Create human faces like a talented artist with PimpTheFace

Okay first up let me say I question the developer’s judgment of including the word “pimp” in the name of his/her website. However the name aside, PimpTheFace is a free web service that allows you to create very “artisty” looking human faces very easily. To lead by example, I created the following face in less then 5 minutes:


PimpTheFace works in a simple manner: it has an online face creator (Flash based) which has a large selection of jawlines, faces, heads, hairs, noes, mouths, eyes, eyebrows, glasses, and facial hair:


You pick and choose out of that selection and create your face (heck they don’t even force you to use all the categories so technically you could make a face with a nose for example). To allow a little bit of customization you get to control the opacity and size of each facial feature and you are allowed to add a background image.

It literally takes 5 minutes to create a face and after you are done creating your face you can download the face as a JPG, print the face, upload it onto the website so you can show your friends, and save it on the website to load for future editing (if you create an account you can save it on your account otherwise if you save it you will be saving it publicly which anyone can access).

Here is a short video by the developer on how to create a face:

As an added bonus, here is a 5 minute video on the developer using PimpTheFace to draw President Obama:

One thing I dislike about this web service is the lack of customization. Outside resizing, moving around, and changing opacity of the facial features you can’t really do much (for each individual feature). I would like more features like allow for more control of the “definition” of the facial features (for you artists out there… did I use “definition” correctly?). I would definitely like a more defined face in my picture above – max opacity just is not enough – but maybe that is just me. Also, rotation of the facial features is a definite must.

Additionally, there is a UI defect:


However as it stands PimpTheFace is still a really nice website to use if you ever need to draw a human face. I am sure as the website becomes more older and mature we will see more features.

You can visit PimpTheFace from the following link:

PimpTheFace will work on any computer and browser as long as you have Adobe Flash Player installed

Click here to visit PimpTheFace

Click here to go directly to the face creator

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