Windows 8 Pro upgrades to cost $39.99 for Windows XP and above

Microsoft knows that Windows 8 will be a hard push, and they’re gearing up for it already. The day Windows 8 is released, the Pro version will be available for only US$39.99 in over 130 markets for people currently running Windows XP and above.

$39.99 will get you a digital download, along with an upgrade assistant and a free copy of Windows Media Center. The upgrade assistant will inform you of any application or hardware incompatibilities before you upgrade, allowing you to research new hardware or software required. Note that only Windows Vista and Windows 7 users will be eligible for direct upgrades, and that Windows XP users will have to start anew, keeping none of their previous settings.

This promotion, which includes $39.99 for a digital download and $69.99 for a disc bought in a store, ends January 31, 2013; so you have quite some time to make your decision to jump on the bandwagon or not.

[Blogging Windows via Lifehacker]

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  1. Godel


    “On that note, for those of you still on Windows XP, the fact that Microsoft is offering Windows 8 Pro as opposed to Windows 8 (consumer) should be of particular interest. Windows 8 Pro comes with downgrade rights, which allow the owner to legally install older versions of Windows. So for those of you needing to upgrade from XP but still wanting to hang back with Windows 7, this is a de-facto $40 Windows 7 Professional upgrade too.”

    How would this work? Would you download Win 7 separately and us the same key?

  2. JohnO

    The price is a little bit fishy. I wonder if microsoft is debating on whether Win8 will be a big flop just like Vista was. I will give this a pass and wait for Win9 …. hopefully by then they would have fixed up all the kinks (just like they did with Win7).

    With the exception of XP, It seems like whenever microsoft comes up with a new OS with a totally new GUI (graphical user interface), it usually is a failure. (winMe, Vista). Strangely enough it always seems like everyother nice OS realease from microsoft is usually followed with a flop.
    But then for $39.99 it is too hard to pass..!

  3. Mike

    Agreed with Ed and Ashraf. It’s nice to see that Microsoft is getting more realistic as to its OS roll-outs vis-a-vis pricing for previously-existing systems (although a $30 price would be even nicer, and $20–or even less, of course–ideal).

    Having said that, like Ed, I want to see some reviews first. Metro just doesn’t convince me for laptops and desktops–tablets and screen touch-based systems, yes. And I’m not sure that there are benefits there to counsel upgrading from Win7.

  4. mukhi

    if win 8 gets the upgrade/install issues like win 7 does, i am not gonna buy it.
    the main problem with win7 is that you can’t clean install in a commercial desktop/laptop unless you workaround because they don’t give you a disc anymore. i had huge amount of headache when i tried different methods available online. none of them work specially if you have upgrade key bought from MS store. finally, i found a legal trial version of win7hp64 (ISO image), when burned and installed, it worked with my key.
    playing video including blu-ray is best in windows (well, the only OS that supports BD), else i would be using ubuntu or OSX.

  5. Don

    I would’nt give them 39 cents for that butt-ugly POS. If/when XP/Vista/7 all become completely unusable, guess it’ll be time to dust off the Ubuntu box again. For tablets it might be marginally ok, but at a desktop/laptop, I’m just not going to look at that garish screen-ever.

  6. AFPhys

    Thanks very much for keeping us up to date on this, Ashraf. When it finally gets released, it will be most important to see some reviews as to how well it does on older machinery – those machines many of us keep running with XP-SP3.

    Hmm… I just realized that the rising capability and recognition of Linux to handle many generations of machines is part of the reason for the $40 price.

  7. Damon

    I wonder if this covers the upgrade to Outlook and Office or does that get wiped?
    If we just have Windows 7 and no Outlook or Office, do we just get Windows 8 and the Windows Media Center?

  8. Horrabin

    I’m not enthused. I tried installing on 3 different drives (one an ssd) in a spare computer with 2-year-old Gigabyte board, E8400 CPU & 8 GB and it crashed all 3 soon after startup. The W8 equivalent of blue screen. Wouldn’t let me re-install on any of them after. The system’s fine, I’ve used it to test out several servers & some other assorted stuff from techNet. Not a hiccup from any of it except W8. I find it hard to believe something that’s alleged to run on old laptops & such runs in circles, screams and shouts, when it encounters relatively new hardware. $40 is a vast improvement over the usurious charges for previous OS’s but I’ll pass until I see more feedback from the Windows community.