Google is integrating Gmail into Google Search results

Google is often testing new features and methods on how to improve users’ experience with Google Search. And do you blame them? After all, Google Search is the bread and butter of the multi-billion dollar corporation known as Google and Google needs to continue innovating to keep the competition at bay. One of the way Google likes to change things up is by integrating its other services with Google Search. For example, Google has already integrated Google+ data to provide users with more relevant search results. Now Google is making another move, this time to provide better personalized search results — the integration of Gmail with Google Search.

What this new Gmail integration does is it shows Gmail results on related to whatever query you are searching for on Google Search. The Gmail results are shown in the upper right corner and are initially hidden with users having to manually show them if they want to see them; clicking on a Gmail result opens the whole relevant conversation in a new window with the option to view it in Gmail’s interface, if desired. For example, let’s say you are searching “dotTech” on A “dotTech” query will be run on your Gmail threads and displayed on in the upper right corner. You can then view any Gmail threads related to the term “dotTech”.

Other features of this new integration is searching for contacts and recent conversations via Google Search and getting enhanced flight information.

The goal behind Gmail integration with Google Search is obviously more personalized, relevant search results. However, I’m sure many people will raise an eyebrow about integration of personal e-mails with Google Search. If you are one of those people, know this. First of all, this new feature is opt-in, at least for the time being. This means you have to manually enable this feature if you want to use it. Secondly, Gmail results are available for you only; no one else can search your Gmail because you must be logged in to receive these personalized results. Lastly, if you are worried about Google viewing the contents of your e-mail… Google can do that with or without this new feature, if Google wanted to, seeing as they own Gmail. So, yeah. Nothing new to worry about.

If you are interested in giving this feature a shot, take note the feature is currently in trial and available only on (not international Google websites) and for addresses only (Google Apps not supported yet). Hit up the link below to get started.

Gmail integration with Google Search

[via The Verge]

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  • jivadas

    gMail has been doing this sort of thing to my 10-year-old account long since. I don’t like it, but it’s part of the freebie deal: take it or leave it. The services that gmail provides (as compared, for example, to the execrable Yahoo) make up for the nuisance. But I would rather not pay for email that is missing (unlike gmail), for example, an effective spam filter, which frees me from about 100 posts a day from whores and viagra salesmen.
    And I dislike today’s new format on dottech; but I love Ashraf.
    For example, where in hell is the send button?

  • Don

    Gee thanks. Another useless (at least to me) ‘feature’. In the meantime, the SEO forces continue to make basic search less useful in terms of actually finding what you’re looking for. And then there’s the sodding mess that their Photo and especially their Video search remains. How about re-tooling these so they return results that actually match the search parameters? (and no, ‘advanced’ search does’nt help much,if any) A checkable option for no/only adult sites would be useful here too.
    BTW,does’nt Google own YouTube? It’s search function makes look good. Can’t help but think Google’s setting themselves up for the kind of schooling they gave their predecessors.