Convert as many units as you want as quickly as you want with Unit Converter++ [Windows 8]

Are you bad at math? Even if you aren’t, you’d still have a hard time converting 10 liters to US fluid ounces. With Unit Converter++, you can take away the pain of number crunching and convert units in seconds flat. Just select a category, a beginning unit, an ending unit, and a value.

Unit Converter++ is extremely simple. There’s nothing to it at all–enter a category, a beginning and ending unit, and a value, and you’ll be instantly greeted with not only the ending value, but an array of other conversions to other units within that category.

Unit Converter++ supports length, temperature, speed, time, ¬†volume, angle, weight, and area conversions, which means it can cover practically any unit you throw at it. Overall, it’s nice, but there’s not too much use for it. If you’re at a computer, using Google is a much faster way of converting units, and it supports many times more units. However, if you insist on downloading an app to do unit conversions, Unit Converter++ is a great one to try.

Price: Free!

Last updated: unknown

Supported OS: Windows 8

Supported processors: x86/x64/ARM

Download size: 228KB

Unit Converter++ on Windows Store

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