Free Online Armor Personal Firewall Premium edition (limited time offer)!

Most people by now have read my Prevention, detection, and cure: 9 programs that will provide the best all-around security for you and your computer – for free post. In my post I recommend Outpost Firewall Free but acknowledge all the top free firewalls perform similarly in terms of keeping you safe (at the time of the post I refered to PC Tools, Comodo, Online Armor and Outpost as the top four free firewalls). Today however you have the chance to grab hold of the paid version of Online Armor! Online Armor is not only one of the best free firewalls, but the premium version just rocks the charts – Online Armor Personal Firewall Premium edition is ranked number 1 by Matousec firewall tests.

Since this is an exclusive offer for TechSupportAlert readers, I will direct you there for more information on how to get this. Keep in mind this offer is only available from “12.01 AM Monday August 10 to 11.59 PM Wednesday August 12, 2009 (all times are US Pacific Standard Time)”. To learn how to get Online Armor Personal Firewall Premium edition for free visit

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  • Hi All

    Have been using online armor no problems at all since August. Yesterday my windows wouldn’t boot properly. Safe mode was OK, and after a bit of detective work I found that it was online armor stopping windows from booting. Uninstalled OA and all OK now. Very disappointed as it is a great program but can’t afford the time to work out what changed and why it stopped working. Thanks heaps Ashraf for your great reviews

  • Ashraf

    @Ozzie: My system restore seems to be on even though I have OA installed.

  • Ashraf

    @muhammad: Blue Screen View (the program Ozzie linked) looks great. However I feel that you may not get your problem solved because many people have problems with Online Armor not working properly on their computer. Back when I tried the free version it also messed up my computer; however the paid version works just fine right now.

  • Ozzie

    @muhammad: I had problems with OA as well, but they were related to the program disabling system restore. I have checked online and it seems it has been a problem with OA (for example: I had never installed OA before, so it was not a program version update issue. And the problem disappeared when I uninstalled OA. So I don’t know … just seems like there are some conflicts at times. Very frustrating as I would like to have a product like this.

    In relation to the BSOD, you might want to check out Blue Screen View (as seen on another techie website recently … but rest assured Ashraf, you are my Numero Uno):

    This should tell you the cause of the BSOD. I d/l-ed it because I seem to have the BSOD pretty frequently and want to know why when I am not doing anything out of the ordinary and have scanned my laptop for malware with numerous progs and trojan removers and it has come up consistently clean.

    Anyway, it might give you a clue as to what is going wrong.

    And if anyone has a solution to the disabling of system restore when using OA, I would be mightily grateful.

  • muhammad

    thanks Ashraf

    i had many crashes(blue screen) with online armor. who can i figure out the program which make that problem

  • Ashraf

    @Tom: Online Armor is just the name of the firewall – don’t worry too much about that =). No this firewalla does not track what you visited and downloaded and it does not send it to the developer or anywhere else.

    You can however send anonymous usage statistics to help improve the program (this is with every program)

    @sos4ever: Ya it doesn’t =(.

  • sos4ever

    ASHRAF great giveaway but it does not work with Windows 7, darn. Anyway thanks. I have downloaded all of your suggestion from the 9 best for security. Miss seeing you on the GAOTD website.

  • Tom

    Ashraf, what does online mean? Does this firewall submit somewhere the information on the webpages the user visited and files downloaded?

  • Ashraf

    @A. S.: I am not sure… I was on vacation then =). However from what I hear GOTD has given this before so I bet it is the same thing. However if you get it now your 1 year will be extended by almost 3 months.

  • A. S.

    Hi, Ashraf,

    Isn’t this what was given away, by GotD, on 26th May?

    I haven’t installed it yet, from the GotD giveaway, but would love to know if the new offer is any different.


  • Ashraf

    @BillS: Ya it is only good for 1 year. The post at TechSupportAlert should be clear on that.

    @Ozzie: I have yet to install this because I am really lazy… lol. I will let you know if I do encounter the problem though.

  • Ozzie

    Hi all! I took advantage of the GOTD offer for the OA firewall a couple of months back, but after a while I uninstalled it as it disabled my comp’s system restore (unless it was used in safe mode). Did anyone else, or does anyone else, have this problem? And if so, how do you get around it?

  • amnesia

    Once you’ve registered, it is good for 1 year unless you purchase a new license. Is that what you meant?

  • BillS

    Thanks, Ashraf. I have noticed, however, on the About page that the software apparently is only good for one year before it times out–unless I have done something wrong. Please advise.

  • Ashraf

    @Kinetix: Good point LOL!

  • Wow, thanks Ashraf. Also, I believe its “Outpost Firewall”, not “Output Firewall”. :P

  • Neville

    Outstanding Ashraf. I have been using Online Armor Free and it is great, can’t wait to try the premium. Thanks1

  • amnesia

    I got a few of these when they did it on GOTD. Looks like I’ll be stocking up again.