How to switch from to Hotmail [How-To Guide] is a new free web e-mail service by Microsoft intended to replace Hotmail. Using can be done by creating a new account or upgrading your existing Hotmail account to If you have used and decided you want to go back to Hotmail, that can be done easily. This guide shows you how to do it.

Before We Begin

Before we being, take note going from Hotmail to does not change your e-mail address. This means if you created a new e-mail, that e-mail will stay with you when you go to Hotmail; if you converted your Hotmail account to, you will still retain the same Hotmail e-mail when you go back.

Also, downgrading from to Hotmail does not result in loss of data. All your e-mails, contacts, folders, etc. are converted with you. The only thing that changes when going from to Hotmail is the user interface; you get the old Hotmail inbox and features back.

Lastly, if you were forced to upgrade to from Hotmail, you cannot revert back to Hotmail. Going from to Hotmail is only for those people that voluntarily upgraded.

UPDATE: It looks like Microsoft is no longer allowing people to revert back to Hotmail from Sorry people — you are stuck with, you cannot change back!

How To Go Back To Hotmail From (How To Turn Off

The following are the steps you need to take to covert your account to Hotmail:

Note: To enlarge any images below, simply click on them.

  • Login to
  • Once logged in, you will be taken to your inbox. From there click on the gear icon located near the top-right corner:

  • Clicking on the gear icon will open a menu. From that menu click on Switch back to Hotmail:

  • Next you will be prompted with a message asking for feedback. If you want to provide feedback, click on Send feedback; otherwise, click on Skip feedback:

  • Done.

If you opted to send feedback, you will be asked a series of questions after which you will be taken to Hotmail; if you opted to not send feedback, you will be taken directly to Hotmail:


Switching between Hotmail and is very easy and dotTech’s two guides How To Upgrade From Hotmail to and How To Switch from to Hotmail make the process even easier thanks to our step-by-step directions with screenshots. So go, venture into the world of Microsoft e-mail without fear of permanent change. Enjoy!

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  • Allegheny500 .

    never had Hotmail, the update forced my computer to go to on boot, slowing the boot speed from 10 seconds to well over 3 minutes waiting for that piece of crap to respond and I can’t seem to get rid of it

  • Timothy Toroian

    why can’t one get a simple answer to a simple question from geeks. did they actually forget how to communicate? You people suck You don’t deserve to communicate with people. I like Jeff’s comment. I’d do physical damage if I could find you smucks. Nah, you’re not worth the hassle. I hope your mechanic fucks you over on car repairs since you probably know nothing in that area.

  • Robert Gittens

    Im moving on also…This new outlook is the worse….Total garbage…It blocks everything….A waste of my time….I HATE OUTLOOK

  • Jeff Dearman


  • Jeff Dearman

    I cant even look through two pages of emails without the site crashing on me.

  • Jeff Dearman

    Their color scheme is ugly as hell too. looks like its from the 1990s. …

  • Jeff Dearman

    please leave OUTLOOk to send them a message. the more people who do that maybe they’ll go back to the old hotmail. GO back to gmail or another service. it will help spread the word. that we dont want to be forced to change from hotmail to outloook.

  • Jeff Dearman

    If i were you i’d go back to GMAIL and send MICROSOFT A MESSAGE THAT WE WONT WANT OUTLOOK.

  • Jeff Dearman

    IM LEAVING YOU OUTLOOK> BYE BYE. you wnt ALLOW PEOPLE TO CHANGE BACK TO HOTMAIL. SEE YA!!!! Going back to GMAIL I hope others will do the same until they fix and change it. THE NEW OUTLOOK SUCKS. too many problems . bugs etc. cant keep checking more than 200 emails at a time without it crashing. Cant move emails to folders as easy as I could with hotmail. The look is horrible. Horrible Design. HOTMAIL was so much better and you RUINED A GOOD THING. Also anything associated with MICROSOFT youknow is going to SUCK. so GOODBYE! heading back over to gmail.

  • Cindy Burns

    My husband can’t even get to his emails it open but that’s it will
    Not open emails nothing it’s like it’s frozen and we do no know what to do and the when he can even get to it



    My account has been switched over to
    I do not like / comfortable with outlook, I am also not able to open / download
    the attachments to my E- mails. When I start downloading the attachment, a
    message appears on screen that “Unable to resolve the server’s DNS address, Unable
    to locate”. Kindly restore / change back to the old format immediately without any loss of data and attachments, and also make it
    possible to open / download the attachments. Your early action will be appreciated.
    Regards. RK Gupta

  • Karen Gaur

    Last straw. I’ve been with Hotmail for years and absolutely hate the newer outlook so-called upgrade. It’s like going back in time 15 years as far as not having the features that the older more perfect Hotmail used to have. It’s like they’re trying to piss us off so that we’ll just leave Hotmail altogether, Don’t know anyone whose happy about it. They need to fire the numskull idiots rewriting the programming for them.

  • Jeff Dearman

    I loved hotmail was so easy to use, hate the outlook format. Lookng for a new email provider.

  • Jeff Dearman

    Microsoft is probably losing a lot of email customers. like me. GOODBYE microsoft outlook.

  • Jeff Dearman

    well im no longer using hotmail/outlook then, GOODBYE. I liked the old format of hotmail much better. thanks again for fucking thngs up microsoft. HATE MICROSOFT.

  • Stuart

    Outlook – thee worst email of them all including yahoo’s and that’s saying something…takes 20 – 30 seconds to load up every time on my s4. An absolute disaster of a so-called email service. Trying to get back to the world-class and excellent Hotmail setup. The overpaid chancers who designed outlook should find their true calling in life and leave this type of work to those who know what they’re doing…go along to your local job centre and see if there are any vacancies for Toilet Attendants.

  • Ron

    I tried what you suggested but revert to Hotmail wasn’t on offer. When Outlook annexed Hotmail my Folders were left behind. I am an author and my FOLDERS hold my contracts, my unfinished novels, my film scripts and permissions from Publishers and I have just spent three days of my life trying to get them back. It was unbelievably arrogant of Microsoft to annex my LIFE without having the manners to ask if I wanted, but they should not have touched ANYTHING until they had enough intelligence to get it right. If I ruled the world MICROSOFT I would close you down for arrogant irresponsibility.

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    [@Tom R]

    Tom.You are lucky,most people have given up on this place completely.They must have thought:-every
    man and his dog,must have had all their-MSN/HOTMAIL problems sorted out by now-lol! However,i left
    the door open,just in case & i will try to help you if i can.Back very soon.

  • Tom R

    How can I forward an email using the contact list found in “People” ?


    617#-Jake,Don’t waste your is Kaput!,it no longer exists as an option.

  • Jake

    Hi. I clicked the gear icon and i got a list but it didnt say switch back to Hotmail. Whst should I do now?

  • ALAN

    This Site/Blog is not an Agony Aunt problems
    magazine,go to a preacher or consult a fortune
    teller & stop wasting our time here!

  • Alan.

    [@christabel] This Site/Blog is
    not a problems Agony Aunt helpline,nor is it for
    publicising or propagating mumbo jumbo type
    nonsense,go to a church or consult a consult a
    fortune teller & stop wasting everybody’s time

  • ALAN

    [@Danielle] Danielle,from your
    comments,i take it that you have been switched to
    Outlook from your previous MSN settings,if this is
    true-say yes & i will see if i/we can help-Alan.

  • Danielle

    I am locked out of my hotmail/outlook .com email that I have had in one way or another(example)Hotmail,M.S.N.,and now outlook.Anyway,I was so upset by the whole ordeal recently while trying to go back to M.S.N ,confused aggrevated and not really knowing what I was doing,I pressed something wrong because it keeps saying that I need a parent to sign me in.I don’t know what to do.I have tried and tried to put my password in,but it has not relent.It’s been my email for years.I have not been able to get my emails,It’s got all my information,and it obviously does not even leave me the option of closing the account.Please,if anyone knows how to help me,let me know.

  • Mark Lee

    [@Kendra farns] [@ALAN SHEEHAN]

    You may have read the news already… If you didn’t and in case you bother to spend a minute reading it, please go here:

    I didn’t want to be rude, but I couldn’t contain myself but stating the obvious: while Neil_S was exceedingly cooperative, the other guy was the one who triggered my pessimism, as I had already mentioned in my last message, just above this one. All he had to say was, once I could get to my contacts on a different computer, then my browser had to be the culprit!… Unaware he was (because he never asked) whether or not both computers had different softwares… Well, they had not!

    Of course, they must start with the simpler and less time consuming steps, like they seem to do, but like I said there, I think they should also include a backup, if at all possible, as one of their cards that can be played…

    One last word to thank you guys, particularly Kendra, for all her “shepherding” and her kind help and cooperation…


  • Mark Lee

    [@Kendra farns] [@ALAN SHEEHAN]

    Hi guys!
    Hmmm… Like I hinted in a previous post, it doesn’t seem to go very smoothly with MSN… The first thing they asked was for my email address that was having the problem. I gave it to them. Now someone else says that the problem is with my browser because I said I was able to access my contacts from a different computer…
    The problem is, the “other computer” uses the exact same browser version as the one where I have the issue… It seems to me that they are trying to dump the blame on someone else and wash their hands off my problem. I hope I’m wrong.
    No, the source of the problem must lay somewhere else but my browser.
    I’ll cross my fingers!…


    [@Mark Lee] Sorry to hear that Mark,it was a long shot.Try this:-Type in…How do i
    find missing files on my Computer.There is lots of help
    offered,and one claims = find almost anything.Good

  • Mark Lee

    Hi Alan,
    I tried that but my “history” is very short as I performed a clearing of my browser’s cache and history yesterday as a way of trying to resolve this problem. I did follow the search approach you suggest but all I get is the message that includes the word if such message is still in one of my mail folders. Unless I’m missing something, this does not address my issue.
    I am already in contact with an MSN representative and I hope she can provide a solution shortly.
    Thanks for your kind attempt to help. I appreciate it.


    [@Kendra farns] Sometimes you
    can be lucky trying 1 of these 2 things. 1/. Go way
    way back in you history file to see if there is a listing.
    2/.In the search box under the word Outlook,type in
    a search promp/trigger word that you recall a friend
    using,such as a friend having said:-I am going to
    Morocco in 2 weeks time, I would type in Morocco,
    then have a 2nd try with Holiday etc….

  • Kendra farns

    Mark is going through some growing pains and had a meltdown ~Aug 15th. As you can imagine a small percentage (0.0001%) had some corruption that has to be “repaired”.

    Do yourself a favor and backup. I am subscribed to your thread.

  • Mark Lee

    [@Kendra farns]

    Thanks, Kendra.
    Did that browser clearing, but no change. Guess I’ll wait for the moderator to intervene. It sort of reassures me the fact that my contacts are still in the WLM file. I’m confident that the moderator will show me how to put them back were I need them most.
    But the puzzle remains — what on earth happened now with Outlook that had never happened in Hotmail? This thought alone gives me chills. But OK. Let me wait patiently for the moderator to show me the light…

  • Kendra farns


    I thought that was you, the start date had me fooled. It is escalated to the appropriate forum moderator.

    Have you tried to clear your browser cache/cookies? That is the first trouble shooting step

    The first step in any troubleshooting is to clear the browser cache/cookies.

    *For Internet Explorer browser: Press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL simultaneously and click Delete
    *For Google Chrome: Press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL simultaneously and click Clear Browsing Data
    *For Firefox: Press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL simultaneously and click Clear Now
    (other browsers are similar)

  • Mark Lee
  • Kendra farns


    There are quite a few with that title. Link please?

  • Mark Lee

    [@Kendra farns]

    Big grin… Yes, indeed. You guessed smartly. That’s the one… They are all aliases, of course… Thank you very much!

    Now about the “syncing” how exactly do I do that? You see, my fear is what if I mess up and end up losing the WLM file? That would be the last straw that broke the donkeys back, as they say around here…

    Thanks again.

  • Kendra farns


    There are currently 8 threads with that title. One from 11 mins ago looks promising but I am unsure. User name is LinYu2

    If you have them in WLM and it is sync’ed to your have you tried just logging off then back on to sync them?

    Let me know if that is your user name so I can bump it

  • Mark Lee

    [@Kendra farns]

    Thank you Kendra, very, very much!
    I already posted a question on the site you provided under the title “I lost all my Outlook contacts!”
    I will sincerely appreciate whatever you can do so that I can get my contacts back as soon as possible.
    Incidentally, after posting my message in MSN, I went back and checked Windows Live Mail and my contacts are still there. I just don’t know how I can retrieve them.
    Thanks for your continued help.

  • empty promises

    [@Mark Lee]

    the fact of the matter is outlook is being implemented for an agenda! it is disgusting. when people send you photos you can neveer see the photos unless you hit your reply button. and every time yous end an email at the bottoomof your inbox there is the annoying line that prevents you from scrolling forward you havent save your recent email to contacts would you like to add them to facebook etc! I f I wanted to add them I would I dont need outlook controlling my everymove in my inbox which is what the new agenda is plus many others. losing your contacts is a repeat happening all the time i outlook. and last week me and everyone is knew were frozen out of our email. could not access it all day long! why ? its their agenda to monitor everyone!outlook sucks. It sucked the first day and it still sucks to this day! but this link doesnt like negative comments but its a hassle every day to use outlook

  • Kendra farns

    Mark Lee

    There are several things that can be done on the backend (server side) but for that you need to go to ( start a thread, and have one of the forum moderators examine your account. If you put a link to your thread here I can escalate it for you.

  • Mark Lee

    [@Kendra farns] [@ALAN SHEEHAN.]

    Hi Kendra and Allan,

    You may be wondering what on earth makes me still visit this thread, and I don’t blame you for that… The thing I think I do have a real serious problem with Outlook.

    Today I tried to send a new message and when I clicked on “New” I noticed that no name suggestions showed up on the left column, as they usually would. So I then clicked on the “People” icon under “Outlook” and was shocked (I still am) to read the following message at the top of a blank page:

    “Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again or refresh the page. If you continue to have this problem, please report it to Microsoft.”

    So the problem is, I LOST ALL OF MY DOZENS OF CONTACTS and I still can’t believe it !!!

    How can it happen like this? I never, ever, had any kind of problem with Hotmail for about 20 years and now, after just a couple of months of using Outlook, this happens ?!?!?!?… And I’m a paying subscriber !!!

    Well, I still didn’t turn crazy because I still hope there may be a solution. I definitely do hope there is !

    So I guess you got it already — you guys are my first line of help. Kendra suggested going to the MSN forums but I’ll be honest with you, the few times I tried that in the past I don’t recall having received a timely answer and I also got the impression that I was not alone on that predicament… I admit I might have been just unlucky but the bad image is still fresh in my mind.

    Please, guys, what can you do or suggest that I do to have my list of contacts back?

    I anxiously wait for your reply…

    Thanks and best regards


    (My apologies if this message gets involuntarily repeated)

  • Mark Lee

    [@Kendra farns][@ALAN SHEEHAN.]

    Hi Kendra and Allan,

    You may be wondering what on earth makes me still visit this thread, and I don’t blame you for that… The thing I think I do have a real serious problem with Outlook.

    Today I tried to send a new message and when I clicked on “New” I noticed that no name suggestions showed up on the left column, as they usually would. So I then clicked on the “People” icon under “Outlook” and was shocked (I still am) to read the following message at the top of a blank page:

    “Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again or refresh the page. If you continue to have this problem, please report it to Microsoft.”

    So the problem is, I LOST ALL OF MY DOZENS OF CONTACTS and I still can’t believe it !!!

    How can it happen like this? I never, ever, had any kind of problem with Hotmail for about 20 years and now, after just a couple of months of using Outlook, this happens ?!?!?!?… And I’m a paying subscriber !!!

    Well, I still didn’t turn crazy because I still hope there may be a solution. I definitely do hope there is !

    So I guess you got it already — you guys are my first line of help. Kendra suggested going to the MSN forums but I’ll be honest with you, the few times I tried that in the past I don’t recall having received a timely answer and I also got the impression that I was not alone on that predicament… I admit I might have been just unlucky but the bad image is still fresh in my mind.

    Please, guys, what can you do or suggest that I do to have my list of contacts back?

    I anxiously wait for your reply…

    Thanks and best regards


  • Mark Lee

    [@Kendra farns]
    All three files show a “Date modified” of 7/19/2013 and the time is 7:46 AM for the three. I just cannot open that MSMessageStore file…
    Yes, I tried to go to the Community and make a couple searches but it seems not to be working properly…

  • Kendra farns

    Was the time on the message store folder before or after you deleted the folders?

    the file msmessagestore contains the data but it could contain the data after or the data before the folders were deleted.

    If before there is a POSSIBILITY that the data can be restored but if you have “keep a copy on the server checked” it is much easier to re-sync from that.

    Again I would start a thread on Answers.

  • Mark Lee

    [@Kendra farns]
    Thanks for your reply. Yes, following the path you describe, under the folder “Backup” I encounter another folder called “new” that contains these three files:
    They all show date modified as 7/19/2013; the first one is type Text Document but I seem unable do read it as the text is all scrambled; the second one is type MSMESSAGESTORE File and needs to know what program I want to use to open it, which I have no idea; and the third one is type PAT file.
    I wonder if you could provide some guidance, based on this info. If not, then I’ll proceed to do as you suggest.
    Thanks again for your patience.

  • Kendra farns

    There are a ton of variables. When sync’ing WLM & did you check “leave a copy on the server”?
    If you navigate to C:\users\your user\appdata\local\Microsoft\windows live mail\backup is there a mail.message store there? (a backup)

    There is too many questions that need asking here so I would suggest you start a thread on (we are down atm) in the section and I can point some help towards you.

  • Mark Lee

    [@Kendra farns][@ALAN SHEEHAN.]

    Help, please!…
    I lost a few sub-folders in my Live Mail account!
    Following Kendra’s suggestion that I could send an email with “read receipt” from WLM, I proceeded to do just that and, in the process, I noticed that a few folders that I had deleted and/or rearranged in Outlook (such as creating a couple of sub-folders under existing folders) were showing in WLM wich resulted, in some cases, as either duplications or empty folders.
    I tried to introduce some order and proceeded to delete the duplicates and to create the new sub-folders. Subsequently, and inexplicably to me, I noticed that the sub-folders I had in my Outlook account were showing in duplicate in WLM and, in each case, one was a replica of my Outlook sub-folder and the other was empty.
    It looked logical to me that I would just delete the empty sub-folders and keep the others.
    All this occurred in the last two or three days. Today, I was shocked when I accessed my email accounts, both in Otlook and WLM and those sub-folders I had kept (the ones with dozens of messages) were all gone!… And the messages inside them are nowhere to be found, as I even checked under “Deleted messages”.
    Is there any way you know of retrieving these lost folders or is this something I have to take as my fair cost of learning? The problem is, honestly, it doesn’t look a fair price to me…
    Any help?
    Thanks and sorry for the bother.

  • Mark Lee

    Well, no. I have three “working” laptops, the newest two using W7 64bit, a i7 processor @ 2.67 GHz, a 4 GB RAM and, yes, I try to keep my desktop free of clutter (as much as possible) and I regularly (every few days) prune out all the cookies for sites I don’t regularly use. Of course, I do not allow any third-party cookies at all.
    And that’s it… As a matter of fact, I’m a self-admitted great moron (technology wise at the very least) and, probably as a consequence of this, I am naturally resistant to run after each fancy trend, so to speak.
    There are no daft questions, as they say, but just out of curiosity, why would you ask?…


    It never crossed my mind that any form of disrespect was meant,so there is no problem.This
    may be a daft question…do you use any of the
    techniques for keeping your laptop up to speed?

  • Mark Lee


    Oh… Alan… I’m afraid you’re reading much more into what I wrote than I ever meant to say… No worry… I what just fooling around that kind offer you had made in the past about you being willing and ready to help anyone at any time, day or night… At that time, if I recall well, you may even mentioned something like “even if you call me at 5 in the morning”, or some like that. This is what I had in mind after my last cry for help (above) at this late stage in the life of this thread, that made Kendra make a comment about it being deserted (“no one monitoring the thread any longer”)… In short, it was just a joke, I’m sure you didn’t read as a sign of any kind of disrespect.

    [@Kendra farns]
    Thanks, Kendra. It’s getting kind of late around my bushes here (I’m not an all-night “owl” like Alan… lol) but I do very much appreciate your insights and I promise to go get more familiar with WLM and will come back and take advantage of your kind offer for help.

  • Kendra farns

    Mark Lee

    You can configure WLM to access ALL of your email in one place (as I do). Configuring it will take more than we can do here. Suggest you contact the link I gave you before. If you give us a lik to your thread on Answers I can point some assistance to it. I have used Windows live mail as a free light weight alternative to Office (which I have to use) and am constantly amazed that anyone uses web mail. I have over 10 addresses (most in,, and and it is a life saver.


    I’m afraid i don’t understand,say again in another
    way,or give me a ref of some sort-cheers.

  • Mark Lee

    Allan… Wait a minute… You were the one who said you could be bothered 24/7/365… Well… As they say in my hometown, (translating) ‘never owe to the rich and never promise to the poor’… I’m affraid you may have promised too much to the ‘poor’… lol
    Have a great day you all!
    Mar Lee

  • Mark Lee

    [@Kendra farns]
    You, Kendra Farns to the rescue, once again. Thanks a milllion!…
    I decided to come back here just to let you know that when I click on the Windows Live Mail (from the Start button) I immediately get to the mail platform and I can see an exact replica of all the folders and emails I had under Hotmail and as they now appear under Outlook. Does this mean that I can send a message from WLM using my Hotmail/Outlook email address and include a receipt/read request on it? And if yes, how?
    One last thing: I somehow got the impression that in order to get an answer from this MS site for which you provided a link, you better get equipped with a comfortable seat first… You’re going to wait a long time and this is if you ever get an answer…. Maybe this a misconception but that’s what I got. What’s your view on it?
    Thanks again for your thoughts.
    Mark Lee


    Oh yes they do-BOO!.gotcha Mark,to be serious point my saying anything,you have said
    it all-cheers.

  • Kendra farns

    Mark Lee does not support read receipt, or recall. Windows live mail does and has the added benefit of making a local backup of your online data. There is a very small % of users that have lost data and as with any “cloud based” data you are responsible for your data.

    I would suggest asking questions here as I am not sure anyone “monitors” this thread any longer

  • Mark Lee

    Hi Sheehan, Glenda, Kendra and all… I need a little help.
    I wanted to send an email with delivery and/or read receipt but can’t seem to figure out how. I even googled and got several answers but either “my” is different from theirs or this hard-head turned unable to follow their instructions…
    I hope one of you could help me see the light! If there’s a light, of course… (AND if I can see it…!!!…) lol


    Glenda & anyone aside off thread.If you
    want to have some fun and a laugh with some nice
    people,go to the:-Amazon discussions Forum &
    sign in @ /on the Kindle Forum.I am signed in @
    the “Sunshine and Smile thread”,it can be a real
    laugh and sometimes hysterically funny or surreal,
    but-never never boring.Perhaps i will see you

  • Glenda Kanashige

    I thought it had died, but obviously not. I kinda miss the back-and-forth, but really it has passed it’s use-by date. Thank you all for the help you so unselfishly gave. It made my unwilling transfer so much easier. Let’s just hope that all the wrinkles with Outlook get ironed out eventually.

  • Mark Lee

    [@Kendra farns]

    LOLOL… Kendra, did you ever know about the cats’ seven lives?… May be we have one here… LOLOL…

    So long.

  • Kendra farns

    I wondered how long it would take this thread to die, unfortunately it seems to have a life of its own.


  • paypal hacker download

    I’m going to instantly understanding your own feed once i cannot find your contact monthly subscription hyperlink or maybe e-newsletter service. Do you have almost any? I implore you to make it possible for us acknowledge so I could signed up. Thank you.


    What do you mean Kendra,should we expect a
    plague of zombies come sunset!-lol.

  • Kendra farns




    The admins should lock this thread and throw away the key.

    Watch for more changes to people Soon


    Cant you read English?????

  • Anthony Seru

    I need my old email back


    Sandra,you must read some of the previous posts,
    its been said time and time cannot
    switch back,HOTMAIL is KAPUT-FINITO! If you
    need any help finding your way round Outlook,just

  • sandra

    I tried this and dont get the option to switch back to hotmail?


    John,its as Kendra says..the standard Hotmail no
    longer exists and Outlook is now the permanent
    replacement.You will almost certainly have problems
    with it,until you find your way around it,just say if you
    need any help,Kendra/myself & others are here to

  • Kendra farns


    You cant switch back. The Hotmail interface is gone, dead, finished.

  • john

    im not find the icon (swich back to hotmail) and in a site says that everyone can’t swich back to hotmail any more!!!!!

  • Glenda Kanashige

    Never had that problem. Could it be something in your settings that needs adjusting?

  • Glenda Kanashige

    Yes, Mark, I am hopeful. After all, Hotmail was tweaked many, many times – and I was always annoyed at the changes until I got used to them. No reason to think Outlook won’t develop. For the better, one hopes.


    Some may find their forwarding option has now
    disappeared,if this is so..just say & i will show you
    another way to do it.Regards-Alan.


    Yeah–in the neck pal!

  • Kendra farns


    I feel your pain.


    Its been said OVER and OVER–YOU CANNOT!
    Read the previous posts-sigh!

  • Penny

    I followed the instructions but it doesn’t give me the option to switch back to
    Now what should I do?

  • evolving62

    @Alan – thank you! I’ll try to read that later and see if I can fix it. Appreciate it! I’ll let you know :)


    This should work–save me a lot of typing.

  • Mark Lee

    [@Glenda Kanashige]

    You got it! I could subscribe to all that you wrote, including the emoticons and the colors… I also share your hope that after MS gets settled on this huge task of the migration they will certainly start bringing many small improvements to Outlook and it will most likely end up as a better and more efficient email program than our old, beloved Hotmail…

    Or so I was told by an MS agent. I find no reason to be skeptical at this time.


  • evolving62

    Hey – can anyone tell me why emails I create show up as being double spaced, even though I did NOT double space when I typed them? This appears to be something new, didn’t happen in Hotmail, to my knowledge. Is also happening in my office outlook program at work.
    Thanks for any help you can provide!

  • Glenda Kanashige

    I still sometimes wonder if I have the same Outlook as other people, as I haven’t had any of the problems mentioned – except for the initial antipathy. Mark, I think you have it – click on Folders, and they all open up. Also, when you are composing an e-mail – at least when I am – I get the To box. If I start to type an address, suggestions come up, but if I click on the word To, all my addresses appear, and I can select them, just as in Hotmail. Same goes for Cc and Bcc – just click on the word and my whole address list appears – after I have opened the panels for them by clicking on the, well, the words. It does take time to work out all the wrinkles in Outlook, and thank goodness we have Mark and Alan to help us. Once you get used to it, it is not so bad. Must admit, I do miss the old Emoticons. The Outlook ones are just ugly in my opinion. And the colours available for text limited and also ugly. But I will make do and hope for some improvements in the future.


    Thanks Mark.Cathy,on the main Outlook page,go to
    the search mail box[top left],type in any known
    contact,now click on the Magnifying glass…do any
    messages from that party appear on the main page of Outlook listings.If the answer to this is YES,then
    the search function is working normally.Now go back
    to the same search box,and do the same again,but
    with the name of someone that seems to be lost.Do
    any of their messages appear on the main message
    page of Outlook?—if the answer is NO,then i am
    afraid they are lost forever,sorry-Alan.

  • Mark Lee

    Cathy, please try to understand and follow Alan’s instructions. He is an expert on Outlook. I just think that something is not right. On the description of what you can see on the left, as you stated in you previous message, going down from the word Outlook you should see:
    –Outlook | v
    –Search email
    [then the list of individual folders you for your mail]
    –Quick views
    –Shipping updates
    –New category

    This is what you must be able to read in any case. Now, you DID NOT mention the “Folders” line. Can’t you read it, between and below “Search email” and just above “Quick Views”???

    Well, if you can’t, then you definitely have a problem. But if you do, then just try to click over the word or the arrow that lies right to the left. This may show you the light… Please let us know what you see.

    Good luck.


  • cathy

    [@ALAN SHEEHAN.] see on the left this is what i see:I have the word outlook,search email, quick views, documents, flagged, photos, shipping updates,new category. if i click on the v right next to outlook i have four choices, mail(if i click on that big box it just tales me back to my inbox,),people(if i click on that it takes me to an edit screen to edit or add people in my contact list but it wont let me do anything else other than add or edit) then it has a big box for calendar, and a big box for skydrive. that is it. my junk email is gone? can no longer s ee it?

  • cathy

    no my contacts list is still there as if i click on people it will let me edit my contact list or add to it but i just can not access it when i want to utilize an eamil address when i compose . also in my inbox the junk mail is no longer visible all i now see on the left side is the word outlook, something called old folders, and a favorites where has the junk email gone in this outlook inbox?etc. This outlook is a mess and i just dont know how to navigate it. it is so confusing.It seems I now spend all of my time trying to fix outlook and trying to find stuff instead of actually having an email inbox etc. I try to do what you suggest but some of that is even confusing to me. I do appreciate any and all of your time to help.

  • Kendra farns

    Larry Wells

    Sorry about that. The migration is just about complete.

    For your problem you might want to clear your cache/cookies in Firefox.

    *For Firefox: Press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL simultaneously and click Clear Now

  • Larry Wells

    [@Kendra farns]

    The bastards moved me without my permission the new outlook will not let me in to firefox without a major action, it locks up all the time, it is terrible and not user friendly. i don’t care if it was free – if they let me go on don’t take me off with out asking me
    I hate outlook with a passion. It is a sorry program that screws up all the time. Don’t use me for your Guinea pig to test your new program


    Cathy,try these 2 very obvious things..who knows,
    something hidden may pop up.On the main Outlook
    page,go to the search mail box [top left] and type in
    IE;-Mike Lee[caps or lower]click search on magnifying
    glass,and see if one of your contacts messages is
    now listed on your main page.If that fails,use the
    method i mentioned before,and when you get to the
    people option,click on it and then do then search
    again.If both of those attempts fail,i’m afraid your
    contact/s may be gone forever.That’s one of the
    reasons that i always exchange phone numbers,

  • Kendra farns


    See post 540

  • cathy

    [@Mark Lee]
    Mark the contact listused to be there and if i wanted to create a new eamil I could click new and then on the left side bar my contact list would show up and i could scroll through it and find the persons email address now when i click new oon the left a favorites list shows up with a limited number of email addresses that i use? I dont have everyones email address memorized so without my list showing up i cant sent email unless it is just to someoen from this new favorites list that outlook has created? yes when they moved me to outlook my contact list was there now it is not? and so i clicked on people to go to my list and that favorites listis there?


    Do you have definite problems forwarding ANYTHING
    or in fact EVERYTHING?-If so,come back,i may have
    a/the solution,cheers-Alan.

  • Mark Lee

    It’s a little odd… Why don’t you try this simple test: Click on New, as if you went to prepare a new message and start writing one email address that you know was there in your contact old list but NOT in this that “favorites” list. Do you see the complete name being suggested after you start typing it?
    This would probably determine whether or not you still have your old contact list.
    Just for the hack of it, have you lost your contact list at the time you moved to Outlook or did it happen AFTER you were already in Outlook? In other words, did you ever see it in Outlook? Since you mention that you have already sent several messages from outlook, how did you enter those addresses? Did you typed them directly? And didn’t you see any suggestions being made as you started writing them?
    Please provide as many details as you can.
    Good luck.


    Cathy,that’s unusual but not unique.Go to the top of
    your page to the main address the left of it,
    are 2 arrows =fwd & bckwd.If 1 is black [not grey]
    click on it with your finger held down for 2 seconds.
    You should now see the option = show full history.
    Click on that and your history file will open.I suggest
    you scroll down that to OLDER & even OLDER until
    you come to the very 1st entry that says= Outlook.
    When you find that earliest ref point,click on that and
    your problem may be solved when you do what i
    suggested in the previous post,good luck-Alan.

  • cathy

    Dear Alan thanks for responding but that is where the problem is? when I click on that v and go to people (which should be my contact list) the only thing that is there that i can choose form is what is called a favorites list? my contact list used to be there and now it is not ther some list called favorites has created itself out of emails contct address that I have used since outlook. i guess itcreates it acutomatically as I have never “created a favorites list? and that is all that is there


    Cathy,go to the top left to the word OUTLOOK,on the
    right of it you will see a chevron V,click on that and
    you will be forwarded to the next page.There are
    several options on this page,and the one to click on is
    people.You should now be able to scroll down to any
    one you wish to contact.Come back,and say if you
    were successful,regards-Alan.

  • Kendra farns

    Its certainly not obvious but If you click the “To”, “Cc”, or “Bcc” once it gives you frequently used, click again and it gives you the complete list. You can toggle back and forth between them by clicking. There is a permanent solution…. Gear on the right>more mail settings>customizing outlook>advanced privacy settings>auto complete>give suggestions for anyone. Why dont they bury it a bit deeper. Ugh

  • cathy

    i have one question. in this outlook system i can not seemy contacts? the only contacts that are visible is a favorites? try as I might if I want to email someone there doesnt seem to be a way to scrool through contacts and highlight the particular person I want to email? the only thing that will show up is a favorites list? i even tried to put all my contacts into this favorites list so I can scroll through them but that did not work either? and now I can not find the end of my inbox?it is now gone? you can not scroll to the next page anymore since this outlook conversion from hotmail? does anyone know how to bring that back? and if I now ope up an email to read it my side screen is gone so I have to keep clicking the work outlook to get back to my inbox? does anyone know why? or how to over come these situations? thank you for any help.


    Cheers Kendra,at the moment..i’m having lots of
    laughs on the Amazon discussion Forums-bye!

  • Kendra farns

    No worries didnt figure you did just offering. Off to the next change Messenger>skype Ugh.


    Agreed Kendra,but if you mean me..i don’t need any

  • Kendra farns


    Kind sir, I can only say there are no so blind as those who will not see. We cant help them. yell if you need help.


    If you bothered reading the previous posts,you would
    realise that EVERYONE’S now in the same boat,so
    whats your point?-did you just come here to gripe?if
    so..bye bye,if the other hand,if you need help,just
    ask,there are plenty of posters here that can help.

  • Kendra farns


    You have been using a free service for probably years and complain when Microsoft makes changes it has every right to do. I think your time would be better spent either learning how to use or moving to a different service.

  • Hallam

    It is stupid that i am stuck on microsoft when i prefer hotmal.

  • katie


    alan im not sure why you sent me a link about storing files on an external drive???


    Katie,this may help also,regards-Alan.

  • katie


    oh ok i get you now lol, many thanks, i will try that :)


    Pushed for time Katie,so briefly,:-EQ might read—–“Joan,when is Suzy’s birthday”?If this is a part of a
    message that you sent in the past,there is a strong
    chance that the search box will find it,bye-Alan.

  • katie

    [@ALAN SHEEHAN.] you lost me in the last line, im not sure what “enquiry” you want me to type into the search box?? sorry if this sounds stupid


    This can be a real headache Katie,and its not clear in
    some cases why files/messages etc,have seemed to
    disappear into the ETHER! One thing you can try is
    left click on the back arrow to the left of your address
    bar,hold your finger down for 2 secs.This now reads…
    “how full history”.Go into the history file & at the top
    right,you will see a box marked:-“SEARCH”…type the
    enquiry there and click,you may be lucky,cheers Alan.

  • katie

    [@Kendra farns]

    i have been switched over to outlook and all my messages, every single one have disappeared. Strangely my contact list did transfer over. Any suggestions on how to get my hotmail messages back again.

  • Kendra farns


    Its all over FINALLY. All Hotmail users have been migrated to and some maintenance on 4/23 should start showing some results.

    Good luck all

  • Kendra farns

    You can also right click the message then click forward or use ctrl+F

  • Glenda Kanashige

    I still have the Forward option. It is hidden in the dropdown accessible through the downward arrowhead (chevron) next to Reply, as is Reply All.


    Hi Paula..this new setup is about as unuserfriendly as
    system could possibly be,it seems to have been
    designed by a NUTCASE! I hope that the following
    might help with your problem,On the top right corner,
    click on the COG next to your name.You will now
    have several options,click-HELP.When you see the
    HELP page,on the minor options [small letters],click-TOUCH
    follow the instructions.I haven’t lost any files,and i
    i don’t know if this will work,but its worth a try.Please
    come back and say whether this works as others
    may be having similar problems,kind regards-Alan.


    I may have an idea on that Paula,& i will get back to you,cheers-Alan.


    Mark,you may find that the option for forwarding any of your incoming info has GONE! This used to be an
    option when one clicked “ACTION”[top right] of any
    message/s..this had a a drop down menu which had
    the option to FWD.As this “ACTION”/signal/menu is
    often missing..go instead to “REPLY”,to the right of
    the word OUTLOOK.Click reply and change the name
    in the reply box on the top left,then click SEND,which
    is now one of the main options on the top of your screen.Good luck-Alan.




    So??Why tell/ask us..we are not Microsoft,tell them,
    but if you want help,then ask properly on this thread!

  • kaye melemac

    give me back hotmail, outlook sucks and my contacts are missing


    Mark—busy now,but i will keep a lookout for incoming
    from doTech,and then i can come back and tell you
    a couple of quick useful tips,good luck.

  • Mark Lee

    Oh… Latest news:

    “Updates: The problem has been fixed. Thanks for your patience. Apr 09 2:06 PM”

    Great !!!

    All the best for you guys!

  • Mark Lee

    Thanks Allan and Kendra.
    I did what Allan suggested and landed on my Outlook mail as of yesterday. Then, coincidence or not, whatever happened I don’t know, but my current mail (today’s) showed up.
    Right after that I went and checked the “status” and there was an update there, as follows:

    “Updates: We’re working on the problem and will provide an update by Apr 09 3:35 PM. Thank you for your patience. Apr 09 1:34 PM”

    From what I understand, they are announcing an information update for 3:35 PM and we are now at about 2:00 PM. For whatever reason, they either resolved the issue completely before their expected time or — lucky me! — I was not the last soul to be put back into service…

    Just one more detail regarding what Allan said:
    When I managed to open the box with the history, I did not have a lot of entries there, probably just six or seven. I clicked on the last one for Outlook and the rest is what I already said above. I don’t think I had any entries for dates prior to today. Maybe Allan could explain why.

    Thanks again. It’s great to have people in occasions like this one to provide some push into a way out of trouble… Now I do need to go back to work, I have some lost time I need to recover…

    Cheers to both of you.

  • Kendra farns


    Glad to be of some small help.

    It is no small feat to move 286 Million users over from one system to another while maintaining both. The weekends are simply horrendous.

    When the migration is complete it will be FAR better than when it was started. Some more SMALL interface changes already in the works.


    Ok Mark–its worth a try.Go to the fwd & rev arrows
    the extreme left of your address bar,left click on
    one keeping your finger pressed down for 2 secs
    You should now see:-show full history,click on that &
    you will see the whole of your history file.Scroll down
    until you reach an Outlook heading from a few days
    ago,say–Saturday.Click on any part of the left hand
    side of the Outlook listing,& with any luck,you will be
    bounced back to Outlook.NB:-Re-the fwd or rev arrows mentioned earlier,@ least 1 of them must be
    black-BOTH GREY will do nothing.I will tell you how
    to make single/multiple deletions later,if you wish…
    good luck-Alan.

  • Mark Lee

    @Allan, @Kendra:

    I tried Kendra’s loggin alternative, but no chance… Same result.
    Allan, about going to the history file and checking on yesterday’s Outlook, you’re not being rude at all — as I already said before, computer wise, I’m a moron… Not even fathom where or what that history file might be… If you find enough patience to explain, fine. Otherwise, I’ll just have to wait while trying to live with WLM.
    I did check a short while ago for the service status and this is what I found:

    X There’s a problem with Outlook right now.
    There’s a problem with Outlook right now.
    Problem: We’re having intermittent problems. Some email features might be slow. Apr 09 11:35 AM”

    So, Kendra is right. They are having problems, and most likely the same as they had in mid March. Hope this time around it doesn’t take them so long to provide a solution !?!?!?

    One gets the feeling they may be trying to chew more than they can swallow at any given moment…

    Thanks to both of you for trying to be helpful.

  • Kendra farns

    @Mark Lee

    There is some spotty issues overnight because over 500,000 users were migrated and the data farms with them.

    Things to try.
    If you are logging in with HTTPS try HTTP, if HTTP try HTTPS (preferred of course)

    You can report it to the status page

    Clearing the browser cache/cookies also does. If you arent running the newest browser you may have to. if finicky about browser versions.


    Mark,sometimes going into the history file and left
    clicking on yesterday’s Outlook will work.Please don’t
    take this the wrong way–i don’t want to be rude but…..
    are you familiar with the history file & deletions etc?

  • Mark Lee

    == UPDATE ==

    I keep being unable to log in to Outlook. Since I have urgent business matters to address, I tried a different approach: I logged in to Windows Live Mail and I am using my Hotmail/Outlook email account with flying colors!…
    This is exactly the same as if I were using Outlook (or Hotmail, for that matter).
    Just wanted to report this lifesaver kind of solution, something to keep in mind also for future situations… No need to panic… !!!

  • Mark Lee

    Now the message that appears when I try to sign in is this:

    The service is unavailable.

    And the URL address that shows is:

    Besides the stress, this is causing me great problems with my workflow.

    Hope we ARE NOT back to the mid-March problem where we had days of no service…

  • Mark Lee

    [@Kendra farns]

    Hello all!!!

    I LOST CONNECTION WITH OUTLOOK FOR ABOUT 1 HOUR OR SO. CANNOT SIGN IN — “Outlook seems to be experiencing a problem right now”…

    Does this message sound familiar to anyone?

    Please — Is anyone else experiencing the same problem as I am right now?



  • Kendra farns

    Unfortunately those fixes are either for Office (2010) or are old. There are some 3rd party “styles” that will do it but I am unaware of a link. There is a vast reservoir of users developing solutions for Skinning, Printing, etc.

    A good place to start is

  • Mark Lee


    Oh… Thanks, Hal. I was going bananas after Allan’s insistence with links to sites that have nothing to do with the we have all (or so I believe) been pushed to or will be pushed to shortly…

    Please take note of this: As I said a couple times before, I DID see pictures of in the net that sowed different colors to highlighting the daily appointments in calendar’s monthly view! Actually, to be more precise, those colors were red. Of course, I might or might not pick up that same color or some other color, I just happen to dislike that purple color… Not a critical thing, of course, just one more small personal improvement, among possibly many others we may need to be taking as we go along…
    Thanks again, and please let us know if you find anything to this effect. I will certainly do the same.


    Got to go out for a few hrs Mark,i will check later,

  • Hal

    [@Mark Lee]


    No you are right Alan has provided some nice links, but they are for the wrong OutLook….Which was another thing that confused me in the beginning, why MS named “Hotmail” the same as a Office Product…….

    So yes Alan right idea wrong OutLook sadly

  • Mark Lee


    My dear friend, thanks for your attempt to help, but I’m afraid you may be talking about a different Outlook. The Outlook I have does not seem to show any of those features that are seen and described in the links you provided.
    Or I may be missing something important… Could you possibly add any hints of your own that might help me see the light?
    Thanks again for your interest.

  • Mark Lee

    I did not even try to “play” with the new calendar. As far as I know, it keeps working exactly the same way as the old one, notifying me about my daily appointments and other reminders, so I don’t have an immediate or compelling need to do much about it. The only thing I did try was to change that awful color someone at the Outlook labs decided to apply as the default color…
    There’s a saying where I live that goes more or less like this: “what would be the color yellow’s fate if it weren’t for the desperate?…” As far as I’m concerned, the same could be said about that purple color someone chose for highlighting the daily appointments in the monthly view.
    Well, I tried to change it and searched the web for a way to do it, without any success. I did see, somewhere in the internet, some pictures showing a different color on those same spots, so it seems fair to assume it is possible to do it. I just don’t know how. Can anyone help?

  • Kendra farns

    since the only difference between Hotmail & is the interface (with a few changes) I am sure some enterprising 3rd party will “skin” it to look and feel like Hotmail.

    In the mean time has anyone played with the new calender?

  • Mark Lee

    [@Glenda Kanashige] and @All:

    I like Glenda’s approach: being positive and trying to do something from that vantage point… I always said I was not eager to move, as I was happy with what I had at Hotmail and I would not jump to the waters without being pushed. I finally was pushed a week or so ago. What is one supposed to do after finding him/her self inside the pool? Do nothing and drown? What if I can’t swim? Well, one can always move his arms and legs, fight! And this is the path I chose. I decided that I would not find anything better than Outlook that I could move to. And I’ve been kicking…
    I searched for and read all the relevant information I could find. I have come to this forum and asked for help on specific points. And have started “bugging” Microsoft. I had a long, long chat with MS a couple of days ago about my paid account for HotmailPlus and I took the occasion to include in my chat a few issues that somehow correlated to the main issue I was discussing. As a result, I ended the chat with the strong impression that MS, like Kendra already mentioned, is going to keep implementing new features and improving others as we go.
    Last but not least, in spite of still feeling that I would prefer my dear old Hotmail, I DID NOT find Outlook to be the nightmare that many people in this forum had stated it was.
    Bottom line? One has to deal with what we get at any given moment. A friend o mine has this to say on this approach: “Plan for the best; be ready for the worst; and face with equal mind with whatever ends up coming your way.”
    I happen to find it a great starting point!…
    Cheers to all.

  • Glenda Kanashige

    Hi Alan. Yes, I have been away. I have had no problems with Outlook since I gave up complaining and decided to deal with it. Perhaps it is someone else who couldn’t find contacts, or my comment wasn’t clear. Anyway, I am sure many will benefit from your advice, as always. Still to try Google Chrome, as I hate change when it is not forced on me. Usually embrace it once I am pushed over the edge.

  • wondersnevercease1

    [@Kendra farns]

    yes i have heard of back up. and i had my stuff backed up but i am talking about emails etc they just deleted all of them apparently as they no longer exist ?

  • Kendra farns


    Regarding MS listening to “suggestions” thats one reason why I am here and dozens of other threads.

    I wish more people did what you did instead of complaining about the loss. Much more is yet to come.


    Hi Glenda,i have said this in an earlier post,but you may have been away.To obtain ALL your contacts
    info,just click on the V chevron on the right of the
    name=Outlook @ the top left of your screen.You will
    now be given several options,click=people & voila!
    that’s where they are hiding,now scroll down to the
    one you are looking for,good luck.

  • Glenda Kanashige

    Yes, venting does help, but for those of us who have been here for a long time, it is getting tiresome. And you, Kendra, have been here forever. I was doing it only about a month or so ago. Now I am getting on with it. And maybe I am one of the lucky ones. I lost nothing in the transfer – and I haven’t backed up anything. I have no trouble with speed – when I did, it was not Hotmail or Outlook, but Internet Explorer or my laptop. Those issues were fixed. In my opinion, Firefox is much faster and better than Internet Explorer. My laptop works better since I cleaned up and defragged. And while Hotmail will not be reinstated, perhaps our complaints will bring about improvements in Outlook over time. But constructive criticism will probably carry more weight than abuse. Although the Hotmail accounts are ours, they were, for the most part, furnished free of charge, and the supplier has the right to make changes. We have the right to go along with it or move elsewhere. And I have not found anything better, or even as good (for me) than Hotmail/Outlook. Still haven’t sent a photo attachment on Outlook, but I will be trying that soon.

  • Kendra farns

    Wonders never cease 1

    Did you ever hear of a backup. If you lost data its your fault.

    Clean biker

    Its a done deal. You feel better venting?

  • wondersnevercease1

    yep yep yep! we dont like it well just too bad! lol! it is slow now like a turtle, all of my important info saved is gone and you cant delete at the bottom of the page any more and it takes forever just to be able to write an email let alone do anything else with it. no more pictures now you have to flipping download them! yep you cant send them and then see them you have to flipping download them!you can no longer find anything anywhere sent is gone you have to look for it. you now have to look for everything its no longer at your fingertips! no forward etc unless you find it hidden etc. the whole thing sucks but well you dont like it? what do we expect for free apparently?

  • cleanbiker1

    The revert option WAS there at first, then REMOVED!

    I reverted and it lasted a few weeks, then I was “upgraded” to Outlook AGAIN, this time with no revert option available where it used to be. Obviously I am not the only one who has a problem with this. Not a specific “issue” that has cropped up (like some people)– a basic general “philosophical” problem with it.

    Who the hell do you people think you are?

    Is Microsoft going to DO anything about this, or just tell their customer base just to suck it up and “deal with it”??

    Changing my email format without my permission or sufficient notification, AND then REMOVING the option to REVERT back to the Hotmail interface (that WAS there for a while, but then removed so as to FORCE the “upgrade”) simply SUCKS! You can’t (or SHOULDN”T) just force this kind of thing on people.

    Like many have said– DON’T “FIX IT” if it ain’t broke!!!

    JD in Colorado

  • Kendra farns

    With the release of the new calender gui there are quite a few changes. Printing is now done via the built in browser functions, you cant publicly share a calender, and in the pipe line is the ability to change the “color) (I wont ever use themes because they arent themes). Also in the pipeline is the ability to mouse over to get more details (no eta yet)

    Billing is well “offshored” Ugh.

    The “to” “cc”, and “bcc” all toggle. If you click them once they give you frequently used, click it twice it gives you all.

    The migration is passed the tipping point and by (just an estimate) April 30 it should be complete. MS can then use all their servers for only and that will be much more stable and much faster.

    I would also look for some integration between Skype and

  • Glenda Kanashige

    I have been away for a while. Don’t know if this has been answered yet, but the Forward command is accessed by clicking the down arrowhead to the right of Reply, as is the Reply All command.

  • Mark Lee

    I forgot to include one question in my previous post:

    How do you change the colors in My Calendar? I particularly dislike that purple color that comes by default to highlight my daily appointments (monthly view) and I have seen pictures in some websites showing a different color on those appointments, but I could not find an explanation on how to change them. I wonder if this is something you could possibly help with.


  • Mark Lee

    [@Kendra farns]

    Kendra, about the backup issue, you had already advised that in a prior post, which shows you’re really concerned. I took the steps you indicated then, while I was still with Hotmail and I found that yes, I was synch’d and, as I understand it, I would be covered… Yesterday, I did the same test and everything was there indeed, up to the very last messages I had sent and received from Outlook. Just to be absolutely sure: Do you really think I’m covered or do you still see a need to do extra backups?

    About the billing… I had a long chat last night with an MSN representative, which ended well after having gone tense, because the first person I started chatting with was, well, should I say a moron?… She did not have the foggiest idea what I was talking about. So she transferred me to another person. This one told me that everything was fine and all the features I had with HotmailPlus are now attached to my Outlook account which, as I understand it, is one and the same…

    The only thing left unclear is when will the users be able to verify the storage size attached to their accounts and/or the remaining free space… I was repeatedly assured that I had my 10 GB and that MSN was still implementing many updates and improvements to the Outlook application and that in the future (he could not commit to a general timing) the users could verify this for themselves. For now, I quipped, unlike the wise recommendation made in the late eighties by then Pres. Ronald Reagan, we users must “trust but [NOT] verify”… Let’s hope this does not turn out later as more than a little mole…

    Just for the curiosity, the 7 GB I was referring before as being my Outlook space turned out to be my mistaken reading of the space available in Skydrive, which has nothing to do with what I thought it was. For every Outlook user, I now learned, there is a free 7 GB space for storage of documents, photos and the like, and this space can be increased by 20, 50 or 100 GB, at annual costs of 10, 25 and 50 dollars, respectivelly.

    Thanks and have a good weekend.

  • Kendra farns

    Billing is the one thing I have zero info, influence, or knowledge of. It seems you should have had the Hotmail added to but “Plus” is way outside my scope.

    I have a thick skin and to be honest didnt even think you were being harsh.

    Regarding the Plus email size. It starts @ 10 Gigs and with a little judicious cajoling increases to fit. I have seen 50 gig inboxes. (god only know what they have there) BTW Backup!!! have ~0.01 % of migrated accounts have had some data loss either before or after. The server farms are being moved to outlook from Hotmail and some have had “issues”

  • Mark Lee

    [@Kendra farns]
    Hi Kendra! Sorry if I sounded too harsh on my previous comments. I must say I was a little disappointed for not finding anyone here, but I definitely did not mean disrespect.

    Thanks for providing a response and for offering to answer any specific question. Meanwhile, I had already mentioned that I had found my way to my Hotmail Plus account and I found the information I was looking for.

    Now, I do have a specific question. My Hotmail Plus account is paid thru July 2013. My understanding was that my Hotmail Plus account would be transferred to Outlook along with all my Hotmail settings and information. This does not seem to be the case. I still had a few months left on Hotmail Plus when I was transferred to Outlook and I now see in Outlook that I only have 7 GB worth of storage, as opposed to the 10 GB I had paid for with Hotmail Plus. And these 10 GB were to “grow when I need it”, according to the wording from MS itself.

    My question is: Why wasn’t my Hotmail Plus account transferred to Outlook? And if it is not going to be transferred soon, how can I claim a refund for the unused time in Hotmail Plus?

    Your comments will be appreciated. Thanks

  • Kendra farns

    @Mark Lee

    Hotmail PLUS and “ad free” have identical benefits, and cost the same per year.

    Should you want your account information you can get it on the only legit support for Hotmail/Outlook and it is here

    If you have a specific question I would be happy to help.

  • Mark Lee

    I wonder whether this thread is dieing off… All “Gone with the Wind”?

    Where is Allan, one of the most promising pillars we where counting on for advice? Where is Kendra, who promised to have more than enough resources to provide answers to so many issues? Where are even those bemoaning souls who seemed to enjoy being lost out of reality, asking for a return way back to Hotmail? Where is everyone?

    Ashraf… I’m afraid this thread may have reached its useful life… The decision is definitely up to you, but the time may be ripe for a decent burial… Before this happens, though, I need to express my sincere thanks for some important guidance I got from many of the posts in this thread, and this is my way of tipping my hat as my fair acknowledgment and recognition of your merits in keeping this unusually long and quite useful forum going all this time!
    Best regards to all.

  • Mark Lee

    [@Kendra farns]

    Kendra, thanks for the information, but I don’t actually understand what you might have tried to say in the first sentence of your last message. You had mentioned before that you hold some type of business relationship with MS and I respect your reluctance in being more open about it. This is perfectly understandable and, I think, even smart on your part.

    But you also had just said that you had more than a few hundred pieces of information about Outlook and would be happy to help… This is what made me ask if you could inform about the path to get to my Account information, from Outlook. And this is basically what you did by providing that link. It led me to the information I had sought.

    Now, if I may ask, what can you provide in terms of any differences/advantages you are aware of between “Outlook regular” and “Outlook Plus” (so to speak) to use a terminology similar to Hotmail’s? In other words, what reasons may I have to continue paying my annual fee to Outlook as I used to pay for my Hotmail-Plus?

    Thanks for all guidance you can provide.


  • Kendra farns

    [@Mark Lee]
    Mark, while I do I would have to disclose my nom de plum. Somthing my NDA forbids me.

    Billing however is here
    This issue can best be addressed by our billing department using these numbers:

    1866 672-4551 (US)
    0800-587-2920 (UK)


  • Mark Lee

    [@Kendra farns]

    Kendra, I don’t think you need the Firefox addon to get rid of that so-called “social column” on the right hand side of the screen. At least I didn’t and, as I answered to Wondersnevercease1 (above) it seems that others are also doing it directly from within Outlook.

    Since you have such a number of procedures for Outlook, I wonder if you know of any way to access my “Account” and by this I mean, how can I get to the status of my paid subscription to Hotmail-Plus, which was supposedly transferred to Outlook, credit card information, and the like… Do you have anything on this?

  • Kendra farns


    Sorry for the absence but as you can imagine there are many goings on in the realm. Tipping point has been reached more Outlook users than Notmail. . I have >500 procedures so if you need to know something speciifc I am happy to help.

    As to the ads. If you are running Firefox there is a nifty addon that removes the ads AND the column so you can reclaim the space.

  • wondersnevercease1

    [@Mark Lee]
    thank you mark!

  • furrukh wasi

    This option to switch the outlook into hotmail is not there can i do that?

  • h

    [@Mark Lee]
    Hi Mark sorry bout that I misdirected my comment- I wasn’t expecting the answers from you, sorry for the bother It was meant for alan or Kendra
    again scuze’

  • Mark Lee

    As I said… I was pushed into the water just this morning… I’m learning how to swim around… Please… Please do not expect me to be ready for the next Olympics… Yet !… rsrsrs…
    Seriously, I still do not know how to backup and restore. Maybe Kendra or Allan can help with that. And I am not aware of any upcoming changes or events that may bring anything much different from what you have right now.
    Changes and/or improvements may be expectable over time, but they are not likely to come that early and that suddenly, I would say.

  • h

    [@Mark Lee]

    Wow that’s a relief! Never thought wed have a say! Yeah my ads are gone Thanks!
    Maybe you can help in this area- back up since I never did it 15yrs w/hotmail how is it done?
    Will everything stay the same?
    Also since we are already in Outlook right now. please tell me what IS going to be different after -the April 7th or 8th deadline date- I am worried for loss yet at the same time getting used to this interface- what is the change exactly that’s going to be upon us any day (shakenshiver) just ? thanks ahead h

  • Mark Lee

    But certainly!…
    At the bottom of that column, click on the link that says: “Learn more”.
    On the page that shows up, select “Don’t show public content” and click on the blue button that says: “Save”.
    This is all you need to do.

    If you ever wish to bring it back:
    On the main page, click on the gear wheel at the top right hand side besides your name and then click on “More nail settings”;
    On the page that shows up go to “Reading mail” and click on “Content from third party networks”;
    On the page that opens up click on “Show public content” and then on the blue button “Save”.
    And that’s it… You’re all set!

    And I’m still saying: This is NOT that bad, definitely not as bad as some previous messages in this forum would make you believe. No major complaints, so far.


  • wondersnevercease1

    does anyone know if you can put being able to delete etc back on the bottom of the page so you dont have to scroll back to the top to do it? you used to be able to do that but i guess not with outlook?

  • wondersnevercease1

    hello mark if you figured it out do you care to share how to get rid of it with us?

  • Mark Lee

    I got it!…
    I come back just to say that I figured out the way to get rid of that so called “social content column”. It may be nice for some people to have, but I don’t thing I need it.
    Still exploring the waters…

  • Mark Lee

    WHY!… It’s my Outlook D-Day!!!…
    My dear friends, in the wee hours of the night, someone must have pushed me… I woke up this morning to a new “pool”, fresh with a new name and a somewhat different looks… And, yea… I was swimming in the brand new waters of
    To be honest, maybe for all the time and readings I made about it before today, I did not feel “lost”… It’s different, that’s for sure, but not menacing… So far, at least!
    The only thing I do feel like immediately getting rid of is that last narrow column on the right-hand side. I wonder if there is any way of hiding it? To me, it’s a useless waste of precious space.
    Hello Allan, Kendra and others… All help will be much appreciated!…


    Yes Hiva,maybe a Belladonna double-lol. Reminds me
    of an old ditty.
    A HOT DAY.
    I opens the door and the flies comes in,
    I closes the door and i’m sweating agin,
    life gets tedious-don’ it
    [in a deep south USA accent]

  • Kendra farns

    You cant

    @Mark Lee
    I dont know wonders questions but if you give me a link I will check it. I think is a decent enough web based email but it isnt Windows live mail or the office outlook (both of which I use daily)

    Think a stiff drink would work better my patience has long ago evaporated. My hope is the change to is almost done.


    See also post 448.



  • Mark Lee

    [@Kendra farns]

    I subscribe to Wonders questions and would make one of my own: If there is one existent Outlook in Windows and if it has “many more features”, why isn’t it a potentially good option for at least some of the “migrants” being pushed out of Hotmail? At this point in time, not having had the opportunity to feel the waters at yet (knock on wood…) I’m open to consider anything that may be worth considering. As I said before, Gmail is not a good option for me. I tried it years ago when it first came out and didn’t like it.
    What can you say about these questions?
    Thank you and all others who are trying to make some sense out of this ongoing nonsense…
    Best regards.

  • Hiva

    When I open gear icon, There is no switch back to hotmail! How can I back to my hotmail without this ?

  • wondersnevercease1

    [@Kendra farns] ok well what then is the difference between and email client and a browser based system? does that mean broser based system is in a cloud? why then does the suck so bad?

  • Kendra farns


    Outlook (part of office 2003-2013) is very different than Outlook is an email client and is a browser based email system. Outlook has many more features.

  • wondersnevercease1

    isnt the actual windows outlook program different from this email? and if they are forcing everyone into for email then what is the windows live email and wont that just be turned into this outlook .com program?

  • Kendra farns

    my mantra is if your data is important to you back it up. Even if there was no migration you should be doing that. The easiest way is to install windows live mail (a free email client) and sync it to outlook.

  • h

    canyou tell me that nothing is going to be lost just the interface is now outlook- like I will still have all folders at left and I will have all old past emails in the inbox? Where is spell check and is there a MB limit I have so many past inbox. _ If they do have a limit where will we need to check that number… thanks h

  • Ashraf

    Anyone that does not know how to forward or reply-all in, please read


    Wonders,When you click on the V [chevron] you will
    see these 4 options:-Mail People Calendar Skydrive.
    Click on People.

  • Ashraf

    This is actually quite funny. Here people are complaining about Microsoft forcing on Hotmail users. In another thread (, people are complaining about Google forcing a new compose email box onto Gmail users.

  • wondersnevercease1

    wellwhomever emailed me and tried to help none of that worked as when you clickon the chevron it just opens up four boxes to select people mail and i cant remember the other two but there is no forward anywhere and now when you thrhow your open email in your task bar you can not see when new emails come in all you see is the word outlook. why would they get rid of tool you use all the time in an email program? no forward and no longer able to see when new emails come in in the task bar? outlook is so complicated


    To Wonders & Stephen.I hope this helps and is what
    you were asking about.1/.On the top left hand side—
    your screen,scroll up to the V [chevron] on the right
    hand side of the word-Outlook & left click on it.This is the WHOLE of the list of contacts.2/.To check
    everything is working properly,scroll down to your
    name or a friends one & click on that.The screen on
    the right hand side will now list all the info on that
    contact.Click on E-mail,and after a blue screen,you
    will be directed to the writing pad.Start writing where
    the prompt is flashing.*Write a simple message,like
    “HELLO”,then click on send.If you have sent this
    E-mail to yourself,when it is in your box,click on it
    and when it appears,go to the word “actions”on the
    top right corner of the E-mail,click on this and you
    will find a number of options.Click on “forward” and
    then type the contact name in the box on the left.If
    you have chosen to send to yoursel…you should now find your inbox contains 2 E-mails = incoming +
    a forwarded E-mail.NB:-2 things–When writing in a
    large/larger print/font size,the BOLD option is not
    available & i’m afraid the choices for writing in colour
    are CRAP-YUK!! Please let us know if this works for you,as it will save somebody else who has a
    similar problem,regards-Alan.

  • wondersnevercease1

    o been there done that! cleared the browser, signed out signed back in etc etc etc. and if they want their users to tweak and solve their flipping outlook program they should put it on open source and let people design it before they force it down our throats!

  • Kendra farns


  • Kendra farns

    Copied from a reliable source.

  • Kendra farns

    Have you tried to access your account using another browser or computer?
    Does the same issue happen?

    I recommend that you clear your browser’s cache and temporary internet files to make sure that they are not causing your issue.
    This is often caused by a corrupted file in the browser.
    Please clear your browser’s cookies by following the instructions on the link below:
    *For Internet Explorer browser: Press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL simultaneously and click Delete
    *For Google Chrome: Press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL simultaneously and click Clear Browsing Data
    *For Firefox: Press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL simultaneously and click Clear Now
    (other browsers are similar)

    For the best experience, you should update your browser to the latest version and make sure the newest version of Microsoft Silverlight is installed and running for browsers that support it. is optimized for the following browsers: Windows Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10; Google Chrome 17 and higher; Firefox 10 and higher; and Safari 5.1 on Mac. is good on the following browsers, but some features might not display properly: Internet Explorer 7, Google Chrome 16 and 5, Firefox 9 and 5, and Safari 5.1 on Windows or Safari 5 on Windows and Mac. isn’t supported on the following browsers: Internet Explorer 6 and older, Google Chrome 4 and older, Firefox 4 and older, Safari 4.x and older.
    Wanikiya & Dyami -Team-ZigZag.

  • Stephen

    How do you actually write an email in the new outlook?

    I can add the email address and subject but cannot write the actual email.

  • wondersnevercease1

    you can not even forward an email to someone with this outlook! Its like they have gone bacwards as far as functions! what the heck is up with that! and who on earth designed it? why would they?its just too frustrating to deal with! who has time! it would be one thing if there were new possibilities that were cool but there doesnt seem to be any! just backward design and slower etc etc!and this is amazing are they drunk ? must mbe drinking koolaide

  • Mark Lee


    I’m also a user of Hotmail since it came to life and a paying user of Hotmail Plus since the 90’s. I have been made to believe that I will continue to be a paying user when I either jump or get pushed into it…
    To be honest with you, the differences were not many, basically they only hat to do with having no advertisements, more storage and attachment space and not requirements for minimum use (and I find this last one a little ironic…). Other that these, I am not aware of any other “benefit” as compared to the free version.
    I wonder if the paid version of Outlook (let’s call it Outlook Premium) has the same extra features as Hotmail Plus or if it has others — or if it has none…
    Does anyone happen to know? (Kendra, maybe?)
    Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

  • Hal

    [@Kendra farns]

    Kendra……I agree with that, not going to change MS mind on the new outlook:-( ,
    So now lets figure out how to make it more adaptable, and be able to make changes on our desktop…..

  • wondersnevercease1

    [@Kendra farns]
    well i am switching to a new provider when i find a good one i am researching they are very interesting pretty cool none of the headaches with the new outlook or gmails cascade. refreshing perhaps? still researching. i even had someone walk me through all the new headaches with outlook. the switch is causing me stree as i was not planning on having to reserve a lot of time to figure out how it works or how to suck up and live with it. I have other more important issues to deal with and i am changing email providers today.

  • Hal


    I have had my account since about then also….But this last change goes too far over the edge. All Most of Us ask is a way to modify the format (change print size), and etc. Wonder if with premium you can? Anyone Know? would be worth it to pay again (did for years) if can make some changes color-size…etc

  • Kendra farns

    It is not that people like (or dont like) the change. To me, we might as well get on with making it work to the best of its (and our) abilities.

    IMHO (with some NDA info) when the migration is finished (perhaps 4 weeks) it will settle down and work like it is designed.

    No it doesnt have as many features (some superfluous) as Hotmail but again IMHO we should get acquainted.

    I am (of course in a different persona) a contributor on Microsoft community ( and I believe we have reached the tipping point where we are getting more question about how to make it work than I want to change back.

  • Rob

    Actually, I prefer the new outlook format to the old hotmail format. I think it looks better and it feels more streamlined. And I’ve had my hotmail account since 1997.


    Thanks Evolving & Kendra,i’m afraid it needed saying.
    If i came here for the 1st time and there were just one or two posts,i would head for someone saying things
    like:-“oh well guys–that’s it,we are stuck with it,does
    anyone need help with any aspect of Outlook.

  • Kendra farns


    Thumbs up from those of us not in the herd.

  • evolving62

    Kudos to you Alan! You’re right – these folks that keep posting the same question over and over again are morons! You have been patient for too long! All it takes is a moment or two to read previous posts to know what’s going on! C’mon people … lets get with it! Thanks, Alan, for telling it like it is!


    Listen you flea brained moron,if you need a visit to
    Specsavers–that’s your problem!Anybody with an
    ATOM of common sense coming here would have
    read some/all of the previous posts to see what the
    lie of the land was, and to see if anything could be
    done about the situation.But not you..oh no,you just
    want to see your name up “in lights”as yet another
    moaner.This is the typical Mindset of the HERD where thinking for oneself is VERBOTEN!..get a life
    and move on with your RANT!-you help nobody here
    and you can stick your post up your 8th Planet from
    the Sun!

  • Why can’t I switch back to Hotmail?
    Over time, Hotmail will be phased out and will be the free email service from Microsoft. As part of this transition, we’ve removed the option to switch back to Hotmail.

  • wondersnevercease1

    well what i find interesting is that msn and google is forcing the same type of thing on email subscribers msn using outlook and it is on a new server. google using cascade. I went to see if gmail was going to be better but its the same awful scenario as msn! both email users are describing the same awful scenarios!trouble with photos (the new process of attaching pictures is absolutely TERRIBLE! The worst! I feel like I’m back on Compuserve or something.)This is one comment at gmail forum. Old version was far simpler and superior.)outlook I encountered the same problem. people are saying with gmail you are now going from three steps to seven steps and asking why google doesnt care what its users want? and msn doesnt care about its users input and what they prefer either! so i have to ask why?are they both pushing the same type of scenario on us? why are we being forced into them? they are both forcing us into a new process that is called something new but they are both pushing the same kind of new format and design on us! What is really going on here? is this a government control situation? I am tired of everything being crammed down our throats as whats good for us or what we will be using! does any one know of a different email provider that isnt shoving these mandatory new email formats down our throats like gmail and msn is?

  • bozena

    yeah, mine is the same…..I remember once, few months ago, switching back to hotmail. Not this time. There is no option. IT sucks

  • Marc

    Anal at all?….Or do you just enjoy moaning at others as well? No place for rants here…move on Alan…you Nazi.


    For Gods sake!…read the previous posts,everything
    has been explained over and over and over.What did
    you think before you put up your post?Did you think
    that everybody just came to join a lot of moaners on
    doTech?Don’t be lazy,backtrack on the previous posts & then take action on the advice given.

  • Shane

    Doesn’t seem to work anymore. Looks like a forced “upgrade” now


    This should work.Go to drop down menu for contacts,
    choose yourself,type brief mail=”hello”,open that
    message,and click on right corner = actions,choose
    forward,then send.

  • evolving62

    Sorry – this is outlook … I’m still using my extensions. Thanks!

  • evolving62

    Have found one issue; curious to see if anyone else has come across this. I’ve sent myself an email from one of my addresses to another and still have not received the email from myself. Have tried twice. I then sent it to myself at my work email addy, and it arrived immediately. Anyone else experience this with more than one hotmail/live account? Thanks!


    Describe what doesn’t work-Alan.

  • Angelina

    thanks 4 giving us advice……… but i tried. it didn’t work and there is no switch back to hotmail icon!!!! HELP PLEASE!! I HATE OUTLOOK!!!!!

  • Glenda Kanashige

    Of course, you are right. Just thought it might save some people a little frustration – I mean the long-suffering few who have been giving advice for 17 pages.

  • Glenda Kanashige

    Pleased you are finding Outlook simple on two fronts – one, that you are not suffering, and the second, that I was beginning to think I was missing something. I have not had much trouble since I was pushed – just needed to find some hidden lists and things, and get used to the new look. Thought I must be doing something wrong.

  • Glenda Kanashige

    Not being forced. You have the choice of going to another provider if you want. Microsoft have simply changed their site – admittedly to one few of us like, but their site, their prerogative.

  • Glenda Kanashige

    <Read the comments. That bridge was burnt ages ago. No choice but to switch to another provider or learn the mysteries of Outlook – which are solvable.

  • Glenda Kanashige

    <Thanks. Didn't know about this site. There are now three votes. I am, however, getting on in Outlook, and want to tell everyone it is not as bad as it first seems. There are a few of us who have found our way around the mysteries, and can and will help anyone floundering.


    If i gave you board and lodging for FREE and one day
    i said “i’m moving to a new place”…if you don’t want to
    come,that’s YOUR problem not mine/theirs!

  • Kendra farns


    Because its not yours its Microsft’s. They can do whatever they want with it.

  • Leslie Lunstad

    I personally think being forced to use outlook is bullsh*t if we don’t want it why force it on us


    Give us all a break!

  • Marvin

    Mine doesn’t work. I did the voluntary thing and it doesn’t give me the option to go back….
    what is wrong?

  • jayesstee

    [@Kendra farns] LOL.   No tin hat, I’ll just have to rely on my and others’ sense of humour.

  • Kendra farns


    Apologies if I seemed harsh. One tends to get a thick skin on the myriad of help sites I post. If you knew who I was on Answers, Technet, MSDN, and 2 dozen more you would see I am the last to be snarky.

    Blame it on too little sleep. Besides “tin hats” offer little protection from lightning bolts. Again apologies.

  • jayesstee

    [@Kendra farns]
    The bit I took personally was:
    “You have been registered there since 2011, and have zero “marked helpful” Zero”answers” and that was the only question you ever asked. Nothing like participating to have your voice heard.” I felt you were taking a pot-shot, just because I stuck my head above the parapet.
    However, you stung me into (scan-)reading practically the whole thread. All 17 pages of it and I see that not only had you previously posted links, but you had also given various others advice. So I can somewhat understand your frustration if it seemed to you, that I thought that I was posting a solve-all solution. Like I said: “I found a link and I posted it.”
    Anyway I will watch out for your posts on other threads and make sure I put on my “tin hat” before posting! :=))

  • Kendra farns


    Not personal at all. A bit defensive dont you think.

    My continued point is that there was an extended time period where anyone could have posted or submitted their opinion. That time has gone. I dont think Microsoft listened and I know now that they are going ahead as is.

    As to why I dont post the links, it is a waste of time. Since you are in Microsoft community all you have to do to find them is to search on most “me too” votes.

    Personally I would rather spend my time learning how to use than complain about the change.

  • jayesstee

    [@Kendra farns]
    I found a link and I posted it, so why the personal attack?  Why don’t you post a link to one of the other “hundreds”, preferably one with the most ‘votes’ so that other dotTechies can add theirs?

  • Kendra farns


    Seriously? There are other threads there with hundreds of “me too” votes and dozens of petitions for you to sign should you want to waste you time. I would be happy to give you links to them!!

    You have been registered there since 2011, and have zero “marked helpful” Zero”answers” and that was the only question you ever asked. Nothing like participating to have your voice heard.

  • jayesstee

    Hey you (other) Outlook haters instead of moaning, go to:
    and ‘vote’ by clicking the ‘Me Too’ button.   Currently there are only two ‘votes’ and one of those is mine.   Get as many ‘votes’ as possible and show those knuckleheads at MS what the customers want!

  • Kendra farns


    Thanks. Instead of wasting their time they could be either moving to a new system or learning to use this one.

    I work with Hotmail and see users like this daily. I guess venting helps with their frustration and I have a thick skin.

    Change is hard for some people. Again thanks and yell if you need help

  • Mark Lee


    Thanks for sharing your feelings about your first impressions after being pushed…
    I used that same allegory before to describe my situation. I am ready to accept my fate, but I’m not eager to jump on my own and will wait in line, orderly, patiently and happily, until I’m finally pushed…
    So it is particularly rewarding for me to hear from those like yourself, who seem to have been ahead of me in the line, about how it feels being already in there…
    You’re the second person who helped sooth my little anxiety while waiting, by kindly sharing your experiences about how it is swimming in that new pool… But I somehow cannot get away from this idea that I may be better off where I am right now, so I’m enjoying it while it lasts…(Knock on wood…)
    Thanks again.

  • Mark Lee

    [@Glenda Kanashige]

    Glenda, I see your point and I completely agree with you. The title is misleading. This is in no way an excuse for the people who wish to be served breakfast in bed, no matter what other people may have to do to accommodate their laziness… To say the least!

  • evolving62

    Good Lord! Kendra & Alan, you are extremely patient! Most of the updates I get on this thread are from – lets just say it – ignorant jacka**es who don’t pay attention! Folks – if you’d take just a moment to read the posts you would see THERE IS NO GOING BACK TO HOTMAIL! After trying to dive in before being pushed, and failing because MSN had reached their “limit”, the finally did push me. I have to say, I’m not sure what all the fuss is about. It really isn’t that bad. The look isn’t great, but for free email, I have yet to find a problem with it. I’ve been able to locate what I need, etc. I wish there were a line separating emails, rather than simply bold for unread mail, but other than that, it’s not that bad. Get over it or switch to another provider!

  • Glenda Kanashige

    Is there any way to change the name of this whatever it is called (thread?) so that people realise there is no way back? Some people obviously read the title, but not the comments. This could go on forever.

  • Nourhan

    [@hmmm] nor di i grrrrrrrr

  • Kendra farns

  • Terri

    HELP! I tried to do this but it doesnt give me the option to change it back.
    I HATE the new look (outlook) and i just want my hotmaidl back the way it was.

  • Kendra farns

    To take Alans’ one step further (if he doesnt mind) You can complain to your hearts content if thats what it takes. In fact here is where

    It wont do any good.!!! Hundreds of thousands of users are being migrated every day. There is always Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.


    This time i’m going to be sharp.You are yet another
    poster who just comes to this HELP THREAD to
    moan.1/.You don’t bother reading what other posters
    have said.2/.You should brush up on your English &
    then post your complaint to MS!

  • Kendra farns

    Talk about an exercise in futility. Logan, it just wont happen.

  • logan

    outlook is suck i hate it pls give us back our Hotmail this is bullshit outlook

  • Kendra farns


    Dont you read the previous posts? THERE IS NO WAY TO GO BACK.

    Either use it or find a replacement.

  • haroon

    we want back to frome qutlook to hotmail but in my account don not have (buck to hotmail) in setting what should i do…..?

  • Kendra farns


    Figured you would be but wanted to get it in public.


    Yes Kendra,i’m familiar with those & cicking on the V
    on the right of the name-“Outlook”[top left]works too,

  • Kendra farns

    Venting may help you come to the realization it just isnt happening. Feel free

    There are none so blind as those who will not see, none so deaf as those who will not hear. I am working on a tips & tricks for, for example clicking to/cc/bcc once gives favorites, twice gives all. Click the “#” to have the alphabet shown.



  • Witt

    Hate the Outlook mail! Give back our hotmail!!!

  • Kendra farns


    {sorry for the double post} Been a very busy day as you can imagine.

    As long as your WLM is configured to “sync” with your Hotmail account then you are 100x better off than anyone else there.

    For the ultimate protection save your WLM store folder
    c:\users\your user\app data\local\Microsoft\… and store it to another partition, a flash drive, or where ever. That folder contains almost everything

  • Kendra farns


    Falling on deaf ears I think. Those are the users who whine the most and listen the least


    I must be the most patient guy on the planet…READ

  • hmmm

    but at my outlook dosnt exists that icon switch back to hotmail… uffff sucksss

  • Mark Lee

    [@Kendra farns]

    Thanks, Kendra! Had I mentioned that I am a computer moron? Yes?… Well, here is the proof, if we needed one — I DO HAVE Windows Live Mail… And yes, I saw there all the same messages I have in my various Hotmail folders… So, what I was talking about?… A moron, indeed… rsrs…

    So, I understand I do not need to do anything now in terms of backing up my Hotmail settings and data, am I right? And many thanks go your way for making me wake up and see what I had all along. Now, I notice the environment is quite different from Hotmail’s, which leads me to ask one other question, if you allow me:

    In order to start getting a feeling of what waits for me in the (not so distant) future, how would you guys compare the looks of versus Windows Live Mail and versus Hotmail?

    This, I believe, will give me a quite good “preview” of what lies ahead, as soon as they push me to the pool…

    Thank you once again for all your help and your patience.

  • Kendra farns

    The easiest way is to install Windows Live Mail email client and sync it to your Hotmail/ It will transfer emails, contacts, calenders, rules, etc.

    Link to some decent instructions here

    If you are also getting it on a mobile device make sure “leave a copy on the server is checked”

    Sorry I missed the first time.

  • Mark Lee

    [@Kendra farns] [@ALAN SHEEHAN.]

    This one is for the two of you: Taking advantage of your help offers, I have asked a few times before how to back up all my data in Hotmail (before I either move or get moved) and in Outlook, after I get there.

    This is my request on 3/21/2013 at 1:10 AM:

    “Kemdra, you said it before and I asked then how do you backup your Hotmail (or your Outlook) data, using Windows Live or any other means. I guess my question became lost in the shuffle, so I’m bringing back and I would appreciate any help you or Alan could provide for that purpose. I’m a computer moron, so I would need detailed info.
    Thanks in advance for your patience.”

    If you already provided an answer, I apologize, I missed it. If not, can you please provide detailed guidance on that? I confess, I attempted to do it but got nowhere…

    Thanks again.


    Agreed,the tree bends with the wind or breaks,cheers,

  • Kendra farns

    Talk about resistance to change. Adapt or perish.


    S,You only have 2 options..1/.get a new provider and
    ask around about any problems with same.2/.Stick
    with Outlook and ask others here and elsewhere how
    to find your way around Outlook,cheers-Alan.

  • shahroon

    i dont have any option of go back to hotmail..what to do?

  • Kendra farns


    While it may make you feel better by voicing your opinion Microsoft has clearly said it is not going back

  • srini

    I upgraded my hotmail account to outlook but, I very much like hotmail rather outlook.
    Now, I don’t get option to convert/goback to hotmail.
    It really SUCKS.
    I appreciate if microsoft give me the option goback to hotmail. Otherwise, I have move my contact to gmail and I will close my hotmail account.

  • h

    Revised- correction-

    save- fwd like mass or all?
    (((((( Emails in my inbox))))))

    thnx again hlhtmail

  • h

    Hello H here
    – Scuze-
    First off I really didn’t explain myself correctly .

    I would like to keep outlook as long as I know my information can be backed up elsewhere (for using and to secure that info)

    my emails;;; my folders on the left;;;; and contacts- yet I really would like to save- fwd like mass or all? -can you explain how please…… That’s the only reason I thought to start another thread on back-up info to use elsewhere that’s all cuz – hey I still don’t know how to do this -It has been asked over and over and I don’t get a clear instruction step to follow…. then I will stay w/outlook as a minor level usage as it can offer quality connect say like skydrive etc…. hope this is more clear of a request… time is a runnin
    thanks ahead —- hlovedhotmail

  • Microsoft Outlook Update

    Really nice post of you Ashraf !
    I have done its so simple to convert .Is it possible for the Yahoo.

  • Kendra farns


    Sorry but I am not starting a new thread.”h” is and if he/she puts a link to it I will be happy to post directions for backing using Windows live email client.

  • Kendra,please make sure you say where and what
    the new thread is,don’t forget..there may be some
    people out there who may come up against this
    Scenario:-2 people talking “Have you any problems
    with this new Outlook nonsense”? 2nd person-“Yes
    & its driving me nuts”! 1st person-“I had some at 1st
    but they were solved for me-check this out=doTech.
    2nd person-“Thanks,i will”—–What does the 2nd
    person find when he/she gets here-NIX!,everybody
    has GONE,cheers-Alan.

  • h

    [@Kendra farns]

    Hello- I am watching the thread and deleting a lot as I am filtering past my stage of what the —- and because 15yrs have past with no worries and now they are upon us—— I am a newbie to saving or backing up- Gmail has my favorites list GREAT! one down and all my folders at the left and 300 plus emails in my in box- to go TO ANOTHER——- How does it work?
    I don’t want to email anyone except save my own info where I can get to it -thru another provider- How can I fwd all my (inbox) emails at once to my backup provider— Thanks for help- what bad timing to have such another problem to deal with—–

  • Mark Lee

    [@Kendra farns]
    Kemdra, you said it before and I asked then how do you backup your Hotmail (or your Outlook) data, using Windows Live or any other means. I guess my question became lost in the shuffle, so I’m bringing back and I would appreciate any help you or Alan could provide for that purpose. I’m a computer moron, so I would need detailed info.
    Thanks in advance for your patience.

  • Kendra farns


    Click the “to” button once it gives you favorites, twice gives you all. Click on the “#” sign in “to” and you get the whole alphabet.

    Tip 2
    Use windows live mail to back up your data. You will wish you had.

  • Glenda Kanashige

    Unfortunately, Hotmail, like a lot of products, is being discontinued by the provider, so we have no choice.

    As to one of your problems, if you click on the name in the To panel, the e-mail address opens up. Not as convenient as Hotmail, but………….

    As far as I can tell, all my e-mails are reaching the recipients safely, but I can’t be 100% certain.

  • outlook sucks…

  • there should be an option of reverting back to hotmail and one should not be lumped with outlook if they dont want to.
    my mails from outlook are not reaching the concerned person plus the to column the entire email id does not show just the name of the person you are sending mail to.

  • j

    outlook sucks x10 !! Did msn have a tard-moment or what?

    We NEED to be able to change back, especially since we were FORCED into outlook!! :(

  • Jules,Nil Desprandum pal…if you cant solve any of his
    problems,get him to post on doTech,there are more
    than enough posters here to help to set his mind at

  • Jules

    Damn the CHANGE!!

    My father is having a terrible time dealing with Outlook…

    It took him long to get used to the Hotmail interface, now he has to start again….sigh

  • Kendra farns

    [@Glenda Kanashige]

    Thanks. It is as much personal preference as anything. I have to support, GMail, Yahoo, and a couple of others. One main reason MS is changing to a stripped down Hotmail is because of win 8 and that tie in makes it a certainty.

    May I suggest support here

  • Glenda Kanashige

    Have to agree with you Kendra. I don’t like Outlook, but it is their (msn) service. We, the NON-PAYING users, have only one right: To Switch or not. I haven’t, because, with all its many faults, Outlook still seems to me better than any alternatives I have tried. While the look is very different, and some aspects take a bit of figuring out, and at my age, are hard to remember, Outlook is not so different from Hotmail. And I remember getting annoyed every time Hotmail changed its look and I had to get used to it all over again – and that happened many times over the last 15 years. There are those of us who have managed to find our way around Outlook, and if any of you need help and have specific questions, we can give you the benefit of our experience. Remember, there are many (frustratingly) hidden dropdown windows – behind arrowheads, ellipses, icons and what have you. Once you find them, and can remember where they are, using the site is much less frustrating.

  • Ashraf

    When I wrote this article, I had no idea it would attract so much attention. Thank you to all that have been commenting and providing assistance to others, including KF, Alan, and co

  • Sandman366

    Don’t understand what’s wrong with Microsoft these days. is HIDEOUS compared to Hotmail, Win8 is an ugly box of crap compared to W7…

    They’re moving away from anything that looks pretty, and nearly moving away from anything sensible.

  • You are welcome Ellen,i know its a crappy/ugly and
    userunfriendly System,but its what everybody is stuck
    with unless they find another provider.There are many
    out here who do care about what others are going
    through with this interference in what they used to
    find comfortable/friendly&familiar with..what can one
    say-C’est la Vie.Help is at hand from many people.
    Best wishes-Alan.

  • Ellen Hohm


    I tried with no success…microsoft is saying there is no way to change back….she was respectful and said she would pass on my complaint…..this does SUCK!!! Thanks for your help Alan, nice to know there are still people out there that care!!

  • This is one of the best ones,but i still cant locate the
    one i had in mind,Alan.

  • SNAP!

    But its not the special one i was searching for,cheers!

  • Kendra farns
  • You know the saying Ellen,don’t get angry-get EVEN
    We should all set their customer service phone line
    alight,so that it goes into a Meltdown grinding halt.
    The number is difficult to find,but their are people out
    here dedicated to exposing the big companies who
    abuse customers by hiding facts and phone NOs
    I cant remember exactly but,there is a site/blog with
    name like:-SAYNOTO08700.Sites like these have a
    remit to help people to find the hidden phone NOs
    and the alternatives to the RIP OFF numbers.I will
    see if i can find out anything & get back later,good

  • Kendra farns


    Microsoft has the right. It is their email system and they are letting you use it for free. You always have the right to not use it.


  • Ellen Hohm


    I so AGREE…..who has the right to change my account that I am so familiar with…..I have NO time to figure this out and feel extremely violated!!! My feelings will NOT change…..I DO NOT like the new LOOK!! IT TRULY SUCK!!!!!!! A violation of personal rights indeed!!!!!!!

  • Kendra,glad you liked the idea.About 10 nights ago,
    everyone was saying:-“whats happening people? has
    Amazon gone into MELTDOWN!-everybody was
    flitting from thread to thread,because the 1 they were
    on had gone into a Robot form of “IT DOES NOT
    EXTERMINATE-kill the poster-ha ha ha,we could not
    type for laughing.I wonder..did our earlier tricks upset
    the poor little BOT-Alan.

  • Kendra farns

    I am unsure anyone is in charge there as all I have seen is herd behavior.

    Love it. Idiotic bots, and language filters are high on my pet peeve list along with whiners and those who give zero details about a problem. Too little sleep today I guess.

  • Thanks Mark,for the kind words.I don’t like being
    dictated to in BIG BROTHER fashion,and being
    someone that’s used to thinking outside the box and
    using lateral thinking,i hit back any time,with some
    sort of sarky acerbic wit [if a good riposte comes to
    mind],and its often very amusing to see responses
    by IDIOT brains automatic BOTS that have been
    installed by BIG BROTHER to make us all toe the
    line.An example from a discussion Forum on an
    Amazon set up.Everybody was being told:-“your post has been modified accordingly as it has gone
    over the number of CAPS that we allow”.When one
    looked back at the modified post,it had been altered
    [edited] and was now ALL LOWER CASE.I thought,
    “i’m not taking this dictated to rubbish from a BOT”.
    I put my thinking cap on and came up with this.
    That solved it,apparently the BOT was confused &
    not being able to think for itself,it allowed the post to
    remain as it was.Myself and a few others had an
    almost hysterically funny near surreal session using
    many different WORD TOOLS,and one poster said
    “i was drinking tea,and i nearly had a bad laughing choking coughing fit-LOL.I know most of this is off
    thread..i just wanted to illustrate that BIG BROTHER
    does not win all the battles.Kind regards,Alan.

  • Mark Lee

    [@ALAN SHEEHAN.] [@Kendra farns]

    I do admire your extraordinary patience under stressful conditions… [grin]… If someone bothers to go back and count the number of times you people (and others) have said the same thing over and over again – THERE’S NO WAY BACKP, PEOPLE!!! — to which I would add, going forward — PLEASE READ THE FORUM BEFORE ACTING LIKE LAZY FOOLS!!!…

    Alan, thank you very much for the time zone information… I do appreciate your exceedingly kind offer to every forum visitor but I do not expect (HOPE NOT…) to use it. But if I do… it’s nice to know you’re willing to help.

    And I want to fully agree to John Burt’s words: How great if MS had someone like you or Kendra in charge of its e-mail services! How different, indeed, this whole process would have been with one of you there. The way it has been so far (and there is no reason to expect them to change going forward) it’s close, if not completely, the antithesis of what a business needs to do. This is what I think.

    Thanks and regards to both of you.

  • Thievedisliker


  • Thievedisliker

    Yep!! Everyone, I have the same problem. But Hey! This is the world of “BIG BROTHER.’ We are all trapped in the world of cyberspace. No more choices to decide for ourselves, if we want a product or NOT!! No more “You can Switch No,” here buttons.

    We will be subtly manipulated (just like this product) and seduced into having products we HATE! Because the new ambitious young corporate worlds manipulate the consumers physic, by seducing us into these products and saying to themselves: “The consumers will get over-it and just get use to the product.”

    Well, it’s All an invasion of one’s privacy and ALL this cyberspace is gonn’a get Worse!!

    I hope All these young Executives get their products THROWN Back in their Faces!! In ONE way or another!!

    There I said it!! I miss my!!!!!!!


  • Zak

    Hi all
    I m trying to switch back from outlook to normal hotmail but when I followed the process I couldn’t find the icon “switch to hotmail”
    Please guys I need your help

  • Kendra farns



  • Hafiz

    there are only thees options

    Reading pane
    More mail settings
    plz some 1 can help me to go in previous look

  • Hafiz

    there are only thees options

    Reading pane
    More mail settings

  • Go to 321,read the first 4 lines,Alan.

  • Evolving52

    [@Mark Lee]
    @Mark Lee. I’m in the US. it is offered when I go into my inbox, but when I follow the link, I’m told I cannot switch at this time.

  • Read the previous posts.

  • Kendra farns

    @ AS Kudo’s want a job

    Have you read any of these comments? There is no option to revert. Your choices are use or find a different mail provider. It isnt your Hotmail (unfortunately it is Microsofts)

  • nniny

    hey i have the new hp laptop and it contains windows 8. and all of a sudden i went to log in to my hotmail account and was surprised by this change. I did not volunteer to change anything, and yet I do not have the “Switch back” prompt. A little help?

  • JMB,Many thanks for the kind words.I receive all the
    messages from doTech at my inbox,so please feel
    free to contact me at any time.My time zone is GMT,
    and i can be contacted any time..even as late as 5am.
    Good luck to you pal,Alan.

  • Well, if there really is no hope at all of getting back to Hotmail once forcibly shoved off the rim of the Outlook toilet bowl, then I guess there is no reason for me to come back to this forum.
    My thanks to everyone, but most especially to Alan. Gee, I sure wish you were in charge of e-mail services at MS. Indeed, I’d be delighted to do business with any operation in which you had a policy-making role.

  • Yes Kendra,i did mean “here at this end”–using your
    phrase,but i guess,i’m safe anyway,as i clicked on
    privacy upon registering-thanks,Alan.

  • I give to the needy,and although i know some..i have
    no need to go cap in hand to the wealthy,because i
    make my living from investments.Time zone = GMT.

  • Mark Lee


    Alan, while we wait for Kendra’s answer to your question on the email addresses, I beg your permission for inserting the following:

    You have gone to extremes in your often repeated offer of help in case one needs it. This is a very nice attitude from your part. But there’s a saying around here, where I live, that goes more or less like this (I’m translating into English, so please bear a little with me…) : Never promise to the needy nor ever be in debt to the rich…

    This, of course, is a metaphor, and I hope you get the real meaning.

    In my case, I would say you might just be making a promise to a needy man… I’m a computer moron, really… So, just in case this poor man ends up knocking at you door, and not willing to further abuse your kindness by waking you up in the middle of your sleeping hours, please let me know, if you will, what is your time zone?

    Like I said, just in case… And many thanks!

  • Kendra farns


    Alan, I am sorry but “here at this end”? Do you mean dottech? I would not have a clue, just passing through and dont know much about “here”

    Obviously using an AKA/Alias (I hate aliases) because of my NDA

  • Mark Lee


    Trying to make some sense out of that “most interesting” experience you have been experiencing, could you please say from where are you trying to switch to Outlook, I mean, are you in the US or abroad?


  • Thanks for that–most gratifying, & when the S**T hits
    the fan,i’m available late at night cheers-Alan.

  • evolving62

    So, I have tried switching to Outlook on one of my accounts, just to check it out and become familiar with it before my main account is switch. I keep getting a message each time I try, telling me they have reached their limit for “upgrading” customers to Outlook. Just found that interesting, and wanted to share. I’m not looking forward to the switch, but thought if I could play around with it in one of my accounts, while awaiting a forced “upgrade” on the other, it would help. No can do. I’ve tried daily for 5 days, now.
    @Alan – it is quite frustrating, isn’t it?, to see so many folks posting the same question here about not being able to switch back to Hotmail. The answer is posted all over the place here! I laugh when I read those!
    Thanks for all the good comments here; when I do make the switch, I’ll re-read them for answers!

  • Kendra,let me rephrase the question.I am perfectly
    safe at my end,but are you aware of any problems
    concerning the safety of E-mail addresses HERE @
    this end ? Cheers-Alan.

  • Kendra farns

    You want the party line, or the truth? I am under NDA so cannot divulge plans but the answer is probably not. In the short term there should be no change, in the long term, why would MS want to support 2 different sets of servers?

    In the final analysis your data, your credentials, and your personal information is at the whim of the provider.

  • Mark Lee


    Alan, I have been following your repeated questions about whether our email addresses are safe… I could see from he beginning that Kendra had not gotten what you were talking about.
    It’s a critically important answer that I am also anxiously waiting for. Please, anyone, are our email addresses safe???… Yes or No?
    Thanks for insisting.

  • This question has been answered far too many times
    already,don’t you read any of the posts?,the most
    recent answer is at 311.

  • M.A.Q

    my optin to switch to hotmail does not appear what shall i do

  • Kendra,the question was is/are our E-mail Address/es
    safe-{HERE} Thanks-Alan.

  • Kendra farns


    The vast majority (99+%) of migrated users have no problems but my mantra (even without the migration) is if you data is important back it up. The easiest way is to install Windows Live Mail and sync it to outlook.
    MS has a “disclaimer” in there terms of use that the user is responsible for their data not MS.

  • Urgent message for KENDRA! Are our E-mail
    addresses SAFE here?Cheers-Alan.

  • Glenda Kanashige

    Well, Mark, I am glad to have been of help. I tried Outlook once on my own volition, and immediately changed back to Hotmail and was happy to do so. I did, however, encounter one very negative thing after changing back to Hotmail, and that was, when I replied to an e-mail, the e-mail turned up in my in-box with my name on it, and I was unable to then forward it to someone else if I needed to. Someone told me how to fix that – something in my settings, which I will look for if anyone needs it but which now evades me – and when I did, I found myself in Outlook. Whether it was a result of my change, or just a coincidence, I don’t know. I can’t see that there were any advantages either way, except perhaps that Outlook may have been modified since my test run. Or was it just less of a shock the second time around? Anyway, from what I hear, you only have a month or so anyway, so make the most of out soon to be dearly departed Hotmail. And when it happens, I do hope your transition is as smooth as mine seems to have been – touch wood.

  • PLEASE please people,read the previous posts,for the last cannot change
    back,that option has been deleted by MS.
    You are stuck with Outlook or you can look
    for another provider.Why not act positively
    and seek help from the other posters who
    have nailed down what makes Outlook tick.
    I fully understand your gripes,but they don’t
    help to answer the original question posed.
    I have seen at least 4 posters here that can
    help with most of the problems you will come up against using Outlook,you would be
    better served asking/seeking advice.For my
    part..i’m a Night Owl and i can usually post
    an answer to anyone within the hour–into
    the wee small hours,kind regards-Alan.

  • K,there isn’t one..its been deleted by MS.

  • Mark Lee

    [@Glenda Kanashige]

    Thank you very much, Glenda, for your help. Actually, you answered my quest in a simple, very clear, very detailed way, with much more talent than you admitted having. Seriously, I did not need a fancy, professorial lesson. All I have been looking for is trying to understand how the “thing” compares with the “devil we know”. And I’m very grateful for the great job you did.

    As I mentioned before, I couldn’t care less about the links to the social networks, to Skype or any fancy features. I look for something that is simple and reliable, and this is probably why I have been so happy with Hotmail for the last 15 years, as I also said, to the point of paying for it!…

    I feel now a lot more comfortable with the upcoming push… But I’m not eager, so I will not rush to jumping on my own motion…

    One major concern I initially had was related to the possible loss of my Hotmail email address, but this has been resolved quite a while ago. So, I understand that I’ll keep it, and that all my data and settings, including my Hotmail msn account will be moved smoothly to Outlook. Do you or anyone else know whether there is any advantage (or if it makes any difference at all) in moving by one’s own initiative or waiting until the fat lady sings, so to speak? This would actually be the only reason that could make me jump now instead of waiting for the push…

    Meanwhile, Glenda, you did it! And I feel indebted to you for your effort and your kind patience.

    Thanks again.

  • Gail Fulton


    I hate outlook and am very annoyed I have been forced to change! When I have completed this semester at Uni I will be closing it down (some of my work is on email as attachments and I don’t have time to trawl through it all at the moment)

  • sorry dont no how to change it wish i did but wont be long before i change accounts

  • I don’t like outlook it is horrible and if they don’t change it back to hotmail I will delete all my accounts and what a cheek they have just making us go with it

  • kanwal

    my optin to switch to hotmail does not appear what shall i do

  • G,click on the V next to the word Outlook [top left],
    bye-dinner at last!-JAN.

  • Hi G,was just going to take up dinner[believe it or not]
    still,it can wait a few minutes.Go to the main address
    bar at the top of your page,click on the right hand side
    near the star[bookmarks],left click & the address bar
    should turn blue.Next,press your backspace button &
    the address bar should go blank.Now type in google,
    its not case sensitive,you should now see a list of
    sites RE:-Google,click on the www google one,and
    press your enter button on your keyboard-Voila!-the
    GOOGLE main page should appear.Stay on the
    page and go to your top right hand corner of the
    address bar and click on the star[bookmarks],you
    should now be ok,let me know how you got on—–cheers,JAN.

  • Glenda Kanashige

    On further checking, the To, Cc and Bcc on Outlook are to the left of the e-mail window instead of above, and the contacts just under it are just the most frequently used ones. One REALLY FRUSTRATING issue (msn, please note) is that I don’t seem to be able to get to the Bcc address line until I have filled in the Cc address line. As Forwards are supposed to be Bcc, this is an unnecessary time-waster. Anyone solved this problem? Ooops. Just solved it myself. If you click on the shaded area next to the most used contacts when the Cc window appears, they disappear and the Bcc window opens. Just goes to show – a little patience and all is revealed. Click on Cc or Bcc, and, as with Hotmail, the full contact list opens up.

  • Glenda Kanashige

    Just checked to be sure, and all my folders and files seem to be intact and accessible. And I have had no issues with sending and (as far as I know) receiving e-mails. Still not happy with the cavalier way msn has treated us, but, yes, the devil we know. And yes, I did get the e-mails msn sent telling us of the change, just went into denial for a while. Now, if anyone can tell me how I can keep my iGoogle page – an even bigger issue as far as I am concerned, as there seems to be no alternative – I would be over the moon.

  • Glenda Kanashige

    I am probably not the person to be giving advice. I am just a non-savvy housewife who uses e-mail every day to contact my friends around the world. A side-by-side comparison is a bit beyond my talents, but in my case, except for the hidden commands which you have to search for and whose whereabouts I often forget, Outlook seems to work exactly as my Hotmail account did, which leads me to believe I am missing something, as other people seem to be having serious problems. I never use links to Facebook or Twitter and have been using Skype independently for several years, so have no idea how they work. As I said once before, I like that Outlook doesn’t automatically open the next e-mail or Junk mail when you delete the one you have read. Apart from that, and the appearance, I can see almost no difference. Most of the commands at the top of the page: Not Junk, Sweep, Move To, have down-pointing arrowheads beside them. When you click on the arrowhead, more commands appear in a dropdown, many of which were on the banner in Hotmail. To the right of Empty, there are three little dots, which open another dropdown with: Mark as Unread and other commands. My account has a picture, which was my Skype logo but now isn’t, and when I click on that, there is yet another dropdown which allows me, amongst other things, to Sign Out. Everything else on my account seems to work just the same as Hotmail. But as I said, maybe I am missing something.

  • Thanks KF,Good luck,Alan.

  • Kendra farns


    Thumbs up for the devil you know.

  • ML,the only thing that will work for everyone is,
    make a choice..stick with Outlook or find a new
    provider.For those who choose the later,i wish them
    good luck,but don’t expect it to be plain sailing,there
    will be other problems with any new provider and as
    I have said before..”better the Devil you know”……..
    However help with poking the new Devil in the eye is
    at hand from many posters who have already found
    their way round the new System & who can save
    you a lot of time and trouble.Speaking from my own
    point of view,i’m a “Night Owl” & i will help in any way
    that i can into the small hours,kind regards-JAN.

  • Mark Lee

    [@sasha alex]

    Sasha, what you say is of little use to the rest of us if you do not follow up with a suggestion about what you consider to be a good replacement for the retiring Hotmail.

    Without Hotmail, and Outlook being, as you say, a moronic idea of msn’s, which I’m not confirming or denying because I do not know Outlook (yet…), your suggestion or recommendation would be, I believe, a positive contribution for me and possibly many others, as “evicted” (or soon-to–be “evicted”) Hotmail users.


  • sasha alex

    I always hated outlook. I mean the last time I heard about it was like 10 years ago. Very few people used it then and nobody will use it now. What a moronic msn idea.

  • Kendra farns

    Mark Lee

    You are of course correct. I dont use either Hotmail or (I just support them) but no matter what you use the powers that be are squeezing the last thin dimes out for profit Is there an alternative? IMHO not.

  • Mark Lee

    [@Kendra farns]

    Kendra, that’s for sure. But I wonder if that will be the new business standard we want to pursue… I would say it’s not!

  • Kendra farns


    They dont need your permission. It is their system. they did send you 2 emails explaining it

  • Mark Lee

    [@ALAN SHEEHAN.] [@Glenda Kanashige]

    So now, I hope, you have a better understanding of the different types of Hotmail users and the somewhat different issues that each type may be facing. This may also give you a better grasp of why some may be more prone to bemoaning than to being pro-active… I for one have decided to keep my head cool and trying to understand what’s really at issue here. My unenthusiastic approach derives solely from all the readings anyone can find all over the web, on one side and, on the other, the great parsimony of words and explanations that seems to be Microsoft’s official approach. And this, you’ll admit, makes you wonder… Case to say: Their silence is deafening… And why?

    If you read my previous postings, you may have noticed that at this point I do not have any personal issue with Outlook whatsoever, because I still did not jump into the pool and have not been pushed either… I’m still happily swimming the familiar waters of Hotmail… But I do understand what’s coming, unannounced, at any minute. And I must be honest, I do resent the way MSN has handled the whole issue. It’s like they just sat down and said: Unleash the hounds!!!…

    They do have the means and the resources — they SHOULD have acted in a much more businesslike way and make all the announcements necessary to avoid this ongoing terrible backlash, visible to anyone except, as it looks, to themselves…

    At the very least, they should have contacted those people, such as myself, who have been paying them for many years for the use of their service. And if this is too much for anyone to ask for, then I suspect our business people may be learning too much too fast from China… I surely hope not!

    Before finishing, and since you kindly volunteer to provide help to people who may need it, I feel encouraged to ask why don’t you please provide a side-by-side comparison of Hotmail vs. Outlook, possibly citing any pluses, any minuses and/or any “likes-dislikes”?

    Please note that as far as I am personally concerned, I don’t care about links to Facebook, Twiter or Skipe. On the other hand, I would love to get a better understanding of some hinted suggestions that have been made about links with Office and Windows 8… Any thoughts?

    Thanks and regards.



  • Glenda Kanashige

    Well, Alan, as someone who hates change, I have avoided Google Chrome like the plague. But as one who always embraces it once I am forced to, I will give Chrome a try. One problem – I am not sure I can go any faster.

  • Well done,good luck to you Glenda.I have just one
    suggestion to make,try using Chrome-its faster!

  • Glenda Kanashige

    Famous Last Words. When I tried to go to the next message, I got an “Outlook is experiencing problems message, but Merde Happens.

  • Glenda Kanashige

    I for one, have only ever used the free service. I can only imagine how galling it must be for you paying customers to be forced to move. To be honest, now I am using it, I find – so far – very little difference between Outlook and Hotmail. Some commands, such as Forward, Phishing Scam, Mark as Unread, and Sign Out are hidden behind arrowheads and other icons, but once I found them, the system worked well. I may also have missed some of the more major problems, as I managed to hold on to my Hotmail for a fairly long time. And there have also been a few Outlook updates recently, which may have ironed out some more of the wrinkles. I don’t like the look of Outlook, but I have customised my page with preferred colours, so it is a bit less unattractive to my eyes. I have not lost any information or been unable to access my account since I was changed over, and some of the other problems I have read about, which I experienced even with Hotmail, such as “server unavailable” or very slow connections, turned out to be problems with my laptop rather than with Hotmail/Outlook. I upgraded from Vista to Windows 7, and exchanged Internet Explorer for Mozilla Firefox, and things ran a lot more smoothly. Again, Mozilla has its own set of issues, and there are things I liked better with Internet Explorer, but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Are there specific problems you are worried about? I am not really computer savvy, and perhaps people who know more than me see more problems than I do, but all in all, I till prefer Outlook to gmail, Yahoo or any of the (admittedly few) systems I have tried, and it is the closest to the old, beloved Hotmail. I would have been really happy to stay with Hotmail, but as I can’t, I am just trying to make the best of it.

  • Mark Hi,I don’t know how you got the impression that
    i had positive things to say about this- Upgrade????
    it is a blight on the Web/Net community,but we are
    stuck with it*.There are other providers,but having
    had a good look at the pros and cons comments on
    them,i’m afraid its a case of “the devil you know”–
    RE*above.The only way out of this mess,if there is
    one,is or those like myself who have nailed down
    what makes Outlook tick to come forward,and offer
    help to those who are struggling.Do you need help on a certain aspect of the new system?,because
    all i seem to find,is moans and grumbling about the
    whole thing.If i found this site for the 1st time,i would
    have gone straight for the poster who posted-“cant
    find anything on the new System & need help”?One
    can join in with the comments-“bemoaning ones lot”
    later,far better to get Pro-avtive NOW!

  • Mark Lee

    The unfathomable designs of gods?…

    At this point (and, oh!, how I would love that this may turn out not to be my last opinion!) I do think this move, to which MSN decided to give the honorable title of an UPGRADE, has turned already into a worldwide public relations fracas for Microsoft. Like I say, for my own benefit, I wish I’m wrong. But if it comes out I was right, the fault lies solely and squarely on the company’s management. They could (actually, they should) have done a much better job while achieving the same or similar results and still keeping the good will and the loyalty of millions of customers around the world. I see no need to bother trying to explain how, as I’m sure any average adult person can fully see it.
    Which leaves us to wonder why they took the path they did… It’s open to anyone’s guess!

  • Mark Lee

    [@Glenda Kanashige]

    Glenda, I had asked you before for your help in providing a couple of reasons that could alleviate my anxiety level and make my remaining days (God knows how many) with Hotmail less stressful but I did not see much on your last comment that could be taken as an attempt to address my concerns…

    You say that unfortunately, because it is a free service, you suppose msn has the right to impose on us what they want. I say you may be unaware that, like me, there are scores of Hotmail users who do pay for the use of the service. This makes it relevant to understand how the product you are currently paying for may compare with the one that is being quite unceremoniously pushed down your throat by the gods at msn… And to this extent, your “msn giveth and msn taketh away” sounds vastly misplaced, wouldn’t you agree?

    But if you (or anyone else) have any positive comments about Outlook, by all means, please! They will be greatly appreciated.


  • Mark Lee


    Alan, I for one have asked already for help and I cannot see any word coming from people, such as yourself, who seem be dealing positively with this “upgrade” and have something good to say about Outlook.
    I understand this is a one way trip, there’s no way back, and regrettably so, but I am still one of the “happy few” who are still in “enduring” Hotmail. Before I jump into the water (or get pushed before I do) I would love to hear from you people, already dealing with it an loving it, a word or two about the sunny side of the experience.
    Is there anything you can provide about this?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Kendra,A very serious Q comes to mind..are our
    E-mail addresses on dotTech safe?

  • JB,How are you pal?,yes sadly..its as KF says,in
    about a month or so HOTMAIL will be-R.I.P.Your
    tone is very polite considering things “twirps”.One of
    my friends E-mailed me recently with-Have you seen
    what those “Fu**ing Sh*t for brains Morons @ MS
    have pulled with this poxy F**king load of crap they
    call an Upgrade?If clowns like these can become
    Millionaires peddling products like this in their remit,
    then on that scale of brain for brain we should all be
    Billionaires soon-lol. OK,enough of the laughs,do you want any help with Outlook,myself and many
    others are at hand,& as for me..i’m around often
    into the small hours,being a night owl,regards-Alan.

  • Kendra farns

    @Glenda – A wise decision. Many more probs with GMail
    @John They are changing gradually so the un changed will be changed in the newt 4 weeks

    Good Luck to all

  • h

    Please help! another service says it can import CSV files but how is this done? please step by step (I know not how to move or bulk fwd my folders with past info -my data – referrals etc.. as I have had Hotmail for 15yrs!!!!) Didn’t want to drop Hotmail ever- may keep outlook but this will help me clean out clean up and get on with it..
    thanks ahead


  • [@ALAN SHEEHAN.] It might or might not be true that it is no longer to get back into Hotmail. The twirps have been teasing us for months, forcing us into Outlook and then grudgingly allowing us to escape.
    Right now my wife’s account is still in Hotmail — I just wish I could figure out how to get a transfusion from hers to restore life to the pallid corpse which Outlook has made of my own….

  • Glenda Kanashige

    msn giveth and msn taketh away. I hate Outlook, but I am learning to live with it. I still think it is better than any other e-mail I have tried. Unfortunately, as it is a free service, I suppose msn has the right to impose on us what they want. I do wish they would stop referring to it as an upgrade, as it certainly is not, but in my experience, once you stop ranting, it is usable. Lots of quirks and problems, but it is free, and it is here to stay – or at least until msn comes up with yet another “upgrade”.

  • Then you are Kaput JB,Hotmail is gone FOREVER!
    Sorry,aint we all pal.

  • [@ALAN SHEEHAN.] [@ALAN SHEEHAN.] I do not have anything to add to the statement, “I have no use for Outlook and want to use Hotmail instead”. That is still my final word on Outlook.

  • PS:-I thought 7.57am was your final answer?

  • Everybody who has been changed over to Outlook,
    knows by now that it is IMOSSIBLE to change back.
    That info has been posted here again and again,if
    people are too lazy to read what other posters have
    to say,the fault lies with them,so whats your beef JB?

  • Seriously, people, if someone has something nice to say about Outlook, they haven’t spoken where I could hear it.

  • Rachid

    I don’t like outlook it is really frustrating when you
    impose something to some one who didn’t have choice to say yes or no. Better move away to other social network than to go further with outlook.o move
    when I tried back to hotmail, I didn’t give me the choice in the tab, so there is nothing after feedback.
    Honestly people behind this “rubbish outlook” are putting off people of this kind of network, believe me most of people who experienced the same are feeling the same that is why I am sending this feedback to who ever wants to hear it

  • Dappergreg

    Why not give a choice?.Have you ever herd if its not broken do not try and fix it.I think that is mess up.

  • [@SensorOp] The measure of Microsoft’s confidence in the superiority of the “upgrade” to Outlook may be measured in 1) the frequency with which they refer to it as an upgrade and 2) the fact that they adamantly refuse to let us switch back.

  • [@ALAN SHEEHAN.] If you enjoy using Outlook, feel free to explain why and how. If the limit of your “help” is “Shut up, bend over and take it”, then thank you for sharing.

  • My post is just above yours-read it & for Gods sake
    stop griping,whats done is done, & if you need help
    with the new Format,just say so! DAS.

  • peter dear

    why have you done this to me i hate outlook and i cant switch to hotmail

  • PS,As many have said here already—YOU CANT!
    You could opt to go with 1 of the other providers like
    Gmail or you can just stay with Outlook and all of us
    who have learned the ropes about this diabolical
    user unfriendly System will help you,good luck-DAS.b>[@parvin safizadeh]

  • parvin safizadeh

    how could i switch off from outlook to hotmail

  • parvin safizadeh
  • I do not like Outlook.
    I want to continue to use Hotmail.
    This is my final answer.

  • Michal Odendaal

    To reiterate. SHIT OUTLOOK IS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michal Odendaal

    Shit Outlook is shit . PLEASE bring back what has worked.

  • Wellings

    WE ARE APPALLED AND HAVE WRITTEN IN THEIR FEEDBACK TWICE THIS MORNING STATIING THE SAME, AND TOTALLY AGREE AND SUPPORT THE PREVIOUS COMMENTS, HOW DARE THEY ‘DAVID LAWS’ (This is the Head of Outlook,) authorise this, from our research it seems the overwhelming users are not happy, HOW CAN YOU DO THIS WITHOUT AUTHORISATION FROM THE CUSTOMER WHOSE ACCOUNT IS SUPPOSED TO BE PRIVATE??? Furthermore the least that should have been done is each customer being approached should be given 7 days notice and the option to accept or transfer all information to another account if they so wish. Does anyone know if there is anything we can do to challenge this?

  • Fred Rhodes

    I am very annoyed that I have been given no choice in this and have been forced by YOU. I had no desire to go to outlook and I was very comfortable with HOTMAIL and have been for years. I do not like OUTLOOK and the ICONS are bloody horrible. I do not like the fact – that it seems to be forcing a person to join ‘Facebook’ etc. I am very disappointed in whoever forced this on me and I don’t understand what gives you the right to impose yourself upon me and what I thought was my private email address!!!! I could say a lot more – but I would be sensored – Shame on you for taking away a persons ‘freedom of choice’

  • Kendra farns

    I swear MS wants a certain segment to eave and go elsewhere. It takes the strain off the data centers and gets rid of those with marginal hardware

  • SensorOp

    Good luck on your new products Microsoft…..looks like I’ll be going OpenOffice sooner than later. If you can’t even get free email working (even though you’ve been in this business for years) I look forward to the success of, Windows 8, and your crappy tablets….

  • SensorOp

    Gotta love Microsoft……”switch over to our new and improved email system (that takes days to load) and suffer when we don’t allow you to go back to what has worked for years.”

  • TB

    No way to change back from Outlook to Hotmail. So sad. I hate Outlook,

  • Kendra farns

    @John Smith

    What makes you think Microsoft is a democracy. They are after one thing $$$$$$

  • John Smith

    I never accepted changing to Few days ago change happened (seems automatically)
    Now, I’m not able to change to “classical view” anymore… should I’ve to deal with this mess for the rest of my days???

    It’s not fair. Eveyone should have the opportunity to choose what he wants to use!

    Is this democracy?

  • Kendra farns

    @matthew Try deleting your browser cookies.

    @Tareq Constructive.

  • Tareq

    Over time, Hotmail will be phased out and will be the free email service from Microsoft. As part of this transition, we’ve removed the option to switch back to Hotmail.

    f**k outlook and hotmail it self

  • Tommy

    This GAY Outlook automatically updated my good hotmail and now its ugly and everything is so damn big >_<

  • Matthew

    Exceptionally slow to start up…in fact hopeless. Hotmail had better response. I suggest you try Seamonkey mail. Has a browser too but you can just use for mail. Beats Outlook hands down.

  • Matthew
  • faust

    wtf there is no switching back.. this s*x big time..

  • susan

    What has happened to my hotmail. Outlook is awful and scrambled. I can’t access my contacts, nothing opens like it use to, I’m missing options, what made them think this is better. Gmail here I come!

  • Kendra farns

    Wait until you see the new calender and IM integration with Skype

  • Glenda Kanashige

    One thing I like better about Outlook – sorry, basically I still think it sucks – when you delete a message from the In-box or Junk Mail, the next message doesn’t automatically open as it did in Hotmail. Not much, I know, but that is all I can come up with for now.

  • victor

    we new outlook sucked now it crashed if you didnt change to outlook you still can use your email if ya did your crashed wtf

  • Kendra farns


    237th & 238th comment and still you dont get it. Microsoft has added “ads” for renenue, bought Skype for millions of dollars, and “retired” (their word not mine) Mesh, Messenger, and others just so they can integrate Wn 8,, and office into the same interface so they can MAKE MONEY ON THE MOBILE DEVICE MARKET. They have come out with their own tablets.

    Do you really think they are going to change?

  • JFK

    It was unnecessary to switch to outlook. It shows how much control that we have over our “free” email. Microsoft is pretty much communicating indirectly that they have the power to control our likes and dislikes in terms of this free service. Personally, I was not aware of this change, it was a complete shocking to see my classic hotmail being switched to this horrible outlook. Hope Microsoft takes our thoughts into consideration and switch back to hotmail.

  • JFK

    I hope so too. The old hotmail was so much better. It was unnecessary to switch to outlook. It shows how much control that we have over our “free” email. Microsoft is pretty much communicating indirectly that they have the power to control our likes and dislikes in terms of this free service. Personally, I was not aware of this change, it was a complete shocking to see my classic hotmail being switched to this horrible outlook. Hope Microsoft takes our thoughts into consideration and switch back to hotmail.

  • Mark Lee

    [@Glenda Kanashige]

    You say that Outlook may still be the way to go because your friend found out gmail was worse than Hotmail and, for this reason, decided to go back to what she had. I think you’re phrasing your statement backwards. I myself had a stint at gmail, a few years ago, just to “feel” it, and I did not like what I got. This is what made me stick with Hotmail, even paying for it.
    The issue is NOT what your friend (or I) may lose by going to other email providers. It is what will we gain, being forced to “upgrade” to Outlook…
    I wish you could provide a few creasons that made me less disgruntled, while waiting my turn to be “pushed” over to Outlook. Can you, please?

  • Glenda Kanashige

    If you mean the Sign Out link, it should be just to the right of your name on the right-hand side of the screen, hidden behind whatever picture is there. If you click on the picture, a box opens and you can sign out. Many things on Outlook are hidden – behind arrowheads and what have you – presumably to make the site “easier” and more “user friendly”.

    One comment about gmail. A friend of mine was using it, and when she tried to fill in some forms, she couldn’t do it – changed to her (old) Hotmail account, and all the drop-down windows dropped, and she could finally fill in the forms. So, with all its faults – and they are many – Outlook may still be the way to go.

  • jane

    i hate the new outlook thing. ms are so stupid and trying to compete with others that it loses sight of being an innovator and just reverts to being a follower and poacher.
    hotmail was great, they didn’t need to change it. but as it is, i guess i might just go to the competition and go to gmail. microsoft this is the last straw.

  • Don’t cant change back,once you are in,you are in for good unfortunately.Your comment
    NO GEAR puzzles me though,it shough be showing
    on the top right corner,next to your name.b>[@Rani]

  • Rani

    [@Asgeir Ramfjord]

    I hate Outlook, cannot chamge back to Hotmail since i dont see gear button on my screen, and dont see Sign Off link either.

  • Kendra farns


    Articulate as usual. it does however sound like a plan

  • Anonymous

    [@Kendra farns] Then you might as well say, screw Outlook, it can burn for all I care.

  • Kendra farns


    This has been repeated many times. There is no going back. Period.

    Try deleting your browser cookies.

  • majid

    Outlook.comm is too slow , I still can not return to my because I do not have that option , please inform me .

  • Kendra farns

    @Asgeir Ramfjord

    It is just not going to happen. PERIOD. DO you honestly think MS gives a ***** what their users think?

    They have spent millions, and millions of $$$$$$$ for Skype, and years worth of research on win 8.

    IMHO you either adapt or move on.

  • Asgeir Ramfjord

    The old hotmail was already perfect, and completely unnecessary to change. Outlook is by far worse than hotmail, and it seems like lots of others share my opinion in this matter. If Mircosoft are smart they will revert this change and make people which are their costumers happy. I’am quite sure this would be the best for the majority of the community. PLEASE REVERT THIS CHANGE.

  • Nera

    Yup. Hate Outlook >.< Much harder to maneuver around in the mobile version and I'll constantly loose stuff. XZ

  • Ellen

    wow! Very disappointed too. :( Time to start using gmail.

  • Kendra farns

    That loophole has already been fixed, plus users really need to be careful. If you change you email address you will
    1-Possibly not be able to access the old address (dependent on how the new account was created)
    2-be subject to a 30 days security lock out rendering the old address unusable for 30 days
    3-Not be able to log on to the new or old address.

    Perhaps a better idea would be to forward all the emails to another provider (like gmail) just in case.

  • Garry

    For some reason, and I cant explain why, new users creating an account have more control over the look than current users who have been switched to outlook.

    Therefore a current fix is to create a new hotmail account and then set your ‘improved’ outlook account to forward all emails to this hotmail account. This allows any emails sent to your email to appear in the new inbox. Unfortunately any sent mail can only be sent from the new address. The new account can still use the hotmail look which you are used to.

    This fix will probably not be long term unfortunately, as microsoft seem to be saying all acounts will be forcably moved by summer.

    I hope this helps

  • [@Belle] Yeaa :s !!!

  • Lena

    Problem is, after the upgrade all my junkmail dissapeared. Some mail that ends up there is mail I need to recieve, but with no mail arriving at all in junkmail folder there is a big problem, and settings won’t fix it.

  • Kendra farns

    Good idea. Frankly I would not trust my data to the cloud anyway. I use a real email client for important things.

  • A sad user

    Forgot to mention that gmail has the option of receiving e-mail from other carriers including Hotmail, so you won’t necessarily be losing your e-mail address, the only thing you’ll be missing is that stupid interface. Better than nothing.

  • A sad user

    Thanks Kendra.

    After a lot of pondering, I believe I will phase out my Hotmail account and will start using my gmail account as my main account. Once you turn off gmail’s option of making your e-mails look like “Conversations” the interface remains friendly, simple and effective, like Hotmail’s used to be. On the plus side, Google has a lot of great services like Youtube, Plus and Search. Farewell Microsoft.

  • h

    Hello !
    How to transfer all my contacts to yahoo

    Is it easy?
    please advise …
    hloveshotmail iguess no more

  • Kendra farns

    @A sad user

    they are changing them gradually (their servers probably cant handle them all at once. They will get to you.

  • A sad user

    How come not all accounts have been forced to upgrade? I have two hotmail accounts, one of them very old from more than 10 years and one around 1 year old. Neither of my two accounts have been forced to update, but my mother’s account which is older than my second account, from around 4 years ago has been forced to update. Does anybody know?

  • Rick

    Thanks for the e-mail forwarding idea.
    Outlook sucks
    How hard is it to offer the old (classic version) Have developers gotten that lazy or so crappy they have to force you to accept their new versions. Sad and Pathetic this new version really pisses me off. If there is a way to
    please tell me. I will do so. This is all they understand, MONEY.

  • Rick
  • h

    (Scuze I know this is long)
    (I propose a follow up q? at the end)
    I am so sick – Why dont they keep hotmail – let people choose if they want Hotmail (for (15yr!) then ms they could become gazzillion milllionaires- or those who want outlook can go that route- ( its definitley NOT AN UPGRADE)…
    How long do they want to spend reading the disgruntled- begrudged-unhappy- ruthless emails of user deppression shared to you——this new FORCED lower grade system to handle the everyday easeness of what we had
    We dont mind if we have to suck d— I mean pay out to hotmail!!!!!! Just ask!!!!!


    signed holly loveshotmail

    Another unhappy client i am quoting “‘””””BTW, we don’t HAVE to accept Outlook. There are many other e-mail providers out there. Trouble is, UP TILL NOW, and despite not being thrilled with some of the earlier “updates”, I still like Hotmail best. BUT, if you force Outlook onto me, and I still HATE it, I will be looking for something else.”””””””
    Please advise how to remove my contacts so I can use yahoo as my master!… Thank you…..

  • The word on Outlook is,its here to stay,and by the
    Summer it will be Outlook- ONLY! I would suggest that
    all those that have found their way around this clumsy
    System[DOWNGRADE]–help the others who are
    suffering. My 1st offering.”how do i find my contacts”
    Answer:-go to the top left where the word Outlook is
    in CAPS,click on the V on the right of it and your drop
    down menu of contacts will appear.Good luck-Alan.

  • Mark Lee


    WHile waiting for any possible questions from Wade, could you please provide your comments about any benefits from this “upgrade” to Outlook, namely about easy of use and functionality. The web is awash of comments, both pro and con, and for the long time Hotmail users like me, there’s no easy way to either get comfortable with the idea that this is really an upgrade, meaning an improvement.
    I am a paying subscriber of Hotmail and I must say that I would not move away from it unless forced to do it. As a matter of fact, I have tried other email providers along the years, but never got sufficiently convinced to make the move…
    So, what can you provide to the “reluctant” users like myself, in terms of making them more comfortable with the upcomig, inevitable jump they have to take, whether they like or not? Or, to quote a famous advertisement of years past, “where’s the beef?” with Outlook?
    Thanks for any thoughts you may want to share.

  • I am afraid you are stuck with it and it takes some
    figuring out on the HOW/WHERE/WHICH etc on
    things,and i have more or less got it nailed down now.
    If i can help in any way..just ask.

  • Wade

    Can I forward my hotmail address emails to my yahoo account cause I don’t want to use outlook

  • Kendra farns

    200+ comments. Guess the squeaky wheel gets the most grease. In any case MS isnt going to budge. If you dont like it (and I dont) you have a choice to use something else.

    After all it is Microsoft’s email system isnt it?

  • Vinicio

    They have removed the option to change back to Hotmail. I hate outlook, it’s shit, fuck i want to come back to hotmail, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk I HATE FUCKING OUTLOOK IS FOR DUMM AND STUPID DESING

  • Joe

    Yes it is pure crap, hate it, can’t stand it, and hope I can have my old hotmail look back.

  • Michael

    wow they have just today removed the option to revert to hotmail?

    fuck i hate this outlook…. it’s so dumbed down like it’s designed for down syndromes…..

    switching to gmail

  • Belle

    They have removed the option to change back to Hotmail. I hate outlook, it’s shit

  • Luciano




  • Luciano














  • Bassem Nagm

    I don’t like Outlook Hotmail.I have not icon” Switch back to Hotmail.”
    Help me please to get my old normal hotmail back

  • As

    Looks like they’re downgraded to windows 98
    Everything looks so boring and dull

  • I cannot believe the arrogance of Microsoft to enforce OUTLOOK, but even worse to ignore the scream of protest against it.
    What sort of people are you?
    Why do you not reply publicly to these protests on this site?

  • cris

    I`m going to yahoo, as they don`t do FUCK UPS

  • Max

    Meh. chugs on older single core PCs. Old Hotmail worked fine. I really dislike the bland “clean” look too. So Microsoft have done it again… screwed their users.

  • ALI


  • Rich

    WE ARE SCREWED. We cannot go back to Hotmail. Like Hotel California, “You can check in but you can never leave.”
    Back to yahoo for me.
    Good luck

  • ericg

    Yup, it appears they took away the switch back option.

    This could be the end of my hotmail account.

    Maybe time to move to gmail.

  • Jesse

    God damn it! It seems that I’ve been forced to use outlook. I hate this. FU microsoft. I think I’ll switch to gmail.

  • jara

    give me back HOTMAIL, outlook sucks, i hate it!!!!

  • Frank

    You cannot switch back to hotmail. Microsoft pushed the update for everyone. You can read it here:

  • Ernesto Dávila González


  • Larney

    The new Outlook is not so bad…. we got used to hotmail through regular usage… such will go for the outlook as well and we’ll still enjoy more (coming up) benefits. ;)

  • SKY

    I can’t find the switch back to hotmail from there click on the gear icon located near the top-right corner: Anyone pls help me?

  • give me back my old emails. listen to your subscribers. don’t you care about us.

  • [@Olga]

  • Fragems

    Outlook is a piece of crap if anything it feels like a down grade for a normal desktop user :X. Don’t know why they are trying to force the windows 8 theme on us.

    Biggest complaint is its hard to tell if I have opened a message before since the only difference between a new and old email is a slightly bolder font.

  • Johnny B

    !@#$ seems we’re now stuck with it. I was able to revert back to hotmail about a year again, but Microsoft has now removed the hotmail option.

  • Glenn

    the new hotmail outlook does not appear to have a contacts folder. I want to add a new contact but I can’t figure out how. I have searched the internet for some help, but can’t find anything on this. Now I can’t go back to hotmail either. This is a joke yeah? Might have to go to gmail or yahoo.

  • Zeest

    I don’t like Outlook & I have not the option of ” Switch back to Hotmail.”
    Help me please to get my old normal Hotmail back.

  • beth

    Have you figured out how to switch back? I hate this Outlook

  • beth

    When I click on the gear to switch back to hotmail there is no option to switch back. How can I get rid of Outlook? Please help!!

  • Jan


  • Olga

    I don’t like Outlook Hotmail.I have not icon” Switch back to Hotmail.”
    Help me please to get my old normal hotmail back.

  • elmgem

    Okay … how many times do you people have to read this to get it? I can’t believe how many folks are still asking how to switch back to hotmail – YOU CAN’T. It says it all over the place here! MS is switching ALL Hotmail users to Outlook, like it or not. All of us Hotmail users will eventually be Outlook users by the end of the summer. If you don’t like, switch providers. Good God people … it’s email, not rocket science. If you don’t like Outlook, go to another free service, forward all your emails to that new email, and cancel your hotmail/outlook accounts :) … not that difficult.

  • Kendra farns

    That number (.800-230-5093) IS NOT LEGITIMATE HOTMAIL SUPPORT
    It is for
    They cant do a thing for you but charge you.

  • holly

    I am so sick – Why don’t they keep hotmail – let people choose if they want Hotmail (for (15yr!) then ms they could become gazillion millionaires- or those who want outlook can go that route- ( its definitely NOT AN UPGRADE)…

    How long do they want to spend reading the disgruntled- begrudged-unhappy- ruthless emails of user depression shared to you——this new FORCED lower grade system to handle the everyday easiness of what we had

    We don’t mind if we have to suck d— I mean pay out to hotmail!!!!!! Just ask!!!!!





    (update some how I got rid of facebook pic ID THNKGD)



    signed holly loveshotmail

    Another unhappy client – HERE I QUOTE

    “‘””””BTW, we don’t HAVE to accept Outlook. There are many other e-mail providers out there. Trouble is, UP TILL NOW, and despite not being thrilled with some of the earlier “updates”, I still like Hotmail best. BUT, if you force Outlook onto me, and I still HATE it, I will be looking for something else.”””””””

  • Sid

    [@Diana Slavova]
    Same here :( I HATE OUTLOOK.

  • Diana Slavova

    I want to switch back to Hotmail, but the option doesn’t appear. How to make it? I hate Outlook, it’s terrible…

  • sam


  • sam


  • Kendra farns


    No it doesnt
    If you click the “to”, “cc”, or “bcc” once it gives you favorites. If you click it twice it gives you the complete list

    For a permanent fix
    Go to> Options> More Options>customizing>advanced privacy settings>click “suggestions for anyone”>save

  • KL,Thanks for your help.Unfortunately its only a half
    solution.When i need to forward a message to one of
    my contacts,the Outlook format restricts me on the
    drop down contacts menu to frequent contacts ONLY!
    How do i forward messages to the others[in this case
    around-80 %] Cheers-Alan.

  • Kendra farns

    @Alan Sheehan
    Forward is under reply. Just have to look around a bit to find stuff

    Support can be found here.

  • How the hell do i forward messages on this rubbishy
    Outlook format,its the most user unfriendly load of
    claptrap its ever been my misfortune to be stuck with-Microsoft get a brain transplant!Alan.[@kevbo]

  • Wamiq R. Khan

    I was working in my Hotmail account and suddenly the next moment I was taken into outlook. I hate working in outlook and found your site for repairs. The point at which your guide tells us to press ” Go back to Hotmail”. No such icon appears in the gear box However the feedback option is still there. Any suggestions to get rid of Outlook would be appreciated.

  • Kendra farns


    They sent you at least 2 emails (they sent them to ALL Hotmail users) about this. The only official support for Hotmail (and where to make a comment) is here

  • Marek

    My hot mail account got switched to outlook without my permission! I am really upset. I don’t like how it looks and functions. When someone sends me an email and there is more recipients than just me, I am not able to view them! How am I supposed to know who I am replying to? I can’t open the attachments just to view them, it goes straight to download, and I hate saving garbage to my computer that takes up the space! I really hate this, I can’t believe Microsoft updated this without my permission, people should have choice regarding their own personal e-mail accounts! I want to go back to hot mail. I have my own business and my e-mails are the most important things in my daily routine. Half of my e-mails got erased or moved to different folders. I needed my on-line folders to keep everything organized. There should be an option to got back! This is unacceptable.

  • Kendra farns

    @Haro Kagemoto

    I said exactly that in comment 130. Microsoft turned the revert switch off about 10 days ago.

    This is all sound and fury signifying nothing. The complaints will die down, those who stay will get used to another flavor of free mail, and life goes on.

    It simply amazes me that the frustration level of some users is non existent.
    I mean seriously, to whine about having to log in every time (a new security feature) ad infinitum is just ludicrous

    Some need to get a life

  • Haro Kagemoto

    Please update your responses. According to Microsoft, it is no longer an option to switchback to Hotmail.

  • Voddie

    Sorry… this sucks! Web Messenger is absolutle half arsed shite!

    And you think im moving to Skype? Screw you microsoft!

  • Mark Lee

    [@Kendra farns]

    Thank you very much for your information and advice. Like I said before, I have no qualms in moving to Outlook, especially if my PLUS benefits move with me… But I’m not particularly eager, either.
    Do you know whether there have been many issues experienced by the people who have already moved? Any particular area of incidence of such issues? You mention one that causes me some chills — loss of data… How serious has it been?
    Microsoft has been so far remarkably quiet about making people comfortable with this move and they don’t seem too hurried in coming up with public, widespread notices about the main problems, namely this last one about the “Sorry, there seems to be a problem with Hotmail…”
    I used to have quite high regards about Microsoft but I think they are facing a terrible public relations backlash from this Hotmail-Outlook apparent fracas…
    Any thoughts will be much appreciated.
    Thank you.

  • washiar

    sorry MS your Software is totally rubbish and annoying, just making money from people

  • Kendra farns

    @Mark Lee
    WHen you are upgraded your email will continue to work as an “alias” of the new Both will work. Your PLUS benefits will continue as Outlook PLUS

    The most important wisdom I can impart is IF YOUR DATA IS IMPORTANT BACK IT UP!!!!!

    There is a sizable number of users who have lost theirs. Easiest way is to install windows live mail and sync it to your hotmail account.

  • Mark Lee

    Referring to one of your previous comments, you mentioned something about free email services (such as Outlook) and paid email services. I use HotmailPlus, which is a fee account and Microsoft charges me for every year, in exchange for certain benefits, such as more space and others. How are customers such as myself going to be handled when we switch (or get switched) to Outlook?
    I do not have either any desire to move out of HotmailPlus or any pleasure in remaining with. I’m kind of neutral about that… But there is one very important issue to me — I have dozens of entities, including financial, official and private companies that use my @hotmail address for all contacts and, in some cases, even as an extra tool of identification.
    What would be my best choice at this point? Am I going to be moved to Outlook, no matter the fact I’m a paying user of Hotmail? And then?
    Or, change for change, should I go out and find a real good email provider, even if I have to pay a fee? Any particular recommendation?
    I will greatly appreciate your thoughts about all these queries.
    Thank you very much for your help.

  • Kendra farns

    @Seriously +1

    Its like tilting at windmills. A done deal even for Don Quixote.

  • Seriously?

    Seriously people? The article clearly states: “UPDATE: It looks like Microsoft is no longer allowing people to revert back to Hotmail from Sorry people — you are stuck with, you cannot change back!” Why are people still confused as to why they cannot change back?!

  • Tanushree

    well how could i do that if i don’t have this option ???

  • kevbo

    [@Paul] MS should be used to handling those, especially after the last few years: they just ignore them. Does anyone else see a classic business life cycle model developing with this company, or am I completely blinded by my contempt for the way they treat a once loyal customer?

  • Kendra farns


    There is a larger plan afoot but from my support perspective it was handled poorly.
    MS has “retired” Mesh (2/13), Messenger (3/15), and Outlook (4/01).

    Their data centers cant handle the capacity and the latency is killing any one who has to spend time there.

    ATM there are hundreds of threads regarding a “there seems to be a problem with outlook” and after 24 hours there is still no announcement of an issue.

    I am just thankful that Gmail didnt decide to switch at the same time (and yes they are changing)

  • [@Heather]

    A public relations disaster for hotmail.

  • The worst aspect of this outlook express tie up, is that you are not told in advance that if you make a single click to agree to using outlook express, your format which you have been used to for years changes.

    Now I know some pc nurds simply love to change things for the sake of change, but this format is at the best third rate. I like to click on a mail sent and be able to see at an instant what I have sent, as I may want to re-circulate that mail to others.

    This crazy new format is not user friendly and must be a public relations disaster for Microsoft.

  • Kendra farns

    They sent every Hotmail address 2 emails explainging when & why.

    The usual cause of that is browser cache. Clear yours
    Please clear your browser’s cookies by following the instructions on the link below:
    *For IE,: Press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL simultaneously and click Delete
    *For Chrome: Press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL simultaneously and click Clear Browsing Data
    *For Firefox: Press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL simultaneously and click Clear Now
    (other browsers are similar)

  • Cameron

    I switched of my own accord and brother, what a mistake! It’s very slow and clumsy. I’m constantly getting “not responding”.

  • daniel

    im really pisssed off, it happened to switch to the dang out look again….so i go to switch it back…and there isnt a switchback button….i swear im going to kill some one

  • Kendra farns


    I am forced to use the free services (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc) because I support them. Its my Job.

    To minimize the “risk” I dont use web browsers but instead use Windows Live Mail (has more features) and for important emails I use Office 2013’s Outlook.

    I would say for the average user Windows live mail offers a free email client that has many more features than the web based emails.

    I am in a bit of a delicate spot here because I am a Microsoft MVP which is why I use this pen name.

    I am happy to help anyone and will point you to what I feel is the best choice.
    good Luck

  • holly

    [@Kendra farns]

    what email do you use?
    thanks ahead

  • Kendra farns


    I work on both and good luck with Gmail. I dont use a free email service for my important mail

    You are correct. MS has a method to their madness.

  • Glenda Kanashige

    Careful. GMail has a lot of problems, too. I hate Outlook, but it still seems to be the best option now that our Hotmail has been stolen.

  • Glenda Kanashige
  • Johnny Bravo

    Goodbye Outlook, u suck, hello GMail!

  • Kendra farns


    This weekend was the cut off for most things Hotmail. The option to revert was removed from all users, and quite a few more things. Funny thing is they are doing this to GET more Outlook users from Gmail and Yahoo.

    From my experience most users think they devil they dont know (I work Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo sites) is better than the one they do. Almost always they are disappointed . I guess it is the price one pays for a free email service.

  • Hal

    [@Kendra farns]

    I partly agree with you…..going to have to get use to it…..G-mail is slightly better because they at least allow changing fonts in inbox and add color..
    I went to live mail for my hotmail accounts
    makes it semi live-able.
    Side note if you want to use a hotmail not a e-mail address have to make one soon all newr addresses will be after march 1st.

    Once again micro-softie ruins another good thing !!!! Thanks for nothing micro-softie

  • jom johnson

    I don’t have switch back option availble in gear button.. After fedback option no option is availble

  • jom johnson
  • thres

    Will leave hotmail after 17 years…….This unvolunteering switch is not appreciated …..

  • Kendra farns


    ITS A DONE DEAL. Get used to it, or find another email service. GMAIL isnt any better (I work there and the are under going change as well)

  • Katie

    This just happened . . . AGAIN! And the option to go back is not there this time. I am so angry. I WILL remember this!

  • Tahr

    I don’t have switch back option availble in gear button.. After fedback option no option is availble

  • Kendra farns

    @pissed off customer

    There is simply no going back. I work for Microsoft and the and unwilling to run 2 different servers.m You will just have to get used to it or find another email

    Personally I wouldnt use a free email service

  • Heather

    Outlook sucks! Bring back the Hotmail!

  • Piss off customer


    Why are Microsoft being such absolute KUNTS? This is disgraceful. I invested my time switching from Outlook back to Hotmail. Microsoft allowed me to do this. In fact, they were the ones created the facility to do it. Now they just push us off of hotmail and onto Outlook without even a simple message.

    If I’m stuck with this shit outlook bollox then I’ll take my custom elsewhere.

  • nataliej

    This worked before. I just tried again (my acct switchback to Outlook periodically regardless of how many times I revert to Hotmail) but the Swicth Back to Hotmail option must have been temporary while they received feedback as it is no no longer an option. :o(

  • Bhadresh

    @Kendra farns:

    Steel i want to go back to hotmail…

    please give me any if you find another option for that….

  • Kendra farns


    If you were auto-upgraded there is not option to revert. All Hotmail users will be “up-graded” within the next month or two.

  • ANNA

    What a primitive site— back to the dark ages—- some one has been thinking out side the box again —- HA HA HA ———- STUPID BOY/GIRL

  • Bhadresh

    I am also not getting “switch back to hotmail” option then what should i do?

    Please give me option if anybody find it again..

  • Kendra farns


    The No-script add on prevents them but a better solution is to use this user add-on as it both removes the ads and reclaims the space

    Good luck

  • Hal

    @Kendra farns:

    would love to find out more about the Firefox add-ons….like you were speaking of…….have not been lucky in looking
    Anything you could add would be greatly appreciated

  • Kendra farns

    If you were auto-updated there is no option to revert

    Optimize your browser-delete your cookies

    Outlook as bad as it is, is here to stay. Google and Yahoo are doing the same (and having the same problems)

  • Hates the new outlook

    Some how my hotmail switched to outlook, it is slow, tabs is out of place and not working at all. Thanks for the years of hotmail, it might be time to not use it any more if this is not fix soon.

  • King

    dear friends..

    I want to back to hotmail.. as mentioned above to click on gear which give u option of switch back to hotmail.. but this option is present in my outlook gear..

    any help and suggestion please

  • Glenda Kanashige

    I, too, tried Outlook. I, too, hated it. I was able to switch back to Hotmail, but now, when I reply to an e-mail, the e-mail shows up in my inbox with my name and with the reply attached, and if I try to reply to the same person again, the e-mail goes to me. Each reply is added in front of the previous e-mail. It is annoying, frustrating and a pain in the touchas. Anything I can do to fix it back the way it was?

  • MN

    I don’t have the Options icon, Go back to Hotmail. Anyone can help me out please?

  • Gary

    @Bill: Same exact thing happened to me ,in the same exact way. I too have been with Hotmail for yr’s & use for all my contacts. I will go to the local Library tomorrow,sign in & see if I can switch back. I will the also export my contacts,etc. to another provider & shut down Outlook. They can KMA!!!
    Thanx for thei nfo. Bill.

  • Kendra farns

    What ever you do will be temporary. MS is upgrading everyone over the coming weeks (their phrase) and when it is finished nothing will be able to revert you back to Hotmail. You might want to check the only legitimate support for Hotmail. It is

    I can tell you here (cant there of course) there are Firefox addons that can prevent the ads, and lock the interface IF they are in ace before you are changed.

  • Bill

    Why does your Hotmail randomly switch to Outlook? On my Hotmail inbox page there are usually several big blue adverts for Outlook, including a large banner advert on the right. Its all too easy to click on this advert, and if I do – my screen freezes, a message appears at the top saying: ‘We’ve updated Hotmail, so please refresh your browser or close it and sign in again’ (no mention of Outlook, note!)

    When I refresh or sign in again – you’ve guessed, I’ve been ‘updated’ to Outlook. No warning, no option, just WHAM your Hotmail is gone!

    Interesting that no other company would get away with treating their customers like this, they’d probably get hit by a lawsuit. But because we get Hotmail for free, they can do what they like. They could pull the plug on us at any moment and we could do nothing about it.

    How do I get back to Hotmail? I don’t have the gear icon on my screen. But I have found that a friend with a newer system (Windows 7 or 8 i think) does have the gear icon. So I have to take a trip 2 miles down the road, log in and change back to Hotmail using his gear icon. Then back to my house, log in again and my Hotmail is back – yippee!!

    Now I’ve done this too often and so have opened a new account with another provider, and am in the process of changing over all my contacts and address book. A tedious process as I’ve been with Hotmail for 20 years and use it for all my business and personal work and have a huge archive. I’ll miss Hotmail, but worthwhile if I never see Outlook again.

  • Richard

    sorted a filter in comodo was blocking it

  • Richard

    cant even get to the hotmail page. it switches to

    Access Denied

    You don’t have permission to access “/D/864/193170/000/” on this server.
    Reference #18.6c15434d.1359146711.15580b8c


  • christopher dyall

    my hotmail account randomly switched to outlook, i have no idea how this even happened and now nothing works, i cant see my own email or click the gear icon. are there anyways i can remove this crap from my email? or do i have to create a new one just to get away from outlook, im not even sure how i will even do that because NOTHING WORKS NOW.

  • olga


    I agree with you I HATE THAT OUTLOOK . . . all you mention is true, I had to go to an Internet Café and I think they automatically transferred me to that horrible Outlook. I wrote 2 complains with my identification to Outlook comments but NOBODY ANSWER ?

  • Kendra farns


    It is all over but the shouting. None of us likes it, but what is the alternative. The same thing happened with windows 8. Yahoo, and Gmail have more problems than HM

  • Holly Hutchins

    Bill, my wife was automatically switched to Outlook and she, too, hates it. But when we went to the gear icon, there was no choice to switch back. Any other suggestions on how to get her back to Hotmail?


  • brian

    >: microsoft take note

  • Bill

    I use Micorsoft Hotmail for all my email and I LOVE IT!!

    I NEVER EVER want to ‘UPGRADE’ to Microsoft OUTLOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I asolutely HATE it when I accidentally click on the many adverts for Outlook – and it AUTOMATICALLY UPDATES ME TO OUTLOOK without any prompting or option to cancel!! I have to go in manually and reset it to Hotmail.

    How can I set my system to NEVER upgrade to Outlook? Why does Microsoft not accept any feedback on the subject, and why can we not contact the ‘Outlook Team’ to send our views??

    I want to stay with Hotmail as long as I live, and never ever use Outlook.

  • JOhn

    Thanks. Hated outlook in hotmail even though i use it everyday at work.

  • brlan

    Microsoft,the customer is king. Do as we ask or we go somewere else.

  • brlan

    Microsoft,the customer is king. Do as we ask or we go else where!!

  • Tricia

    I have lost all my hotmail contacts. I just changed back from Outlook, but my interface looks much the same as Outlook but it’s just called Hotmail now. My contacts list is nothing like my old Hotmail list and so many of the contacts that I only use now and again have completely disappeared. I am very unhappy, because I have built up quite a large contact list over the years and I know I can’t find people when I wanted them. Now I can’t. Very upsetting and NOT happy at all.

  • WilyCat

    @Sarah: Thank you, thank you, thank you for the info re how to dump Outlook and go back to the old Hotmail/Live page. It was so easy. Just followed your instructions.

  • Ken Grin

    Get used to it. Its coming like it or not

  • Mahelda

    I couldn’t see it at first either but I clicked it again and wait for the option to load and it did, try again. Good luck

  • Sarah

    II have used your instructions to help friends on this so I know that for many it works.
    But there is not option to go back for some of us. What do you suggest if that happens?


  • Ken Grin


    If you dont see the option to revert it is because you were auto upgraded. There is no option to turn back. It is here to stay!!

  • Wasif Moolji

    I tried to follow your directions to switch back to hotmail from outlook however I don’t see the options to switch back to hotmail when I click on the gear icon.
    Could you please help. Is there another way to do this.
    Maybe I was just forced into Outlook. Wondering why?

    Please help.

  • Juliana

    I try to upgrade but then the outlook is basic and I can not find the gear to come back to hotmail. Pls help!

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    write. The world hopes for more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to mention how they believe. Always go after your heart.

  • moojit

    ??? outlook ?????? ???????????

  • Ieva

    Thank you for showing how to switch off the outlook!

  • @Ken: @Ken:

  • Muhammad Ilyas

    thanks lot it done my job,,, very well,,

  • Najim Dahmazi

    Ik wil hot mail inschakellen

  • Ken Grin

    @Jerry Mathers
    Quite the intelligent reply, no wonder you couldnt figure outlook out.

    EVERYONE IS GETTING IT Thats the reality.

    Another 20,000 accounts were converted over the week end

  • Angie

    ThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYou!!! I absolutely HATED the new Outlook interface. It was awful, slowed my entire browser down, and made it freeze up. Sometimes it would even close on its own, and I would lose references and tabs and data. It was awful.

    Thanks for the help – it was very easy and I feel kinda dumb now for not having seen that before!

  • crissie

    this sucks, I managed to do the switch back to hotmail in my accont however I don;t get the same options on my daughters account, why is that?

  • vishnu Prasad

    Not able use my out look (Hotmail) account. Every thing displayed in text format. how to retrieve my account to normal mode

  • Captjim

    What a load of essatitchonetee. Everytime I try to log on to iGoogle this effin program takes over and I cannot get on to my iGoogle home page.
    Also the ‘wheel’ icon doesn’t respond to enable me to revert back to Hotmail.

    Waste of time and effort … obviously the Bods at MS have more time on their hands than they need and have to spend, and justify, their time by coming up with ways of making you use their services exclusively.

  • Your make life easy!

  • jerry mathers

    @Ken: fuc u faggot nobody should get it that didnt want it

  • Svasquez

    I would REALLY REALLY like the old hotmail back.. HOW do I do this… This new outlook is crap, I send 100’s of photos at a time…and with the new out look I cant, ppl dont like getting 6 emails with 6 pics at a time in them, the old hotmail I can upload 200 and send them at a time…If I cant fix this I will be deleating my msn/hotmail accounts and going with something /someone else.

  • Sarah

    Typical… shove it down our throats… well, looks like I’m going to abandon Live and move on to something that’s at least more customizable. It’s a pain, yes, but worth it to avoid looking at that butt-ugly outlook interface.

  • Ken

    Every Hotmail address got an email saying the change to Outlook was taking place. Perhaps yours went into the junk folder but it was there.


  • Gary

    It happened to me the same exact way 2 wk’s. ago, & I’m having same problems as you. Have spent hr’s. trying to find a way or someone who knows how to switch back,so far no luck.

  • pat

    I was in the middle of sending an important email with attachments and suddenly I was in Outlook and not Hotmail. I’m not sure if I touched a button or what but now I can’t change back (there is no little gear icon showing) and I can’t send anything with attachments or see all of my contacts and documents. This email system doesn’t work well and people should have some warning before it kicks in.

  • Ray

    I too have a problem of not seeing a gear icon to try and change back to hotmail.
    On the current outlook page I cannot attach files to my emails.. Please help! I had hotmail for years and am lost without it and dont really want to get rid of it if it can be changed back.

  • get old hotmail back outlook express was forced upon me i’m lost without it HELP PLEASE.

  • moggy2

    Since I managed to switch back to Hotmail from Outlook, I have been unable to send emails, I can receive emails, but I can’t send any. Can anyone help please?

  • beth


    I am so stuck
    I hate outlook
    It forced a switch.
    Now I can’t read any emails or respond or see any addresses to change to yahoo!!!!!!!
    My life has been hijacked by Microsoft and Outlook is awful!!!!

  • moggy2

    Many thanks for this help. I was curious when asked to try Outlook, I did not expect o lose my Hotmail page, and then I could not find a way back to Hotmail. With your help, I am now back.
    Thank you.

  • shella
  • Gary

    Unable to change back to Hotmail & I HATE Outlook!
    No Gear icon displayed,or options@ all. I cannot even export or import my contacts,e mails,etc. to another e mail acct.
    The Techs.@ Microsoft claim they can make the change (for $100.00!),but can’t guarantee I won’t get switched back again automatically,& wind up in the same fix I am in now.
    I also get no response from Outlook @ all!
    Help, somebody!

  • brenda Fields

    yes someone please help me get my hotmail back hate this macbook now i really dislike the out look no in box doesnt let me go to the gear or anything else for that matter! grrrr

  • @Lisa: @<a href=" -downgrade-change-convert-from-outlook-com-back-to-hotmail/comment-page-3/#comment-782033″>Lisa:

  • gure

    thanks for descriptions. really helped. poor & boring outlook. really wasted all my time.

  • albaphotos

    Can’t even open my e-mail!!!!!
    Nothing works, just freezes!!!!

  • barath

    use google chrome..dont use firefox mozilla to open your email

  • Ashraf

    @Alena: You shouldn’t have lost any data but you won’t be able to switch back to Hotmail. Your contacts and mail should have been migrated to Outlook.

  • Ken

    Unfortunately it is a brief respite. MS is adament about providing the “outlook experience” to all users and they have been “upgrading? a new set of users every 3 days. I suspect it will coincide with the messenger merge to Skype in the fisrt “Q” of 2013.

  • Ken
  • Alena

    For some of us, there is no option to revert back. Does that mean we’ve lost all of our Hotmail contacts and mail? What an ordeal! Is MSN working on this or is this permanent?

  • Lisa

    My hotmail account keeps on reverting back to some half ass version of Outlook and freezing up so I can’t click on inbox! I am livid beyond belief. Anyone know how to permanently remedy this situation? No little gear icon anymore either so I’m stuck.. can’t figure a thing out. HELP?!

  • Rachel

    Thank you so much for helping me revert to the old version of hotmail, I hated that new Outlook one. a friend and I spent a lot of time trying to do it ourselves before I asked the question (should have asked first, it took a minute to do).
    Outlook should take note, we do not like it

  • Tschieff

    @Darlene Castor:

    According to Microsoft if you were forced to upgrade to you cannot revert to Hotmail. If you opted to upgrade to and try to revert under the Gear option, it will not allow you to revert. Now you are stuck with or some partial version of because freezes up and stops working. No one seems to have found a fix so far. Good luck.

  • Darlene Castor

    I followed the directions, but there was no little gear icon available.

  • Med

    Hi. I hade Outlook,but now is my Hotmail back.But I have one other problem,i back Hotmail but still i have problems with contacts.When i go to page to show my contact its diferrent from hotmail way, still seems like contact are in Outlook.When i go to contact from messenger or hotmail i can’t see nothing from he,i can see just name and picture,but with who is my contact friends and other activity no.Can i do something to back my contacts watch,like I hade before Outlook?Pls answer


    Outlook’s so lame! What makes them think they can impose their crap on paying customers! People aren’t going to put up with this abuse. I’m glad to see I’m in good company! Lookout outlook; you’re being overlooked! hehehehe.

  • julia

    yeah you can!

  • I did not like Outlook, so I switched back.. Please do not switch me to outlook again. Thank you.

  • Karl

    I dont like Outloooooook…….

    Thank you for the information, back to my HOOOOTMAIL…..

  • Carol Rayborn
  • warren edmunds

    Please don’t ever throw outlook up in my face again,if i wanted it i would have signed up by now.This is the third time you’s have tryed to changed my hotmail to this outlook and i DON”T LIKE ONE BIT.So do not bother me with it again.I like hotmail just fine it works for me.

  • elaine raye

    Yes this will switch you back to hotmail but everytime you go back to hotmail , which is many times a day for me, you have to do it all over which gets very frustrating. OnceI switch back to Hotmail which is my preference why won’t it stay there. I hate the new Outlool. No pictures, clip art, and only a few basic colors.

  • H

    THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!! But aleast Outlook gave us THIS option. I don’t seem to like it too, it’s very unpersonal and boring.


  • Sylvia

    Are you using a Mac? I had the same problem, so I tried signing in to my hotmail account on a Windows system, and sure enough there was the gear. It seems they only design outlook for the PC. So I complained to them! But try to sign onto your account on a PC and then click the gear and change it. Then when you sign on on a Mac, it should be changed back.

  • Blerand

    thank you very much.

  • Redd


    “I also told them Windows 8 looks awful as well! But I also said hotmail looks great, as does Windows, XP, Vista and Windows 7.”

    Yeah, no kidding. Win8’s desktop visuals look like they were put together in 15 minutes. Even Win95 is less of a eyesore. If I were to upgrade to Win8 (which I’m NOT. I have no need for the stupid Metro UI or dumbed down iOS-style apps) I’d be mad that they aren’t offering Aero as a optional visual style at the very least.

  • Gary

    No Gear Button appears when I sign in . Help! I HATE Outlook!

  • Redd

    No options button appear in my inbox, and neither does the sidebar to the left; all what I see is a list of emails. What do I do?

  • Neil

    Thank you so much for explaining how to do this! I tried the new ‘outlook’ view last night, and I just think it looks awful!

    I left feedback with Microsoft telling them how dreadfully bad I think it looks. I also told them Windows 8 looks awful as well! But I also said hotmail looks great, as does Windows, XP, Vista and Windows 7.

    Thanks again

  • lg

    I hate outlook. I gave it a good try, but it is not a good setup to use or to view.

  • Travis

    When I log in to my account on outlook I don’t have a gear to click on. I hate outlook and want to go back to hotmail. What do I do now?

  • c-loe

    outlook sucks!

  • Mamoona

    Hi, have you manged to solve the problem!!

  • Mamoona

    The guide posted by Mr. Ashraf on How to switch from to Hotmail [How-To Guide], semed very helpful , but inspite of repeated efforts i am unable this issue i.e to get back my oldie goldie lovely HOTMail inbox. as per instructions when i click that “gear” button, a smaal window opens (different than shown in guide) saying “NOt loged in” I am logged in with my email address and password but it does not help… I am stressed.Any body there Plz help me!!

  • Jennifer

    Thank you so much ……. did not like outlook at all!

  • John

    @Ken: I got auto switched and now I DO NOT have any usable e-mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • susanna

    Same here Anna! I love hotmail!

  • Ken

    Of late if you were auto switched to from Hotmail you cannot return to Hotmail

  • Leo



    If you were automatically upgraded to the new Outlook layout, you will not have the option to switch back according to the Microsoft link below:

  • anna

    Thank you so much….. so stressed about the outlook page I didn’t even see the easy switchback option! I HATE the new outlook and love the old hotmail :D

  • Rachel

    Hi Dave. Thanks for the info. For some reason my outlook inbox has no icons on the right, no icons anywhere. It looks like a cell phone view of the inbox, very bare. Not a desktop view. This is so frustrating! :(

  • Evelyn

    login to – click on your INBOX – upper right hand corner where your name is, there should be a little gear icon / click on that and down at the bottom it says “switch back to hotmail”. I just did it & it was very easy. Hope this helps.

  • Evelyn

    Thanks for the help Ashraf .. it worked like a charm! Was very easy to switch back to hotmail. Also love your “bio”!

  • Rachel

    Outlook continues to sign me in with a Phone view – and does not show the Gear Tool in the upper right of the Outlook toolbar – so I can access the option to make changes. I want to see the Desktop view – NOT the phone view when I am online at a desktop. Why doesn’t the Gear tool show up? Why does it log me in without a password. HELP!! I’m trying to get back to hotmail…This is truly a huge issue work wise. Any feedback would be appreciated!

  • Dave

    There is no switch back button. has to be one of the worst things ever. very frustrating

  • Rachel

    I don’t have any icons at the top of my “great new” outlook email inbox. With out any icons, I can’t even get to the “switch back to hotmail” buttons or do anything else. I am extremely frustrated and don’t know what to do.

  • FW

    Thanks for the help switching back to Hotmail. Outlook isn’t very friendly!

  • Guinea-Pig-Lover

    If you cannot get the switch back to hotmail button then try and go back to your inbox and then try I did that to mine and it worked!! :)

  • Vaneg

    I don’t see any icon on the top right hand corner to switch back or to do anything really. My screen doesn’t look like the one’s I’m reading about either. How can I get it to be normal or to go back to old hotmail?

  • trrtyr


    you have to go on outlook from the search gbar
    dont go on hotmail and then outlook

  • trrtyr

    it doesnt work properly
    if u click on urs or somebody elses profile it still goes back onto outlook
    but when you go log on its goes on hotmail

  • i need you gone

    help me

  • i need you gone

    ?????? help me out

  • i need you gone

    i hate it its not coming up with switch back to hotmail im getting annoued please help before i scream :@

  • i need you gone

    @Bryce: is not working

  • Bryce

    For those of you who didnt see the “switch back to hotmail” button. It took me a while to get it to appear. Make sure you are viewing your inbox. Also give it a few minutes, maybe it has to notice stuff(idk, the button didnt show up immediately).

    I also went looking at other pages, then went back to the inbox and it was there. So i dont know what made it appear. I came to this page and read the instructions. Didnt see the button. Then within 3 minutes, the button appeared for me. just keep trying i guess?

  • mari334

    Thanks for this…I was really confused with outlook!!!
    Also, I was wondering (and hoping as I accidentally switched….) is free? I thought I saw something on hotmail that said it was not.

  • Dave

    Theres not switch back to hotmail or gear button on outlook

  • umair


    Same problem with me.
    I hate this outlook

  • Ghada

    I can’t see the ‘switch back to hotmail’ as well! :(

  • Calamity

    Also unable to see ‘switch back to hotmail’ pls help!!!

  • Naz

    Thank you for this tip really I were in mass since morning cause I accidintly switch to outlook. & all of sudden my Internet connection goes wrong ,I thought I will lose everything .but now am rifeled .thank you again

  • Neeti

    I am unable to see ‘switch back to hotmail’ on the menu button. Please help as I am suffering with this outlook! Thanks. Looking forward to ur prompt response.

  • Chand Bhatti

    thank you very much for such a nice tip………………..

  • hal

    So am I wrong is thinking this is just another way of getting using “live mail” and is nothing new?
    And is there a Non-browser way of reading from “new outlook”