dotTech Exclusive: Free AnVir Task Manager!

2009-05-16_135803UPDATE1: This is post is not about the freeware version of AnVir Task Manager but rather the shareware version which you would normally have to $39.95 pay for.

UPDATE2: If you have Kaspersky you may get a warning when trying to install AnVir. As far as I know, it is a false positive – AnVir is 100% clean. If anyone has any information that says otherwise, please let me know.

UPDATE3: It seems that the AnVir Task Manager’s installer now comes with offer(s) to install third party software. Be sure to uncheck those software(s) during installation unless you want them be to installed. You don’t need the third party software for AnVir Task Manager to work properly.

dotTech is batting a 3/3 and with an average of .AWESOME. Okay fine, fine: I admit – that was my lame attempt at a baseball related joke. Give me a break… I have not followed baseball since Micheal Jordan played for the Chicago Yankees. The point of my lame joke is to let you know there is another dotTech Exclusive freebie on the horizon and this is another winner: AnVir Task Manager. In fact AnVir Task Manager is such a good program that it made my pick of top ten giveaways.

The best way I can describe AnVir Task Manager is a “buffed up” Windows task manager that supplements your anti-malware software. AnVir Task Manager is a program that monitors and analyzes your processes, services and startup programs. In addition to doing all the typical tasks accomplished by Windows task manager (i.e. close a service/process, monitor computer resource usage, etc.), AnVir balances CPU usage and tells you how much of a “security risk” each process, service or startup program is. AnVir also includes a Windows XP/Vista tweaker which lets you tweak many Windows settings. AnVir Task Manager includes tons of features – too many to describe in this little post. Here is a short description by the developer on what AnVir Task Manager can do:

AnVir Task Manager gives full information about process, services, TCP/UPD connections, drivers, DLLs. It has descriptions for 70 000+ startup programs and services. It detects new and unknown Trojans using security analysis and alerts on new startups. It can speed up boot time (Delayed Startup), balance CPU usage, optimize memory. Tray icons shows status of disk, network, memory, CPU. Tray menu keeps last launched programs and folders. Also users can hide windows to system tray, set windows ‘always on top’, and change windows transparency.

Monitor your system and replace Windows Task Manager

  • Information about processes, startup programs, services, internet connections, drivers
  • Integrated database with Descriptions for 70 000+ startup programs, Internet Explorer toolbars and services
  • Icons in the tray that indicate CPU, disk, network, memory and battery

Get rid of viruses, Trojans and spyware that your antivirus missed

  • Security risk rating for each active process and startup program
  • Get notification when any program tries to add itself to startup

Enhance and tune up XP or Vista

  • Tweaker that gives access to hundreds of XP / Vista settings
  • Click on the title of any application to minimize window to system tray
  • List of recently used folders in Open / Save dialogs
  • Drive’s free space as a colored horizontal bar in Windows ‘My Computer’

Speed up your PC and Windows startup

  • “Delayed Startup” lets you set up any startup program to run few minutes later after Windows startup
  • Run startup programs minimized to system tray, or as a floating icon
  • Balance CPU usage

If you would like to know more about AnVir Task Manager you can read my review of AnVir Task Manager v5.4.1 or visit the developer’s homepage for more information but I can tell you two of my favorite features of AnVir Task Manager is the ability to lower the processing priority of programs hogging your CPU and the ability to deal with memory leaking programs.

Now get this: today’s offering of free AnVir Task Manager is not of an older version. You are getting v5.6 of AnVir Task Manager – the latest version which just came out on May 2nd 2009. Also, this is not a time limited offer so you can install, uninstall, reinstall, etc. as you please and you will receive free updates until 10/1/2009. Cool, huh?

Update: When this promotion was originally available, back in May ’09, you were getting v5.6 (the latest version at the time). However since then AnVir Task Manager has been updated a few times and the latest version is v6.3.1 (as of November 26, 2010). This offer for free AnVir Task Manager is still available even with the latest version; the registration information you find below still works on the latest v6.3.1!

To get AnVir Task Manager:

  • Download AnVir Task Manager (click here).
  • Install and run AnVir Task Manager. When prompted to enter registration information enter the following:
    • Name:

Note: This is a exclusive offer. You may not copy, paste, or reprint this registration name or key anywhere else including private or public forums, blogs, etc. nor can you mirror the download. If you want to spread information about this offer, you may link to it by providing a permalink to your audience.

If you have any problems getting AnVir Task Manager post below – I will try to help.

Lastly, I would like to point out if you enjoy AnVir Task Manager and agree it is a great software, consider upgrading to AnVir Task Manager Pro or AnVir Security Suite. You can learn of the feature differences between Task Manager, Task Manager Pro, and Security Suite from here. If you do plan on upgrading, you can get 20% off by using the coupon code dotTech. Don’t worry – the coupon is exclusively for your benefit because dotTech is not earning any commission what so ever.


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  1. normofthenorth

    Actually, doesn’t currently list a $39.95 version of ATM. On their Compare Versions table, they list the standard version at $29.95, but if you look to buy it, you only see the Pro version at $49.95.

  2. normofthenorth is planning to offer “AnVir Task Manager 7.5.0 – Original $39.95. Now Free! on March 05, 2013”, = Monday. GOTD may also have it soon, a day sooner or later. . .

  3. Julliët

    For Pro version 6.5 search for Anvir on suryadewa dot com (February 6, 2012)

    Follow link and choose Deposit
    (Don’t forget the password for opening zip)

    Nothing wrong, no virus! Avast & Outpost Sec. Suite Pro gave no warning and I’m running it for months now!

  4. Peter C1

    Albert and everyone else,

    Version 6.3.1 was the last version release available under the OLD licensing system from Anvir.

    I assume that a new key will be required for any new releases from Feb. 02, 2012 version 6.5.x onwards.

    Privately Anvir was saying from the release of the new Feb. 2012 version that the support period that can be purchased would be only 1 year at a time, however I just went to buy the program on Anvir’s order page and the old 1+3 = 4 years maximum, scheme is currently available.

    I know for CERTAiN that during the month of January you could only buy 1 years worth of support, so perhaps 1+3 is only a limited period of time offer or perhaps Anvir had a change of heart about their pricing structure.

    So, Albert you were 2 days late BUT you’ll have to search for a download of v6.3.1 which REALLY shouldn’t be very difficult to find as any downloadable file named “taskpro.exe” dated around Apr 02, 2010 and size of around 6,647,248bytes is very likely to be the correct version 6.3.1 taskpro.exe which works with dotTech’s key, and there should be heaps of sites out there with the old file on their servers, considering the new v6.5.x is only 2 days old).

    Albert, good luck in your hunt to find v6.3.1 as Anvir TMP is really an excellent all-in-one program.

  5. Giovanni


    Why bother for Anvir Task Manager if you can use these great Portable Task Manager tools for FREE??

    Want to find and kill hidden startup programs and/or malicious processes running on your PC behind your back at Windows startup?

    So what??


  6. albert

    I was unable to reply to Ashraf”s comment about problems with registration, so I’m adding a new comment.

    I copied and pasted the name and registration code into the registration window, and was told the code had expired.

    Shucks! :>) Really wanted this!

  7. Rob (Down Under)

    There are a few posts where you guys say –
    “Just downloaded version 6.3.1”
    “I just downloaded the latest version from the website”
    “It works perfectly with the current version 6.3.1”

    Not one of you mentions which of the three programs –
    Task Manager Free
    Task Manager
    Task Manager Pro

    Ashraf has a ‘heads up’ at the top –
    “rather the shareware version which you would normally have to $39.95”
    So that narrows the possibilities down to 2 (don’t download the Free one)
    However the prices for the two paid ones are –
    $29.95 and $49.95

    So I would like to repeat janetb’s unanswered question –
    “At this point, I am not at all clear regarding what exactly to download which will work with this key….I have 6.3.1 Free. Which non-free version (if any) is this good for…? Thanks.”

  8. Sebastian Plaskba

    Many many thanks for the license code!
    It works perfectly with the current version 6.3.1
    I use the program for years already but only with a license from GAOTD where it is replaced only infrequently, and the code expires.
    Now I’m back up to date and thank you again sincerely!
    Without this brilliant software I can not imagine my computer!
    An absolute must have tool for everyone.
    Greetings from Germany (sorry for my bad english)

  9. Louis

    Hi Ashraf and other experts ?!

    I’ve come across you great site a short while ago, and since follow it on a daily basis. Great stuff Ahsraf and Associates !

    Cutting to the chase :

    Background info : I run Win XP Pro SP3 , use the Windows Task Manager to see what’s going on, stopping programs etc, and I use WinPatrol Free Edition, to manage my startup prgrams and services, as well as the option to move certain startup programs to Delayed startup section.

    Compaq Presario c795EI Laptop System : Intel dual core 2 x 1.86 / Ram = 3 GB/Pagefile set to ‘Managed by Windows’

    Yet although my laptop just formatted and minimum software reloaded, just rebooted, with Skype 5 and FireFox 3.6, (with a lot of open tabs, most moved to TooManyTabs) , KeyWallet Password Manager & 1 x Excel spreadsheet the only software apart from Zone Alarm and ESET nod 32, running on my system as we speak, something isn’t quite right (already scanned for malware and spyware – clean) :

    I battle doing simple things, like typing this, my hard drive sounds just like what you would typically hear from a cd your pc is battling to read, it spins, stops, spins again etc until in perpetuity, unless you remove the cd — essentially it is lagging behing everything I type, which typically will only appear many seconds after typed on keyboard, forcing me to stop and wait for words to catch up 9just one example).

    I was looking for possible improvements to my software management, and came across 2 programs you gave the thums up for, Ashraf :

    Anvir Task Manager as replacement for the Windows Task Manager
    Although the download for the paid version of Process Lasso from the German website has expired, I believed Ashraf, you mentioned that the Free version of Process Lasso contains essentially everything that the give away version can do as well.
    I am not sure if Process lasso Free replaces Windows task manager, or runs alongside it.

    My question :

    it seems, from reading your reviews and the developers’ desription, that these two programs shares common functions. Here is my my ‘technical knowledge’ ends !

    Can you plesase advise, Should/ could I run both Avir and Process Lasso simultaneously, or only one — if only one, which one would you recommend, given the description of my other software, where relevant, above ?

    i would appreciate advice for what would probably be a relatively simple question to you guys, but to me not so — would like to run the most efficient setup possible



  10. djhightek2000

    Is this “Anvir Task Manager Professional Product Key” you gave out on here in the pass Legit? I used it for awhile without a problem and then I notice when I tried to run it one day it had “Expired”. I believe it was the 2008 version. The Key was working just fine until a few Connections to the Internet and after that the Program would not take the Key anymore after Flushing it.

  11. Gil

    @Gil: This is true for Task Manager Pro, Driver Updater Pro, and Registry Cleaner Pro. I didn’t pursue the XP Tweaker so I don’t know about that one. I can’t get the code supplied on this site to work anywhere.

    In effect, in just a few weeks, none of this will be any good unless I pay out the money.

  12. Gil

    Installed and tried registering this product. I’m getting a “Bad Format of Registration Key. Error Code 14”. This won’t allow me to download drivers to be fixed.

    When I ran the scan on the system in the cleaner – it came up with a number of items to be fixed and categorized them. Any way to see just what is going to the “fixed”?

    Thanks Ashraf – your site is much better than GAOTD. Keep up the good work!

  13. Janet

    A couple of posts have mentioned registering PRO version with the above codes….Has anyone done that recently? For me, this code says it’s not for that program if I try using it on a Pro download….Has there been some free download of Pro version somewhere else?

  14. evolution

    Hi Ashraf
    Thanks for all your hard work!
    I have just downloaded and installed AnVir Task Manager on my XP Pro SP3. Actually it runs fine, but…
    There seems to be always a but…
    Kaspersky Internet security 2010 is now complaining that AnVir is infected with the virus HEUR:Backdoor.Win32.Generic

    Would appreciate if you could share your experience or explanation if any.

    Thanks again!

  15. Pete

    Hi Ashraf, thanks for this and all your contribution on this and the GAOTD site – you’re a rare and generous guy!
    Before I install – I currently run Anvir 6.1.0 from Giveaway, will 6.2 install over the top of 6.1 or should I uninstall first? And will my settings and preferences migrate to 6.2? Many thanks, Pete

  16. normofthenorth

    And I just updated to v. 6.2.0. Didn’t even have to re-enter the registration code. Despite the fact that my Anvir said (and still says) that I get free updates ’til Oct. 1 2009(!). It seems to be working fine. (I activated Ashampoo Uninstaller first, so I could back out easily if it didn’t work right.)

  17. normofthenorth

    Click on Help and About, and check your version. I’m guessing you’ve got the free one, and not the one discussed here. Mine says “AnVir Task Manager 5.6.0” and it says it’s registered to DotTech.Org (and gets free updates ’til last October 1!).

    And my “move to delayed startup list” works.

  18. normofthenorth

    Oh, good, glad it worked.

    My biggest beef with AnVir TM is that one of my fave features — the ability to see RIGHT NOW what’s hogging the resource on my computer — doesn’t seem very impressive. E.g., when my HDD is thrashing away, I can single-click on that icon, and it might say that the HDD’s 95%-100% busy, but the throughputs for the listed programs don’t seem high enough to account for the thrashing.

    Anybody else experiencing that?

    I think I recall Ashraf saying that he didn’t rely on AnVir to tell him how much RAM a program used, and I think I feel the same way about CPU and HDD usage. . .

  19. calebstein

    @normofthenorth: I keep checking the box, but it never saves the change. I run the program as an administrator. I would really like to use this program instead of the built in task manager, and I don’t think that double-clicking an icon is very productive after Ctrl-Shift-Esc has become an indispensable part of my life.

  20. Darek Khort

    Thanks for the program!
    I’m not sure what Adrian said (since I can’t see message) but when I first installed and the program opened it kept flickering and I couldn’t do anything. After an CTRL+ALT+DEL and and closing the program, re-opening it made it work properly.

    A very nice program (although it doesn’t seem to recognize my ASUS SmartDoctor which is rather strange. It gives it a 52% security risk.

  21. Brian

    I also used the GAOTD AnVir TaskManager until it ran out. I abolutely recommend it (the paid version) to any tech-minded person who wants to maintain strict control over what starts up… f’rinstance I disabled or delayed crud like google notification and adobe-related junk and had it start the spybot malware signature analyzer and my av (with low priority).

    And AV TM even pointed out that I mistakenly allowed a crapbar to be installed with a ‘free’ firefox addon, which was then disabled and destroyed. I have used it to tweak PCs to delay horribly large printer driver startups (this is you, HP AIOs!).

    Users: keep it clean, keep it fast!

    thanks also to dotTech.

  22. J.L.

    The DotTech version still works fine, you can still update it and keep it registered. Its about windows shows that the version is still registered to (free updates or not) and that’s good enough for me.

    In my opinion, the GAOTD version is completely unnecessary and a waste of time (not to mention your computer could get messed up).

  23. Lu Hulu

    Sorry, I did not explain myself clearer.

    Do not rely on the software to un-install any old version for you. It will keep the old registration details, I think.

    Just do a complete un-install of any old version, using Revo.

    I think that should prevent the upgrade or update from using any old registration details.

  24. Lu Hulu


    Why are you so easily confused?
    Just uninstall everything you have got from Anvir Task Mgr and do a fresh install.

    1. Install today’s GAOTD (which is supposed to be the latest version, as of today, 15 or 16 Oct 2009, depending on time zone)
    2. Try it until an upgrade or update is available
    3. Install the upgrade or upgrade
    4. After that, if the software performs with less function, then..
    5. Uninstall it
    6. Install Ashraf’s version, which is supposed to be today’s GAOTD version with a limitation date.

  25. normofthenorth

    LuHulu, that should work, but I’m not sure it will work any better than taking Ashraf’s version today.

    I noticed today’s GAOTD offering and I noticed that it was a significantly newer version than I had (6.1 vs. 5.6). I downloaded the new one (NOT from GAOTD) and installed it. (It uninstalled my old one first, as part of the installation.)

    Even before I entered any codes, it said it was registered to, same as the old one. Both before AND after I re-entered the codes, it said I got free updates until 2009-10-1, which is two weeks ago. But I got the new version installed and running fine. So I admit I am a bit confused.

  26. Lu Hulu

    janet Berg and normofthenorth,

    After reading your posts, looks like the way to go is this.
    Go over to GOATD today before it expires and download, install the GAOTD version, which is similar to Ashraf’s version.

    Keep Ashraf’s version install key. Come next time when there is an upgrade or update available, do the update or upgrade. It the updated GAOTD version becomes less functional, then do the next best thing.

    When the GAOTD version proves to be less functional after an update or upgrade, then and only then, install Ashraf’s version

  27. Rich

    Ashraf, I came to your site today from your review of today’s Giveaway. My XP SP3 PC already had GAOTD’s forever version of AnVir. I downlaoded the program from your link and installed it over the old version, but used the new registration code. When the program restarted, it still had the GAOTD name, but now showed “free updates til 2009-10-1”. I uninstalled, re-downloaded from your site and re-registered, and now it shows in the name field, but still shows “free updates til 2009-10-1”
    Is this correct, and if so then should I make sure auto update is turned off, like we do with GAOTD programs???

    Thanks a bunch, Rich

  28. Cynthia

    Thanks Ashraf!
    I have only been reading you for a month now since using your reviews of GOTD offerings to decide if I should download them. Also, your reviews of the freeware alternatives is priceless (literally and figuratively); it helps if I like the GOTD software but know I won’t be able to install it on my laptop before the time expires. Thank you so much for the services you provide.

    BTW Even if you were getting a commmission if I upgrade TaskManager, for all the benefits you provide regarding GOTD and, you deserve it. I will donate to your efforts.

    Again, thank you for your help, and for providing this program.


  29. kcs3295

    I’m wondering why the freeware version 6.1.0 is about 1.8 meg file, the Pro home version download from your site is a 3.23 meg program?

    Are we getting the Pro version?

    Enjoy your reviews on GAotD as I allways read these and visit here also.


  30. Tortuga


    Hello Bella

    Install w the .exe provided by Ashraf’s link, then enter the Name/Registration from here. After that, the prog shuts down to verify the key and opens up after that.

    I just did it yesterday and everything went perfectly smoothly.
    No problem at all!!

    Were you installing the new v5.6 for the first time, or on top of GOTD’s? Did you uninstall it first? Did you do a Restore Point prior? Are you on XP?

    Without more info, its hard to help.


  31. Tortuga

    Hello All

    Turns out I somehow had forgotten to do the upgrade on my other PC … *sigh*

    Well, I finally did it yesterday!!
    This time I didn’t uninstall GOTD’s version.
    Like Susan (#76) said, at first it seems to still be registered to “giveaway”, but there is indeed a text/warning saying GOTD key has expired, instead of where we usually see programs info on the Startup tab.

    But clicking through Registration, under Help, we can enter Ash’s registration there. And it was accepted.
    So all is good!! :D


  32. Bella

    Good Morning Ashraf,
    Hope all is swell with you and yours. It seems I have missed out of this one….Dangit! This is what it is telling me:

    Big Red X > Key is not correct!
    Program will be restarted.

    if you could give me any insight on this I sure would be oblidged to you again.
    I had to reset my cp to its factory setup and I lost all my programs.
    So I am starting over, with {you know it} your help. So Thanks my Friend and Blessing to you and Yours, Bella :);)

  33. normofthenorth

    1) Yes. It can do everything Windows Task Manager does, and much more.

    2) The way I have it set up, CTRL+ALT+DELETE, still opens up windows task manager. Anvir TM is easy for me to open, because I have it displaying my CPU and RAM and HDD and Network usage stats (including who’s hogging the resources) on my TaskBar, lower right. Clicking on one of those icons gives more details, and double-clicking on it opens Anvir TM.

    2a) There’s an option to have ATM replace WTM completely. There’s also an option to setup or personalize a hotkey to open ATM (default is Ctrl + Shift + 1). But I just double-click one of the TaskBar icons.

  34. LunarWolf

    I have 2 question to ask. The first is a very stupid question. Does Anvir Task manager have the ability to end task like in windows task manager?

    2nd question, if I were to install this on vista 32-bit, when i press CTRL+ALT+DELETE, will it open up windows task manager or anvir task manager?

  35. babychiefm

    when i try to register i keep getting “this key is not for this product” message.i had the gaotd version prior to this is telling me my 20 day trial period is over.i copy and pasted the above key.any help?

  36. Janet Berg

    As soon as there is an update available AFTER this coming Oct 1, we’ll see who will be able to update: folks with the DotTech version and/or folks with the GOATD version….In any case, I’m sure that during the course of the year, SOME SITE, SOMEWHERE will be offering a free download of the newer version…eventually….Besides, the present version is just fine…:-)…—although I WOULD like to be able to set Automatic Priority by program (which presently needs Pro version..)…….:-)……

  37. normofthenorth

    The initial “upgrade” didn’t help, and I’d say it hurt. The total re-installation after uninstalling the GOtD version maybe helped, I’m not even sure. It’s a newer version, but it expires in a year, so it may depend on what’s available when it expires.

    I don’t recall if the two fully-enabled versions are different in version or power or privileges or not, maybe somebody else does. But the apparently “upgraded” version was clearly less powerful than either of the others, GotD’s or DotTech’s clean install.

  38. Susan

    To those who say they updated the GOTD version without losing registration:

    I tried this and here is what happened:

    The program still says registered to Giveawayoftheday, BUT you lose your program info database access.
    Where you once got info on various programs it will now say the GOTD key is expired.
    The same for new start up warning pop ups.

    If you still have the coupon code showing on the top bar of the program, perhaps it is fine, but if that is gone, check the info window as you click on various entries, only the basic stuff will show in the information window at the bottom left.

    I had to use the dotTech key to regain full access.
    I still have the portable on the GOTD license, so if I need it it is there.

    As others have had this same result, then it likely is the case for those who thought that they still had the full use with an updated GOTD version and have just not yet noticed the lowered functionality yet.

  39. normofthenorth

    Janet, I originally thought the same thing — in fact, I made that recommendation here before you did, in comment #13! But then I actually started using the updated version, e.g., to check out startup items and processes and services. Try double-clicking on a few of those items and read the details on the bottom of your Anvir screen.

    On my computer, those details included a notice saying that my Giveawayoftheday version had expired, and I think the details were truncated, too. I can’t do an “A/B” test now, because I’ve changed the registration and can’t go back, but there may have also been differences in what I could do with those items.

    That’s why I’ve now switched to the DotTech.Org version.

    If somebody upgraded their GODT version and it’s REALLY fully functional — as I originally thought mine was — then keep it. But if it’s semi-crippled, as mine was, then switch to Ashraf’s!

  40. Janet Berg



    The upgraded GOATD version had no upgrade restriction date! It is only when the dotTech version gets registered that a restriction date appears! [See my earlier WARNING! post (#33).]

    I found the updated Goatd version full. Why do you say: “the installation didn’t seem as ‘privileged’ as it used to be…”?

    In short, I (perhaps mistakenly?) understand that both the upgraded GOATD version and the dotTech version are full versions. And that the GOATD version in fact has no update restriction after all, while the dotTech version does. That’s why I tried to warn people to update the GOATD version and not change the registration to dotTech….


  41. normofthenorth

    OK, new info that may change the advice re registered users of the GOTD version.

    As noted above, I DID successfully upgrade my older GOTD version to this new version.

    ON THE OTHER HAND, the installation didn’t seem as “privileged” as it used to be, and I just re-registered it using the method Ashraf posted way above here — which worked fine.

    Basically, when looking at detailed info for (e.g.) startup items, I got info saying that my Giveawayoftheday version registration had expired, so I couldn’t get all the info. When I went to Help | About, it showed it was registered, but with no “free updates till” date. Now it’s got one, 2009/10/01. And I’m getting full info on Startup items, processes, servers, etc.

    So, I think I’d now advise you all to re-register with’s registration after all!

  42. Robert

    I didn’t update my copy of AnVir last time it was offered on GAOTD, figured it was working fine as it was, didn’t want to mess with it, but this has served as a good impetus for me to go ahead and get current with the program.

    I absolutely love this program, always keep it running, as it often seems to come in handy for one thing or another. My favorite trick, lately: when I want to run a memory-intensive program but I happen to have Firefox running with a jillion tabs open and don’t want to kill it and suffer thru having to wait for all the tabs to regenerate (and Avast antivirus to scan)next time I run Firefox, but I want to reclaim some of the tons of memory that Firefox seems to want to accumulate after it’s been running for a while, I just click on AnVir, select Firefox in the Processes tab, click on Free Memory, then immediately suspend Firefox until I want to go back to it (that also keeps the RSS feeds that I have natively running in Firefox from refreshing and triggering Avast to do a virus scan on all of them every half hour or so, which can be very annoying).

    Before GAOTD introduced me to AnVir, I used to keep the old Sysinternals program “Process Explorer” running, and (talk about redundancy!) I still often keep that running, even WITH AnVir running. If a program is hogging the CPU, Process Explorer lets you check out exactly which thread of the program’s execution is causing the problem, which can be useful in determining if I want to modify my usage of the program in question to perhaps be able to avoid the CPU hogging issue. I think the “Pro” version of AnVir offers this info on individual program threads, but until I break down and purchase that, Process Explorer is going to hang around as a “backup” to AnVir. I also find that Process Explorer has a nice, quick context menu option “Bring Window to Front” that can help in some odd situations when a program seems to disappear or is unresponsive from the taskbar. AnVir’s window-related functions are more extensive than Process Explorer’s, allowing you to resize windows, see normally invisible process windows, etc, but for “quick & dirty” restoration of oddly behaving program windows, Process Explorer is more functional, at least for me.

    When I’ve got a bit more cash hanging around, the Pro version of AnVir is something that I intend to purchase. The developer has done SUCH a great job on it, and deserves to be rewarded for that fine work.


    PS, I decided to try to just update my old GAOTD version of AnVir, as others were saying it updated fine, and yep, so did my copy!

  43. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Howard Bartle: Well people are reporting that you can upgrade the GOTD version to the latest version anyway so it shouldn’t matter; in the end you should have v5.6 regardless of if you are registered to GOTD or w/ my name/key.

  44. Howard Bartle

    Hi Ashraf,
    Thanks for this ,but I have tried anumber of times but cannot get it to register. It shows as registered to giveawayoftheday when i enter your register details it shows an error wrong details
    regards Howard

  45. Aiman

    @Ashraf: I went to developer website to find detail information on ‘balance CPU usage’. Below is what they said ; (you can activate this function when you click ‘option’ and then ‘performance’)

    Balance CPU Utilization

    Reduce the priority (limit the CPU usage) of background processes that eat a lot of CPU, temporary, until CPU usage returns to a reasonable level -Turn this feature On or Off

    Total system wide CPU usage when start to limit CPU usage of processes – When CPU usage becomes greater than specified value, AnVir Task Manager reduces the priority of all processes that run in foreground and use a lot of CPU.

    Maximum allowed CPU usage per a process before reduce its priority – If a process uses less CPU than specified value, its priority will not be reduced.

    CPU usage of a process before increase its priority back – When process with reduced priority finished its activity and it uses less CPU than specified value, its priority will be increased back.

    Show notification in system tray when priority changed: never, first time only, or each time – When show notification about changing of processes priorit.

  46. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Janet Berg: That feature does not do what PT does. PT monitors all your processes and lowers the priority of any process to low if it gets above a designated threshold. The feature you are talking about with AnVir allows you to set the priority of certain processes that you designate to a certain priority – it does not lower the priority of any process if it gets above XXX threshold.

    It doesn’t even matter though because that feature is not available in this version. That is only for Task Manager Pro and Security Suite.

  47. Bob

    I managed to get a download from the original server. If anyone is having problems I have uploaded it to

    [Remove by Ashraf. Reason: Sorry Bob but the developer does not want it hosted on other websites – I asked to host a mirror on dotTech. Anyone that has problems can email me.]

    I hope this may help a fellow user

  48. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Aiman and @Janet Berg: With AnVir you can monitor and control CPU usage of processes/programs but the advantage of Process Tamer is that PT automatically lowers CPU usage while you have to do it manually with AnVir. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

  49. Bob

    Great freebie thank you Ashraf

    It seems like the server for downloading is sssslllllloooooowwwwww

    Is there any chance some good person could upload a copy to rapidshare or ifile for the rest of us to get a copy or would that breach something?

  50. Janet Berg



    I was going to ask the same question…If we have the new AnVir, is there any reason to keep Process Tamer? I don’t keep them on all the time–just open when needed for something specific or if my computer is unusually slow to see who the hog is. Just a few days ago, my system was VEEEEEEERY slow, and AnVir discovered an OLD Acrobat Reader shared-Adobe-Update file ( I totally uninstalled Acrobat Reader ages ago!) was using 80-100% CPU!!!! At present I have both AnVir Task Manager and Process Tamer on my QuickLaunch bar and would like to get rid of the latter if it doesn’t add anything to the former….

    Many thanks,

  51. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Athlonite: No I don’t think it is the toolbars that cause false positives because I remember I got Kaspersky false positives back in Decemember of last year and I can tell you for sure I never install any toolbars. However I do agree that the toolbars should not be pre-checked since this is a commercial app but nonetheless everyone does it so we can’t really blame one specific developer for all the evil in the world. ;)

  52. Athlonite

    Hey Ashraf !!

    I have been a fan of your reviews for a while and reading quietly in the background.Now , I must ask a question. Could it be possible that the Already Checked boxes for the Yahoo Toolbar and the Dealio Toolbar be the culprit in the false positives coming from Kasperski and other AV programs?

    I have installed and registered the version you posted the license for with No problems at all. Avira AntiVir did not detect any infected files from the downloaded installer and neither did MalwareBytes Anti-Malware.

    I am running Vista SP1 with a dual core @ 2Gigs with 3Gigs of ram and AnVir doesn’t take more than 9Mb of ram with a CPU rate of 3%. I also have WinPatrol Plus and haven’t experienced any conflicts so, all in all, this is a keeper.

    Those toolbars should Not be pre-checked. This doesn’t look good and you should have the choice of checking them on if you want them. If you look at the scorecard for the Dealio Toolbar on the W.O.T site, you will see why this add-on is probably tagged as spyware and spam.
    Web of Trust scorecard : .

    I just hope you can continue your Excellent work and reviews. I am always looking forward to reading you and your e-mails.


  53. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Ozzie: Check your email. :)

    @George N. True II: They do overlap in somethings so yes there is a chance of conflict. A huge kill-your-computer conflict? No I don’t think so. If you are really worried you can turn off some features that overlap for one of them, such as homepage guard and startup guard to minimize conflict. Actually you probably should do that. So far I have been running WinPatrol and AnVir together just fine but eventually I am thinking I will run WinPatrol passively and AnVir actively (AnVir will be very useful for my reviews – very handy for monitoring computer resource usage) since I have WinPatrol PLUS.

    For a quick comparison, WinPatrol is more focused on security while AnVir is more focused on Windows Task Manager replacement that has security elements as a supplement. WinPatrol is more light on resources.

    Although it is probably a bit unnecessary, you should be able to run both just fine (as long as you disable as many overlapping settings as possible).

    @ms: It is a false positive. I experienced the same thing when I reviewed the software way back when. AnVir is clean.

  54. George N. True II

    Hi Ashraf! Thanks for the great offer! Just wondering: If I already have WinPatrol do I still need AnVir Task Manager? Won’t they conflict with each other? Your help is greatly appreciated. More power to you!

  55. Ozzie

    Well, I’m stumped. Completely stumped. It’s morning here now and I still can’t get on to the Anvir website. I even tried my partner’s laptop, but still the same message. Does anyone know an alternative download site for this program as I really want to d/l it?

    Help appreciated!

  56. gpc111

    I had the same problem as some others. The program would not accept the key. It said it was for another product. I was left with an unregistered version. I attempted a restore my computer but it said “no changes were made to your system” after the reboot. Anyway after another reboot I have version 5.6 and it’s still registered to GAOTD. I’m not sure how this happened but others that the key didn’t work for them may want to try rebooting again.

  57. normofthenorth

    Janet and Ashraf, I reported a similar experience on this computer way above, comment #12. When I noticed that update worked fine and the registration hadn’t changed (from GODT), I just stopped.

    I’m still wondering if I’ll get future upgrades OK. Problem is that it’s tricky to upgrade without knowing. I could use a sandbox or something like my ($10!) Acronis True Image 11, which has a “Try something out” feature. If it reverts to the Free version, or has a time limit, I could roll it back. . .

  58. Janet Berg


    Harlan Said: “The GAOTD version of 5.4.1 cannot be updated or upgraded. This can at least be updated for a few months.”

    As I said in my earlier post here, I DID IN FACT update the GAOTD version of 5.4.1 to 5.6 just yesterday!!!!!! That was my point …:-)…It’s not supposed to update, but it did. So anyone who has it might do well to leave it registered to GOATD….


  59. Janet Berg

    I assumed the dotTech one would NOT have the usual GOATD restriction. Otherwise I would have left it registered to Goatd when I saw that it in fact DID upgrade..:-)…The GOATD-registered version did not have any notice under the registration bit saying upgrades are limited, while the dotTech one does (right under the line “Registration”).

    I thought it was interesting that RevoUninstaller left an entire AnVir folder in the registry with tons of data in it (I was trying to find where it kept the registry key so I could change it to dotTech)…Had I been able to find the reg code in it, I could have put it back now to continue getting unlimited upgrades…:-)…


  60. Janet Berg



    Pentultimate sentence of my original post:

    “Previously, when it upgraded the GOATD-registered one, there was no restriction!” That was my point…..:-)…

    That’s why I posted “WARNING!!!”…:-)…


  61. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Janet Berg: Everyone is because free upgrades are until 10/1/2009. You will still be able to use the program past 10/1/2009 though – just no more free upgrades.

    Were you able to do upgrades from the GOTD version?

  62. Janet Berg


    When I ran the dotTech download over my GAOTD copy, it remained registered to giveawayoftheday. So I removed it with the highest level of RevoUninstaller, but it still remained registered to giveawayoftheday (after installing Ashraf’s new version). I tried uninstalling with Revo and installing the new version a couple more times, but the new reinstall (updated!) always remained registered to giveawayoftheday–even with reboot. So I finally went to Help>Registration Key (even tho it was already registered to GOATD) and entered DotTech and the code in the fields. It finally registered to dotTech, but now says “Free updates till 2009/10/01!!! Previously, when it upgraded the GOATD-registered one, there was no restriction! Is everyone getting the free-updates-limit with the dotTech download?


  63. kimotheraphy

    Surfing the internet for Ashampoo Burning Studio brought me to this website. Am a regular at Giveawayoftheday and was surprised to see this is where the famous Ashraf resides. Must admit that I was never very impressed with the summarized reviews you gave in GAOTD. Was doubly surprised to see genuine free promotions of good software exclusive to dotTech. Very impressed now! Thank you!

  64. Pawel

    Thanks for the software.
    Can’t wait to try it.
    Just a clarification:
    Is this “Task manager” or “TM Pro” or “Security Suite”?
    Plaese don’t be angry for a dumb question but I could not find the answer.
    Once again, thanks Ashraf!

  65. Ozzie

    Hi Ashraf! And congrats on the program! I’ve been trying all day to d/l it, but I keep getting the same message over and over again: “Firefox can’t find the server at“. Is this because the server is overloaded with people trying to d/l it? Is anyone else having this problem?

  66. SDJack

    I had uninstalled GAOTD’s version, but when I ran your install it picked up the old GAOTD info, not asking me for registration. Going thru Help/Registration provided blanks to enter’s info and it took.

  67. Liam K

    I never understood what the point of AnVir was. You can do all the things listed with separate programs that work better.

    How could I use AnVir to minimize Clipboardic to the tray on startup?

  68. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    Anyone having problems registering AnVir? One dotTechie is having a problem (is told the code is for the wrong product) but I registered it on two computers just fine. Not sure what is up.

  69. teejerman

    @normofthenorth: You might want to reconsider changing the registration; I also installed this and it showed that it was registered to GAOTD, my previous version, but the GAOTD registration was expired so I re-registered w/ and it accepted it w/no problem. You probably don’t want to risk losing the registration key when the GAOTD key expires. Just a thought…

  70. normofthenorth

    I downloaded and installed the new one without uninstalling the older one, from GODT, which was active/running at the time. The installation said it had to stop the old one, which it did, and installed and started the new one.

    Interesting thing is that the new one says it’s registered to Giveawayoftheday. So I think that means that the new version installed itself as an upgrade to the old one — despite GODT’s warning that you won’t get any upgrades! (I wonder if the next updated version will work, too!?) So I don’t think I’ll change the registration to DotTech, at least on this computer.

    I’ve also found AnVir TM very useful, and have considered upgrading to Pro.

  71. teejerman

    Hi Ashraf,

    Thanks for the cool offer! I have been using this program since it was given away last year by GAOTD and since the registration license has expired, this offer was right on time! I was able to install and register this version without uninstalling the older version, seemingly without any problems, so it appears that an uninstall of a previous version is unnecessary. Hope this info helps others with the same situation… Thanks again!

  72. Tortuga

    Thanks Ash :D
    I’ll uninstall then!

    Oh, forgot to say:
    As always – Thank You for the Totally Nutty Humour ;-)

    No need to keep repeating you are Nuts – we all know already!!
    Bwahahahaaaa :D • :D

  73. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Tortuga: No idea if old version needs to be uninstalled – I didn’t have the older version. However if I was to guess I would say yes it needs to be uninstalled because the registration key for this is unique so you won’t be able to upgrade.

  74. Tortuga

    Hey there Ash :D

    GREAT offer
    GREAT product!!

    Been using this soft for quite some time.
    If anybody has any doubts, I can only say:
    – Dunno how we did before, without it …
    Easy to learn, easy to use, highly configurable, helps a lot w day to day little tasks, explains the how/what/when. And NO NEW sw is going to be allowed on Startup without your *express* consent!
    It’s just fantastic.

    Been thinking of upgrading to Pro for a while.

    Thank You very much for the offer!! :-)

    Have a great W-End, everybody!

    PS: As always the same question: Older version needs to be unInstalled -or- not?

  75. Kinetix

    Thank you so much! I’ve been waiting for this for so long, ever since I switched operating systems and I lost the AnVir I got from GotD.

    Big thanks, Ashraf. Also, football > baseball. :P

  76. Dobromilka

    I had Anvir from Giveawayoftheday and loved it. Then one fine day Kaspersky had a fit about something and deleted only Anvir saying it violated something.
    I will try this version and hope for the best.
    Thanks Ashraf