Google Chrome now integrating ads into the browser, digital riot about to ensue

Don’t like ads? Not very many people do. Use an ad blocker? Cool, me too. There is one ad that I bet your ad blocker will not block (yet); and that is an ad that Google has (apparently) integrated into Google Chrome:

As you can see above, Google is displaying an ad for its Chromebook on the New Tab page in Chrome. Although the title of this post may make it sound otherwise (bait and switch for the win — sorry!), as far as I can tell this is the only ad being integrated directly into Chrome (no other ads of the kind are visible) and it looks like the ad is displayed only on the New Tab page (no other pages or websites have it). And getting rid of the ad is fairly simple: The ad automatically goes away after a few seconds, not appearing again until you re-open Chrome; and if you click the X, the ad immediately goes away and does not re-appear again — not even when you re-open Chrome.

There is no official information about this ad from Google at the time of this writing; there is no way to know if this ad is temporary (the ad seems to be aimed at holiday shoppers and could go away after the holidays) or if Google plans on introducing more ads of this type.

To summarize, there is only one ad, it is displayed on one page only, and it is very easy to get rid of. So, then, why all the fuss? It’s the principle of the matter silly. Ever since Chrome was released people have cried foul over privacy concerns (and for good reason — Google doesn’t have a stellar track record when it comes to user privacy). Integrating an ad inside its web browser is just icing on top of the cake. It doesn’t even matter if the ad participates in tracking analytics or not (I don’t know if it does or if it doesn’t — I am only being hypothetical). The public perception is that Google is showing integrated ads in its Chrome browser and that is enough to stir strong knee-jerk rational and irrational reactions. Time to Occupy Google.

Feel free to share thoughts on this matter in the comments below.

[via Ghacks]

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  • me

    As a result of this, I just switched back to Firefox and dumped Chrome. Maybe next time they should think twice before putting ads IN my web browser, not just on web pages.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    I don’t particularly like Google’s tracking practices so don’t use Chrome anyway, but if I did I don’t think I’d be bothered by one little ad that goes away for good with a click of the mouse. As someone up the page said, you can use Iron, or even Chromium to avoid Google’s snooping while still essentially using their browser.

    Now then, where *did* I put my tinfoil hat?

  • smaragdus

    Thanks for the correction. I meant ‘so many’ but omitted to type ‘many’.

  • Karl

    @smaragdus: “I have never read so stupid coments.” .. maybe you meant “..such stupid comments”? .. oh well .. stupid is as stupid does .. good to see you in the crowd :) Have a great day!

  • smaragdus

    I have never read so stupid coments. I am shocked. Someone was speaking of NICE ADDS. Yes, Google, M$, Apple, the Wall Street, the RIAA, the establishment have managed to tame the ‘beasts’ making them a senseless herd. You all deserve what you get.

    Google and the other corps never give anything for free, you and the others like you pay much higher price than you would ever be able to imagine being so stupid to believe that Google Chrome, Picasa, Skype, etc, are free.

  • Karl

    As far as the ad goes .. that is the most unobtrusive ad I’ve ever seen .. ever. I wish other adds were so nice: show up on a non-page, goes away automatically if you don’t do anything or permanently if you manually click close (X). Google does exist to make money .. what company doesn’t .. that’s still in business? I appreciate Ashraf informing us on principle but I’d seen the ad several times and didn’t even notice it. Oooo .. it’s subliminal .. definitely the work of the CIA, KGB or, even more likely, the Chinese. @hatman: I can read your mind .. I’m reading it right now .. STOP THAT! Remember what you’re mother said would happen if you keep doing that? It’s true!!

    To all: Have a happy holiday season, relax & enjoy. The boogieman won’t get you .. I promise.

  • Philippe

    @Ashraf: Just makes the life more exiting that a PC screen. LOL.
    And for people who are mad about it…don’t use it. Have a try at OPERA.
    Anyway, who see the pub? I don’t, my eyes a selecting what I want to see, and ignore the rest.

  • Ashraf

    @Everyone: I didn’t realize so many dotTechies are conspiracy theorists. Lmao.

  • Dave Willins


    I tip my hat to you sir, (no pun intended)
    ….that’s what these sneaks (called Google) are doing! Have we no privacy anymore my peeps?

  • Tony77

    As long as the ads won’t slow me down big time then that’s OK
    If they try to sell me something that’s OK too, I’m broke anyway!
    Tried AdBlock Plus, Ad Muncher…worse than not using!
    Besides, they got to make some money so I still can have a place to surf….

  • michel

    @saby: Do you HAVE to upgrade every time Firefox updates? Can’t you turn off automoatic updates/notifications? I’m not am IT guy, it wasn’t hard to untick the box in Options.

  • Mike

    Come on – you use chrome for free and are upset about a one liner with ad that you can get rid of in no time?
    Start complaining when they do this with real ads…

  • I’ve always hated Google’s tracking habits despite the fact they are only trying to sell things and I remember the controversy over them (allegedly) selling their information to other companies. Since they’ve begun force installing Chrome, with no option to say no to the installation, any time I update Adobe I now classify them with other junkware providers. Anytime they Install themselves against my will I un-install them against their will. This is just another nail in their coffin as far as I’m concerned.

  • saby

    this is absolutely outrageous….talk about invasion of privacy…soon adsense ads will be implemented by default in chrome
    even though firefox updates its browser every other month and i have to update all my software for compatibility issues with the new browser[idm,roboform]… which can be a real pain in the rear..i’ll stick to it…

  • jivadas

    And why don’t you have a default check-mark for the “Notify me of followup”?

  • jivadas

    So what? Like you say, if you click the X it goes away and doesn’t return. Big deal.
    My complaint is that Chromebook is not available in Canada. The link leads to three stores in the UK! And I think I want a Chromebook. But this is matter for a Google Forum.

  • kit temple

    i clicked on a button to close that ad and i haven’t seen it since. sure they’re trying to sell us stuff. that’s where they get the money to hand out goodies like google earth. so far i haven’t seen evidence that they are trying to create an “ecosystem” that forces us to use only their products a la apple and microsoft. the silicon sea is a tough place to swim. with m/soft, apple, amazon and oracle around, it’s necessary to innovate, grow into existing markets and create new ones just to avoid being eaten. that means google has to become more powerful just to survive. power corrupts. right now they seem to be ok. tomorrow is another story. so to be on the safe side:

    just close your eyes and repeat after me: google is gooooood–repeat

  • smaragdus

    For those not happy with Google Chrome there is a better alternative – SRWare Iron, the same core without the Google crap: – SRWare Iron ats Softpedia – SRWare Iron Portable at Softpedia – SRWare Iron Home Page

  • Col. Panek

    Google just wants to sell you stuff. They do the same thing on GMail. I hope they kill Microsoft, but then we’ll have to kill Google.

  • jayesstee

    @hatman: @Philippe:
    Google and everybody else (Governments, Revenue Collectors, Banks, Insurance Companies, Stores (on-line and off-line), ISP’s, Law Enforcement Agencies and Newspapers is collecting and processing data on you, me and everybody else! Why? One reason is to sell it to each other so the can target us with junk mail, junk emails, telephone calls and texts.
    In the UK. it would seem that the Government are so inept, that they haven’t done much harm – yet.
    Evidence for their incompetence is:
    Every major large database commissioned has been scaled down or abandoned, i.e. National Health, Police, Customs and Excise, Inland Revenue etc.
    Secondly, the stupid incompetents are forever losing laptops, data sticks, disks and even desktops. Good for the baddies though.

  • hatman


    It is all part of the CIA/New World Order Web. CIA/FBI have offices set up at some of these Huge companies!

  • Philippe

    @hatman: NSA – CIA do not need Google to check your emails or phone calls. They have enough money and already in place spying capacity. And did you know that the Swiss Intelligence Agency does the same for all the datas around the world? So don’t do anything you don’t want anybody to know. By the way I’m sure that the France, England, Germany and Russia do the same…just put the country you want it would be the same.

  • hatman

    Google works for the CIA. Free phone calls can be made through gmail. Google is linking phone numbers to e-mail accounts. They also pull names and phone numbers out of your e-mails and phone calls in order to create a database on you. Google is a Nazi organization!

    Remove Google Chrome from your computers and use Firefox :-)