What would a BlackBerry running Windows Phone look like? Like this and it kicks ass

Research in Motion insists on keeping BlackBerry OS on BlackBerry devices. This is understandable seeing as that is how they have always operated and they see Apple dominating with a similar model. However, ever wonder what a BlackBerry would look like if RIM decided to jump ship to Android or Windows Phone? Michal Bonikowski, a graphics designer, decided to give the latter a shot and developed a concept phone of BlackBerry running Windows Phone 8. Check it out:

Now it should be said creating something in Photoshop is a heck of a lot easier than creating that same something in actuality. Still, though, the BlackBerry-on-WP8 by Bonikowski looks awesome. I’ve been an Android user for two years now but even I may be convinced to switch sides if BlackBerry came out with such a device. Too bad it likely won’t happen.

[via N4BB | Images via Yanko Design]

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