Verizon introduces data sharing plans with unlimited talk and text [USA]

Verizon Wireless (a USA telecom company) has kept its promise of providing ‘Share everything’ plans for their users. What makes these new plans different than other plans is they come with unlimited talk and text and shared data; that is to say, data that is shared among all devices attached to the family plan. There are a number of plans users can choose from, depending on their device and platform as well as their data requirements.

The new plans launched by Verizon allows you to share data between up to 10 devices. The supported devices include smartphones, basic phones, mobile broadband (3G and 4G) devices, and tablets.

Current Verizon smartphone customers are not required to switch to these plans. However, if you open a new line or re-new your contract then you must upgrade to these plans. Take note if you don’t own a smartphone and want data-less plans, you can get those, too. Those plans aren’t covered in this article.

The new plans start at between $50 to $100 (depending on your needs — 1GB shared data starts at $50 a month whereas 10GB shared data starts at $100 per month) with extra charges for each line you want on the plan. For example, if you are a family of four smartphones that wants 2GB of shared data, it costs you $60 (the base charge for the 2GB shared data plan, which comes with unlimited talk and text) plus $40 for each smartphone, so a total of $220 per month for unlimited talk and text for each device plus 2GB of shared data. See the chart below for more info.

For the details on the other plans, check out Verizon Share Everything Plans.You can also use the Data Calculator tool provided by Verizon to calculate what you might be charged for sharing data between your devices. Now, how costly do the plans look for you?

[via Verizon]

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  • Thanks for sharing this information here…..)

  • Ashraf

    @Keith Hamm: No, no. If you dont own a smartphone you can get other plans. Hit up the source link to learn more.

    Sorry for the confusion.

    @David: Verizon isnt known for being cheap.

  • David

    That seems like a lot of money to add a phone
    do you get call waiting and all the othe goodies included.
    The first phone at 50 Bucks is good .
    I would like to see each additional phone around priced around 30 bucks with cw answerphone etc as the first phone has already paid for the data.
    In a family of 4 , 2 would be kids and it would be very hard to police data usage which might end up with overcharges.

  • KMHamm

    If they were really smart, they’d use Dargon or other voice to text software to create a way to text by voice so people wouldn’t have to type while they’re driving…..

  • Keith Hamm

    All I use the phone for is texting and voice calls. Now I HAVE TO pay for the data service I don’t need??? if so, time to look elsewhere.