this server, please feel free to donate to the cause. If you can’t, then no problem at all. However please note that because of the increasing costs, I will be increasing advertisements (hopefully the extra ad revenue will help cover the costs). Until now I have kept my ads fairly unobtrusive; I know when I visit websites I hate it when ads are everywhere so I promise to keep the new ads as inconspicuous as possible also.


  • If you posted a comment and/or signed up for email notifications between yesterday and today, you may need to repost that comment or sign up again because your comment/subscription may have been lost in the migration process;
  • Please assist me in fixing any migration problems that have occurred: if you find any errors on dotTech and/or something is not working, please post below or email me to let me know;
  • Please comment on the speed of this new server – is it slow, fast, average, slower then the last host, etc.


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