Facebook hypocrite(s) [Comic]

Ever run across those people who rag on you for doing something then they turn around and do the same damn thing they just told you not to do? Yeah, haven’t we all. Now let’s look at the same question but for Facebook. Ever run across Facebook hypocrites who tell you how much of a ‘loser’ you are for being addicted to Facebook, and how you have no social life (irony?) because you spend all your time in front of a computer (or mobile device) talking to — or stalking — people? Then they, like in the previous example, turn around and log into Facebook to update their status or post on their wall? Yeah, I bet you have.

The following comic pokes fun at the so called Facebook hypocrites, courtesy Joy of Tech. Check it out, and be sure to laugh because we all know life is better when laughing:

[via Joy of Tech]

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