Everything Everywhere launches UK’s first 4G LTE network

Everything Everywhere, owner of T-Mobile and Orange cell phone networks in the United Kingdom, has announced UK’s first 4G LTE network today. The company is all set to rebrand itself based on its 4G services and related products and will also change its consumer service and network to “Simply EE”.

“In simple terms, if you want 4G, you’ll go with EE” is what EE’s CEO, EE. Olaf Swantee, said when introducing the company’s new brand, “a simple, visible signal to our customers”. The company will offer its 4G network in two different ways for home and business customers, mobile connectivity and broadband fiber connections.

If you don’t own a 4G enabled device, don’t worry as EE will launch seven new 4G enabled devices in the “coming weeks” including Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One XL. The list also includes the recently announced Nokia Lumia 920 and the Lumia 820. If you prefer iOS, you don’t have to wait for long as Olaf said, “we’ll be announcing more devices shortly,” which may be a hint toward the iPhone 5. The next iPhone will be released on Wednesday and there are rumors that the device will be able to use five different LTE radio frequencies, meaning global LTE roaming.

EE will put 4G network in testing today in London, Bristol, Birmingham, and Cardiff. The company is planning to bring other cities like Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool, Southampton, and Nottingham online by the end of this year.

Orange and T-Mobile will “continue to be offered to new and existing customers” for now and the customers will get access to EE’s 4G network soon as both brands are expected to be a part of the new service. Hit the source link below if you want to check out the cities that will get the 4G network soon.

And, yes, there are way too much EEs in this post.

[via EE]

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