How to upgrade from Hotmail to [How-To Guide]

Microsoft recently introduced, the impending successor to Hotmail. If you don’t have an existing Hotmail account, you can get started with by easily creating a new account. However, if you do have an existing Hotmail inbox, there is a way to easily upgrade/change/convert to from Hotmail. This guide shows you how to do exactly that.

Before We Begin

Before we being, take note going from Hotmail to does not change your e-mail address. The e-mail address you have with Hotmail currently is the same e-mail address you will have after you upgrade to If you want a new e-mail, you need to create a new account.

On the same note, converting from Hotmail to does not result in loss of data — all your e-mails, contacts, folders, etc. are converted with you. The only thing that changes when going from Hotmail to is the user interface; you get a new inbox with new features provided by that were not available in Hotmail.

How To Change From Hotmail To

The following are the steps you need to take to covert your Hotmail account to

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  • Login to Hotmail.
  • Once logged in, go to your Hotmail inbox:

  • Once in your Hotmail inbox, click on Options (located in the top-right) then click on Upgrade to

  • Next you will be prompted with a message asking you if you are sure you want to upgrade. Click on Upgrade to Outlook to continue:

  • Done.

After you click on Upgrade to Outlook, your Hotmail inbox will be replaced with an and you can start using it:


Your Hotmail account has now been converted to If at any point you get tired of, you can easily switch back to Hotmail by following dotTech’s How To Switch from to Hotmail guide. Enjoy!

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  • amal george

    I cannot login to hotmail to go to my hotmail
    inbox! what i have to do?

  • Nabeel

    I need my, i hate outlook .com, and already i am rename my acoount nabeelchisht*** into nabeelchisht*** and my nabeelchisht*** is not work during sing in :'( please change it

  • Robert

    Installed the outlook version from hotmail. The reply and forward commands will not open for me to reply to any mail sent to me? Help! The delete, empyt Icons work just fine. Can’t open reply or send or any new messages? Anyone having this same problem?


    I am not happy with this. I cannot see all my emails (unread and read) It only shows me about 8 emails. Today I cannot log in at all. What is the web address? I put in hotmail as usual and the computer says they cannot log me in. When I put in outlook it happens as well.
    I am frustrated.
    Please let me know what to do?

  • Brian

    To use hotmail or without a browser you can use MS Outlook client.

  • Shannon

    I absolutely hate this “Outlook” I want the old hotmail back and I want to be able to go onto my profile and see my info and status messages, which I now can’t! Thanks a bunch! You’ve lost a hotmail user now, nice one!

  • Anachronox

    Hmm… I tried this, but I don’t have the ‘Upgrade to’ option under my Options menu. Maybe because this is an australian account?

  • Silver Dragon Sys


    If you lost your password to log into Hotmail you can request a password reset to be sent to an alternate email address, they usually respond within 5 minutes.

  • Doug

    Thats all find & dandy I cant get into my e-mail to change over

  • RR Patterson

    I use Thuderbird to download and read my hotmail messages using pop3. Works great and I don’t have to use the browser. Use these settings:
    Incoming Server:
    Incoming Port: 995
    SSL Encryption: yes
    Outgoing Server:
    Outgoing port: 25 (use port 587 if the default port is not working)
    Authentication: yes
    TLS Or SSL: yes also offers pop3 access using the same info ( and–but not IMAP for either as I understand it.

  • hal

    Not happy with this “new outlook” e-mail mess reminds me of windows 8, oh well that is another story.

    Anyways does anyone know if can set up the “new outlook” up like the good old Outlook Express?
    so Do Not have to have a browser open to view e-mail? Or like you do with Thunderbird?
    That is one of the main drawbacks with hotmail now, and this “new outlook” in nothing more than Live Mail, which I have already killed off……
    But like hotmail the way is now, so not looking forward to being forced to go to the new mess.
    Makes one think is part of Facebook and their forced updates

  • Silver Dragon Sys

    I have to say that is much more user friendly than Hotmail, and offers sorting features and linked correspondence grouping that Hotmail should have had from the get go. Now I don’t need to create a sorting rule when exchanging emails with one individual, automatically links the back and forth into one email entry making it truly convenient to keep a email log compact without all the rule creation and constant Copy/Paste.