Windows 8 Pro will allow free downgrades to Windows 7 Pro or Vista Business

Not sure you will like Windows 8? Yeah, many people are in the same boat. If you are on the fence about purchasing a Windows 8 PC (after Windows 8 comes out), there is some good news that may sway you over to making the purchase. Anyone that purchases a computer with Windows 8 Pro will have the ability to freely downgrade to Windows 7 Pro or Windows Vista Business. (Who in their right mind would downgrade to Vista?) This means you can grab a new computer after Windows 8 has come out and still be able to use your beloved Windows 7 on it without having to purchase Windows 7 separately — you aren’t forced to stick with Windows 8.

Now it should be noted this so called “downgrade right” appears to only be with OEM version of Windows 8 Pro. In other words, purchasing a retail copy of Windows 8 Pro doesn’t allow you to downgrade; you can only downgrade if you purchase a computer that comes with Windows 8 Pro. A caveat, sure, but I believe Microsoft has done this to spur PC sales; people that don’t like Windows 8 may not purchase new computers because of it and Microsoft is telling them “don’t worry — you can downgrade”. Talk about confidence in your operating system. (For what it is worth, Windows 7 Pro had the same downgrade rights.)

[via Engadget]

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  1. Mr.Dave

    @RobCr: Rob, I think “arrogant” is a good word for it. I don’t know how you get them to listen. I feel the media is pushing handheld devices because there’s nothing “exciting” about desktops and laptops. Developers and Microsoft and Apple can easily get caught up in the buzz, and ignore the fact that there are a LOT of people using desktops and laptops at work and home.

    When I can plug my phone into my head or some special glasses so I can see what my 22″ screen shows me, and when I can plug my guitars and mics into my phone and do multitrack recording at way-better-than-192 MP3 quality, well, then I might consider giving up my desktop….

  2. RobCr

    A little while back Google was planning to introduce something, which may not have been totally for the public’s benefit.
    One employee spoke at a meeting (or wrote on the whiteboard) –
    “Don’t be evil”
    That has stuck in my memory.

    Does anyone know a MS employee ?
    If so could you get him to pronounce at a meeting –
    “Don’t be arrogant”

    They were arrogant with the Ribbon
    They could have allowed simple revert to Menus

    They were arrogant with the the Win 7
    (I know some people like it, but there are people that like Apple, so go figure.)
    They could have allowed an option for Classic Start Menu, for those that prefer to live in an organized manner (instead of a ‘Lucky Dip’ search)

    They are being arrogant with Metro

    The public should start protesting louder than they have, or they will just get more arrogant.

  3. Godel

    There was comment in that these downgrade rights were a way for existing XP owners to upgrade to Windows 7, but my reading of Mickysoft’s web site is that you already must own a license to the version you’re downgrading to.

    Am I correct?

    Anand’s version:

    “On that note, for those of you still on Windows XP, the fact that Microsoft is offering Windows 8 Pro as opposed to Windows 8 (consumer) should be of particular interest. Windows 8 Pro comes with downgrade rights, which allow the owner to legally install older versions of Windows. So for those of you needing to upgrade from XP but still wanting to hang back with Windows 7, this is a de-facto $40 Windows 7 Professional upgrade too.”

  4. Jyo

    Won’t the majority of new pc’s come with Windows 8, not Windows 8 Pro? If yes, then this incentive will probably only affect businesses, not normal consumers (which means us consumers are still screwed).

  5. AFPhys

    @Mags: Win 98SE,SP3 was (still is) my favorite. I still use it on one of my machines, and constantly consider putting it on new machines. It is easily the fastest MS op system with high capability… most of what I want and need is included in it.

    Yeah, call me an old fogie … works for me!

  6. Mags

    @Leslie: I agree about Win 7 getting rid of Outlook Express, but other than that I love it, including the Start menu.

    I never really liked XP much but I do know many who do and I can never understand why. My son also preferred XP until he got a net book with Win 7, now he prefers it over XP.

    IMO I think there will be many PC owners who will downgrade to Win 7.

    Just for the record, until Win 7 my preference for an OS was Win 98 SE. And I have used almost all M$ OS, starting with Win 3.1.

  7. RobCr


    I hate the Start Menu.
    I hate the MS arrogance, in forcing us to use it (deliberately NOT allowing us to revert to Classic).
    I dislike changing interfaces that were pretty damn good (eg XP’s Help screen)
    I dislike bulls..t folders in the file Manager (which are replications of real folders)
    I dislike them deciding to disallow access to many folders.
    Things are just harder to do.
    And it uses way to much resources.

    History will reflect that –
    – Western World economies peaked in 1950 to 1980
    I am also including the spread of the wealth to the general public, by the plethora of full time jobs. As far as the general public are concerned it will be a downhill slide from now on.

    – XP was the best Windows

  8. Mayank

    That’s too one of my reasons for not using Win 8.

    They removed Start button and made simpler things difficult.
    Like shutting down a PC, you need to first go to the Charms bar to select settings then there comes an options which you need to click to show you the option to shut down the windows..

    I know people can use shortcuts like ” Alt + F4 ” button but seriously how many of us has used it on a daily basis when Start button is available to us.

    In fact, I use the shortcut only when Win Update is troubling me..

  9. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Leslie: “I also think that it is a shame they stuffed things up by not allowing Metro to be optional on a non-touch device – they would have had a real winner otherwise.”
    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  10. Leslie

    My only complaint against Windows 7 is that they got rid of the multiple identities feature of Windows Mail (i.e Outlook Express). Other than that, W7 is pretty good.

    I have now also thoroughly tested Windows 8 on a laptop that screamed with XP (only 1 Gb memory) and ground to a halt with Windows Vista. I have to say that W8 is not too bad if you install and configure Start8 correctly. Of course having only dialup available and then seeing Windows 8 Defender requiring a 63Mb update did not impress me at all.

    I also think that it is a shame they stuffed things up by not allowing Metro to be optional on a non-touch device – they would have had a real winner otherwise.