Google Analytics goes mobile, releases app for Android, allows developers to track app stats

 Google Analytics has been and still is one of the best tools for advertisers, developers, as well as webmasters for analysing user activity to provide better content and services to users; and to generate statistical data for products and services.

As many Android developers have been requesting, Google has now announced “Mobile App Analytics” for smartphones and tablets running the Android operating system. What this means is developers can now employ Analytics tools and services to track app usage statistics, such as downloads, geographic data, etc.

In addition to the new app stats feature, Google Analytics has released an Android app which allows users to access their Analytics account right from their Android device. This app allows access to website and app analytics — whatever you have your account setup for. Even though the Android app for Analytics isn’t as fully-featured as Google Analytics’ website, it is still very useful for quick info.

Mobile App Analytics is currently in the beta as the Analytics blog reports. The app now allows its users to track acquisition and user metrics such as number of downloads , number of new users, etc. It also allows one to keep record of the crashes and conversions. App sales and in-app purchases details will also be available to the users. The app will provide real-time information on the most popular pages of your website (popular screens for apps), the number of live visitors, and furthermore useful data.

The Google Analytics app is now available for download through the Google Play store.

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