[Lightning Review] WebSite X5

The Software: WebSite X5

Version: 7.0.11

GOTD Description: WebSite X5 is the only software, designed to work like a wizard, that lets you create a website in just 5 easy steps.

Easy and intuitive, WebSite X5 doesn’t require any programming skills and guides you through the steps to create and publish your website on the Internet.
Main features of SMART 7 version:

* Gallery of 200 templates ready to use (50 unique templates for 4 different colours);
* Graphic Editor to personalize templates;
* Navigation menu Generator;
* Videos and Sounds;
* Flash Animations;
* FTP engine to publish the project on the Internet.

WebSite X5 Smart 7 is available in the following languages: EN, IT, DE, ES, FR, PL, PT, GR, NL, RU.

More information on WebSite X5 and the new version Evolution 8 are available on our official website: www.websitex5.com
We also suggest you the Tutorial, for a brief introduction on the software, and the user’s websites Gallery.

Installing WebSite X5 Smart 7, a special promotion will allow you to buy the new version Evolution 8 at a discounted price.

The Verdict: Great for just having to quickly make a website, WebSite X5 v7 isn’t all that powerful. The sample website I have created is at my website. You can choose from various templates and colors, and as such I chose Abstract 3D in blue for my review. Just a note- in order to get text to look nice on the header, apply a drop shadow with the X offset of 1 and Y offset of 0 and the same color of the text.
You can customize the toolbars and a whole bunch of other stuff.
Export to FTP failed for my server because it didn’t make the non-existant folder. It said it “couldn’t read” it. I had to open another FTP program to make it.
It takes the pictures and puts them into subfolders.

Alternatives: Notepad (DIY), WordPress, Drupal, or hiring people

Easy to use
Requires no SQL (Server-based databases- needed for several popular content managers)

No easy-updated websites.
Doesn’t create FTP folders.

Usefulness- Not many want to make their own webpage, 7
Features- True, true, 10
Ease- Easy peasy, 8
Performance- No fancy graphics- in it or the pages it makes, 8
Alternatives- 6

Total: 7.8

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