I know I need to make more reviews. But Bubby did such a good job.

I know I need to make more reviews.  But seriously, I don’t:

A.  Have a second hard drive to waste.

B.  Outlook to test a mass email printer.

or C.  Blank DVDs to waste.

Well, anyway, BuBBy has made a brilliant comment on today’s GOTD that is basically a review.  Unfortuantely I do not know whether or not I can review this myself, but here’s the great link:



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  • Wow. Just simply amazing. That program took 4 mintues to download a 10 MB file on a 1-2MBPS (Yes, 8-16MbPS) connection. I want to kill it.

  • @david roper: Groans quietly to self about having to test a Youtube Downloader.

  • david roper

    Jean-Luc, I second and third the above remarks, I think you are doing a whale of a job. I could not it nearly as well, if at all. Nope, not at all.

    We all miss Ashraf and he had better have a good time, because we are not going to allow him to take another vacation ever in his life. ;-)

    Take a day or two off. Relax. You deserve it.

  • @MikeR: His review of the Email Printer yesterday was hilarious!

  • MikeR

    Hey Jean-Luc!

    This post is to second Bob’s excellent comment. . .

    And to demonstrate that when someone else has already done the job, there’s no point in trying to replicate it. buBBa really seems to have got the bit between his teeth nowadays!

  • Bob

    I assume you’re not being paid, by the word or otherwise. If that is the case, don’t apologize, but also don’t do less than your best.

    Do a good review when you have the resources and abilities to review a piece of software, otherwise do nothing. That will suffice until Ashraf returns.