Apple kills Star Trek with court order [Parody]

What happens when Apple issues a court order to Starship Enterprise to cease and desist all infringement on Apple patented technology? It gets blown to pieces by a Romulan Warbird because nothing freaking works. Or at least that is how the Apple kills Star Trek parody by @HAL9000_ goes. Check it out:

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  • banana

    @Mike: as long “fair use” is valid autor of this parody is safe

  • Roy

    I believe that Samsung or somebody is going to have Apple Crumble for dessert sometime somewhere somewhen or does that infringe some Apple Patents too!

  • Ashraf

    @miky: You are welcome!
    @Mike: Hehe…

  • Mike

    Of course, a case can be made that the parody itself infringes on the Star Trek copyright . . . . ;^)

  • Nice parody. thanks!