Google Nexus Q is made in USA

Are you among the ones who have always been worried about the “Made in China” tag on your electronic device(s)? If so, Google is now bringing something new and quite exciting to many classes of the community; Google Nexus Q, to shake off your worries.

Google’s Nexus Q is the “first social streaming media player”, as it brands itself to be. The device can be used to stream audio and video from the cloud to your local devices, such as your TV. For example, you can use your phone or tablet (obviously, one running Android) to play music using the Google Play music app on your TV. It has many more features like Youtube streaming, extensive audio enhancement and connectivity, and many more. See dotTech’s article on Nexus Q to learn more.

Even though Nexus Q’s features are noteworthy, a large section of the ‘techies’ are more interested about another feature of the device; that it’s “Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.A.”. The location of the factory in which Nexus Q is made is not clear, though The New York Times said that it is located roughly 15 minutes from Google headquarters at Mountain View, California.

Most of the electronic, as well as many of the other types of products used by us, have had their production take place at China and other countries where the cost of production and labour is, comparatively, cheap. And it is general belief, and a probable truth, that cheap production equals cheap quality. The recent move by Google to manufacture Nexus Q in the USA is being appreciated by many, although some would like to stay with the motto “Build Cheap. Live Better.”. (It would be interesting if Google would tell us how much cheaper Nexus Q would be if it was made in China. Currently Nexus Q is priced at $299.)

Seeing as so many electronics are made in China, it is a surprise (or may be corporate strategy) that Google is not playing up the fact that Nexus S is made in USA. Do you believe that this move by Google will help increase its reputation among Americans or may be even increase sales?  Or, do you think that this is a ‘no-sense’ move? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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  • Peter

    I guess “Assembled in U.S.” would be closer to truth. But to what avail, if the components are still manufactured under working conditions similar to slavery and if the shipping of these components still endangers the environment? At least some low-paying jobs are created in the United States; better than nothing but somehow unsatisfactory to me if I were citizen of the USA.

  • Mike

    Google, as a marketing and public relations matter, has to tread carefully as to touting a “Made in the U.S.” slogan. And it really doesn’t have to emphasize this fact: the press is doing so for it, after, no doubt, Google made sure to make the manufacturing info. known.

  • MerryMarjie

    In this day of corporate concern over “the bottom line,” I think Google has made a cool move to manufacture the Nexus Q in the USA. I’m not really a flag-waving patriot, but it’s really nice to know that Americans have jobs because we are buying American products. It says something about the company that they’re not blaring this all over the press, too, that they are quietly doing their part to increase employment without fanfare or hot air.

    I’ve never been a Google-hater (and I know there are scads of those people) but this information has bolstered Google’s reputation in my mind.