Customize your “Send To” right click context menu with Send To Toys

One of the few things I like about the Windows right click context menu is the “Send To” sub menu. Via this sub menu one can easily send files and folders to desired locations (folders, drives, etc.) or desired programs with a simple click. However what I don’t like is how easy it is for this menu to get cluttered; what I don’t like is how hard it is for someone to edit and customize this menu. This is where Send To Toys comes in:


Send To Toys is a simple program that allows you to customize the “Send To” sub menu very easily. You simply “Add” or “Remove” locations (folders, drives, etc.) or programs (Command Prompt, East-Tec Eraser, etc.) at will. For example, I went from…




…in a matter of seconds. Yes it is truly that easy.

Before I give you the download link for Send To Toys there are two things to note:

  • During installation you will be prompted to add many entries to the “Send To” menu:


All of these entries can be manually removed latter but they cannot be added back once removed (you would have to run the installer again).

  • If you are trying to send a file via the “Send To” menu to another location, as in move the file, you need to hold down the SHIFT key; otherwise just a shortcut will be created instead of actually moving the file.

All in all I find Send To Toys to be one of those simple yet very useful applications. You can download Send To Toys from the following link:

***Send To Toys works on Windows 2000, XP, 2003, and Vista.

***For non-English versions of Send To Toys, please visit the developers website.

Click here to download Send To Toys

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  • jayesstee

    should be:
    Seems I lost a lot of back-slashes!

  • jayesstee

    @ Ashraf: For Win 7, an easy way to add to your “Send To” sub-menu, is to simply add the required new destination to your “SendTo” directory.
    It can be found at X:Users**UserName**AppDataRoamingMicrosoftwindowsSendTo where ‘X’ is your OS partition and **UserName** is, err, your user name.

    If, while navigating to your “SendTo” directory, you get a “permission denied” message at any stage, then you can “take ownership” of the directory or use a better file manager such as “My Commander”.

    Note #1: I find the “take ownership” right-click option on Windows Explorer invaluable. If you don’t have it, then visit:

    Note #2: It is probably simpler to use “My Commander”. Details about it can found at:

  • Mike

    At least under Vista 64-bit, the control panel for SendToToys is not immediately available via the link created in the program, on the Start menu. Instead, one needs to go to the Windows Control Panel, choose Classic view, select View 32-bit Control Panel Items, and then select Send To Toys.

    Also, with Vista, when a file is copied or moved to a Windows protected location (such as Program Files) via SendToToys, User Account Control prevents that from occurring and instead copies or moves the file to a “VirtualStore” duplicate folder for the user under AppData/Local. Unfortunately, there is no alert that this is occurring. This negates the benefit of the use of SendToToys for copying or moving files to protected locations, in my view. Presumably, the program simply has not been updated for Vista. (But I guess the good news is, I now know what VirtualStore is …. Imagine my surprise the first time this happened–I had no idea what had happened to my file.)

  • Ashraf

    @Liam K: I think you can via registry and you can do it via a “Send To” folder in Vista. However this makes it a lot more simple.

  • Can’t you edit these via the registry?

    I’ve heard about this somewhere; I think it was FreeDownloadaDay.

  • Jack

    This tool helps many people realized how stupid MS is. MS sells the OS for over $100 but they cannot develop a simple software for their own OS. MS sucks.

  • gmon

    This program is a must have, I have been using it since Vista came out with no useful powertoys. It also works in Windows 7, and you can choose copy or move to folder on demand.

  • Mike

    Timing is everything: just yesterday I managed to manually add a new item to my Send to list. Actually, when I learned where the Send to folder/list is (on Vista, under Users/[User name]/AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/Windows/SendTo), it was easy enough to add an item to the Send to list–just add a short-cut for the desired location to the folder, either by dragging and dropping a shortcut there or creating one (right click, new, shortcut, and then follow the menus). Actually, very easy to do. I may check Send To Toys out regardless, but in the meanwhile, here’s the way to get the job done without more.

    Having said that, I can see nice value to the program for the installation item list, providing a slew of Send to locations all at one time and without having to search for them (e.g. where are Quick Launch shortcuts stored?).

  • APPitizer
  • WobblyWombat

    Thanks, great tool!
    Just wanted to point out that you can change the default to “Move” when sending to a folder so you don’t need to hold shift if you checked that box in the setup

  • Ozzie

    Hi all. I’ve been using Send To Toys for a few years now, and it’s a great little program. I highly recommend it as well – ends up saving time and mouse clicks. Well worth it.