Apple’s win is an opportunity for Windows Phone and BlackBerry [Opinion]

Windows Phone is looking gooooood right now.

The above quote is from Bill Cox, the Senior Director of Marketing Communications for the Windows Phone Division at Microsoft, and it just about amplifies what Android manufacturers should be feeling right now.

Despite Microsoft’s gutsy attempt at offering a differentiated iPhone and Android alternative, Windows Phone has not really taken off like Microsoft would have hoped (although Windows Phone did just pass BlackBerry in marketshare, according to reports). The main reason behind this is not necessarily the lack of competitive features in Windows Phone but the lack of OEM support. Aside from Nokia, no manufacturer has really gotten behind Windows Phone like they have Android. Apple’s win over Samsung, however, is likely to make Android manufacturers ask themselves if Android is worth incurring the wraith of the mighty Apple. Doubt for the future of Android is a huge opportunity for Windows Phone.

If Microsoft plays its cards right, they should be able to win over more OEM support for Windows Phone. Microsoft should be going into overdrive talking to mobile manufacturers about the benefits of Windows Phone, particularly the part about how Apple and Microsoft have cross-licensing agreements. These agreements mean even if Apple goes after Windows Phone manufacturers (which it is unlikely to do unless manufacturers modify Windows Phone software themselves to add or change features and Apple feels those modifications infringe on Apple intellectual property), OEMs can fight off Apple with Microsoft’s help. Sign a few licensing deals with mobile giants and Microsoft may just secure the otherwise questionable future of the Windows Phone platform.

Similar to Windows Phone, the hit Android took today represents an opportunity for BlackBerry. Aside from simply churning out BB10 touch devices themselves, RIM should be considering the possibility of licensing their completely redesigned, touch optimized BlackBerry 10 to other manufacturers. We all know RIM wants to be like Apple and control the software and the hardware but if it was that easy to be Apple, everyone would be doing it… and trying to be like Apple doesn’t fair very well, does it Samsung? Jests aside, RIM needs to start licensing BB10 to reassert its dominance in the smartphone market and shore up its business sector business. If RIM doesn’t open up BB10, it may as well kiss the smartphone industry goodbye because the likes of iOS, Android (if it survives), and Windows Phone will swallow it whole.

However, the above is just one self-proclaimed (dot)Techie’s opinion. What do I know, I’m no MBA-holding executive. Feel free to share what you know in the comments below.

[Quote via AllThingsD | Image via YankoDesign]

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  1. Josh

    @J. Fricke:
    So true. Patent ownership must be protected, but Apple is notorious for being excessively patronizing when it comes to what their customers may or may not do. What Samsung did was (probably) not right, but at least they proved that Apple can be even more successful if they give customers what customers want.

  2. J. Fricke

    I personally think Apple has been playing with fire in all of this. Sure they won but at what cost? This battle has given Samsung a huge boost in public awareness and has set them apart from the other competitors. Samsung is a MASSIVE company that has been around since the 30’s, they can easily shrug this off. And I think we are all fooling ourselves if we don’t think both Samsung and Google haven’t been investing massive resources in development of a new, better system as a contingency plan since this case began. Samsung seems to be an extremely fast moving company when it comes to rolling out products. Sure Apple may block them, even steal a couple more billion, but Samsung can not only afford to foot the bill, they will have had the time to come out with a new system that may even be able to leapfrog Apple. I have a sneaking feeling that in the eyes of the public the magic & luster of Apple has worn off a bit. Likely due to the death of Steve, the lack of new inspiring products, and the fact that they are starting to look more like a whiny kid crying foul rather than just getting on with the game and scoring some more big points! And lets not forget, Asia still LOVES “Sam-tech” and last time I checked that’s the hottest market in the world isn’t it? Do we really think a young Chinese girl really cares if Samsung infringed some patents? Of course not! They’ll just think, “wow Samsung has an amazing phone for way cheaper and I don’t even have to hack it to get it to stop telling me what I can and cant do.”

    Who knows how far reaching this case will extend and how heavily it will hit the Android world, but all I know is, millions of people are choosing Android – and Samsung in particular – for a reason and its not all just about product design. Its about freedom! And if Apple isn’t careful they won’t look like the brilliant artist protecting their work, but rather the filthy rich pretentious snob who took away everyone’s options, regardless of whether Samsung was wrong or right. I’m sorry but Bob in Delaware and Zhen-li in Shenzhen don’t feel sorry for you Apple, your rich and they’re not! They just want to have a product that does what they want, when they want at a price they can afford. And If Samsung or someone else can give that to them better than Apple well…
    “case closed”.