Easily backup and restore your drivers with Double Driver

Driver Magician, a commercial driver backup and restore software, is often given out on GOTD. For what it is worth, Drive Magician is a good program. Today I am here to tell you about a program that allows you to backup and restore drivers in a similar manner as Driver Magician; however the program is freeware and is very easy to use. dotTechies meet Double Driver:


With Double Driver you can:

  • View all installed drivers;
  • Backup all installed drivers (as uncompressed folders, compressed .ZIP, or compressed self-extractor);
  • Restore drivers from backups;
  • Save details on all installed drivers in a TXT file;
  • Print details on all installed drivers.

Double Driver works in a simple way: you hit “Scan” and all the drivers installed on your system are displayed (it takes literally less than one second to scan your computer and find all installed drivers):


Scroll up and down to view all your installed drivers and scroll left and right to view details on each drivers, such as what type of driver it is (i.e. a video driver or a modem driver). Check the checkbox next to the drivers you want to backup – by default all “non-Microsoft” drivers are checked. “Microsoft drivers” are the drivers that are installed when you install Windows so you don’t need to backup those ones.

Once you have selected all the drivers you want to backup hit “Backup”. You will be asked to specify where to save the backup, what type of backup, and a few other details:


There are two things to note:

  1. The different types of backups you can make (“Output”);
  2. The ability to create a portable Double Driver to put with each backup.

The advantage of including a portable version of Double Driver with each backup is that you can restore your backups without ever having to install Double Driver – even if you don’t choose the self-extractor option.

The actual backing is fast: it took me less than one minute to backup all my drivers. As uncompressed folders my backup size was ~25 MB, as a compressed .ZIP it was ~8 MB and as a self-extractor it was ~5 MB.

Restoring is just as easy as backing up. When you want to restore, if you did a folder or .ZIP backup, you will need to restore via Double Driver. If you included a portable version of Double Driver with your backup you can just run Double Driver from there. When you have Double Driver running (portable version or otherwise) hit “Restore” and do your restore. If you did a self-extractor than just run the self-extractor .EXE and do your restore. This is what the restore window looks like:


Take note that you can pick and choose which drivers you want to restore.

The last thing I want to point out is if you don’t want to create a portable version of Double Driver with each backup you can also create a portable version of Double Driver without ever doing a backup:


Update: Since the release of v3.0, Double Driver comes as a standalone and portable download so there is no longer any need to create a portable version.

All things considered, Double Driver is one heck of a freeware utility. If you agree with me you can download Double Driver from the following links:

Version Reviewed: v2.1

Supported OS: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Win7 (tested on 32 bit environment)

Click here to download Double Driver

Double Driver alternative download link 1

Double Driver alternative download link 2

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  • Flesher

    Try using “Cloudbacko pro” software i am using this software from long time and really satisfied using this software. It actually gives backup and thus helps restoring too. For more info if you want about this backup you can just simply visit to their website and get to know more about them. Leaving a link below buddy just check:http://www.cloudbacko.com/

  • Rob (Down Under)

    (At the end of this post, I recommend some software)
    My PCs are 2004’ish
    Got two replacements –
    – A HP
    – A Compaq
    I may be avoiding those brands in the future, as getting proper motherboard manuals, and drivers is a chore.
    I have had to update BIOS’s etc. EG to get SATA drive to be bootable.
    Could not get Sound to work in either.
    Tried Device Doctor, but no luck.
    Then tried Unknown Device Identifier 7 and I now have sound in the HP.
    (Will be attempting the compaq next.)
    It ( Unknown Device Identifier ) has my seal of approval.

  • MikeB

    Ashraf, having installed Double Driver without a problem I found that the “”Backup Drivers”” window only showes the “”Destination”” and the “”Output”” portion.
    It does NOT show the “”Additional Task”” portion. Any thought why this is?
    I installed this on my XP as well as my Vista 64 bit systems with identical results.
    Thanks for all your helpful info!

  • Del

    Once again, no surprise there, and still delightful, you nailed it sweetly, Ashraf.
    Thank you kindly. You are a rare treasure of the internet.
    So, if you’re starting a cult, can I drive the limos?

  • Another good driver updater, is radarsync.com

  • Ashraf

    @Patrick: I believe you can but I have never tried it myself.

  • Patrick


    I installed Double Driver and backed up my non-Microsoft drivers. I had a dual-boot system with Vista and XP but formatted XP partition to install Windows 7.
    I backed up the Vista drivers to an external hard drive.
    Using Double Driver, can i choose the partition to restore the drivers. I backed up the drivers from partition D: and wish to restore them to partition C:.
    If this is not possible with Double Driver could you
    suggest another program that can accomplish this? Preferably free.

    Thanks in advance for your help.



  • Ashraf, I rarely get applications from GOTD anymore. But I do go and READ the comments — often just to see what YOU have to say about alternatives! Your wonderful reviews just make my day! Thanks for all you do!

    ==Ms. CharlieMC

  • Yong Quan

    Just wanna ask about a bios question. Just recently I have updated the bios on my computer, after it finishes it told me to restart, but once it shuts down the computer wont even run. The monitor didnt show anything.. just black.. but the comp’s on. I am not tech savvy as all of u but anybody please help! Tks. Though, this is not forum, but anybody can help?? Tks in advance

  • Ashraf

    @Ash: The “Files & Settings transfer wizard” is just a link to Window’s tool. It is nothing built into DD.

    The developer specifically states DD has been tested on 32-bit computers; however he/she has not ruled out if it works or does not work on 64-bit computers. Can you double check for us?

  • Ash

    On Ashraf’s recommendation, I bypassed today’s GAOTD offering of Driver Magician in favor of Double Driver.

    However, I noticed that the “Files & Settings transfer wizard” under Tools option is a 32-bit appl and does not yet support Vista-64 which I am running. Otherwise, DD is a great freebie..

  • Ashraf

    @teejerman: From what I hear DriverMax is one of the better software for driver updates. However the last time I used DriverMax their servers or something were down so I was unable to register to try driver updates. That really ticked me off lols.

  • teejerman

    @Emrys: For what it’s worth, I use DriverMax for my driver updates and have had very successful results. It’s free and very easy to use. As Ashraf has pointed out, for the most compatible driver updates, it’s always best to go to your computer manufacturer’s site, but the driver downloads available there are not always the most up to date; at least in my experience.(Hewlett-Packard) Maybe Ashraf would consider taking a close look at DriverMax and give us his evaluation…

  • twospirit

    Thank you so much for the heads up on Double Driver.
    I just finished installing Double Driver and uninstalled Driver Magician.
    I have followed your reviews for some time on GAOTD and recently subscribed to your blog. Which by the way, is first blog I check each day.
    Additionally, I found your response to a request for an affordable application that will find drivers. HmMMM! While the route you suggest does require more searching, it does make sense.
    Ya’ Take Care, Ya’ Hear!

  • Ashraf

    @Emrys: @jumbi: @pallen: Honestly I have always recommended to people “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” when it comes to drivers. However if you do have to update/fix your drivers, until I find a reliable program to help you do this, I am going to suggest that you just do it manually – visit your Manufacturer’s website, Google it, etc.

    @Janet Berg: Unfortunately that is not what you think. It is just Windows Easy Transfer which is independent of Double Driver.

    @Mohammed Sarhan: It is great to know I have loyal followers such as yourself. Lets start a cult ;)

  • pallen

    Hey, Ashraf let’s get together and get our money back from,Driver Magician.Also,is there a good Driver Downloader,in our price range?I think I downloaded a bad one and my speakers went dead.But not being as tech savvy as all of you,I don’t know what I did.HAVE A NICE DAY!

  • Janet Berg

    It also has a Wizard to transfer files and settings (IE, OE, Desktop and display settings, dial-up connections, etc.)!


  • jumbi

    Nice work Ashraf!

    Great alternative to Magician.
    Havent tried yet but reading your review, I think that driver update is missing compared to MAgician. Nevertheless is a great freebie software which one can suggest to friends/customers etc.


  • Mohammed Sarhan

    Good work, Ashraf

    Keep on

    We’re following you

  • Emrys

    Sweet! That takes care of that problem for me. Need advice on a related subject: How important is it to update the drivers; can those not signed digitally be trusted; and what is the easiest/best way for the average guy to go about it? Thanks!