It is official: Windows 7 Family Pack (3 user license) will be available for just $150

A month or so ago rumors hit the streets (or “cyber space” if we want to be anally retentive correct) about a family pack version of Windows 7. A week ago these rumors were confirmed by Brandon LeBlanc at WindowsSteamBlog. He let us know that Microsoft does in fact plan to sell a 3 user license Windows 7 Home Premium package. Now he has provided us with more details about this juicy offer:

The Windows 7 Family Pack will be available starting on October 22nd until supplies last here in the US and other select markets. In the US, the price for the Windows 7 Family Pack will be $149.99 for 3 Windows 7 Home Premium licenses.

Now he did not elaborate on if these are “upgrade to Windows 7” licenses or “no-need-for-previous Windows installation” licenses (yes I know the “upgrade” licenses can be used for clean installs but I am speaking from a legal stand point). However he did mention the family pack offers a saving of $200 so I assume they are “upgrade to Windows 7” licenses.

For anyone that did not cash in on the $50 preorder offer of Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade this is a chance to redeem yourself (*cough* Ashraf *cough*). For those that did cash in on the offer and still need more Windows 7 Home Premiums… make sure you have $150 (+ tax if applicable) in the bank when October 22nd comes around. However please note this family pack will not be available everywhere – only in “select markets” as stated above.

Enjoy (kind of)!

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  • jayesstee

    @Ashraf: Why have you dug this out now? Have you asked your friends at Richmond to do the same with Win 8?

  • Mags

    @Ashraf: THX

    I really like using VirtualBox, I originally had a dual boot system, but got frustrated having to reboot to use XP. VirtualBox solved that frustration.

    Think I’m going to try to get the 3 licence for Windows 7, from what I’ve read on the ‘net, it is supposed to be a really good OS. I like Vista (not initially, but do now) therefore, I should like Windows 7.

  • Ashraf

    @Mags: VirtualBox is a personal favorite. Why didn’t I think of that!

    @Mags: You could unofficially do a clean install with an Upgrade disk. As for your son… I think that shouldn’t be a problem. I don’t know the fine details but I don’t see Microsoft’s case of “Mags illegally installed a license she bought legally on her son’s laptop” holding up in court =).

  • Mags

    @Bob: There is free software!

    I’m using Virtual Box to run XP programs that either don’t install properly (or won’t install) or don’t run properly in Vista.

    You can find it here

    There are a few other ones out there as well.

  • Mags

    Ok, I’m somewhat confused about the WAU.

    In Vista an Anytime upgrade disk allowed for a clean install as well as do an upgrade, where as an Upgrade disk will only upgrade. (I have both BTW, but never upgraded, just did a clean install)

    Soooo the confusion is this, if they are calling it a WAU, then shouldn’t it be the same as the Vista Anytime Upgrade? If not, then they shouldn’t call it WAU.

    Also a question, if I get the 3 license, would I be able to do an upgrade/clean install on my son’s laptop even though he doesn’t live at home? When he comes to visit, he brings his laptop.

  • Ashraf

    @Bob: Really? I heard it would be in Home Premium also. Well that sucks…

  • Bob

    Ashraf- From the chart Mike referred to it looks like that feature is only included in Business and Ultimate editions of Windows 7.

  • Ashraf

    @Bob: Of course. However most programs that work on XP will have no problem running on Win7. Also, Win7 has a cool built in feature that allows you to run XP (run virtually) on top of Win7 =).

  • Bob

    Mike- Thanks!

    Ashraf- If there is such free software to run XP programs in Windows 7 I expect we’ll be hearing about it from you, right?

  • Mike

    Bob– There is a business version of W7. One major element it has is a virtual drive to play XP software, aimed at business XP software. But I also have read that one can find the software to do this, including at Microsoft itself, apart from W7’s business version, and for free. Here’s a link to a W7 comparison chart.

  • Bob

    Is there anything Vista business can do that Windows 7 home premium will not do? Is there going to be a business version of Windows 7? What would be different about it?

  • Jean-Luc Picard

    @Ashraf: My friend and I were just talking about this! He was sooo smug that Snow Leopard had $39 for a 1 licence and a family pack and I said hey so does Windows 7!

  • Ashraf

    @Wheezer: It is a whole new version of Windows (the last version of Windows at that). Anyone can get it not just people w/ Vista. :)

    @etim: I agree with you that Microsoft can be quite unreliable at times but I disagree that Win7 is “untested”. Beta and RCs have been tested by millions and Win7 has been hailed by the experts as one of the best Windows out there. I believe Win7 will have a much more successful release than other Windows.

    As for Linux… I have been there, done that. I love Linux but it is hard for people who go to college/work, and need to use their computers there, to stay on Linux alone. It is just hard to port apps and keep up.

    @Mike: I agree; 3 non-upgrade licenses for $150 would be extremely cheap.

  • Mike

    Ashraf, according to the Microsoft blog on this, I’m pretty sure that this is for the Windows 7 upgrade and not a non-upgrade version: if you blow up the product picture on this in the blog, it shows a Windows 7 Upgrade product. And otherwise, Microsoft would be offering a 3-computer non-upgrade package (the Family Pack) for only $30 more than a 1-machine upgrade license (the upcoming $120 price for a 1-machine Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade).

  • etim

    Throw any more money at Microsoft? Especially at a relatively untested OS like 7? After Vista? No Thanks!

    I don’t use ANYTHING from Microsoft that I don’t absolutely have to; for my needs, better and free versions of whatever they offer are readily available elsewhere.

    And I’ve noticed that a lot of the extra programs that I now have on my PC are there to correct bugs and inadequacies that were caused by Microsoft’s crappy programming in the 1st place.

    I don’t even trust their updates…what’s going to happen to my old XP version when they decide to toss in some programming to make it unworkable? Paranoid? Maybe. But I wouldn’t put some slimy trick like that past those greedy bastards.

    If (‘when’ would be a better word if it’s left up to Microsoft) my old XP becomes unusable, I’m switching to Linux. I’d have done that already if I wasn’t so damned lazy.

  • Wheezer

    I shouldn’t type anything at 4:45am, never, never, never…

    My brain started working again and I did a google search. Low and behold, answers to my questions… Imagine that…

  • Wheezer

    Ok, so I’m not so smart on some things…

    What is this Windows 7 anyway?

    Is it strictly a Vista upgrade (which is what I suspect) or is it a whole new OS or something.

    Not looking for a long dragged out full blown explanation. Just a to the point general info type answer.

    Thank you. :-)