Small Video of 3d Image Commander

OK.  It does do everything it claims, and it’s pretty unique- not hard to do, but not overpowered.  While you can do this with heavier programs like Photoshop, it’s not the same.

That said I might be able to do a full review but probably not- I’m busy today (-:

Here’s a video I took when I was planning to review this:
Click here to play

I’ll update this if I can review it.

The radius is the circular corners.  The Stroke Width is the width of an invisible line.  It is visible when you change certain settings (20 seconds into the video is an example).  A small note: changing the text comments wasn’t readily apparent.  It turns out you double-click the text.  The text, not the selection.

All in all, I’d say it’s a 8 or 9, and a thumbs up.

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  • @Emrys: I don’t like programs like that. Weird bug!

  • Emrys

    @Jean-Luc Picard: I’m running XP SP3. Didn’t even try it on the Vista. This software would make nice desktops if it worked. Another not-ready program? Developer testing it out on the geeks again?

  • @Emrys: What you could do is take a screenshot of it- but then it wouldn’t be transparent. Though transparency isn’t hard to add if you know how.

  • @Emrys: Yeah- It did that for me just now. I’ll have to update this. Out of curiosity- what Operating System are you running? 64 or 32 bit? It might be a 64-bit issue. Though it worked the 1st time.

  • Emrys

    @Jean-Luc Picard: I clicked on all the options there and all it saved was a black image. No big deal.

  • @Emrys: Click the Save button in the top center.
    Then select settings such as filetype and transparency. Then I think there’s another save button. (If only these things were clearer.)

  • Emrys

    I couldn’t figure out how to save any images once I finished.