It is official: Windows 7 Family Pack (3 user license) will be available for just $150

A month or so ago rumors hit the streets (or “cyber space” if we want to be anally retentive correct) about a family pack version of Windows 7. A week ago these rumors were confirmed by Brandon LeBlanc at WindowsSteamBlog. He let us know that Microsoft does in fact plan to sell a 3 user license Windows 7 Home Premium package. Now he has provided us with more details about this juicy offer:

The Windows 7 Family Pack will be available starting on October 22nd until supplies last here in the US and other select markets. In the US, the price for the Windows 7 Family Pack will be $149.99 for 3 Windows 7 Home Premium licenses.

Now he did not elaborate on if these are “upgrade to Windows 7” licenses or “no-need-for-previous Windows installation” licenses (yes I know the “upgrade” licenses can be used for clean installs but I am speaking from a legal stand point). However he did mention the family pack offers a saving of $200 so I assume they are “upgrade to Windows 7” licenses.

For anyone that did not cash in on the $50 preorder offer of Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade this is a chance to redeem yourself (*cough* Ashraf *cough*). For those that did cash in on the offer and still need more Windows 7 Home Premiums… make sure you have $150 (+ tax if applicable) in the bank when October 22nd comes around. However please note this family pack will not be available everywhere – only in “select markets” as stated above.

Enjoy (kind of)!

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  1. Mags

    @Ashraf: THX

    I really like using VirtualBox, I originally had a dual boot system, but got frustrated having to reboot to use XP. VirtualBox solved that frustration.

    Think I’m going to try to get the 3 licence for Windows 7, from what I’ve read on the ‘net, it is supposed to be a really good OS. I like Vista (not initially, but do now) therefore, I should like Windows 7.

  2. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Mags: VirtualBox is a personal favorite. Why didn’t I think of that!

    @Mags: You could unofficially do a clean install with an Upgrade disk. As for your son… I think that shouldn’t be a problem. I don’t know the fine details but I don’t see Microsoft’s case of “Mags illegally installed a license she bought legally on her son’s laptop” holding up in court =).

  3. Mags

    Ok, I’m somewhat confused about the WAU.

    In Vista an Anytime upgrade disk allowed for a clean install as well as do an upgrade, where as an Upgrade disk will only upgrade. (I have both BTW, but never upgraded, just did a clean install)

    Soooo the confusion is this, if they are calling it a WAU, then shouldn’t it be the same as the Vista Anytime Upgrade? If not, then they shouldn’t call it WAU.

    Also a question, if I get the 3 license, would I be able to do an upgrade/clean install on my son’s laptop even though he doesn’t live at home? When he comes to visit, he brings his laptop.

  4. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Bob: Of course. However most programs that work on XP will have no problem running on Win7. Also, Win7 has a cool built in feature that allows you to run XP (run virtually) on top of Win7 =).

  5. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Wheezer: It is a whole new version of Windows (the last version of Windows at that). Anyone can get it not just people w/ Vista. :)

    @etim: I agree with you that Microsoft can be quite unreliable at times but I disagree that Win7 is “untested”. Beta and RCs have been tested by millions and Win7 has been hailed by the experts as one of the best Windows out there. I believe Win7 will have a much more successful release than other Windows.

    As for Linux… I have been there, done that. I love Linux but it is hard for people who go to college/work, and need to use their computers there, to stay on Linux alone. It is just hard to port apps and keep up.

    @Mike: I agree; 3 non-upgrade licenses for $150 would be extremely cheap.

  6. Mike

    Ashraf, according to the Microsoft blog on this, I’m pretty sure that this is for the Windows 7 upgrade and not a non-upgrade version: if you blow up the product picture on this in the blog, it shows a Windows 7 Upgrade product. And otherwise, Microsoft would be offering a 3-computer non-upgrade package (the Family Pack) for only $30 more than a 1-machine upgrade license (the upcoming $120 price for a 1-machine Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade).

  7. etim

    Throw any more money at Microsoft? Especially at a relatively untested OS like 7? After Vista? No Thanks!

    I don’t use ANYTHING from Microsoft that I don’t absolutely have to; for my needs, better and free versions of whatever they offer are readily available elsewhere.

    And I’ve noticed that a lot of the extra programs that I now have on my PC are there to correct bugs and inadequacies that were caused by Microsoft’s crappy programming in the 1st place.

    I don’t even trust their updates…what’s going to happen to my old XP version when they decide to toss in some programming to make it unworkable? Paranoid? Maybe. But I wouldn’t put some slimy trick like that past those greedy bastards.

    If (‘when’ would be a better word if it’s left up to Microsoft) my old XP becomes unusable, I’m switching to Linux. I’d have done that already if I wasn’t so damned lazy.

  8. Wheezer

    Ok, so I’m not so smart on some things…

    What is this Windows 7 anyway?

    Is it strictly a Vista upgrade (which is what I suspect) or is it a whole new OS or something.

    Not looking for a long dragged out full blown explanation. Just a to the point general info type answer.

    Thank you. :-)